B&B Thursday Update 3/23/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/23/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie is at her home awaiting the memorial service for Felicia. She makes a phone call from the study to Dr. Ramirez who assures her, considering Felicia’s odds, he thinks Stephanie has made the right decision about the day. Let the people who love Felicia grieve for her. Stephanie asks if Felicia is going to die, and he replies her vitals are weakening since they last spoke. She has to rest herself, sit down on that one. Then she asks if he’s watched the DVD? He remarks that he’s received it, but hasn’t had time yet. She implores him to please do so….him and the staff so they will get to know Felicia. She’s just this wonderful person, filled with this joie de vivre. Stephanie doesn’t want her to be just another case, just another person, laying in one of those beds. She emphasizes that she’s a mother, a daughter, a sister! She begs him again to please watch the DVD, don’t give up on her. She doesn’t know what they’ll do if they lose her.

Meanwhile, at the Forrester Mansion, everyone is congregating again for some big event that seems to haunt this family. We see pictures of Felicia surrounded by lighted candles, many flowers and condolences. Eric picks up a card in flowers from Lauren Fenmore Baldwin. Thorne leaves Darla’s side and comes over and comforts sister, Kristen. She sniffs it’s hard to believe she is gone. Thorne tells her that she’s not. She will always be in their hearts and their memories. Ridge is talking to Thomas; Hector to Taylor; Brooke to Nick; Massimo and Clarke are wandering around, Bridget and Dante leaving Jackie by herself, as well as Sally on the sofa. Stephanie steps into the room, sizes it up and goes toward the pictures and her children draw closer and lovingly touch and comfort her. Eric soon joins them and puts both of his hands on Stephanie’s back shoulders and whispers he wasn’t sure she would be up for this. But, he states it’s important to all of them to say good-bye to his daughter. Stephanie is just staring, as in a trance, not saying a word until she finally says she can’t, she can’t let go. “I can’t say good-bye, not yet.”

In Room 5-A, Dr. Ramirez checks on Felicia again. Then he pulls out the DVD and places it in the computer. We see a vibrant Felicia in many different poses, alone, with Dominick, with her mother, her father, Ridge.

Segue way to the memorial as Eric is welcoming all. And he is convinced that Felicia is there in spirit. And he knows she’s in a better place……and that she is no longer in pain. And his heart wishes he had one more day with her…..one more hour, one more minute just to hold her in his arms and tell her how much he loves her. Stephanie is scowling, fighting to keep composure.

Eric pulls a piece of paper out of his coat pocket and says he found a poem. It resonated to him and he’d like to share it with them.

“Death is nothing at all.

I’ve only slipped away into the next room.

I am I, and you are you.

Whatever we were to each other, that, we still are.

Where no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes

we always enjoyed together.

Life means all that it ever meant and it’s the same as it ever was.

There is unbroken continuity.

Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?

I’m waiting for you for an interval somewhere

very near, just around the corner.

All is well.”

This is followed by Ridge speaking of a time when he was always the older brother and he had to put up with his kid brother and sisters. He jokingly says Thorne and Kristen he could handle, but…..Felicia! He regales in telling that he remembers the time she convinced him to let her borrow his Porsche….his new Porsche just to go around the block. Instead she ended up in Palm Springs…..a Kick-Ass Party is what she called it. He was going out of his mind, and she was having the time of her life. Then Kristen tells of a time when Felicia came downstairs and was supposed to be wearing a lovely prom dress her dad designed, and instead she came down in this full leather get-up, complete with a spiked dog collar. They should have seen the looks on Mom and Dad’s face, she laughs, but her date LOVED it. That was her sister – beautiful, unpredictable, Felicia.

Thorne tells when Felicia decided they all should become vegetarians. And their mom and dad paid them each $10 a meal to go along with that. And that lasted about two days. Felicia had said if she ever ate anything green and leafy again, it would be too soon!

Thorne takes a flower and taps her picture with it lovingly and says, “thanks, sis, for all the smiles.” One by one Ridge and Kristen come forward as well and add a flower, “and all the laughs”…….”we’ll hold you in our hearts forever.” As a haunting song is playing, we see another montage of pictures of Felicia surrounded by her family. Stephanie has a most concerned look on her face.

Dr. Ramirez continues to watch the DVD, smiling as he sees this once lively young woman interact with her baby and her family.

Bridget’s turn and she tells how she never had much chance to get close to Felicia until this last time when she came home. And she is so grateful that they had long talks about life and death, love and loss. And she’s so grateful that she entrusted her little boy to her. And she’s grateful that she’s looking after Nicole the way Bridget and Dante will be looking after her son, Dominick. ….as well as his grandparents, and his aunts and uncles, the way it should be.

Stephanie can’t endure any more. She states this isn’t the way it should be at all. No…….no……Felicia WANTS to live, and they are her family. They are her parents and they have to do EVERYTHING they can do help her. Eric physically stops her from leaving and tells her they didn’t want Felicia to go through any more pain or suffering. He knows how painful this is for her, but she can’t second guess herself. It’s too late. She spits back that it’s not too late……at least she hopes not. She bolts out of the room. Ridge stops Eric from following and says just let her be, there’s nothing more they can say or do right now.

Stephanie goes to the study to be alone. No sooner there, her cell phone rings. It’s Dr. Ramirez who says it’s her daughter; he needs Stephanie to come to the clinic right away.

Ridge sidles up to Brooke, calls her Logan and asks her how about taking her home, fixing a nice dinner?……She stares at him and tells him she thought he understood. He says he does, more than she probably knows. Makes him more determined. (what is he, some masochist?) He smirks, “I know you still love me, Logan. We’re never truly going to be happy until we’re together again, raising our family the way it’s meant to be.”

Massimo overlooks the room, especially the pairing of Brooke and Ridge. Nick walks up and interrupts and tells him that is not what it looks like. That’s not where her future is. Obviously Massimo differs. He comments that her future is with the father of her child. Nick realizes he hasn’t heard. Ridge walks up and asks, “heard what?” Nick ignores him and continues to fill Massimo in; that he and Bridget signed the divorce papers. He thought he’d be the first to let him know that.

As Nick walks off, Massimo is visibly stunned. Nick goes back and takes his place beside Brooke, who gives a big smile to see him return to her. This is not lost on Ridge who is watching their every move.

Sitting by Felicia’s bed, robed and masked, Stephanie laments that she hopes she has done the right thing, saving her. She doesn’t want her to have any more pain. She knows she has had enough of that already. She is shocked when Dr. Ramirez tells her instead of her dying, Felicia is actually improving. He’s seeing signs of a rebound. Her vital signs are stabilizing. Stephanie stands up suddenly. He says not that she is out of the woods by any means, but this is the first positive sign since she’s been there. Somewhere under that mask on Stephanie must be a big smile. She says, “oh, my God.” He tells her now Felicia has to get through the chemo and the liver transplant, but Stephanie was right. She is a fighter. He could see it in her eyes in the DVD. And now on the monitors. “If there is any way to pull her through this, any way, I’ll do my damndest. But, she’s got to keep fighting.

Stephanie vows that Felicia will. She’s a fighter and she’ll fight for that little baby boy. She’ll fight for everyone who loves her. She sits and asks Felicia can she hear her? “Don’t give up. Don’t you dare give up.” She glances at the monitor and watches the numbers rise. She tells the Doc enthusiastically that Felicia can hear her. She tells Felicia that she can hear her. “You are fighting, aren’t ya? Oh, Felicia, hang in. You are going to show them all. My girl’s going to show them all, aren’t you?”

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