B&B Wednesday Update 3/15/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/15/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Eric follows quickly behind Stephanie down the staircase and tells her they have to make some kind of decision about Felicia’s funeral. She is adamant, NO. No services and no obituaries either. He reminds her their daughter’s accomplishments need to be recognized. Stephanie states Felicia said her goodbyes in private. He counters with and now it’s their time to say goodbye. They need closure. She scolds that didn’t he do that with the champagne? He replies yes because it was her last wishes and he loved her. She strongly rebukes him and tells him not to do that – stop talking about loving her in the PAST tense. “I love her now, I still love her, and always will!”

Eric declares they all love her but a funeral won’t change that. He doesn’t even know where her body is, what mortuary. Stephanie is abrupt. She barks that she doesn’t have time for this; she has things to do. And he doesn’t need to know anything else; she is taking care of it. He doesn’t think she has to do it all alone; he can help her. Callously, she tells him she does NOT need his help. He tells her to just stop it. She can avoid him. She can avoid the family and disappear for days, but he knows what is happening. She jerks her head around on that one. He tells her she can’t avoid what is happening to Felicia. Symphatically, he says he knows she wanted more time with Felicia. She was her little girl and she loved her. They all did. But, she’s gone now and Stephanie has to accept that. “To hell I do”, she fires back and stalks off.

Out on her garden patio, Brooke gets a phone call. It’s a casual, shirtless, Nick saying he’s been thinking and he’s decided to forgive her (tongue in cheek). Says he’s just going to wash it all out of his mind. She scoffs, not with alcohol she hopes. He vows he’s never going to touch the stuff again. She tells him this isn’t funny. He agrees, especially the part about Taylor. Brooke knows him….and he confesses she knows he likes blondes. She smiles and says yes, she does know that. He’s not trying to pressure her; she can take all the time she needs with her space and thinking but……”there are a lot of blondes in L.A., just remember that.” She takes that under advisement and says okay, she’ll remember.

The doorbell rings and she answers it. There stands Taylor. Brooke stares a hole through her head; probably the last person she wants to see right now.

Eric leans on his grand piano gazing at a framed photo of Felicia and Dominick. Jackie magically appears and slips up behind him. He becomes aware of her as she walks closer and tells him she is SO sorry. That Felicia was an incredible woman. She puts her hand on his shoulder and he puts one of his on top of hers. One human being reaching out to another. She asks how is he doing? He replies okay; it’s Stephanie that he is concerned with. He confides that she is keeping to herself; avoiding the family, doing God knows what. She won’t let anybody help with the funeral arrangements and now she says she doesn’t even want a funeral at all. Stephanie thinks this is the way Felicia would want it. But, he thinks it’s something else too. Perhaps if Stephanie doesn’t acknowledge what happened to Felicia; it’s like it never happened.

Meanwhile, Stephanie sits in an office speaking with a mysterious man. She tells him she is getting a lot of pressure from her husband about a service. The family needs closure. He asks if she agree? She says no, she can’t just accept the death of a child by sitting back. She won’t. He tells her everyone confronts these issues in their own way. She tells him about Dominick. How can she face him in years to come and tell him that she just stood by and let his mother die?

Brooke lets Taylor in. She tells her this is becoming standard operating procedure for her – she messes up, she gets caught, she comes over for damage control. Taylor offers there is no damage to control, at least not yet. Nothing was happening between her and Nick last night. No one got hurt, but if she starts saying something to Ridge……Brooke reminds her they are not even married any more. Taylor states she is worried about the relationship between Nick and Ridge. They are still brothers and if Brooke says anything, it will only make their strained relationship worse. And the children…..they still aren’t over that their parents just got divorced and they just don’t need any more trauma in the family. Brooke remarks that she should have thought of that before she got all lickered up and fell in bed with Ridge’s brother! “God, what is going on with you lately? First, you’re kissing Hector, and now this?”

Taylor shrugs and asks does she really have to ask? She tells her she really hasn’t been the same since Ridge walked out on her to go to Brooke. Brooke tells her no, no, she’s not going to blame this on her. Taylor says she’s not. Just like Brooke shouldn’t blame Nick. She tells Brooke that she knows Nick loves her and she doesn’t think she should be deprived of that love over one ridiculous misunderstanding. Brooke stands there sizing up the situation and goes, “hmmm, I know what this is all about.” Taylor’s sudden concern about her love life. Taylor thinks that if Brooke forgives Nick, that leaves Ridge open for Taylor. “That’s what this is all about, isn’t it, Taylor?”

Taylor laments that what she wants is not why she is here. She’s really there to tell her that she knows Nick loves her with all his heart. And if Brooke went over there last night to tell him she wanted a life with him, she doesn’t want what she saw last night to stop her. Oh please, Brooke doesn’t buy that – Taylor not being able to stand that she stood in the way between Brooke and a man who loved her! Taylor reminds her she knows this because of the sacrifice Brooke has made for Bridget to be with Nick in the past. Brooke tells her that Bridget is not going to find out from her that she found Taylor in bed with Nick. She’s not going to say anything either to Ridge or anybody. And she adds she is not doing this to protect Taylor either. She’s doing it for Bridget. She knows how much she loved Nick and how much she sacrificed to give him up. And she would be devastated to find out that the night he left her that he was rolling around on the floor of the wharf with Taylor!

Taylor agrees, that would be a good decision then for everybody. Brooke says she doesn’t care what Taylor thinks. She states that last night was a wake-up call for Taylor and she’d better pull herself together. Otherwise this behavior is going to land her in a situation that she’s not going to be able to talk her way out of. Taylor has heard enough preaching. She glares at Brooke then walks out.

Eric saunters out onto the patio with Jackie who laments it’s quite another thing not to allow your own child her memorial service or to even tell Eric what funeral home she is in. He surmises it is just Stephanie trying to exert her control over him. And they both understand she is just beside herself. It’s like all of them just let Felicia die! Jackie gives support by saying he did everything he could. He knows that; it’s just that Stephanie doesn’t want to let go. Jackie tells him Felicia was ready to go; Stephanie just wasn’t ready to let her.

The man assures Stephanie that her daughter is in very good hands. She and her family can take comfort in knowing that Felicia is resting peacefully now. This seems to satisfy her and she remarks she’d like to see her now.

Nick is doing a little housecleaning, straightening when he looks up and Taylor comes aboard. She says she knows she’s probably the last person he wants to see right now. He doesn’t answer but he does stop what he’s doing and gives her the opportunity to speak. She says she is sorry for all the trouble she caused. He listens considerately and offers that she didn’t cause any trouble. She tries to explain that she shouldn’t have come over last night. She should have let Chuck come back and put her in a cab or something. Nick replies that a good bartender should be there behind the bar helping his patrons. They will blame it on him! Nonetheless, she knows it is her responsibility and if she could fix it, she would. He tells her it would probably be better if he handled the situation with Brooke himself. She reveals that Brooke still loves him. He hopes so. Again she says she knows apologies don’t fix everything, but she is sorry……and that’s all she came to say.

He asks her to wait; don’t go yet. She starts in again that she shouldn’t have come there. He had said he wanted to go home and she shouldn’t have followed him. He realized she had nowhere to go. She says she could have gone home. He said him too but he chose to stay at the bar and drink. She commiserates that he was in a lot of pain because he just saw someone he loved and thought they were being unfaithful. He says, “whatever, we were drunk, that’s it!” She says it’s no excuse. But, he says it does explain a lot. She explains that she did not know she was going to do or say a lot of things that she did. He says tequila does have that affect on a lot of people.

She makes a painful confession. It wasn’t just the alcohol, it was him! Knowing someone else was out there that understood what she was going through. He sighs that yes, misery does love company. She quips if that is the case then she must be the most popular person in the world. He scoffs that it can’t be THAT bad! She asks if she can explain something to him? He gives her the okay by pulling up a chair and straddling it backwards, hands up, okay let’s go for it. All ears. She starts that ever since Ridge left she has been spiraling downward. And last night was not the first time she’d had too much to drink. She confesses that her dad had a lot of problem with alcohol after her mother had passed away, so she knows what kind of tragedies alcohol can cause in a family. She tears as she says she’s really afraid she is starting to get dependent on it, and she’s really, really scared. He sees her pain and fear and gets up and hugs her, patting her shoulders reluctantly to shhhsh her. She cries she is just trying to drink away the pain, but it’s always there. At least it was, until……except for that one moment. Clueless, he asks what moment? She looks him in the eye and tells him that she knows last night was a mistake, but she’s not going to lie. Those few moments in his arms when he was holding her….she doesn’t know what it was, but it was like everything was all right. She can’t explain it, but something changed, something happened. She doesn’t know what it was. It was like everything was all right. For those few moments, the pain was gone. Nick has a weird look on his face; probably thinking is this good news or not?

The man shows Stephanie into a quiet room. She is stunned and stares from the door. He tells her she can move closer if she likes. There is no fear of contamination. She moves toward the bed with concern. She looks on, hesitates, and then asks when can he begin the procedure? He replies as soon as the paperwork is done. She conveys again that her daughter has a baby boy and has so much to live for. “My daughter does not want to die.”

We now see a comatose Felicia lying sleeplike, hooked up to tubes, respirator. He says hopefully a liver transplant will give her more time. But, first they must get the cancer under control. She asks is it all right if she has some time alone with her? He remarks of course.

With only a mother’s thoughtful, pained, concerned, expression on her face, she eases down into a chair by her daughter’s bed in this cold, impersonal, clinical room. She leans in and whispers to Felicia that it’s Mommy. “Hear me and know that you’re safe.” She tells her something happened in the ambulance. It was sorta like a miracle. They detected a pulse; thready, but still a pulse. That’s why she brought her here. She knows she wanted to go peacefully. Sorrowfully, she tells her that what she is going to put her through will be anything but that. “Hear me, and trust me.” If this works, it will buy you time.” She doesn’t know how much time, but time. Time to be with the baby. She knows she wants to be with little Dominick.

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