B&B Thursday Update 3/2/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/2/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

In her bedroom with the door locked, Brooke is standing where Nick has just hijacked her from her wedding. They are looking deeply into each other’s eyes searching for answers. Ridge is pounding on the door demanding Nick open the door. Brooke breaks away but Nick grabs her roughly by the arm and kisses her again.

At the beach house, Dante tells Bridget he doesn’t care what Nick says. Her mother is not going to believe that Bridget wants HER to have a life with HIM. She agrees; he’s right, her mother needs to hear this from her. She grabs for her purse. Dante says forget her keys; he’ll drive her.

With wedding interruptus, everyone is just hanging around downstairs. Darla tells Thorne that she gave the minister and the musicians some coffee and food and left them in the kitchen for a spell. She told them Forrester weddings rarely go smoothly.

Eric barks who in the hell does Nick think he is barging in here? He makes a move as if he’s going upstairs. Stephanie restrains him and tells him no, leave them alone and let them sort this out on their own. He still maintains that Brooke is going to marry Ridge. And Nick should be home with his wife. “What kind of man?”……looking at Massimo he points his finger and continues, “what kind of son?……” Massimo asks him if he thinks he approves of this? Watching Dominick act like a love-sick fool? While he’s married to a lovely girl like Bridget. “Come on, Eric, for God’s sake, you know I care for her as much.” Jackie jumps into the fray as well and is chastised by Thorne of how does she rationale this? She can’t, but she knows her son and he would never, ever hurt Bridget or her mother.

Brooke pulls away from the kiss and declares for him not to touch her and she hauls off and slaps him. He turns to go but he grabs her roughly again and turns her back around to him. Ridge is till hollering on the other side of the door and asking what’s going on in there? Brooke lashes at Nick and asks what is he doing here? This is her wedding day, and he’s married to her daughter. Nick tells her that Bridget doesn’t want to be married to him anymore. She said they belonged together. And he thinks she is right. They made a sacrifice for her; one that she has seen through. “My heart’s with you. It always will be. She knows it. I know it, and I know you know it." She shouts at him to stop it, but it just makes him more determined. He grabs her again and makes her look at him and says it is over with Bridget and she is okay with that. And she is the reason that he is there. She told him to stop this wedding. In disbelief, she asks what is he talking about? He reveals they talked it over. It was painful for both of them but not nearly as painful as holding onto something they both knew wasn’t meant to be! She tells him not to say that; Bridget loves him. He confesses he will always love her too, but that is NOT what this is all about. And he tells Brooke the feelings they have are never going away. That is the reason she can not marry Forrester. “Because deep down you don’t love him the same way you love me.”

Ridge warns Logan to stand back; he’s going to kick down the door. She implores him to wait; she’s just fine; give them a minute. She doesn’t want this to turn into more of a fiasco than it is. Gruffly Ridge says okay. He’ll tell everybody there is going to be a SHORT delay. But, he tells Nick there IS going to be a wedding, does he hear that? Nick utters to Brooke that there may be a wedding somewhere today, but it isn’t going to be Ridge’s.

The attendees are still chit-chatting about the fiasco upstairs when Ridge descends the stairs. He says Brooke asked him for a couple of minutes to resolve all of this, but that is all he’s giving them. Sally quips and what did the good captain do, lock them in her bedroom? Massimo takes offense to this and starts off to go upstairs himself. Stephanie restrains him as well. She looks at Ridge and tells him that he has to acknowledge what’s going on here as well. If Brooke really wanted to marry Ridge would she let Nick pick her up and cart her off upstairs that way? Plus ask for time alone. “You’re not listening to her. She’s telling you loud and clear, Ridge. She’s in LOVE with him.”

Brooke turns away and says she can not believe this is happening. That he could do this to her daughter. How could he be so cruel? Nick says he told her what Bridget said. She offers she doesn’t care what she said. She lost two children in a matter of days. She’s grieving. This is not the time for her to be making decisions about her marriage. She’s confused, vulnerable. She can’t think straight, and neither can he! He differs and tells her she’s wrong. Doesn’t she see? They are finally able to admit they were together because of the kids, and Bridget doesn’t want that. She wants to do what’s right. And what’s right for Bridget is for the two of them to be together. She tells him she will never believe that. She tells him to get the hell out of there; she can’t take any more of this.

Seeing Ridge’s frustration, Thorne tells him he’s sorry; this shouldn’t be happening. Ridge remarks he’s damned right. “Brooke loves me! You heard the vows.” Thorne says he knows and that is what Brooke is trying to get through his thick skull right now, that her life is with Ridge, not Nick! And Ridge shouldn’t let what his mother said get him down.

Stephanie and Eric continue to dicker as he wants her to butt out. She claims he’s in denial and worse than Ridge. Why can’t he see what is going on here?

Bridget, in a panic, barges in and asks her dad where’s Nick? Told upstairs, she wants to know with her mother? They say yes. She asks about the wedding and is told it’s on hold. She rushes up the stairs. Ridge wants to go after her as well. Stephanie has that old restraining order again. Go upstairs to say what? He doesn’t know what is happening up there. He thinks all the more reason to go. As for Bridget, she’s known all along that her husband is in love with her mother. And she says she doesn’t want Bridget hurt anymore than she wants him to be hurt, but they both are in denial and it’s got to stop at some point.

Nick takes Brooke by the shoulders and sits her down. He tells her he isn’t going anywhere until they get one thing straight. Bridget is the one who ended this marriage, not him. She’s the one who took the ring off his finger. He shows her his finger. But, she only concedes that Bridget is confused. But, Nick says no, she sees things as they really are. She’s smart, intelligent and strong. She sees the truth. A marriage based on a sacrifice. No one’s going to end up happy, especially Bridget. They made a commitment not to hurt her and they had lived up to that. But, now things have changed. Everything has changed, but more importantly Bridget doesn’t want a life with him anymore. Still, Brooke refuses to believe him. She loves Nick too much, and he loves her.

He says he always will, but she deserves better than him. “She deserves a man who will love her unconditionally. The way I love you.” Bridget knocks on the door and asks them to please let her in. Both seem a little shocked, but Nick does open the door. Bridget looks briefly at him but heads straight for her mother. Brooke apologizes right away, but Bridget tells her not to. She’s just glad she got there before she married Ridge and made the biggest mistake of her life.

At his place, Dante picks up a photo of Bridget and has a fantasy of the two of them. They are discussing Nick and Brooke and she tells him his role in her life has changed many times. Friend, confidant and now father of their child. He teases that maybe someday it will change again. Take it up a notch or two? She questions notch? “Yeah, you see---the birds do it. The bees do it, even the monkeys in the trees do it.” He comments he’s been playing nursemaid, and she doesn’t have to give him an answer this week or even next month. Just whenever she is ready. And if she has a problem with a man who appreciates her for what she has to offer, she can always go back to someone like Deacon or Nick. More of the same if that is what she is looking for. She remarks that what she is looking for is him. Where has he been all of her life? He answers, “under that nosey, cute little nose.”

Stephanie wanders off into the garden area and Jackie follows and says she doesn’t know how much longer they can stop those three from tearing up the stairs. Stephanie says they better, unless they want the ceremony to continue. And she knows she doesn’t want that anymore than Stephanie does. “God, I wish I could pass this headache on to you!” Jackie knows “this headache” means Brooke. Stephanie laments well she is in love with HER son. She confesses she has thought for a long time that Nicky belonged with Brooke, but he was an honorable man and he made a commitment to Bridget. Stephanie says just enough to make Jackie realize Stephanie may have gone over and said something to Bridget or Nick. She asks what has she done?

Bridget tells her mother she should not be marrying Ridge if she is still in love with Nick. Brooke starts to protest but Bridget tells her please don’t. If she ever wants to be happy, she has to stop doing this. Living this way and marrying people that she’s not in love with. “That is over. It’s over, and so is my marriage.” Brooke refuses to listen to her; she’s not going to let her talk this way. She tells her she’s suffered a tragic loss; she overwhelmed. Bridget continues to argue that she knows she loves Nick. See, she can say that without any resentment or any bitterness. She says she loves him too and does she wish things were different. Yes. But, losing Nicole and finding Dominick’s real paternity had made her look at things a lot more honestly. And that she will never have the life that she really needs and the one Brooke wants for her, the one they all want for each other, if she keeps holding onto things that aren’t hers to begin with. And the truth is, she would not be marrying Ridge today if Nick was available. “But, he’s available now. You are free to be together.”

Jackie charges off after Stephanie still trying to get her to admit what she did or said to Bridget. Eric overhears as well as Massimo and they too want to know what Jackie is talking about. She accuses Stephanie of having a heart-to-heart with Bridget that none of them knew about. Lord knows what she said. Stephanie confesses only what needed to be said, something none of them were willing to do. That marriage has no children to hold it together anymore. She told Bridget to let Nick go. She needs to find someone who is in love with HER. She deserves a life with a man who is not in love with her mother. She hopes that is what she did. She hopes that is why Nick barged in here and carted Brooke off. Let Brooke have him. “Let them sail off into the sunset, for God’s sake. And don’t pretend like I’m meddling.” Ridge walks up and promptly tells her that she just can’t stay out of their lives, can she? He’ll deal with her later…..after the minister pronounces him and Brooke husband and wife. Stephanie takes a big swig of champagne and glares at Jackie.

Brooke tells Bridget that Ridge is waiting downstairs. Bridget says she will go talk to him. Brooke stops her, no, she’s giving up on her marriage at a time when she needs it the most. She is not going to let her do that. Bridget counters with that what she really needs from Brooke now is honesty. She knows she loves Ridge, but she also knows that deep, deep down, what she really, really wants, is Nick. Brooke again protests, but Bridget says it’s okay. Her marriage is over. She even takes the rings off her finger and lays them on Brooke’s dressing table.

She says he is Brooke’s. Listen to her, they are both free to be together. Ridge walks in and jumps on Nick immediately. "What is wrong with you? Get the hell out of this house, Nick. We’re seconds away from being married.” He tries to get Logan to go with him; the minister’s waiting. She doesn’t budge; he notices and calls her Logan again, then more seriously Brooke. She turns to face him but clearly doesn’t know what to say.

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