B&B Tuesday Update 2/28/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/28/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Sipping her coffee, Brooke walks out onto the balcony at her home. She’s in a short white satin robe, hair up. She has a very big, contented, satisfying look on her face. Today is the day; as Ridge would say the wedding day, day after today. Out loud she gloats, “by the end of the day, I will be Mrs. Ridge Forrester......again.”

Hope comes running out interrupting Brooke’s thoughts. They walk back inside and get comfy on the bed. Hope remarks that it is all fancy downstairs. Brooke replies that’s because she told her there’s going to be a wedding today. Hope asks if Uncle Nick is going to be there? Brooke replies no. Hope then wants to know if she has to go? Brooke replies she knows she loves Uncle Nick and she does too, but he can’t be there all the time. Hope wishes Brooke could be marrying Uncle Nick. Brooke remarks that she loves Ridge too. Hope agrees but she still wishes she were marrying Uncle Nick.

Slightly shaken, Brooke shakes it off and changes the subject slightly by being enthusiastic about really wanting Hope to be their flower girl. Hope answers that she has school today. Brooke says that is okay; she can miss one day. Hope replies that she WANTS to go to school. Disappointed, Brooke tells her okay, have Catherine help her get ready and she can go to school. Then she tells her that Uncle Nick will always be in their hearts…..and she puts her hand over Hope’s heart and then her own. She puts on her brave face and says they can’t always have everything they want, but today is going to be perfect. She promises her; just perfect! She gives Hope a big hug, only Hope doesn’t see the tears flowing down Brooke’s cheek.

Ridge hesitates only a moment and walks on into Brooke’s house. There he stands in wonderment as the place is abuzz with activity with dozens and dozens of beautiful white roses everywhere; workers setting up the chairs for the ceremony; waiters getting the bottles of drinks. Eric spies him and rushes up to tell him this is all happening very, very quickly. Ridge replies that this wedding has taken long enough. Eric replies he knows Ridge is ready for it, but is Brooke? Ridge says if Eric is worried about Nick; he couldn’t be further from her mind. Absolutely positive; she’s as committed to this as Ridge is.

Brooke barely sits down at her dressing table to freshen her make-up, when Stephanie comes bounding in and wants to talk to her. Oh, that look on Brooke’s face. She exclaims she imagines Stephanie wants to talk her out of marrying her son. Stephanie says yes, if that is possible. Brooke says it isn’t. Stephanie says okay, then one question. Is Brooke absolutely sure she wants to spend the rest of HER life with her son? Brooke stops what she is doing and turns to Stephanie and answers an emphatic YES. Stephanie tells her that now Nick is free. Brooke jumps up and says Nick is devastated. He just lost his child and then finds out that Dominick isn’t even his son. He’s hurting! Stephanie reminds her that she could be there comforting him. Brooke lashes out that she can’t believe Stephanie is encouraging her to go after her daughter’s husband right now when she needs him the most. Stephanie states that what Bridget needs the most is honesty.

She tells Brooke that she married Eric, but it didn’t take away her feelings for Nick. And she will marry Ridge and that won’t take away what she feels for Nick. Brooke says she does not want to hear one more word. Walking in, Ridge gruffly says that neither does he! And he implores his mother, why won’t she leave her alone? Stephanie quickly tells Brooke to at least wait and talk to Nick. Brooke answers in the negative. She adds that Nick and Bridget are committed to each other; happily married and nothing is going to change that.

At the beach house, Bridget walks out onto the front porch and rather sadly sits down on the steps. She’s sipping her tea when Nick slips up from the back side. He says good morning and asks how she is? She replies she is okay. He questions how did she sleep and she replies she didn’t much. She was up most of the night thinking. He remarks so was he. She asks, “and?” He answers that she’s his wife and he loves her. She tells him she never questioned his love for her. He wants to know then what is it? Is it her love for him? She quickly nixes that; she probably loves him more now than she ever has. He scrunches down beside her and asks then what are they doing? She says they are discussing their future. He says good, then why don’t they do that? She offers they are always going to be a part of each other’s lives; they are just not going to be husband and wife. He realizes she has not changed her mind. She asks has he? And she’s sorry she can not go on with this marriage if he won’t TRY to be a father to Dominick. And not when she knows he’s in love with her mother.

At Brooke’s, Eric gets the door and invites the Reverend in. Everyone is mingling around; Thorne, Darla, Sally, Massimo and Jackie. Darla asks if Bridget is upstairs helping her mother? Jackie comments she doesn’t think she’s feeling up to that. Thorne says he thought she and Nick were doing better. Jackie relays that unfortunately they got more bad news last night but now is not the time……Mass says if it concerns his son, Nick, then he wants to know. Reluctantly, Jackie reveals that okay, if he must know……Dominick isn’t Nick’s son. They are all speechless.

Brooke tells Stephanie this tragedy is not going to derail Bridget and Nick’s marriage. Ridge offers this is not about Nick and Bridget. Stephanie counters with that he is SO right; it’s all about Nick and Brooke! He angrily tells her to stop. This is their wedding day and if she can’t support it, then get the HELL out of there! That’s all it took. Without a peep, she lowers her head and leaves. Brooke gives a sigh and says maybe they should have eloped. He tends to agree; been there, done that. Brooke says it’s not just his mom but what Bridget has been going through and Felicia. He can only offer that he felt like everyone could use a little something to celebrate right now. (let’s count on our little fingers and toes, beside himself and Brooke, just who would that be? I don’t see his three grown children around.) He asks are they still on? She replies yes. He then maintains that he will never disappoint her. And he will never ever take her for granted again. (been there, heard that too). That he’d done that once, thinking she’d always be there for him, and it scared the hell out of him to find out just how wrong he was. He voices that he knows her love for him died when he left her and Hope and R.J. He had to earn it back and now that he’s done that, it means more to him than it ever has. He professes that he loves her so much and she replies the same. “Nothing and nobody is going to get in the way of our happiness today.” He kisses some of her make-up off.

Nick follows Bridget into the house and tells her he’s not doing this; he wants to save this marriage. She says she loves him for that, but she knows when something is not worth saving. They politely argue about going through some hard times, so give themselves a break. She remarks that you can’t freeze life in one perfect place. And if they want to be happy, they just need to accept things as they are and go on from there. He’s on the side of having another child; anything but giving up. She claims she is not giving up anything. She doesn’t have to stop loving Dominick just because he’s not his son. And she can love him and let him go. Nicks shakes his head in disbelief – let him go? Just because he can’t be a father to Dominick? She thinks it’s a shame because she knows he’d make an incredible father. He states he wants that. He WANTS to be a father. She tells him that he can. He can be a father to Hope and to R.J. with her mother. He can go and make a life with them, starting today. He frowns; she smiles and says it’s okay.

Massimo is beside himself when he hears Dante is the father of Felicia’s baby. Jackie explains they spent a very brief time together in Nice. Sally quips that it was so brief that FiFi Felicia forgot all about it? Jackie tells them she does have all the details but she doesn’t think it really matters. Mass wonders if Eric knows? Jackie surmises that she doesn’t think so, and tonight is not the proper time. Thorne thinks that the last thing Brooke and Ridge needs today is another family crisis.

Mass excuses himself and whisks Jackie along with him. He chastises her for when she was going to tell him all of this? She coldly replies that she’s sorry but she was more concerned about their son than keeping Mass in the loop. She doesn’t know how much more these two, Bridget and Nick, can take. Stephanie walks by and overhears this and questions if they have heard about Dante? Mass quips that this whole thing is preposterous. Stephanie says she was just about to say the same thing about this wedding. Jackie shoots her a look.

Ridge comes rushing over and asks Jackie if she can help Brooke upstairs; she could use some help? Jackie is surprised and wonders why she doesn’t ask Bridget. Ridge replies she’d better make it soon as they want to get married ASAP. Panic-stricken, Stephanie remarks, “right now?” Ridge turns to his dad and asks him to get everybody rounded up and seated, they want to start the ceremony right now.

Nick and Bridget continue to discuss and argue the fact that they both knew he was in love with her mother BEFORE they went into their relationship. He points out to her that they dealt with that. She said she still had concerns, but then she got pregnant. When he starts to address that, she tells him to stop. She just wants him to be happy. He says it was NOT a sacrifice on his part to be with her because of the baby. She tries to talk for him. She says he loves her mother. He fights her off physically by removing her hands from his arm. She repeats it, he loves her mother, and it’s okay. She says it again; it’s okay. He doesn’t have to hide his feelings any more. Not from her, not from himself, not anymore.

Jackie repeats that she doesn’t think Bridget is coming and Brooke doesn’t want to wait. Stephanie thinks they should. But, Eric tells her this wedding is going to happen. Stephanie offers she doesn’t know why everybody is rushing this. Even Jackie has to agree with her; it is a little bit rushed. Stephanie says she just gets the idea they want to get it over with. Doesn’t that concern anyone?

Suddenly Stephanie gets a call on her cell phone and despite the fact that the Minister tells everyone to take their places, and turn off their phones, Stephanie quickly takes it and asks whoever if there is any news? She hangs up quickly and asks Eric why is he in such a hurry for Ridge to make the same mistake that he did? He smarts by saying he doesn’t want to hear her talking like that or he’s going to kick her out of there himself. NO ONE is going to disrupt this wedding!

Nick finally looks at Bridget and asks is she ending their marriage? She confesses that she will always treasure the times they had together; the support that he gave her. It was exactly what she needed, and now she was giving him what he needed – a life with her mother. He swings his head around quickly and looks squarely at her before walking away in disgust. Bridget continues; she wants him to be with her mother. He shakes his head again; no, Brooke will NEVER betray her. Bridget says it is not betrayal if she lets him go! She tells him this is not a test; she is completely serious. “I just really….I really want you to be happy.” He gives her a hard look. She smiles then takes his hand and slips off his wedding ring and then places it in his palm. He stares at her and tells her he doesn’t know what to say. She tells him that whatever it is, he needs to say it to her mother……before the wedding…..hers……she’s getting married to Ridge today!

Everyone takes their places sitting in beautifully decorated bridal white chairs. Ridge glances up at the second story and sees his gorgeous bride about to descend the stairs. She smiles at him as he proudly awaits.

Nick can barely digest this – Brooke is marrying Forrester today? She says yes, Stephanie told her and her mother had left her a message. By the end of the day, she will be Mrs. Ridge Forrester……..unless he stops her. Looking intently at him, she says, “Nick, I want you to stop the wedding!”

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