B&B Monday Update 2/20/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/20/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the guest house cottage, Nick tells Dante that he will say just about anything, won’t he? Dante apologizes for just blurting it out like that; that Dominick was not Nick’s son, he was HIS son.

At the main house, Stephanie stands with Taylor and Felicia and asks Taylor if she thinks they can work something out with Dante about the baby? Taylor advises that she will not be enlisted to help Dante be deprived of his son; she’s just not! Stephanie assures her that is not what she is trying to do. And Felicia pipes up something about spending just a few short hours with this man just over a year ago. Stephanie softly states that she should be respectful that Dante is respecting this day and the occasion as she doesn’t think Bridget could take much more.

A lovely table has been set up and displayed before the fireplace and Ridge is hugging Bridget and comforting her with Brooke nearby. Bridget remarks that Nick is taking a very long time at the guest house, wonders what is keeping him? She thinks she will go check on him. When she leaves, Ridge asks Brooke if Bridget is okay? Brooke replies, “thank God for her husband and that little baby.”

Nick stands there dumfounded and wonders where Dante is coming from with this – that Dominick is HIS son. Dante tells him that Felicia didn’t know either. He remembers things that she didn’t and he has to remind Nick that they met in Nice. Right after they broke up and she was heartbroken. Dante says he did the math and didn’t it strike Nick that Dominick was a little late to be his? Nick ponders but then offers he thinks this is a little more than math; his mother SHOULD know. Dante suggests he ask her and Nick bellows that he will! Dante tells him that she did not know until he convinced her to have a DNA test.

Nick sneers, “a DNA test?”…..as it slowly sinks in but then he says he doesn’t believe him. He doesn’t believe any of this crap! But, Dante confides in him that Taylor was there too and he’s sure she will fill him in on all the details. He apologizes again for springing all of this on him, he wasn’t planning on it like this.

Bridget interrupts them and is surprised to see Dante there; asks where Dominick is? Dante tells her he’s in the bedroom sleeping. She looks at the two of them wondering what is going on. Nick tells her to go back to the house and he’ll be there shortly. She doesn’t want to leave them there fighting. Nick replies no one is fighting. She asks then what is the problem? Nick just glares at Dante. Dante wants to explain to Bridget, but Nick is reluctant for him to speak and says they need to get back to the house. Dante seizes the moment to just briefly tell her he wants her to know that he was at the hospital when she lost Nicole. He’d wanted answers and wasn’t getting any and he wanted to find out for himself. She offers that no one told them. He says he knew because he wasn’t family, didn’t get along with Nick and was nothing to Nicole, but he felt like he was. He goes and gets a greeting card and hands it to Bridget. He tells her it’s for both of them. That’s what they do back home when you lose someone; you go and have a mass said. She thanks him and gives him a buss on the cheeks. She asks if he can come to the service? Without taking his eyes off Nick, he says no, he thinks it best if he stays there. She says she really would like Dominick there and although she hates to disrupt his sleep, she thinks it’s really important that Nicole’s brother be there at her service. She proceeds to go get him with the guys looking on.

Everyone is still mingling at the Forrester house and Ridge reassures Felicia that Nick will be right back; he’s at the guest house. This news is a little disconcerting. Eric steps in and tells her that he never thought Bridget or Nick would accept another baby so soon. It’s a real testament to them and to Felicia.

Stephanie pours tea/coffee and Jackie walks up and thanks her for inviting them all here to this day. A bit shaken, Stephanie opines that she’d really like to say she was glad to see her, but she’s really not glad to see her at all. Jackie replies that she’s been there almost an hour and at least she hasn’t called her slut. Stephanie chuckles, “some things are just so obvious that you don’t need to make a comment on.”

Bridget and Nick bring Dominick in and all go to greet her. Felicia stands apart with Nick glowering at her. When he thinks no one is looking at them, he asks her to tell him that Dante is lying! She only stares back. Obviously she can’t refute that.

The service begins as everyone is seated; Bridget holding a sleeping Dominick. Darla and Thorne are first at the table as Darla holds a sprig of lilac and relays how it is so sweet and stays in the air for so long. And how their neighbor has one that blooms once a year and every spring she can’t wait for that wonderful fragrance to come through her kitchen window. So now when that time comes, she will remember Nicole. She adds the sprig to a vase of flowers on the table.

Mass also adds a flower to the vase and begins his tribute. He reminds them that like his son, he is fascinated by the sea and all the mysteries that it holds. He mentions he has a couple of racing vessels so as of this moment this two-masted cutter is going to be named after his granddaughter – The Nicole, and he proudly displays a photo of the boat. Jackie’s turn she tells how at the very prim girl school that she attended, that rosemary had for centuries stood as remembrance. She holds an example and says ancient tradition. Because, rosemary can survive wind, drought, all kinds of neglect. Even when it’s dried, it never loses its pungency or its power. She adds the sprig to the vase while saying that neither does memory.

Next is Ridge who holds up an ivory coral-beaded type necklace. He says he found this ancient artifact in his old room and God what a scandal it would cause if anyone knew it was cool for him to wear such a thing in college. He hadn’t saved it, but he looks at Bridget and asks if she remembers this? She nods with happy memories. He tells how when she was a kid and played house that when she put on this necklace, it automatically made her Mommy. He reminds her that Nicole may be gone, but now Bridget's a mother for real and forever. And he brought this for Nicole….for her to remember that when Bridget was a kid herself, and when she dreamed, it was of her.

Stephanie and Eric take their turn and they state they have planted a rosebush for Nicole in the garden. It’s not a very old rose as roses go, about like Bridget, but it’s petals are white with a deep red edge. He produces a framed picture the way it will bloom. “So every time we see this Nicole, we will think of OUR Nicole.” Stephanie goes to Bridget and gives her a kiss on the forehead and pats Nick gently on his head.

Taking Dominick in her arms to the place of honor, Bridget sniffs that she is so overwhelmed by their gifts and their love. And perhaps they are wondering why there is no water in the vase for the flowers. It’s because they are going to dry them, and someday when Dominick is old enough, she and Nick are going to show him all these flowers and these gifts and tell him about Nicole. Now this sweet boy will never have to be afraid of the dark because he’s going to have a guardian angel looking after him. She tells them how Nicole never took a breath; never took a step. And she never saw their faces, but she knew everything that Bridget felt and probably the other way around as well. She knows Nicole was never far enough away from God to need their prayers, but……she’d found this prayer and she wants to read it. Nick brings the book to her and she transfers Dominick to him.

She reads, “May God keep and hold Nicole. Her light was extinguished before the world could see it, but not before sharing it’s warmth with me. For the time that she lived, we tried to give her everything parents could and we received more than we could have ever expected. May the purity of her brief life without transgression be always before us. May the memory of the joy she brought give us all strength and comfort.” All say Amen.

She looks to Nick who has been holding Dominick, occasionally looking down at him, in absolute devastation of the truth. He looks around, seems uneasy but finally says there is nothing like losing a child. It’s like a sharp knife has been driven into you. You’re just hollow and you’re supposed to live the rest of your life that way. Felicia holds her hand across her mouth; all too well she knows Nick is going to lose another child soon. He continues, hollow and empty; his wife shouldn’t have to go through this. You tell someone you love them and will protect them, but sometimes you just can’t. Getting more angry so that Bridget notices, he mentions that sometimes you can’t do a DAMN thing! Abruptly, he hands Dominick to Brooke sitting nearby and says he needs a moment. Everyone looks awkwardly at each other.

Felicia follows Nick and finds him sitting in the study. She tries to convince him that he has to believe that she had no idea. He’s fidgety and quiet. Dominick was his son and no other possibility even occurred to her she opines. All he can say is that Bridget loved that boy; so did he. Felicia asks if that has to change? He’s still the same child. Reflecting, Nick says but he’s another man’s son. That’s who he is! And that’s what he’ll see when he looks at him. She tells him she still wants his future to be with him and Bridget. Incredulously, he asks how? Just ignore the truth? Does she really think Dante will just turn the boy over to them? This is the biggest thing that has ever happened in that man’s life. He finally has something that is all his! She replies not if she can help it. He barks at her – she can’t help it. And she can’t help Bridget’s feelings. Slowly, he remarks that his wife just lost a daughter, and now she’s going to lose a son.

Bridget walks into the guest cottage and asks Dante where is Felicia? He tells her that she hasn’t come back yet. She puts Dominick down in the bed and Dante asks how was the memorial? She says it was beautiful. He tells her he will watch Dominick, not that he needs her to go. She observes him looking at Dominick and comments that he’s been spending a lot of time with Felicia lately. He tells her they have a history, which she thought they barely knew each other. He reminds her that it doesn’t have to be long and meaningful; just look at their first dinner together.

She walks away and says she knows she’s being too nosy. But, he tells her she can ask him anything. He would never hurt her purposely because he loves her. He reminds her it’s too late to feel shy about that, when she wants to dodge this subject. He goes on, he feels happy and he feels sad. He feels happy because he gets to spend some time with her, but he’s sad because he knows she is hurting inside and she’s going to be hurting for a little while. She agrees, of course there is going to be sadness, but she has Nick and Dominick, they have each other. He tells her she will always have him. She says she knows she can count on him and she appreciates that.

She looks at his stern face and asks is there something he’s trying to tell her? He says perhaps there is. But, he walks away. He’s scaring her; he’s too silent. She asks him what is it?

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