B&B Thursday Update 2/9/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/9/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

In Bridget’s hospital room, with she and Nick locked in their grief over losing Nicole, Felicia tells them that they have a son. And that when Dominick is old enough to know what angels are, he’ll know he has an incredible angel named Nicole looking out for him. Bridget holds Dominick tighter, can’t even look at Nick so she glances away. He is fighting back his tears once more.

At Forrester, Dante catches up with Ridge and asks him what he wants to do with an outfit? The workroom needs to know. Ridge says he will take care of it, until Sally interrupts and asks has he talked with either Eric or Brooke today? He replies no and asks where are they? Sally doesn’t know all the details, but she does know it’s something about Bridget being in the hospital and it concerns the baby.

In her bed, Bridget rocks Dominic back and forth with Nick lying right alongside. Bridget tells Felicia she is glad to see Dominick. Felicia states she thinks Bridget probably needs to be alone with Nick now. Bridget hands the baby to Nick, but Dominick starts crying so Nick gently hands him back to Felicia and goes to get the nurse to wheel her out. Bridget thanks her for letting her hold him. Subdued, they barely look at one another but Bridget finally adds maybe she is not supposed to be anybody’s mother. He goes to her and begs her not to say that…..don’t ever, ever say that again. She sobs she just wanted their little girl and oh God, she can’t have her. She clings to Nick around his neck like a lifeboat.

Nick bemoans the fact that he never should have left. Yet, she realizes he was just getting her things. Felicia was there and everything was fine and suddenly her water had broke. Nick gently questions if they did everything they could? She replies they did. Dr. Caspary had called in a neonatal team. The room was full of them….all these experts for one tiny little ……was she a person? Yes, she will refer to her as that around him. Nick agrees. She goes on how they worked on her for a very long time. And the room was so quiet and Nicole looked so old….she looked like she’d waited a lifetime to see them and just couldn’t wait any more.

Dr. Caspary comes in and tries to be ever mindful of their moment. She tells Nick she is so sorry. He tells her they both are very grateful. She inquires if he wants to call a priest or funeral director? Bridget shakes her head no. Nick assures the doctor if they have a service, it will be in private. She suggests that sometimes the families want photographs. Bridget remarks that she doesn’t want just pictures of today to remember. Nick asks if they can obtain a few copies of the sonogram? She tells him she will get her office to send him a set. He has one more request- he’d like to see his daughter.

Out in the hallway, the family is standing vigil surrounding Felicia and Dominick but all their minds on Bridget and the circumstances of the baby. Brooke asks if Bridget is all right and Felicia answers that medically yes. Thorne tells Felicia it’s been a long day for her, he’ll take the baby. She wouldn’t want him around all of this. Jackie agrees; babies absorb more than you think. Thorne says he will find a nice, quiet room in the nursery and lay down with him for a while. Jackie laments how sad this is and Brooke says she is going in now to see Bridget. Eric wants to accompany her as well.

Alone, staring at the Nicole blanket, Bridget sits in the lonely room hugging it finally to her chest. Brooke enters and goes to her with an embrace and tells her how sorry she is. Eric looks to her and tries to buck a smile. She calls him daddy and takes his hand to her face and cries that “she’s gone…..she’s gone.”

Dr. Caspary escorts Nick into a room. It’s dark and empty except for a sterile, cold, table with one tiny lifeless form on it in a body bag. The doctor asks if he’d like to be alone? He stiffens himself, covers his mouth, unable to speak. He finally nods and she tells him to take as long as he likes. Before the doctor can leave, Nick reminds her that she was a person, she had a name. Dr. Caspary touches him on the shoulder and says, “she had everything…..except time.”

She leaves and he stands alone in his grief….inching toward the table, fighting back the tears. He turns away, steadies himself on the desk and finally resolves he can do this. Slowly, he bends to one knee by the table, wiping his runny nose, and unzips the tiny bag. He pulls the opening aside and visibly gasps several times before he can continue. His whole body shakes as he sobs that she will always be his little girl. He zips the bag back up, again unable to control his sobbing grief. He buries his face in his hands.

Mass brings Felicia a cup of liquid and she takes her medication. She asks about Dominick and Thorne tells her he’s sleeping like an angel, not to worry. Ridge steps off the elevator and gravitates toward the group and asks about Bridget. No one speaks, so he asks about the baby. Their silence speaks volumes.

He reels with Thorne telling him that Dad and Brooke are in there with Bridget. He’s glad of that, but first words were where was Nick? Mass gets him to settle down, don’t start something. Felicia tells Mass she is sorry for his loss.

Nick comes back to join the group and Jackie immediately goes to him to hug and comfort him. Mass joins in by saying what can one say at a time like this? He puts his hands on both of their shoulders and proudly states that he had a daughter. She had a sweet face, just like her mother. She was so beautiful.

Bridget tells Eric and Brooke that it feels like nothing is ever going to be the same again. She sobs that everyone is going to expect her to forget. And she won’t have been a real child to anyone but her. Brooke tells her they will honor her memory; they all will. Ridge and Thorne quietly slip in. Bridget sees them and breaks down again. Eric jumps up to make room for the boys to stand closer. Ridge embraces her and tells her it’s not fair. It’s all wrong, but she did good. She denies that; she should’ve listened….He tells her she did everything right and Brooke offers that she gave Nicole everything a child needed. Thorne adds, “you were everything your little girl could want, Bridget. She just---she just couldn’t be what you wanted.” They all agree that she tried so hard though. Brooke says that’s what kids do. They’ll break their hearts for you. And you just have to love them for that. Bridget sobs that she does. She loves her so much and then she dissolves in her mother’s arms.

Jackie tells Felicia that Mass and Nick went to get Dominick for her. Felicia suddenly remembers the little present she left with Bridget and asks Jackie if she could bring it with her before she goes. Jackie disagrees. Bridget is going to have so few keepsakes. Dante walks up and overhears this part and surmises that Bridget did lose the baby; how devastating for her…….and Nick.

Jackie seems to want to get away and tells Felicia to tell Mass that she will meet them by the car. Dante asks if Bridget is okay psychically? Felicia responds yes, the baby just came too soon. The family is in with her now.

Nick enters the room and sort of just stares blankly at Ridge. But old animosities are put aside and Ridge goes to him and hands on gives him a clasp around the neck as brothers would. Nick does touch Thorne on the arm and tells the entire group thanks for being there.

Thorne laments where else would they be? And Eric says they are family and grabs Nick in a big hug. Brooke moves from the bed making way for Nick who sits there. Bridget asks Nick if he saw ‘her’? He strokes her hair and nods yes and she says she is glad. He whispers he is too. Bridget cries that they are never going to see her again. And it’s so hard to think of. She misses her inside her so much. She feels like half of her is gone.

Eric says, “Bridget, we’re all made up of pieces of each other. It’s not love unless you give….unless you give part of yourself away.” Thorne adds that he wishes he could give Nicole his eyes to see her with. And Ridge wishes he could give her the words she is saying right now. Brooke finishes by saying that each of them gave her a piece of their heart. “She’ll never be gone when we are all together.”

Bridget takes her mother’s hand and kisses it, holding on tightly with one and Nick’s in the other. One by one they all come forward and lay a hand on each other in family unity. Bridget’s eyes convey her deep felt thanks.

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