B&B Tuesday Update 1/31/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/31/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo


At the beach house, Dante walks into Bridget’s bedroom and starts telling her about last night. How surreal it was and Felicia walking on air. She was dancing with everyone and seeing her past again…..until she collapsed in her father’s arms. Of course, Bridget is concerned and says Felicia is pushing herself way too hard. Dante says he called this morning and Stephanie had said she was doing a little better. It was a celebration to end all parties. Bridget wishes so much she could have been there. Dante smiles and tells her she needs to stay right here in bed and think of her baby first. She feels she is just missing out on so much. She can’t believe that Stephanie and Eric are married again and Taylor and Ridge are apart.

At Forrester, in Stephanie’s office, Ridge is looking intently at a row of framed family photos and picks up one of he and Taylor. Hector walks in and gruffly Ridge tells him, “get out of here, Ramirez.” Hector opines that he is not the cause of his problems. Ridge states that he waltzed into his home and came on to his wife. Hector replies he just gave her some attention that Ridge couldn’t bother with himself. Ridge walks closer and growls that he’d cut him some slack before, but right now it was all he could do to restrain himself from teaching him a long overdue lesson. Hector tells him to come on, don’t hold back. Ridge wants to cut to the chase. He stares him down and tells him, “you stay away from my home. You stay way from my kids. And most importantly, you stay away from Taylor.” (jeeze, Louise, what makes him think Hector is going to be quaking in his boots by ex-husband telling him to stay away? He may as well be waving a red flag).

Eric walks into Taylor’s office and asks what is going on? She’s packing and she hands him a piece of paper. He asks what is it and she tells him her resignation. He seems surprised and disappointed but she tells him not to be; he should be relieved as he wasn’t all that enthusiastic in her being there in the first place. He takes her by the shoulders and turns her toward him and says they may have had their disagreements about the business, but he loved her very much. And he’s sorry what’s happened to her marriage with Ridge. They hug and she thanks him for his kindness. She states that maybe if she had been smarter, she could have spared herself all this pain. He counsels her to don’t. She and Ridge raised a beautiful family and they were happy for a lot of years. And one thing he states he had learned is that you can’t deny yourself those wonderful memories. She shakes her head and admits yes they were happy but too much of the time Brooke was a factor. A part of their marriage and that was wrong. Just as Ridge was a third party to his marriage to Brooke. And she knows she was not what Ridge wanted anymore than Eric was what Brooke wanted. “The sad fact, Eric, is that we have just been bit players in the story of their life together.” She proclaims that Ridge has always wanted Brooke, and now he’s free to have her.

Dante exclaims that Taylor was so driven to get back to Ridge and he just wants her to know now that he’s there for her if she needs him. (gosh, this prince of a guy wants to be there for all these wayward gals – Bridget, Felicia and now Taylor). Bridget tells him then he needs to tell Taylor. He’s a good friend of hers and that is what she needs right now, someone to really cheer her up.

Taylor asks Eric to tell her about the wedding. He replies he was really surprised because when they first agreed to it, they were just going to go through the motions. But, then when they were all together, all the children, under one roof, the first time in years, it just turned magical. She remarks that what they did for Felicia was wonderful and she knows when they look back on it, they will be glad they did it. He tells her he’s sorry that she wasn’t there. She admits Stephanie invited her, but for obvious reasons, she didn’t want to go. He tells her with all that has happened this year, all the changes, he just wants her to know she will always be a part of this family. They hug again.

Hector confesses to Ridge that he always thought he was pathetic, but never more than right now. Ridge comes back with, “okay, Ramirez, enlighten me.” He offers that he never envied him, his money, his position, his company…but he did envy what he had with Taylor. Ridge clearly sees this. Hector states that she is an incredible woman; an amazing family. But Ridge, he couldn’t keep it together. Taylor never should have re-married him in the first place. That just isn’t his opinion, but Taylor’s as well. And that must hurt, that she sees Ridge for what he is. Ridge Forrester, Big Man On Campus. Nothing but a mama’s boy, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He tells him he can spend his life drooling after Brooke but he doesn’t have to try that hard now as he is free to have her. They can live their lives of self-indulgence and decadence on the money he makes selling his over-priced rags. “Enjoy it, Ridge, your life of excess, but don’t ever look back….. and stay clear of Taylor.”

Ridge questions because Hector just happened to be there at a difficult time in Taylor’s life, that he thinks she is his? Isn’t that rather presumptuous on his part? Hector replies that she needs someone now and he’s going to be there for her. Ridge scoffs that, “no, fireman, you’re not.” Hector fires back that Ridge doesn’t want her but he can’t stand the thought of another man in her life. Isn’t that a little selfish considering he’s running back to Brooke? Ridge answers that when Taylor decides to move on with her life, he’ll wish her well, but……..until then. Hector charges that until then…..he just wants her to sit around and long for him as that is all his self-inflated ego can deal with. But, if Taylor wants to be with him, that is up to her to decide, not her ex-husband. Ridge dismisses him by saying that until he knows exactly what position Hector is with Taylor, he’ll just wait to talk to her when she comes in. Hector delights in telling him that considering she doesn’t work here anymore, it might be a while. “Let it sink in. Taylor is not interested in you or your company anymore. She’s not like Brooke. You can’t keep her on a leash……You ended it and she’s done with you, for good!”

Bridget hasn’t stirred a muscle beyond still sitting in bed knitting. She tells Dante that Taylor is really lucky to have him. She really needs good friends right now. He states that when men find out she isn’t married to Ridge anymore, they are going to be lined up around the block just for the chance to be with her. Bridget reminds him that he’s her friend. He was there before and he should be there for her now.

Eric passes by Sally’s desk and she tells him she thinks it is wonderful what he and Queenie have done for Felicia. It’s not every day that two people who DETEST each other can go so happily back to the altar. Jackie walks in and greets them and says she hopes she is not interrupting. Actually, Sally tells her she is, until Eric interrupts and invites her on into the office. (this is Stephanie’s so I guess he has been promoted from the basement). As soon as the door is closed, with Sally’s exasperation at all of this, Eric kisses Jackie. She remarks she wasn’t sure she would find him here; if he’d planned a honeymoon or what? He laughs - not. Stephanie was with Felicia now; they’d had a big night. Tired and just resting. He pours them coffee. She asks if this wedding that Felicia was so determined to have; was it a mistake? He tells her no; it was wonderful. The family together the way they hadn’t been in a long time…. talk of the past. ….all of their dreams, most of them realized. He claims that his greatest achievement has been his family. “Jackie, I have Felicia…..I DANCED with her….and it’s just an evening I’ll never forget.”

Ridge pops into Taylor’s office, sees her and says then it’s true, she’s leaving. She says she can’t work here. He asks is she sure? She tells him he didn’t want her here in the first place. This is his domain with Brooke. He tells her Hector just DROPPED by and told him to stay away from her. She remarks that must have gone well. Ridge says he is HOUNDING her. Nonchantely, she tells him she will determine who is hounding her and who’s not. He tells her that she’s upset, and rightfully so, but Hector is going to take advantage of that; take advantage of her. She’s surprised that it would even matter to him. He replies that of course it does. But, she differs. He lost the right to have any say what she does or who she sees the day he walked out on their marriage.

Jackie and Eric sit and she tells him the evening sounded wonderful. He says it was exactly what Felicia wanted….the family that she wanted….strong and supportive….enthusiastic…..there for each other. It had been so long, he had almost forgotten. Jackie looks a little green around the gills. Eric notices and he takes her by the hand and promises her this is only temporary. Just for Felicia, just for now. She touches his wedding band and declares that everybody knows he and Stephanie have remarried, and nobody except Nicky knows that they are going to have a future together. She moans that she knows that’s the way it has to be; the way it should be. She laments it’s just that she hopes it doesn’t mean out of sight, out of mind. He tells her no, he promises her that. Just until Felicia……just a short time. She begs him to lean on her; promise her that he will let her be there for him. He kisses her hands and promises her. His commitment to her hasn’t changed. He kisses her and they cling to each other.

Out of the blue, Taylor goes to her purse and pulls out a document. She tells Ridge that given the unique circumstances of her return she was able to get an annulment. No six months of waiting for a divorce and she shoves the papers in his face. He’s stunned. She hands him a pen as well and says all he has to do is sign and he can get on with his life with Brooke. She is sure he has already proposed. He looks at the paper but does not take the pen. She finally snatches the paper from his hand and goes and signs it herself. Then tells him the least he could do is sign it so she can get on with her life. Finally he takes the pen and signs it. She snarks that wasn’t so bad without his mother’s hand to guide him. He tells her that his mother’s influence is out of his life. Taylor remarks - good for Brooke. He wants to know if she honestly believes that the only reason they married was to make his mother happy. She replies yes she does. All his life he wanted Brooke desperately, but Stephanie hated her from the beginning. And because he couldn’t let go of his mother’s apron string, he married the first person that came along who pleased her. The only trouble was, he never stopped loving Brooke. He tells her that she can hate him. That’s okay; he has it coming. But, he’s not going to stand there and let her tell him their marriage meant nothing to him…..because it did. She may look back and not feel that way, and maybe he can not change that, but he can tell her that he had the honor of raising a family and spending many years with an incredible woman….a woman of class……a woman of substance…..maybe more than he deserved. The children they raised, they had come from them. Couldn’t be three greater kids. But, she had crossed the line with him with behavior he found hypocritical and he crossed the line with her with his connection with Brooke. But that doesn’t take away from what they had or what they shared. That was beautiful.

She breaks down and cries that is what makes this so damn hard; it WAS beautiful, and now it’s gone and they can never get it back. She bemoans the fact that it didn’t have to be this way; it didn’t have to end. He lovingly touches her hair. He looks like he has regrets, but not enough to change anything. He tells her he is so sorry. She goes into his arms and sobs. They hug for a long while and then with resolve, he squeezes her face one last time, gives a big sigh and breaks away and walks out the door, out of her life. Alone, she sobs more and furiously slams the annulment paper on the desk.

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