B&B Monday Update 1/2/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/2/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Taylor, the Saint, has been caught in her own bedroom with Hector, wearing nothing more than her naughty nighties. Brooke has just let herself into the house and waltzed up the stairs to find Daddy for R.J. She’s aghast when she finds the twosome in a kiss. Taylor immediately blurts out that it isn’t what Brooke thinks! And not to leave, she needs to explain.

At the beach house, Hope, wearing a poker player’s visor cap, is playing cards with Nick. He tries to talk her out of it, but she insists that he ‘hit me’ while playing 21. Once again, she wins and tells him “read ‘em and weep.” Jackie comes in carrying a few breakfast things. He ssssshhhhs her as Bridget is sleeping. She cajoles him for gambling with a child. Nick says she has to learn sometime, and he asks his mother if she has a roll of pennies. She’s dressed elegantly and he asks where she’s been? She beams that she was out with Eric, but they decided to call it an early night.

At Thorne and Darla’s, he hangs up the phone from talking to his dad. He and Darla are out on the patio toasting the New Year. He is happy Ridge is reporting to Eric because he sure isn’t with him. Darla jokes that the President of Forrester Creations is spending the holidays with his family and sent his lackey instead. And lackey – that is no worse than Ridge calling her dingbat. Darla is surprised when Thorne tells her that Eric said Ridge was still in Paris and not at home where Taylor expected him. Poor Taylor; what’s she to do?

Taylor is almost speechless. She holds out her arms to explain to Brooke that Hector only stopped by to wish her a Happy New Year. Brooke is amazed – in her bedroom? Taylor says Hector thought Ridge was there. They all did and then she got the phone call and was understandably upset and she came upstairs and he was being a friend! Brooke hones in again – in her bedroom! Hector sees that Brooke isn’t going to understand and he tells Taylor she might as well tell the truth. She declares that she is, and he’s not helping very much! Brooke mentions that he was hiding in the bathroom. Taylor protests that obviously they realized that whatever was going on in here could be misinterpreted. Brooke asks, “and your clothes, they just fell off?” Flustered, Taylor replies no; she was undressing when he came up. Again, Hector interrupts and says Brooke is right. He doesn’t want to hide what is going on here and it makes no sense to try.

Jackie joins in on the card game and promptly loses. She asks how is she supposed to pay? Hope has that one ready for her – “if you don’t got the dime, don’t do the crime." Not a moment too soon; Catherine comes after Hope and thanks Nick for looking after her so she could go to some party. He tells her perfectly fine and emphasizes “anytime.” He puts on Hope’s little sweater; tells her to be sure and get her loot and gives her a big kiss. She wishes her Uncle Nick a Happy New Year.

Jackie opines to him that the child adores him. But, he feels like he has let her down. He offers that when you tell a child you love them and then aren’t around for a while, they think you’ve changed your mind. Tenderly, she tells him she loves the life he has there with Bridget. There will be Dominick and soon another daughter; everything she’s ever wanted for him. He puts his arm around her and says, “me too.” She continues that when she sees him with Hope she can’t help thinking, he could have had a pretty good life with Brooke too. “Don’t you think of it anymore?” Almost wincing, he says he thinks of it.

Thorne and Darla discuss the situation. Surely Ridge isn’t cheating on Taylor. Thorne doesn’t think so. He thinks Ridge’s only agenda is to make him look foolish and replace him as company president. Darla fills him in that Taylor has a secret admirer and one that she likes a heck of a lot better than his brother. And she thinks Taylor has a lot more in common with Hector than anyone knows. However, Thorne thinks it’s pretty ridiculous; he’s a firefighter and she’s a glamorous psychiatrist. But, Darla says she is a lot more than just Ridge’s wife. And Thorne jokes that Hector’s a man who rescues them from burning buildings and she prescribes something to calm them down. He realizes that Hector has been hanging around Taylor a bit lately. He just didn’t know anyone else had noticed it. She remarks that he is crazy about her. Thorne doesn’t think that will lead anywhere. Darla says she thought that too, so that’s why she gave her some encouragement.

Hector tries to explain about Ridge not being there. Not in any of the important ways. Taylor tells him this is not the time. Brooke picks up on this and asks if this has been going on for a while? Taylor replies no. She is adamant; she is NOT going to have this conversation with Brooke. She is simply misreading the whole situation. He says he is not ashamed of his feelings for her, but she screams at Hector not to say anymore. Brooke continues; here she is standing there half naked in front of a man, not her husband, who is obviously very much in love with her. Hector offers that he would say the same thing in front of Ridge. Taylor keeps repeating this is just a misunderstanding, that’s all! She screams as Brooke stomps out saying she can’t believe she is doing this to Ridge.

There’s a damper over the New Year’s with this newest bombshell by Darla and Thorne doesn’t think she should have been playing with his brother’s marriage this way. If the shoe was on the other foot, he had to be out of town, would that give her the right to have an affair? She replies no because he didn’t treat her the way Ridge treats Taylor. He counters with that is Taylor’s decision; what she will put up with or not put up with, no matter how terrible they think it is. She ponders for a moment and says she will go call Hector and tell him she took too many allergy pills or something. Thorne stops her and says they just have to hope this doesn’t get back to Ridge. He agrees that Hector seems a nice enough guy but he doesn’t see Taylor giving him a shot, no matter what he does. Darla remarks that sometimes she really hates herself. Here he has all this faith in Taylor and probably nothing left for her. And a tall, dark, handsome guy will come around and they’ll have a disagreement, and there you go…….He tries to persuade her that he doesn’t feel that way. She says good; just because she doesn’t think Ridge’s marriage is sacred, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t think theirs is. He jokes he knew he should have gotten her that chastity belt for Christmas. No, because Sally would have just helped her pick the lock. She laughs and gives him a big kiss. She vows she would never, ever…..there is nobody better than him….and even if there is, he wouldn’t do like Thorne does. He makes her a better person and she guesses there is room for improvement. They seal it with a kiss.

Taylor changes clothes in the bathroom. Hector is still waiting when she comes out. He senses she is still angry. Was it something he said or that he said it in front of Brooke? She remarks that mostly it is with herself. She let the whole thing develop; she knew exactly where it was headed. He maintains but she did nothing wrong. She remarks that she may have said all the right things but not like she meant them. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be here. She tells him he’s a wonderful man. He’s attractive and exciting, but she’s married to a man she loves very much ….and they have a family. Hector nods, he seems in agreement and asks if she thinks Brooke will tell Ridge? She concurs that Brooke is Brooke. No telling what she’ll do. He asks if that would be so terrible? She remarks that yes, yes it would. She tells him that he can show himself out.

Nick confides to his mother that he loves the feelings he’s having, of being a father and a husband. Bridget is a fantastic girl and he starts rattling off her attributes – she’s witty, sophisticated, she has brass. He’s a VERY lucky man. But, he says he knows in his heart that he’s been there before. He was there with Brooke and Hope and R.J. and even though they didn’t call it a family, he knew that is what Hope feels and she feels the loss of that. Somberly, he says sometimes he does too. Jackie knows he wouldn’t have it any other way. She philosophizes that most people only have one life and they don’t mourn the lives they missed because they never got a taste of them. But, he did. He’s not sure that is a blessing or a curse. He remembers being happy with them, but no one has to know that but him.

Brooke answers the knock at the door. It’s Taylor and she asks if she can come in? Brooke tells her it’s late. Not deterred, Taylor brushes past her. Brooke asks if she thought of something more convincing after she’d left? Taylor replies that she’d told her the truth. Brooke differs, no she didn’t. She stood there talking to her in her bedroom while a man was hiding in her bathroom! Maybe, technically the things she was saying weren’t untrue, but she was lying. She tells her it may be a big blow to her ego, but she IS a liar. Taylor finally asks, okay, what does she want to know? Brooke replies nothing. The question is what does Taylor want to know? Did she call Paris? No. She suggests it is morning now and she is sure Ridge would be in the office, so they could call now.

Jackie realizes that Hope forgot something; her drinking cup. Nick picks it up and reflects back on happier times with the child – singing, dancing, swimming, putting her to bed. He’s having a hard time getting her out of his mind and heart.

Brooke picks up the phone but Taylor grabs it from her and says they are not even going to discuss it. She may think she has something on her but she doesn’t. Brooke wonders then why is Taylor there doing damage control? Taylor knows that she just wants to start something. Brooke asks if she is going to lie to Ridge, the way she did to Brooke? Was she even going to mention it to him if she hadn’t caught her? Taylor points her finger to herself and tells Brooke to let HER worry about HER marriage. Brooke reminds her that it was her marriage until Taylor started looking after it. And she got it back with one lie – Stephanie’s faked heart attack and she’s holding onto it with how many others?

Taylor seethes but manages to boast that Brooke has no concept of the bond that she and Ridge share, does she? Brooke lashes out that Taylor seems to spend most of her time trying to make him more suitable for her. But, then she doesn’t have any faults of her own to correct. Taylor points out that Ridge loves her and trusts her, and that trust has not been misplaced. Desperately, she tells Brooke that she and Ridge will be fine…….or not. “But, you will keep your distance and what you THINK you know to yourself!”

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