B&B Wednesday Update 12/28/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/28/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital, both Bridget and Nick are in anguish as Dr. Caspary starts the sonogram and can’t find the baby’s heartbeat; nothing shows up on screen.

At Forrester, Darla is alone in Stephanie’s office when she sees Hector roaming the halls and calls out to him. He remarks he was looking for Taylor (though by my calculations he just left her earlier). Darla tells him she thinks she has gone home for the day. She said something about going swimming. He stammers an excuse about wanting to get Taylor to thank Thomas for him as he did such a good job with the toy drive. Wise worldly woman saw through that. She smugly asks couldn’t he just call Thomas himself? He elaborates more. He was just down the street inspecting sprinklers, so he was in the area. Uh huh, sure! Again, Darla isn’t buying this. She asks if he usually gets so dressed up when he’s inspecting? Then she lets him off the hook and laughs that it is okay. She saw them at the Christmas party and they looked pretty cozy.

He stops her, no, no, no. He assures her they were only talking about their kids, Thomas and Caitlin. She gives a knowing smile, gives him a tap and does her zip, tick-a-lock mouth bit and tells him his secret is safe with her. He confides that he thinks the world of Taylor. She’s an incredible woman, but…….she’s also married to Ridge. Darla says, “ah, but you didn’t say happily married.” He remarks that married is all he has to say. Hmmmmm, she is sorry he sees it that way. She looks him up and down and says she is sure a guy like him could have given Ridge a run for his money.

At Tridge Manor, Taylor pours herself and Stephanie a cup of tea. Stephanie is shocked that Ridge is still in Paris. She thought he was coming home at first change of weather there. Taylor can barely hide her disappointment as well, but relays that the buyers still aren’t satisfied so he felt he needed a little more time. Stephanie remarks that he doesn’t even know about Felicia. Taylor says well if Felicia would have let her tell him, she knows he would have come back. But, she had to respect what Felicia wanted and let her tell him herself. Stephanie reminds her that it shouldn’t be a life or death matter that brings him home. Taylor commiserates that she doesn’t understand it either. Is his staying in Paris some sort of payback? She doesn’t know what Ridge thinks; he’s being passive-aggressive. Stephanie agrees that Ridge can be thoughtless, but he’s never vindictive. Taylor shrugs and bemoans that she just wants things to go back to the way it was, but she is beginning to think it might be too late. She states she is not sure their marriage is ever going to be the same.

The doctor continues to talk to Bridget, trying to get her to relax. Nick is pressing his lips to her ear/hair, all to soothe her. Finally a ray of hope, a blip on the screen. The doctor says there she is; she was just hiding from them. And the heartbeat is nice and strong. Nick kisses her on the face and assures her everything is fine. She apologizes for over-reacting; it wasn’t like her. The doctor tells her she is a mother now; there will be moments like this concerning her child.

Brooke rushes in and goes directly to Bridget’s bedside. Nick tells Bridget that he called her. They both re-assure her that the baby is fine.

Taylor wonders when she’s ever going to be one of Ridge’s priorities. Stephanie states that she is now. Taylor begs to differ; she doesn’t exactly feel that way right now. Stephanie tells her that she’s going to call Ridge and give him a good talking to. Taylor begs her not to do that. He should WANT to be here and not Stephanie have to call and tell him his wife is upset to make that happen! Stephanie says they are just going through a rough patch right now. Taylor snorts they have been going through a rough patch ever since she got back. This is NOT what she had in mind. She had been excited being back with her husband and family, this incredible life they have. But, it has not been incredible; it’s been really hard she wails. Stephanie confides that marriages are like that sometimes. Taylor ends with maybe it’s too hard. And….the shocker…..that she still wonders if Ridge would have chosen Brooke if he hadn’t thought Stephanie’s life was at stake. Stephanie utters absolutely not. Brooke doesn’t hold a candle to her. “Taylor, you’re a saint.” Taylor scoffs, a lot of good that does her. She cries that she misses her husband. And she’s so lonely and she doesn’t know if and when that is ever going to change. If this isn’t important to Ridge, what are they doing? And she questions why are they still married?

Hector questions Darla; doesn’t she support Ridge and Taylor’s marriage? Offhandedly she states she just thinks he needs to be taken down a peg or two. He’s a bully. He stomps around the family, expecting everyone to do things his way. Hector asks if he’s NOT abusive? Darla admits no, just a self-centered jerk. Hector says that was his first impression of him also. Darla continues, just wait until you get to know him. He’s a real peach! And he saves his worst behavior for those closest to him, especially Thorne. She delights in telling Hector that Ridge calls her dingbat….to her face! And she’s sorry; she knows Taylor thinks the sun revolves around this guy, but…….she eyeballs Hector again, and says Taylor could do a lot better. He smiles and says honestly, he couldn’t agree with her more.

Dr. Caspary tells the group that she is optimistic about Bridget carrying the baby to term, but this procedure was no guarantee. She’s going to keep her overnight in the hospital and release her in the morning, just get plenty of rest. Being concerned, Brooke asks what else beside bed rest and medication? The doctor explains lots of rest, no stress, and she looks at Nick with “no sex” until she gives the okay. He bends over and kisses Bridget and tells the doc, she’s the boss, whatever she says. They get the bed ready to wheel out to her room and Nick tells her he will bring her clothes and be right up.

This leaves just Nick and Brooke in that room. He retrieves the clothes out of the closet and turns around to a softly weeping Brooke. She says she was just so scared driving over here that Bridget had lost the baby, and what she would say to her if she did. How she would comfort her if something so awful happened. Nick moves closer and assures her that nothing did happen, and Brooke didn’t have to worry because he was going to take care of them. She says she knows this. He hugs her. She puts her arm around his back. Oops, just as Stephanie whirls through the outer door and can’t help but see them through the paned window. She shakes her head in disgust. The ex-lovers break apart and Nick asks if she’s ready to go up to Bridget. She replies she will in a minute. She doesn’t want Bridget to see her like she is.

She grabs a tissue on a nearby table and wipes her eyes and face. Stephanie slithers in. Arms folded, she stares and smugly asks what is Brooke doing, “wiping the guilt off your face?”

Darla pours coffee for both she and Hector and they sit. She tells him not to get her wrong. She doesn’t usually wish bad on anybody, especially Taylor. He quips it sounds like the breakup of their marriage may not be such a bad thing. She agrees, with him missing Taylor’s first Christmas back in L.A., trouble may be starting already. He comments that he knows Taylor is struggling and he wishes there was something he could do to make her happy. Just like that, Darla says he could. He remarks he can’t. She asks why not? Ridge isn’t making her any happier so “go for it. It’s about time someone put a smile on Taylor’s face.” Light bulb goes off. Hector remarks that he just remembered he has something very important to do. Alone, Darla looks fairly pleased with herself.

Stephanie closes the door behind her and revels in saying that her daughter is in emergency surgery and Brooke is down here with her hands all over her husband! Brooke tells her that Bridget is out of surgery and is just fine. Stephanie thinks that is good. What were she and Nick doing, just celebrating? Brooke dismisses her and says she is going to Bridget, there is no reason for Stephanie to stay. They argue when Stephanie says maybe there is. She might be very interested to know what was going on here. Brooke tells her to leave Bridget alone. Shut her mouth. Bridget has just been through a huge ordeal. She needs some rest and avoid all stress. Stephanie fires back that did the doctor suggest no sex? Is that where Brooke comes in? “Naughty Florence Nightingale gonna help hubby through the dry spell?”

It’s dusk, lanterns and candles lit around the pool with a nearby fire when Taylor emerges in her black bathing suit. Before she can get settled, she hears something and is surprised to see Hector coming out of the pool and asks what is he doing there? He stutters that he hopes she doesn’t mind, but the back gate was open, so…….She glances at his trunks and says apparently the pool house was too. Then asks again, what is he doing there? Simply, he says he couldn’t wait until New Year’s to see her. She maintains that she is not going to see him then either as Ridge will be home. He wonders if she has confirmation of that? She replies she knows her husband. He looks at her askance and says he does know how disappointed she will be if he doesn’t show up.

She sits down by the pool while saying Hector really shouldn’t be here. He remarks he knows. Chasing after a married woman is not who he is. But, saving people from perilous situations IS who he is, and that’s what he is doing right now. She says it sounds like he is trying to instigate something perilous. With his left arm he reaches out for her right hand and pulls her up, remarking that he’s trying to pull her back from a ledge. He wants to know how many times is she going to allow Ridge let her down? He gently touches her face and asks again how many times is she going to take this before saying enough? She says, “enough. Hector, I can’t.” He nods that no, he can’t, as he cups her behind her neck. “I can’t stop thinking about you.” He puts their clasped hands over his wet heart and says he can’t stop it from racing whenever he is near her. Then he drops their hands to his abdomen and rubs it there and says he can’t stop the knot in his stomach every time she says his name. Can’t she see? He can’t stop wanting her.

He scoops her up and takes her breath away when he says he wants her. He swings her around and says he wants to make her smile. He wants her to be happy. He lays her down on the large chaise lounge and tells her he wants her to be completely satisfied with every part of her life. He cups her chin and says it’s not up to him, but up to her and how badly does she want it? How long can she go on living without it? (does this ‘it’ have a name?) She looks dreamily at him and admits there is something between them and it’s more than just her anger at Ridge. He gently caresses her face again and tells her it’s been so long since she has felt real passion, she doesn’t even know what to call it anymore. (aha, the ‘it’ is passion!) She scoots back a little and tells him no matter what you call it, she can’t, she’s married. Hector knows – the invisible man. Though she says he IS her husband. He states that the greatest love story of her life could be right in front of her but her loyalty to Ridge will keep her from reaching out to it. “So, I’m going to come to you.” He leans over to kiss her and she gently turns away. He tells her that tomorrow night is New Year’s Eve (they fast forwarded on this as Bridget is in hospital same time and it’s the day AFTER the Christmas dinner) and if Ridge doesn’t show up, if he lets her down again, Hector says he will be right back there where they are now. On the edge of something incredible; maybe a new beginning for both of them. Maybe a new life!

The women square off. Brooke tells Stephanie just when she thinks she can not sink any lower, she proves her wrong. Stephanie steams back then why wasn’t Brooke upstairs with her daughter just now? Why did Stephanie walk in and find her cuddling with her husband? Brooke shouts that he was comforting her! Stephanie is SURE that he was and Brooke probably couldn’t wait to get him alone and return the favor, right? Brooke is pissed. How dare Stephanie accuse her of making a play for her husband while her daughter almost loses her baby! Stephanie picks up on that and says let’s talk about that baby; let’s be very honest about that. Stephanie points her finger at her and tells her the only reason that she and Nick don’t have a future is because of that baby. If anything happened to that baby, God forbid, that marriage would be over just like that. But, she knows that. And that’s why she came running down here to the hospital. She was HOPING Bridget would lose that baby. Brooke shouts at her again that she is deranged. To think that she could get pleasure out of a potential tragedy. That she would wish this on her own daughter and grandchild! She states the obvious – Bridget is happily married and having a baby; happier than she’s ever been in her life. Is her vendetta against Brooke eclipsing everything else in her life?

She continues – once Felicia is gone, Nick and Bridget have agreed to raise little Dominick. “Do you really hate me so much to ruin his life just to get back at me?” And she snaps at her to think about that before she dares go to Bridget with her groundless threats and accusations.

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