B&B Tuesday Update 12/27/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/27/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Bridget lies, writhing in pain, on the floor at the beach house. She took a tumble when she foolishly tried to retrieve a model ship from a high overhead shelf. The chair was rickety and gave way. Nick comes running and supports her head while she does not want him to leave or to move her. She is scared, and does not want to lose the baby.

Hector arrives in a basement office at Forrester. He knocks on the door and calls out Taylor’s name. He states that she said she had something for him. He picks up a small package he sees on the desk. Taylor’s voice answers from behind a folded screen that she will be right out. He shakes the package, makes a remark that small packages, great gifts; perhaps this is a belated Christmas gift. She offers that the company will be making a donation. This is something for his toy drive that he has every year. He seems disappointed – so much for good things in small packages. She continues, the package was for the children, but then she emerges in a lipstick red siren number, short, tight dress with lotsa legs and cleavage. He’s stunned speechless except for, “Holy smoking Christmas tree.” His eyes follow the heels all the way to her red lips when she says it’s for him and he’ll have to unwrap it himself. He kisses her and she is eager for more and says she wants him. He says “I’m yours.” She says, “now.” He has a big smile on his face and a faraway voice in his ear; Taylor calls out to him as she enters the office. Hector is rudely snapped back from one of his fantasies.

She tells him she has the donation for him over at the loading dock and she can walk over there with him and make sure he gets everything on his truck. He thanks her but says that won’t be necessary; he can find it on his own. He appreciates it, but there’s well…..er…. Ridge; if he should see them together. She tells him that he is not there. He’s still in Paris. Hector shakes his head and sympathizes. Makes no sense to him at all.

At Marone Industries, Jackie looks at an array of recent photos of little Dominick that Massimo has in frames on a cabinet. She mentions she can’t believe he hasn’t commissioned a bust made of him yet to go along with all the rest of the Marone men. Mass replies all in good time. He has mentioned it to Dante in passing, but Dominick isn’t actually a Marone yet. She claims he’s a Marone all right. It may still be Forrester now, but that will change. And she quickly maintains that as exciting as that is to share him as a grandson, she doesn’t want Bridget’s child to be lost in all this excitement. And she wants him to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Nick manages to get Bridget to hang onto his neck while he scoops her up and whisks her out the door to take her to the hospital. They’ll call the doctor on the way. She tells him she is bleeding, she can feel it.

She’s ushered into an ER room moments before Dr. Caspary comes in. Nick fills her in on the details and she asks Bridget where the pain is. Bridget tells her the lower abdominal and back….and will she lose the baby? The doctor cautions they won’t know anything until she examines her. The bleeding, which is minimal, could be caused for any number of things. So that’s a good sign. And she wanted to check the discharge to see if it was normal, so for Bridget to relax and she’d be right back. Bridget sobs to Nick that she’s sorry. She doesn’t know what she was thinking. He shhhhhs her. She was just trying to do something wonderful for someone because that’s who she was. Nick adds that when their little girl is born, she’s going to know what an incredible mom she has. He gives her a big kiss as she clings to him.

Hector pours himself a cup of coffee and asks Taylor if Ridge knows what he has to lose? Does he really think a woman as beautiful and smart as his wife is just going to sit around and wait for him to realize what his priorities are and then come home? She shrugs that he’s worried about the business. Hector replies, “yeah, the guy who has everything – more wealth than he can possibly spend – is spending the holidays taking care of business, instead of spending them with his family. That’s not something I would do.” She agrees that it does seem so odd. Hector comments that’s it’s not odd, it’s wrong! Okay, he missed Christmas because there was a problem with his flight, but he could have walked home by now. Taylor makes excuses for him by saying that Forrester is really struggling in Europe, so Ridge probably felt there was no need to come home and then turn around and go right back. And Forrester is struggling here as well and she thought he was committed to her…..to “us.” He knew this was their first Christmas back together again and she shakes her head, she just doesn’t know what he’s thinking. He tells her she is not the same person that married Ridge. So much has happened to her and her priorities have changed. She’s grown and knew what’s really important in life. He doesn’t think Ridge does and never will. He then apologizes that he’s probably said too much. But, it’s only because he cares about her so much.

Jackie plucks a cute teddy bear out of a shopping bag and tells Massimo there’s been such a big to-do about Felicia and her baby. He thinks it’s understandable given the circumstances. Jackie agrees and she doesn’t begrudge her any happiness. She just doesn’t want Bridget’s child to get lost in the shuffle. Bridget shouldn’t feel they have forgotten about her and her baby. And she suggests that is the reason why she thinks they should throw a shower to celebrate for Bridget, Nick and their daughter. He leaps up and enthusiastically tells her he thinks that is a great idea; excellent. She says she has been known to come up with a good one now and then. He remarks he never said she wasn’t smart; just that he didn’t want to be married to her.

The doctor completes her vaginal exam and tells Nick she’s glad he brought Bridget in. She’s fine, but there are some complications. They listen intently as the doctor explains that the mucus plug has been compromised. Loss of amniotic fluid and blood were evidence of that. The cervix is still slightly open and could leave the fetus open to infection or even miscarriage. She recommends they do the cerclage procedure. Nick is concerned and asks is surgery really necessary? The doctor tells him that surgery always carries risks but it’s a far greater risk if they don’t do the procedure. Bridget even explains to Nick that the cervical cerclage is probably her best chance to carry the baby to term. Dr. Caspary explains that she will stitch a band of strong thread around the cervix and pull it tight so it’ll stay tightly closed. And they will remove it about the 37th week. She cautions there is still a slight chance of miscarriage but this procedure has been successful 85% to 90% of the time. Nick and Bridget look worried. He kisses her hands and nods okay. The Doctor gives orders to notify O.R. and prep for surgery.

All is prepared, Nick is in his scrubs and Bridget makes him promise that he won’t go anywhere, he’ll be right by her. He repeats, “every step of the way.”

Hector tells Taylor he knows this is none of his business. It is something she and Ridge have to work out between the two of them, but he can’t help but worry about her. She comments to him that she really values their friendship, but she’s committed to her marriage and she’s really trying to make it work. And he tells her he supports that, he really does. But, what if Ridge doesn’t make it back for New Year’s? She replies emphatically that he will. They’ve talked and he knows she has a kiss for him at the stroke of midnight and he’ll be here. Hector replies that if he isn’t; does she mind if he claims that kiss for himself? She smiles but – “he’s going to be here! He knows how disappointed I was about Christmas and he won’t do that again.” Hector teases, if she is afraid to take a dare? She remarks no because she knows Ridge will show up. Hector still pushes; what if he doesn’t? She finally gives in and says okay, then fine, the kiss is his. But, she’s only saying that because she has complete confidence in Ridge keeping his word. He finishes with one way or the other, this could be the most important New Year’s Eve in her life.

Massimo plays with a ball and glove while Jackie rattles on about this shower to end all baby showers, and Nicky’s princess. He asks her to just listen to herself. She’s not even born yet; she has months to go. But, Jackie maintains that she will be here before you know it.

The procedure is over. Nick gives Bridget a little kiss and tells her she did well. The doctor tells her the stitch is in place and seems to be working well. She’s going to give her some antibiotics and she’ll need her to stay in the hospital until she makes sure there is no complications. But, she should have no problems delivering full-term. They thank the doctor. Nick tells Bridget that he loves her, then at her tummy and that he loves them both!

Hector puts on his jacket and comments that he better get down to the loading dock to pick up that toys for tots donation. And he has so much to do tonight. He has a lot of work to do and then he has to book a flight to Paris, get over there, tie Ridge up, hop on a flight all by the stroke of midnight. She remarks that is a lot to do. Does he think he can get it all in? He answers that if a kiss from her is waiting at the other end, he can do anything! She teases, one little kiss? Wow, he’s a cheap date. He tells her he can live for a kiss, for now. That’s not to say he wouldn’t like a whole lot more. “If there was even a chance, I would be all over you like nametags on a schizophrenic.” She scoffs that is politically incorrect. He says maybe, but he would do anything for her, or with her. Every waking moment of the day. And she returns the compliment by saying if she weren’t a married woman there isn’t anything she wouldn’t like better. He offers, “fair warning then, my little firefly. I have been respectful of your vows. I have kept my feelings for you to myself. But, if Ridge can’t manage to bring himself back to spend New Year’s Eve with you, all bets are off.” She might be able to wait forever for him to commit, but he wasn’t. No more Mr. Nice Guy. He was going to put on the full court press. She’s amazed and believes him as she watches him walk out the door.

Jackie gushes to Mass that she is so happy for Nicky. Although she admits she did have her doubts. She really wasn’t sure he could get over the Brooke factor. Mass agrees with that as well. And Jackie says he will NEVER be really over her. Massimo sighs. She points her finger and says she does knows he is 100% committed to Bridget and their baby. And the love he has for them is such deep love. And it’s a love that has overcome such insurmountable obstacles. Now all is needed is the birth of their daughter to bond Nick and Bridget forever.

Nick sits watch. Finally Bridget wakes up and remarks that he is still there. He calls her beautiful and asks how is she feeling? She replies she doesn’t know. She doesn’t feel much of anything. He replies it’s the epidural and he jokes that he has changed his stance on natural childbirth. And that actually when she gives birth to their beautiful daughter, he wants an epidural, maybe a double. She giggles and tells him not to make her laugh. The doctor returns and remarks that it sounds like someone has recovered from surgery already. She is writing up a page of instructions for her – no heavy lifting nor carrying around heavy objects. Nick adds – or standing on top of chairs, please. Dr. Caspary says she will want to check the stitch periodically. And if there is any bleeding, to call her immediately. There is always a slight chance of a mid-term miscarriage. Nick states that is not going to happen to them. The doctor assures them that the odds are in their favor. If they follow her instructions, Bridget should be all right. She wants to check to make sure the baby came through as good as the mother did. She’s going to do a sonogram to check the baby’s heartbeat, and then when Bridget feels stronger, Nick can take her home.

The doctor begins but nothing is showing up on the screen. Bridget panics and starts to cry – they can’t find a heartbeat. “God, please. Nick, it HAS to be there.”

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