B&B Wednesday Update 12/21/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/21/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Tuesday’s Episode:

At Stephanie’s, she announces she has made some cocoa (guess she didn’t want Eric’s terrible eggnog afterall). Eric is still hanging ornaments and large bows on the tree. He’s upbeat and tells her anything is possible with a little imagination. Her dobber is obviously down and she proclaims it is not going to be a perfect Christmas. He reminds her not with an attitude like that! She hands him the cocoa and asks how did they ever end up with one another? He remarks that she fell for him – fell for his free-spirited sense of creativity. She hesitates, then deadpans, “right. I kept my feet on the ground, so you could keep your head in the clouds.” He agrees, exactly. It allowed him to be creative while she could take care of their home and family. She remarks well she hasn’t even done a very stellar job of that lately. The children are at each others' throats, and until Felicia came home, the house was empty. He reminds her it isn’t going to be empty for Christmas. She adds that it will be empty soon enough because Felicia will be……

She can’t finish. She lets out a big sigh and continues that all the colored lights and all the bright, beautiful balls can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Eric tells her they are going to honor Felicia’s wishes and make these next few weeks the most wonderful in her life. She tells him she doesn’t think she will want to remember this Christmas. Eric says but Felicia does want them to remember this Christmas for her child. It won’t be easy, but she will do anything for that baby. That’s a trait she got from Stephanie.

At the hospital, Felicia is laying with her knees bent and pulled up so Dominick on his back is cradled almost in a rowing boat. Both she and Bridget are beaming at him and he’s a good, sweet little baby looking back with big, bright, eyes at them. Felicia tells her she doesn’t know how she can thank her. Bridget is amazed. Thank her? She’s the one who’s given her such an incredible gift. And all she could initially think of was hiding behind her own ideas of her marriage and her own family. But, after she saw how happy he made Nick, it was like her heart opened so wide for him. Felicia sobs that when they put Dominick in her arms, she was so happy and relieved. And she is so relieved now to know he will be all right. Bridget tells her she doesn’t want her to worry at all; just enjoy this time with him. Felicia states that is exactly why she is saying no to chemo. She wants to be completely there for him now…right up until when….. She picks him up and hugs him tightly as she lightly sobs.

At the beach house, Nick senses Brooke is not there just to see Dominick? She is worried about Bridget. She asks isn’t he? He is asking her to raise another woman’s child! Could he even imagine what that would be like? He replies he doesn’t have to; he’s lived it. With her and Hope. But, he would have treated her like his child. She re-states the obvious. It’s been a rough year for Bridget, but it’s finally settling down. She’s happily married and planning their future. Nick states that obviously plans do change (though it goes unsaid, he’s obviously speaking about his plans with Brooke). But, his relationship with Hope hasn’t. Doesn’t that tell her something?

She remarks it tells her that he’s a remarkable man and he has a rare bond with Hope. And he remarks that the same thing could happen with Bridget and Dominick. He chuckles when she says she doesn’t want him to assume. If there’s one thing he’s learned this year is NOT to assume anything. But, he states that he wants his son to live here, be a part of THIS family. She adds, “a family that you vowed to make with Bridget.” He tells her that her daughter has a lot of love in her. More than she gives her credit for. “Remember, she did forgive us, didn’t she?”

Bridget wants to know the ‘real' Felicia. She’s heard all the jet-setter stories, the rebel child, the troublemaker, the designer, but that’s all on the surface. She wants to know the real "YOU". Where she’s lived; what he likes to really do? Her favorite song, band, book, everything! She thinks Dominick will want to know all of that, and she wants to be able to tell him. She wants to see her interact with Dominick, how she holds him, what games he likes to play. Felicia saddens. She tells Bridget to stop; he’s too young. He’s not going to remember. But, Bridget says yeah, he will. She also tells her she will be more than just a picture on her mother’s piano; she will make sure of it! Felicia eventually tells her she will tell her anything she wants to know. Bridget it glad, but she also wants her to know she is never going to replace her in Dominick’s heart. She’s told her this before, but Felicia is always going to be his mom. She sobs that she knows Felicia is entrusting him to her and Nick, and they are going to be the most loving parents they can be, but he is and always will be HER son.

Brooke tells Nick that is her point exactly. Bridget has overcome the past. It hasn’t been easy, but she did it. He wants to know what makes her think she can’t do this? Brooke opines that she just meant she shouldn’t have to. He scoffs well, Felicia shouldn’t have cancer either, nor Dominick lose his mother. It wasn’t an ideal situation for anybody. She tells him this could affect his marriage, but he says it won’t. He goes on. He’s seen her daughter, and he’s seen that little boy. He’s adorable and he doesn’t believe any woman in the world could resist him. Brooke says, “like father, like son.” He thinks it may take Dominick a little time to win Bridget over, but it will happen. And it will help this marriage. As a matter of fact, he thinks this boy will keep this family together!

Eric slips a CD into the player – “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” as Steph sits and sips her cocoa. He sings along and she’s amazed. She pats beside herself on the sofa for him to come sit; she owes him an apology. He does come sit beside her, but says no, no, they’ve both made a lot of mistakes. They could string them together and decorate the whole tree and wrap them around the house. She offers that she guesses Felicia’s illness just puts everything into perspective. He agrees that the last thing Felicia needs is her parents to be arguing about the company. She admits it wasn’t just about the company; it never was. He says he knows. And a lot of their troubles could have been avoided if he just hadn’t married Brooke. She gives a big sigh and says he got that one right! She says the only thing she can think of now is Felicia and the baby. Why don’t they just put everything else aside for right now? And try to be civil with each other. He doesn’t think they are doing that bad at it.

He spices (liquor) up the eggnog while Steph asks if he has spoken with Bridget today? Does he know how it went last night? He says no; he hopes it went okay. And for Stephanie to not bother them. She quips isn’t he curious? He says yes, but they need this time alone, to bond with the baby. He hopes for Felicia’s sake that Bridget will say yes. Stephanie offers that it wouldn’t be the end of the world if Bridget didn’t. He’d have a wonderful home here; certainly a festive one. Eric seems surprised, not with her alone. She says right, he was such a big help with the first set (as if she already saw him applying for this job). He says okay, so he wasn’t. But, what good is making mistakes if you don’t learn from them?

They hear the door, and in walks Felicia with Dominick. She comments on Grandma’s tree. Stephanie tells her they just started. Eric reminds her it is a work in progress. Have a little patience, here. Felicia and Stephanie fuss back and forth that Stephanie wanted to pick her up, but Felicia said Dominick couldn’t wait, she took a cab. Eric offers Dominick couldn’t wait to meet him; he wants to hold him. Stephanie comments he’s so excited; he’s ready to go to sleep. Eric cuddles him and whispers that’s his grandma’s sarcasm. He’ll get used to that. They all have to get used to that. As he walks off with Dominick, Felicia whispers to Stephanie that she didn’t expect her dad to be there. She tells her he really wanted to get the tree decorated before she came home from the hospital. And then she whispers that actually he was going down to the beach house to pick up the baby. They discuss Bridget bringing Dominick to the hospital and if that means he’s not going to stay with them. Felicia says he’s going to stay with her as long as he can before he goes to stay with Nick and Bridget. Both grandparents give a big smile.

Nick sits and explains to Brooke that it’s hard to explain how he feels when he sees that boy. How happy he makes him. She says he doesn’t have to. He tells her he also is not sure she knows what it did to him when he found out R.J. wasn’t his boy, and knowing he wasn’t going to be a father to Hope. He lost all of that and did not think he would recover. She tells him but he did. And not only did he find out he was going to have a daughter, but that he already had a boy. Nick says, “I thought it was going to be you.” She tells him she can see how excited he is, but that she is really, really worried about Bridget. She wipes away a tear as Nick says that Bridget wants him to be happy. She knows she does, but does she share that happiness?

Bridget walks in and Nick tells her that Brooke came by to see Dominick. Where is he? She tells him with Felicia and she thought it would be a good idea for him to spend as much time with her as possible before they became his parents. Nick beams, “his parents?” He grabs her and plants a couple of big kisses on her cheek, neck and finally the lips. And he brags to Brooke that Bridget said yes. Brooke asks her wasn’t she having a hard time with this decision last night? She admits she was, but she was just being selfish. And Nick adds, overwhelmed. Brooke says anyone would be. Bridget says she isn’t anymore; she’s just really excited. Nick kisses her again. She spouts that they have a lot of joy in their lives and no one is going to take that away from them. And she thinks Dominick will only add to that. Nick also thinks he will; they will see! Brooke tells her she is really, really happy for her. Bridget goes and gives her a big hug.

Stephanie takes Dominick from Eric as he goes to get Felicia some eggnog. She thanks them for all of this; it’s just what she wanted. He tells her just wait, it gets better. He tells her the eggnog also needs some finishing touches; a little something. She takes a sip, makes a face and says it needs a warning label. Forget chemo, just a couple of sips of that poison and she’d be cancer free. Then she has to tell her mother to lighten up, it’s okay to laugh. Stephanie gives in and says she knows. Eric puts his arms around the back of her shoulders and tells her to deal in her own way, and they will deal in their own. She tells them she knows this is too much for them. Stephanie acquiesces that she knows she must laugh and cry. It’s all part of it. She’s just glad she’s here; that her and the baby are home, that’s all. Felicia remarks that she is too! She gives her mother a big kiss and the family stands together.

Nick sits with Bridget on the love seat, handing her a cup of tea. He asks if she talked to Felicia? She replies yes, she seemed relieved, and they know there are a lot of details to work out yet. Nick wants to know what she said. She offers that she thanked Felicia for trusting her with such a precious gift. He wants to make sure that she is sure. It’s just the two of them now, alone, so if she has misgivings about this…..But, she tells him she doesn’t. He wants her to realize this is going to change their entire lives. She says yes, but for the better.

He tells her he has to be honest and last night and this morning he felt a real distance. She hadn’t made up her mind. She tells him no, she HAD made up her mind. She was going to say no. But, this morning when she had seen him feed Dominick breakfast, she couldn’t even interrupt. It was a powerful moment to see how happy they made each other. And she doesn’t want to ever deny him that kind of happiness. He questions her that she didn’t just say yes for him? As she gets up, she opines that of course she said yes for him. “For you, and me, and for Felicia. But, especially for Dominick. She tells him she sees how he is with Hope and R.J. and how excited he is about their baby. He was just BORN to be a father, and he’s going to be a great one. And she wouldn’t ever want Dominick to grow up without his father full-time. And if she can have a hand in that and make it happen……..

He goes to her and holds her and says, “you are part of that. You are making that happen, and you’re going to make a HELL of a mom.” She remarks that nothing is going to make her happier. Nick tells her that God, he does love her and she remarks back that she loves him too. They kiss and envelope each other in each other’s arms.

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