B&B Tuesday Update 12/20/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/20/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

A brand new morning at the beach house with Nick holding/feeding little Dominick. Bridget comes out of the bedroom and he tells her they are having a little breakfast; would she like to help? She glances at the twosome, she’s either afraid, jealous or something, she declines. She tells him he looks like he has everything under control.

At Stephanie’s, she glances at the big Christmas tree she is about to decorate and remembers Felicia’s words about the Christmas she wants, like they used to have - with huge tree, Christmas carols and Dad’s terrible eggnog. She plops down on the sofa with a big basket of ornaments, contemplating the harsh days ahead.

At Felicia’s hospital bedside, Taylor asks if there is anything she can do? Felicia just wants to go home and be with her son. And besides that, she just wants to know he’s being taken care of. And by his father, but she’s not sure that is going to happen. She doesn’t expect an answer just yet from Bridget. Taylor asks if Felicia wants her to talk to Bridget and see which way she is leaning? Felicia answers no, Bridget needs to do this on her own. And Felicia knows she is capable of accepting him, not just with her brain, but can she love “my child?”

Nick asks Bridget if she slept in? She replies yeah, she hit the snooze button a few times. He remarks that’s a luxury they will lose soon. And that Dominick didn’t sleep well. He was up a lot so Nick just came out and stayed with him on the sofa. Sort of regretfully she said she knew. Nick asked if they kept her awake? She replies no, she just couldn’t sleep. She had a lot on her mind. He asks if she figured anything out? Matter of factly, she says one thing is for certain. If she agrees to raise this baby that means giving up a VERY important dream of her own.

Stephanie rises and starts to decorate the tree, but she drops an ornament. She bows her head, almost in embarrassment and utters she can not do this. She holds her head in shame.

Felicia tells Taylor she knows Bridget can love her child. Taylor says if anybody in this family has a lot of love to give, it would be Bridget. They then discuss Bridget helping raise Taylor’s kids when she was gone. But, Taylor thinks that was different as she was single then and searching for some sense of family. And now she’s expecting her own baby, so this might be a little difficult with what has been going on in her life. Taylor tells her she might just be expecting too much right now.

Nick puts Dominick down in the pink bassinette; crosses over the room and tenderly kisses Bridget on the forehead as she glances outside. He whispers that she doesn’t have to give up a thing to be a mother to Dominick. She cups her little tummypad and says yes she does. She told him, she had a very specific idea of what she wants for their child. She doesn’t want her growing up the way she did, just embroiled in her parents’ scandals. Nick tells her that all parents want their children’s lives to be perfect. But, life isn’t perfect, it’s messy, and it’s never what they expect. Look at right now. He never expected this, but he’s also feeling things he never felt before. She remarks she is not just thinking of herself, but of Dominick also. She goes and looks down on little Dominick. If she feels like this now, how will she feel when their little girl is actually here? Will she favor her needs over his? That’s not what she wants for him. He deserves to be loved so completely and unconditionally. Nick follows her and takes her by the shoulders and turns her around. He tells her they still have time. He’s going to take a shower then take Dominick over to the hospital to see Felicia. Bridget offers that she is going there and that she could take him. Nick wants to make sure she is sure. She replies yes as she doesn’t really have time to wait for him to shower anyway. She gets the diaper bag and he tells her the car seat is in the car. She leans down to get Dominick and says, “come on, Dominick. Let’s go back and take you to your mommy.”

A knock at Stephanie’s door and it’s Eric. He comes in with a big green garland slung over his shoulder and says he has everything for the eggnog. He sees the tree and though it’s still bare, he is glad she got started. She tells him no, she’s actually finished. She doesn’t think they should be doing this; celebrating at all. But, he reminds her this is what Felicia wants. She shakes her head negatively and says she knows, but she just can’t handle this, she just can’t. He tells her he knows, that’s why he is there. They will do it together.

Taylor tells Felicia that she is not trying to discourage her. She just wants her to have some realistic idea of the kind of answer she might expect from Bridget. Felicia tells her she wasn’t prepared for any of this, but after seeing Dominick with his father and Nick’s reactions to him --- she knows they belong together. Taylor acknowledges they will be, even if they don’t live under the same roof. Nick will always be his father. Felicia allows that she doesn’t want to get her hopes up. She gets it, she really does. She has given Bridget a really tough choice. Forgoing the radiation treatment until after Dominick was born was the hardest choice she’d ever done in her life, but it was the right one. Now she just hopes that bringing Dominick into her life is the right one for Bridget.

Brooke shows up at the beach house and after a slight knock, walks in on Nick. He slowly rises and states she must have heard the news? “Baby Dominick.” A son, it’s incredible, so how’s he doing? He sloughs it off that he’s just trying to get the hang of it, but he sure is easy to love. She asks about Bridget? He tells her she took him to the hospital to see Felicia. Brooke wonders how she is doing with all of this? She sits while Nick admits that she is struggling. And they both agree it is not going to be easy on Bridget. Brooke offers that eventually she may grow to love this child, just as sure that he does. If Felicia is dying, then the baby needs a father right now, but she’s not sure it’s the best thing to expect Bridget to be a mother to him too.

Bridget slips into Felicia’s darkened room. She tells her that Dominick really missed his mommy. Felicia hungrily holds out her arms and states she really missed him too; come here! She gives him a couple of big kisses and tells him she loves him. Then she asks Bridget how did it go last night. Bridget states that she was up most of the night. Felicia is sorry for that. Bridget tells her it was mostly with Nick, not her. And they need to talk. Felicia knows that means she must have made her decision. Bridget tells her it wasn’t easy. And she’s not going to lie to her. Dominick and Nick weren’t the only ones up last night; she had not slept much either. She was up thinking. Her mind was racing and she was trying to think how to get out of this. She states that she thought of everything, and anything, to that this child wouldn’t have to interfere with her life. So, she had got up this morning and realized there was just one answer that she could give her. Felicia nods; she is sure to be expecting a negative reply.

Nick tells Brooke that he’s sorry Bridget has to go through this. She reminds him this is not his fault. He pours them an orange juice and offers that life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan it. She tells him nothing in Bridget’s life turned out the way she planned. That’s why she craves stability. And that Nick was her stability. She was able to relax and enjoy her pregnancy. Plan for a future, but she didn’t plan for this. He remarks that no one did.

Brooke tells him that she feels terrible for Felicia. That she’s not going to be there to see her son grow up. And she is sure Bridget feels the same way, but you can’t raise a child on just sympathy. He states that he thinks Bridget has what it takes. She concurs; she is a good person, but no matter how good you think somebody is, there is only so much they can take.

Eric puts his stuff down and grabs the basket and tells Stephanie they are going to make this Christmas magical for their daughter and grandson…..and starting with the tree. Stephanie tells him he always does this. He replies no, this is her job; his job is the terrible eggnog. She tells him he thinks he can make anything beautiful…..the realist and the dreamer. He smiles at her and says “that’s us.”

Felicia bounces Dominick on her tummy and tells Bridget if she can’t do this; she understands that she is asking too much. Bridget surprises her and says the only answer she can give her is yes. Felicia lets out a nervous laugh and repeats “yes?” Bridget says yes, she will raise her son as if he were her own. Last night she didn’t want to, but then she came in and saw Nick feeding him breakfast and saw the joy on their faces. And she just realized what joy this child to bring to their lives. Felicia asks if this is when she changed her mind? Bridget replies no, she saw there wasn’t even a decision to be made. This little boy is already a part of her family. “He’s my nephew and my husband’s son.” Felicia tells her he’s going to be hers too when the time comes. Bridget replies, “Felicia, I will raise him as if he were my own. But, he will always, always be yours.”

Felicia laughs but says there is a lot of Nick in him too. Dominick looks back at Bridget as she says that she is going to love him even all the more for that. Felicia asks if Bridget is sure? Not just accept him, but truly, truly love him? Bridget assures her that she will love him just like she will her own daughter. Felicia tells her all of this is happening so fast; she wants her to be sure. Bridget says she knows, but Nick reminded her of something this morning. Sometimes things just happen in life that you don’t expect and usually when that has happened to her in the past, it has been bad. But, they don’t always have to be. And they haven’t been lately…..”and you know the truth is, that both of Nick’s children were surprises.”

Felicia asks then her pregnancy wasn’t planned? Bridget admits no and it couldn’t have come at a worst moment in their lives. But, here they were. And this was the last place that she ever expected to be; but happy in her marriage and starting a family. And it’s just going to be a little bit bigger than she’d thought. And she promises that she and Nick will give Dominick the best life they possibly can. He’s going to have a little sister that loves him and two parents that love him more than life itself.

Felicia sobs, she kisses her baby. Bridget continues that when the time comes she is going to tell him all about his mommy…..how brave she was. She’s going to tell him how much she loves him and how she’s watching over him…..and she always will be. Felicia sobs her thank you ……and tells Bridget she loves her. Felicia tells her she loves her as well, and the girls hug and kiss with Dominick the center of attention.

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