B&B Friday Update 12/2/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/2/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night continuation of Thursday’s Episode:

At the beach house, Nick and Bridget are up to their eyeballs in unpacking Nick’s junk. He’s having a great time playing and talking with some carved figures, an elaborate bottle opener to open 3 beer bottles at same time (every household needs one of those) and then he pulls out this Island Fertility God, at least that is what Bridget calls it, made in Hong Kong? He chides her has she ever been to Hong Kong? There are wall to wall people; they have no problem with their fertility. She unpacks some suits, which he remarks he probably has more use for the stuff than them. She thinks they smell dusty….and then discovers mildew. She tosses them and tells him she will call her Dad and have him deliver some from Forrester. He quickly goes out to the front porch and brings in a pretty pink bassinette. Bridget thinks it is adorable and rushes to kiss him and tells him that she loves it.

At Tridge Mansion, master bedroom, Ridge is giving Taylor a massage from fingers, arms up to her neck and back. They are discussing his job now being Felicia’s. Then he wants to know if it’s his turn? She calls him a cheater; she’s timing – ten minutes. He wants to know if Felicia is going to be heading up his mother’s design team? Taylor replies that was the offer, but she hasn’t said yes and she hasn’t said no. He offers she is never going to convince him that this was Thorne’s or his mother’s big brainstorm. Taylor confesses that Felicia’s designs are a little bit edgy, but Stephanie thought it was something she could work into the new classical designs. “You know, you think you are so clever. You do. I can read you like a book”, he states. Taylor replies yeah, maybe Braille. He kneads her knots a little more vigorously until she hollers. Okay, Okay. He tells her he knows what she is doing; just trying to bring the lamb back into the fold. Taylor states Felicia is definitely no lamb. But, doesn’t he think it would be good to have her back? With his mother all alone in that big house? He gives her a quick kiss on the cheek and asks if she wonders why? Taylor replies okay, she isn’t saying Stephanie isn’t reaping what she sowed. But, at least Felicia is detached from this whole thing. And his mother wouldn’t have to be on guard the whole time. Ridge tells her,“are you kidding? If you’re expecting those two to live under the same roof, you’d better hide all the knives and put away everything that says poison.”

At Stephanie’s, she opens the door and Felicia waltzes on in. Without a how-do-you-do, she tells her mom she should be ashamed of herself. Stephanie remarks what, no hug for her mother? Curt, Felicia says when she gets her inheritance back, maybe. Stephanie asks if she has gone through her trust fund money already? Felicia retorts no, but she was counting on having her lifestyle take a quantum leap when Stephanie croaked. Mom tells her she is going to redistribute the stock eventually. In the meantime, would it kill her to work? Felicia fires back, “for you, it’d surely do one of us in.” Stephanie thinks she must be looking favorably on the job offer. Taylor said she had not turned it down. Felicia answers that she is doing that now. Stephanie looks both disappointed and confused. She asks her if she flew all the way here just to turn the job down? Felicia has headed to the bar area and pours herself a drink of water. She states that she has a life and a home to get back to, and this isn’t it! Stephanie follows her and asks what life, what home? Tell her about it! Felicia remarks that if she wants to be disapproved of, she’ll send a postcard. And it’s late; she needs to go. Stephanie physically sidesteps her from leaving. She tells her not to do this. She almost lost her to cancer. Felicia could be angry with her or make fun of her; she didn’t care. But, don’t do it again. She asks why can’t she come back and live in Los Angeles? She came back so obviously she was tempted. Something changed since she came back?

Ridge asks Taylor if Felicia said anything about him? She’s sitting on the bed taking out her earrings. She chuckles that Felicia seemed happy that he was banished to the basement. It wasn’t out of spite, but that big brother, little sister thing. She adds that Felicia adores him. Ridge gestures that it’s time for his back, so she scoots over and begins a massage. He tells Taylor that he wrote Felicia in France but she never wrote back. Well, she did, but her letters didn’t say much. He thinks Nick Marone messed with her head. Taylor admits she has that same feeling. She wasn’t just here for the job offer. That door had been open for a long while. Ridge queries why she came to see Taylor yet didn’t stick round to see him? Taylor replies, “me, she can keep me at an arm’s length. You, she has to get real with.”

As they are going through the clothes; Bridget asks why is it that the clothes that he doesn’t wear are so pristinely folded, yet the clothes that he wears are all balled up? He points out that pristine comes from the cleaners…..oh and he wants to mention to her that when he went over to the boat, Felicia was there. Bridget is shocked – her half-sister, Felicia? He replies yeah, in the flesh. He thinks she got a job offer from the new and improved Forrester Creations. Bridget asks if her health is okay. He replies it seems so, but it’s hard to tell with her; always has been. Bridget thinks it’s pretty clear. She just shows up out of the blue on his doorstep. She’s investigating her possibilities, and he used to be a possibility for her. Nick offers that was over before she left. But, Bridget counters that maybe it wasn’t as over for her as it was for him. He muses that he thinks she is just surprised that he got so lucky. He kisses Bridget on the nose.

Felicia tells her mom she hears the new battle cry for F.C. is ‘women of the world, cover up.’ Stephanie scoffs that she just wants to have beautiful, stylish clothes and that’s why she’s wooing her. Felicia replies, “really? Not because no other big name in design would sign onto your sinking ship?" Stephanie chuckles and says well if she thinks the ship is going to sink, then why doesn’t she come and work for her….and protect her inheritance? Felicia retaliates that better yet, why didn’t they just go to Fiji? Let Dad do it. He’s the one that turned the place into a cash cow! Stephanie reminds her that he is still working at the company. Yeah, but in the dungeon says Felicia. Stephanie is too much! Why would she want to work for her? She’d be digging a sub-basement to keep her in! Stephanie tells her that she packed a suitcase and got on a plane and came to see her. So she must mean something to her. Or maybe it was because she was filled with grief over the trouble she gave her as a teenager. “Or maybe it’s because I’m alone, and you’re alone too. Or maybe it’s just that you want me to say out loud that I need you…..okay. I need you. Will you stay?” Felicia says “can’t.” Stephanie says, “won’t.” Felicia follows with another, “can’t.” Stephanie boasts, okay, she just wanted to come there and hear her beg out loud. And see her alone in the big house. She understands gloating can be fun, but was it really worth a transatlantic flight?

Felicia states that there were people she wanted to see. Stephanie wonders if she was one of them. They have a tit for tat and Stephanie tells her she was always flaunting something or hiding something. Which was it now? Was she going back to Paris to see someone…….or ah, trying to avoid someone here? Oops…..saved by the bell; Felicia’s cell phone rings. A French accent says they have a problem.

Bridget tells Nick that she never really knew Felicia all that well. He remarks a lot of people could probably say that. He asks if he can move some of Bridget’s things out so he can move his in. She helps; taking some folded clothes off a shelf and puts them elsewhere. Bridget asks didn’t she have a major thing for him? He replies they had some laughs. Bridget says she doesn’t want to pry, but wasn’t her way of having a few laughs a little wild? He says well she knows how people get reputations. It’s kind of silly. But, he found some pills one time in her bag and just jumped to the conclusion that she had a problem. And it was chemo, for her cancer. Bridget thinks that is terrible; going through all of that alone. She must be really tough. He admits she acts tough, but he thinks the truth is she didn’t feel the family supported her. Especially Stephanie. You can’t count on people you can’t count on. Bridget thinks he probably was there for her. He admits he did what he could. Maybe not in the way she hoped, but in the important ways. She sits by him and says enough of the grilling. He knows the exact way to talk about someone that he was involved with – kindly and respectfully without a lot of detail. And she tells him just make sure there isn’t a lot of them. Big kiss. She gives him a look when he deadpans will she hand him his black book on the desk, please?

Ridge thanks Taylor for bringing his baby sister back. Taylor just wishes she could tell him that she was going to stay. He tells her she is going under the guise of being on his mother’s team, and really she is trying to patch things up with the family. She points out that would happen with or without her help. They are so connected. He gestures yeah, like strangling each other by the throat. She says exactly; they can’t leave each other alone. He asks is that love? She replies it’s a side effect. He gives her a kiss on the neck and they slide back and lay more comfortably on the bed. He asks any word from HeckTor? She replies no. “Then you guys can leave each other alone?” She replies yes, and he says then it must not be love. She remarks she never said it was. He sighs and says, “you know, I’d rather you chastise me, throw me out of the house, than kiss some other guy.” She grins that she would rather those not be her only two choices. He challenges that she could always just like him. She says she does; he’s such a guy. He says she has too many clothes on (just a slip). “See what I mean. Such a guy!” He gives her a kiss and tells her not to forget it. Things are heating up.

Felicia is speaking with a Renee on the phone who tells her there are no rooms with special circumstances available. Stephanie hears just enough of this side of the conversation to pipe in that Felicia can stay there and then she offers the guest house when Felicia says she wants her privacy. Stephanie says she won’t come within 50 yards. Felicia makes her promise. Stephanie says she swears on the Bible. Felicia tells Renee to meet her at the guest house.

Felicia makes it clear to Steph it is only for one night. Stephanie kindly offers for as long as she wants. At this point Stephanie makes a lot of assumptions. That it is her and Renee and he’s the reason that she wants to go back to France. Felicia tells her to stop assuming; Renee is not a man. Stephanie gulps; doubletake. A woman? Felicia fires – still sharp as a tack. Are the beds in the guest house made? She’s walking out. Stephanie follows and gently asks if she thought she couldn’t have this conversation with her? “Of course your girl……uh Renee is welcome here.” Felicia thanks her but says she’s not going to lay eyes on her so it doesn’t matter. Stephanie sticks her foot in her mouth a little deeper – is this the reason that things never worked out with her and Nick, and the other men in her life? Felicia warns her not to go get all tolerant on her. Stephanie acts surprised. She’s her daughter; she loves her. Of course she wants her to be happy and she’s thrilled that she has met someone. Felicia announces she is not a lesbian. Okay? She just travels with Felicia and helps her out. Stephanie laments, “I know lesbians. Whatever you want.” Felicia shakes her head and says she’s too tired for this conversation. Can they table it? Stephanie quietens and says she’s glad they had this talk. Felicia points out that Stephanie had it, not her. But for them, it wasn’t bad. Stephanie gives her a big smile and an equally big hug and Felicia leaves. The smile turns into a worried frown.

Cuddling in the afterglow, Taylor and Ridge banter about she only married him for the sex. She also gives him that he’s a pretty good father; and kind of talented. He badgers her what else does she like about him. Hmmm, she has to think. He gooses her and says hey, hey! She quips he’s not a quitter; she likes that best. He offers that he likes throwing tantrums and storming out. She remarks but he always comes back. He asks what choice does he have? If she took him at his word and booted him out, she could do better. She tells him if she ever makes him feel she doesn’t love him just the way he is, she is sorry. “Ah, there is hope”, he replies. She confesses she must be AWFUL to live with….he answers - totally agonizing. She knows she’s always finding fault and analyzing. He admits his are easy to find. And she states that personally she likes to hide hers. But he says she doesn’t have any. She quips that he is so snowed! Then he says he must be the luckiest lughead in the world to be lying next to her. No one is going to convince him otherwise. She continues, hmmmm, in that case, he’s right. He kisses her forehead and jokes those are his two favorite words in the English language. She doesn’t say it often enough – what was it? She answers “you’re right.” He wants to hear it one more time, so she repeats it one more time. He says, “we’re okay, doc. We’re going to be okay.” She finishes with – right again! And they lock lips.

Nick crawls in bed (jammie bottoms only) and says he loves that bed……and what’s in it (Bridget). She tells him her dad wants to throw them a little party….maybe because people can’t believe they are actually crazy enough to stay together. He quips just wait til they hear his clothes are folded! She’s in the middle of a long speech about him being the one when he tells her to stop it. Huh? He says he is ticklish. She tells him it wasn’t her. Oh my, the little baby bump. He turns over and feels it – his own daughter trying to kick him out of bed already. Bridget replies – smart girl. And he whispers that he loves you women with attitude. They kiss while locking hands over the baby.

Felicia meets Renee at the door and takes some bags to put in the guest house. She quickly rushes back in and bends over a crib and tenderly touches the child. She tells a healthy baby boy there are no worries, Momma is here, Dominick. Sweet dreams.

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