B&B Wednesday Update 12/14/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/14/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Tuesday’s Episode:

In her office at Forrester, Stephanie is on the phone trying to get some word from the hospital about Felicia’s tests. Nick walks in, but he apparently hears nothing to arouse his suspicions. Stephanie asks him how did it go with Bridget? He informs her that he didn’t tell Bridget afterall that he and Felicia have a child together…..and adds that she isn’t going to tell her either.

In the basement office, Eric’s lawyer, Gregory, looks over some papers and asks Eric if he is sure this is the way he wants to proceed? Eric states that he wants the company back, and he will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Brooke adds her two cents that she thinks he is getting ahead of himself. But, Eric thinks it does no harm to be prepared. Stephanie IS going to sign the papers. It’s just a question of WHEN! He thinks they have been careful up to now and they are beginning to reap the benefits. He has seen the vulnerability in Stephanie that he hasn’t seen in a very long time. Brooke cautions him – what if Stephanie finds out this is a ruse? She will be on the warpath all over again. Is he willing to risk that, because more and more, Brooke says she is not!

Stephanie is aghast. Is Nick thinking of not telling Bridget? He replies no and justifies why he couldn’t tell her last night or this morning. Bridget asked for one night; one night of peace, no heavy conversations and he gave it to her because he could. Because he knows once he tells her, their lives will never be the same. Emphatically, he makes the statement that his wife is going to hear this from him, she is not to tell. Stephanie nods in agreement and says she has no problem with that. She loves her too, and she does understand that Bridget wants the three of them to be a family. He corrects, that it won’t just be the three of them. Dominick and Felicia are a part of their lives now. Stephanie says she hopes so.

Nick continues that he knows this is going to be a shock to her. Who the hell really knows how she’s going to react? But, he’s hoping that the first time she sees and holds Dominick she will feel the same way he did. He opines, “we’re going to get through this, Stephanie. Everyone involved is going to be okay.” Her eyes dart to a photo of Felicia on the desk, then back up at Nick.

Gregory offers his concern as well; will Stephanie go along? Eric states she will; he’s already laying the groundwork. Brooke wants to know how? He admits to acknowledging to Stephanie that she was right about Brooke all along, and for his apologizing for not coming around sooner. And if she didn’t buy that, he has another chance tonight. She’s agreed to have dinner with him. Brooke laments that need she remind him, every time they tangle with Stephanie, she is the one who comes out losing.

Taylor slips in and apologizes for interrupting. She recognizes Gregory as Eric’s attorney and Eric covers quickly by saying Brooke was making unreasonable demands once again. And to hell with it, he wants to get out of there before he says any more that he will regret. He and Gregory leave.

At the hospital, Bridget welcomes Massimo back from his trip on the yacht. He regales in how magnificent the wine and the women were, weather too! He touches her on the shoulders, then face and says NOTHING can top the phone call he got from Dominick telling him they were back together again. He kisses her hands and says he couldn’t be happier for the both of them. She teases she hopes Nick didn’t share everything with him, there’s more. She is so excited…….Nick’s firstborn (sorry, been there, done that)….his first child is going to be a girl. Mass claps his hands in excitement too; how wonderful – a granddaughter! And she tells him that Nick is ecstatic too. He’s glad because he was worried about them for a while; not being together when the baby was born. She tells him she was too, but if they can get past all the old feelings about him and her mom, they can get past anything. And she fills him in on their little scare, about her not experiencing stress. Nick had been so attentive and she realizes now she could never keep his child from him. It just wouldn’t be fair.

Nick asks Stephanie if she is worried about Felicia? She replies she is. Has he seen her today? He tells her about his visit. Stephanie remarks that the waiting is hard. Naturally he thinks she means about his telling Bridget, not the test results. And she points out that Bridget is a remarkable young woman and if anyone can accept that little boy with an open heart, it would be his sweet girl.

She gets up to pour herself some coffee and offers that it shouldn’t surprise Nick. That girl has accepted so much in her young life, thanks to her mother. He pleads can’t they leave Brooke out of this? She scoffs that she wishes she could permanently erase her from her mind, but short of a lobotomy……Nick answers then maybe she could try some forgiveness. She tells him, “I can, and I have forgiven many things in my life, but not when it comes to Brooke. Because of the wreckage she has made of MY life, and pretty much of Bridget’s.” He expresses that he is as responsible for that as Brooke. She agrees. And that’s the testament to Bridget, that she can forgive the two of them. She looks him in the eyes and whispers that she just doesn’t want her faith misplaced.

He proclaims again that his heart lies with Bridget and their little girl. That is never going to change. She offers that “never is a looooooooong time, Nick, and Brooke is Brooke!” He can’t understand that she can’t accept that Brooke wants them to be happy, for this marriage to work. And it IS working because he is where he wants to be; where he will always be. Stephanie asks if he loves Bridget that much? He replies yes and she’s finally where she wants to be, and has gone through Hell to get it. And he doesn’t know what is going to happen, but they have to be positive and look ahead….and make plans……with Felicia……unless there is something Stephanie is not telling him (he sees the very serious concern on her face).

Taylor pumps Brooke just a bit about the hostility between her and Eric. Brooke gives her an earful that Eric thinks she is being unreasonable….about everything and anything. She just says two words, and it starts to set him off. Taylor remarks she doesn’t see why that should surprise Brooke after the way she has treated him. Brooke counters with she never set out to hurt the man. Taylor replies no, she never sets out to ever do that on purpose; it just sort of happens. Brooke maintains that she never said she was blameless. But, Stephanie stripping Eric of his company was a far worse blow than her not sleeping with him. Stephanie was wrong to do it. And Brooke asks that Taylor, who is Stephanie’s best friend in this world, can she just say one word to her to make her stop this madness?

Bridget comes home to find Nick in the kitchen pouring steaming hot water into a bowl, making this concoction. He says he never even went into the office today. She cajoles him that she’s going to tell his dad he’s playing hooky. He thinks his dad is still on the high seas on his yacht until she tells him otherwise. She kisses Nick and says that Mass grinned from ear to ear when she told him his first Marone grandchild was going to be a little girl. Nick states he will spoil her rotten, but then he’ll have to take a number.

She asks what is this? He replies a herbal foot soak. He’s been reading up on it; pregnant women carry a lot of stress in their feet. Good-naturedly, she tells him he is strange, but she loves him a lot. Then she shares that she spent her break at the maternity ward looking at all the precious little faces. And she gushes on and on how wonderful it is going to be for him to hold his firstborn for the very first time.

He gulps, he turns his head, he doesn’t know what to say. The silence is deafening. She realizes something is wrong; what did she say? He finally says he can’t do this any more. It’s too important to their future; the future of their family. He turns to her and says he wanted to tell her something last night. “I want to tell you now.” She looks scared.

At home, Stephanie is mixing martinis and takes a sip before she realizes that Eric just walked through the door (all spiffy in a suit). He said he thought he’d come early to have a drink. She asks if he stopped to see Felicia? He states that if she is referring to her French FEMALE friend, then no, he respects his daughter’s privacy. Snidely she remarks that as usual he’s ten steps behind. And he points out that she is always so quick to remind him. But, Stephanie was right that he was slow to catch on. Brooke has taken advantage of him once again. “Fortunately, that is all finished now.” He touches her glass in cheer. Her expression says, ‘who is this man? Is he now for real?’

Taylor tells Brooke that she has tried. Brooke urges her to try harder because the longer that this insanity goes on…...Taylor quips – the more she will wind up with nothing? Brooke offers that she is not thinking of herself. To which Taylor states, “oh please, Brooke. You’re always thinking about yourself. That’s who you are.” Brooke accuses her of being the great peacemaker, the healer, so why doesn’t she do something?

Taylor wonders if Eric might be seeing things from Stephanie’s perspective. Or is she worried that Eric and Stephanie might be finding their way back to each other? Brooke spills that Stephanie invited him to dinner, and he accepted. Taylor didn’t know about that, but she finds it an interesting development. Brooke blasts that she would, as the president of the Stephanie Forrester Fan Club. Taylor gloats that as improbable as it might have seemed two days ago, who knows. Maybe it wasn’t over for those two. Maybe even tonight, they would be brought back together in a way that no one anticipated…..least of all, them!

Stephanie stands in amazement as Eric continues that he just realized, something he didn’t realize before. And he remarks that he is not proud, not proud at all the way he treated Stephanie. Shoving her aside for Brooke. And with Brooke, it’s always just what she wants! To hell with who gets hurt, and a lot of people have gotten hurt. He offers, “our sons, my daughter, ME!…..everybody in this family really…..but, most especially you.” He tells her he’s sorry in the way she has suffered. She’d suffered in a way that no wife ever should. And he’s sorry he didn’t see it sooner. But, all he saw was what he WANTED to see. And that’s been his biggest failure as a husband, a father and as a man.

With her jaw almost on the floor, she listens as he squats in front of her and tells her that the hardest part for him to deal with is the time they have lost. And he’s just hoping they won’t waste another minute hurting each other. That would be the worst thing; the worst failure. As two people who once really believed in each other. (Gosh, she needs her raincoat on. I’m afraid she is going to get some BS slung onto her!).

Bridget remarks that she guesses the foot soak will have to wait. He tells her he will make it up to her. She’s nervous; he’s cautious and can’t get the right words to come out fast enough. He starts out that sometimes life throws you curveballs. But, she thought they passed that test with flying colors. They were solid; didn’t they prove that last night? He rambles that it can’t always be like it was last night. And there’s nothing more that he’d love to do than something special and beautiful that she deserves, but sometimes things happen that they just don’t expect. She seems more scared.

She says she has no idea what he is talking about. He eases into it; that it has to do with Felicia and why she came back to L.A. Bridget seems a little relieved now as she remarks she knows about that. She still has feelings for Nick, but they talked about it and Felicia had assured her she respected their marriage. And she believed her, didn’t he? Yes, he replies, but reluctantly he tells her there is more to it than that. More that she doesn’t know. He didn’t even know until yesterday. Slowly he reveals it – he found out yesterday that Felicia has a baby. ….a little boy.

Bridget gulps, no, that’s not possible! She took chemo for her cancer. He tells her more, that Felicia was just going back to France. She wasn’t going to even say anything to him. Suddenly the light bulb goes off. “Oh my God, oh no. It’s yours,” Bridget whispers as the tears fall. He nods in agreement as their eyes lock.

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