B&B Tuesday Update 12/13/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/13/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Monday’s Episode:

At Stephanie’s, she walks into the house to the phone ringing. It’s Taylor who is glad she finally tracked Stephanie down. Stephanie apologizes for not returning her calls saying she just walked in the door; she was with Felicia. In walks Felicia also, and hears her name and gives her mom the slash across the throat/stifle it sign. Taylor is at the office at Forrester and asks if Stephanie is coming in? She really needs to talk to her. Stephanie tells her she will be in as soon as she can.

Felicia states that Dominick is napping and it was all she could do not to wake him and hold him, but he needs his rest. Stephanie reminds her that she told her he would be okay. She thinks they should have even stayed longer until the tests results were back. But, Felicia says worrying or even talking about it isn’t going to change anything. So she hopes her mother will just keep that news and about Dominick too just between the two of them. Stephanie is shocked that she doesn’t want her to tell anyone even about the baby. Felicia states she thinks Nick needs to deal with this in his own way. Stephanie asks about her illness; when is she going to tell Nick about that? Felicia offers she may not have reason to. Stephanie warns her no secrets, if she needs treatment, she HAS to have it, chemo or radiation, whatever she needs. Felicia won’t hear of it. She’s in remission right now and she’s going to stay that way; stay positive. “The alternative is something I just can’t face.”

In the basement office at Forrester, Brooke is glancing over some legal papers that Eric said he had Gregory draw up while he was at Lauren’s wedding. That’s it, she asks? Stephanie is going to sign this? Eric says she HAS to. The only reason she took the company away from him in the first place was because she was angry at him for marrying Brooke. Brooke is skeptical although she understands the logic, she is not sure it will work. Eric offers that Stephanie is more vulnerable than Brooke thinks. She can not discount their history. Brooke tells him Stephanie isn’t going to forget about their history either. He tells her but she may be able to overlook it if she is convinced that Brooke is no longer a threat. Brooke warns him that persuading Taylor is one thing, but if Stephanie thinks this is some sort of trick, they could make the whole situation worse. Eric is adamant, he’s determined though he is well aware of the risks. But, she is going to sign these papers, and he’s going to get the company back.

Stephanie has changed suits and comes into her office. Taylor is waiting for her and immediately tells her that she isn’t going to believe what she is going to tell her. Stephanie states she has had enough surprises for one day. Taylor guesses that she and Felicia may have had words and she isn’t going to take the job. Stephanie says she honestly doesn’t know what is going to happen with Felicia, so she doesn’t think they should count on her to be one of the new designers. Taylor asks if she wants her to talk to her again, or perhaps Thorne could? Stephanie suggests they just do nothing right now.

As Stephanie pours herself some coffee, Taylor can’t wait to tell her that Eric and Brooke were at each other’s throats all day yesterday. She thinks it’s finally happened; that Eric has turned his back on Brooke and sees her for what she really is. Stephanie says Taylor is right; she doesn’t believe it!

Nick shows up unannounced at Stephanie’s. Felicia chides him for not calling first; he’s always a surprise. But, he says he couldn’t give her the chance to say no. He asks about Dominick, and she tells him he’s sleeping in the guest house with Renee. He asks if it will be all right if he hangs around until Dominick wakes up……and keep an eye on Felicia to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere!

He sits on the sofa with a couple of stuffed animals he’s brought, one being a sailor boy teddy bear. She tells him she promised she wouldn’t leave until this was settled. He says he heard her. And she goes further by saying she had also explained to him why she kept his son a secret. He’s still having a hard time figuring that one out since she did not know about him and Bridget or the baby at the time. She counters that no, but when she left for Europe, he was still hung up on Brooke. So when she found out Taylor came back, she assumed he and Brooke would be together. He tells her she ASSUMED wrong. She explains it doesn’t matter who he is involved with. She doesn’t want her son to be some duty for the courageous sea captain.

He gets up and says, “Duty? This is my child, my son. I WANT him in my life!” She looks him in the eye and asks if Bridget is okay with that? He admits he hasn’t told her yet. He explains that he tried, but Bridget just wanted a quiet evening at home with no heavy conversation or stress. She begged, so he gave her that. He wanted to tell her this morning, but she got called into the hospital. He informs her that he IS going to tell her, but it just has to be the right time.

Stephanie tells Taylor that Eric wouldn’t turn his back on Brooke unless she was dressed like a cowgirl and wanted to hop on. Taylor thinks perhaps the less than favorable working conditions did add to the tension. Stephanie hands Taylor some coffee and says they are angry at her, not each other. Taylor does concur that it is easy to get angry at those you are closest to. And Stephanie thinks it will pass. But, Taylor is more animated and more enthusiastic than usual and goes on and on that she saw it with her own eyes. And while Brooke never had a problem airing her dirty linen, it was Eric doing it this time. He even said he regretted being involved with her or marrying her. Snidely, Stephanie says that the only thing he regretted about that marriage is that it wasn’t consummated. Taylor doesn’t know how Stephanie knows about that, but now the whole office knows about it. There is a major riff between those two! Stephanie caves in to all the suggestions; she’ll go down and visit them!

Brooke follows Eric around and tells him he’s rushing it. If he moves too soon; Stephanie will smell a rat. But, Eric offers that everything is in place, he’s set the trap. She wonders why Stephanie isn’t there gloating then? And all he can say is that both Taylor and Thorne knows how he feels now about Brooke and turning against her and they won’t be able to keep that to themselves. And as far as them believing it; heck he almost believed it! And he does remind her again that everything he said demeaning about her was just for the company. It wasn’t personal, but just for the good of the business.

Suddenly he sees Stephanie coming around the bend. He turns his back so Stephanie won’t know he sees her coming and he motions to Brooke to follow his lead. She turns it up a notch and they go into their new bickering mode. Among other things, he even defends Stephanie. And he says he knows sex sells, he will admit that. But, at the end of the day what matters more – money or self-respect? She barks, “after what this old bat did to you and you’re giving in to her? What is the self-respect in that?” Stephanie’s expressions show she is finding this all very interesting.

Brooke huffs and leaves, walking right into Stephanie who is standing there hands on hips grinning like a Cheshire Cat. She glances at both of them and remarks, “trouble in Paradise?”

Taylor hands Thorne a cup of coffee and they discuss Sally and that it took him longer to get her moved in than he originally thought. And it’s hard to believe since she has always been so self sufficient. He thinks closing down Spectra took more out of her than the accident did. Taylor thinks she will be okay; she’s a fighter. Thorne then segues way to if Taylor knows where his mother is? He’s looking for her. She remarks that is where she is now; seeing it for herself.

Rubbing it in just a little, Stephanie asks if she has interrupted something? Eric says they were discussing his latest design. Stephanie offers that it sounded more like a disagreement. Brooks snorts at her that is the reason she put them down there in the basement, to pump up the tension and wait for the frustration to get to them. Stephanie retorts, “oh, I hear the only frustration Eric is suffering is not due to me, but to the fact that you didn’t put out.” Eric demands to know where she heard that. She offers that everyone heard it. Apparently they put on quite a show.

He shoves a piece of paper in Brooke’s hands and tells her to take it upstairs to accounting and then turns to Stephanie and asks what does she want? She tells him she has been spending some time with Felicia, and she was hoping that he’d do the same. He tells her he plans to. So she offers that she thought she’d come by and tell him that anytime he wants to drop by the house would be fine with her. He is curt but thanks her, but that he’d rather see Felicia someplace else. And then asks is that it? She asks can’t she just drop by and see how things are going? Eric is continuing to dabble in some sketches. He proposes to her that she buried him down there in the dungeon and now she wants to drop in and see how things are going? She mentions the tension between him and Brooke. He throws his pencil down, gets up and tells her to leave him alone.

He reaches back to pick up the sketch and knocks over a framed picture and the glass shatters. Stephanie reaches it first and asks what is this? He replies it’s their family. She cajoles – what, he didn’t have her airbrushed out of it? He tells her unlike her, he likes to look back and remember the good times. Just because they are not happy now doesn’t mean they never were. He puts up a design of a beautiful blue gown on the easel and she asks if that is what he’s working on now? He replies yes and spare him the acerbic critique; he wasn’t in the mood. She immediately says she likes it. To which he adds, because Brooke didn’t? She didn’t like the bodice. She wanted a plunging neckline. Stephanie remarks that Brooke never really understood elegance. Eric agrees that he’s beginning to see that now. And he maintains that he’s beginning to see that Stephanie was right about a lot of things he never gave her credit for. He tells her that maybe an apology is not the right thing right now, but he is sorry. She is truly amazed and taken aback.

Nick asks Felicia if she is okay; he thinks she looks a little tired. She credits it to not much sleep last night. He wonders if Dominick kept her up. She replies no, actually he is a very good sleeper. He thinks that is good for Dominick and good for her. Then he tells her that he doesn’t want her to take this the wrong way but she knows he’s in love with Bridget. He just wants them to understand each other. She says she understands he is very committed to Bridget and their baby. But, that doesn’t mean that she is completely over him. And she tells him not to get her wrong. Just having him in Dominick’s life is more than she expected. He reminds her they are the boy’s parents, and they are going to be in each other’s lives as well. She promises him that his marriage will be in no danger from her. And that she hasn’t been pining away for him……well maybe she has, but she didn’t come back here to cause him trouble. That’s her mom’s job; she’s the troublemaker!

He asks if they are still butting heads? She asks is the earth round? He thinks this might be a good time for them to make up. You know what they say, that kids have a way of bringing people together. “Don’t let Bridget hear you say that. She might get nervous”, she says. He gets up and tells her that Bridget has nothing to be nervous about. None of them do. He squeezes her on the arms and says this will all work out just fine.

Just then, Renee walks in with Dominick. She rushes to take him from Renee; hugs him and tells him he smells so good, she could just eat him up. Nick is beaming from ear to ear and she asks does he want to hold him. He says please! She makes the transfer and Nick speaks lovingly to the boy; a good looking boy! Felicia’s phone rings and she takes it. It’s Dr. Nomura and he tells her he has the tests results. Can she come to the hospital? Even though he’d rather do it in person, she asks if she can’t just give them to her now? She’d really like to know. So he finally tells her he’s very sorry, but her cancer has come back. And they need to resume chemotherapy as soon as possible. A tear rolls down her cheek.

Thorne and Taylor continue to discuss the matter. And he can understand why his mother would be skeptical. With everything Brooke has ever done, his father has supported her. He can’t tell Taylor what a relief it would be if his mother and father started getting along again.

Stephanie doesn’t seem to know if she heard right. Eric is apologizing? For what? Stealing her company, or abandoning her for Brooke? He replies yes. She reminds him that just a few days ago he was defending Brooke. He tells her that he has to ask himself why she constantly needs defending. And he confesses that being played for a fool a second time has changed his perspective. She nods – he’s bitter? He admits that actually he is ashamed. Ashamed of things he has done, and for some he has said. She accuses him, “exactly what are you saying, Eric? That after all these years, you finally see Brooke as I do?” He tells her he sees how supporting Brooke all the time has hurt her. And he understands why she is so angry. He quickly turns and gets the sketch and hands it to her. She’s surprised, first an apology, and now a gift! He offers it’s just the first step in a new direction. It’s a simple gown; it’s elegant; it’s glamorous. It embodies the new vision for this company – a vision that he is beginning to see has real merit. She glances at the sketch again and asks is this an olive branch? He replies yes, and he knows she’s going to be angry a very, very long time over all of this. And he realizes one simple little ‘I’m sorry’ is not going to solve their problems, but he IS sorry and he should have said it earlier. She reflects and tells him thanks for that.

She takes the peace offering with her and reflects again deep in thought as she walks out the door. Brooke quietly sneaks in and tells Eric she saw Stephanie leaving. He wants to know how she looked. Brooke answers shocked! Eric thinks that’s good, he got to her. He got a chink in her armor. Brooke asks is that all? He replies yes, but that’s a LOT! Stephanie was a lot more vulnerable than he thought she was. He tells Brooke she had a dozen chances to cut him off at the knees and he swears she didn’t take one. He just didn’t realize how vulnerable she really was. Brooke warns him to be careful; he’s the one sounding vulnerable right now.

He says, “look, I know I’m walking a fine line, all right? But, this has to be done, and I’m going to do it. I’m going to get my company back.” She queries him, doesn’t he mean OUR company? He replies of course, he meant he’s going to get “our company back. OUR company.” For a gal who’s been reassured, Brooke looks pretty dubious.

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