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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/12/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Friday’s episode:

At Stephanie’s, Felicia has collapsed and is writhing in pain. She utters to her mom that she needs her purse. Stephanie reaches for it and pulls out the pack of pills and asks if that is what she needs? She eases her body up and lets her lean on her shoulder while Felicia takes one of the pills with a swallow of tea. She asks Felicia what is going on?

At Spectra, Sally is caught red-handed. Just as she is making her get-away, Darla and Thorne return and Darla asks Sally what she is doing in a wheelchair? She tries to snow them by saying it was her dogs, barking and all, so Bucky was giving her the royal treatment today. She tells Bucky to speed it up and get her out of there. But, Darla physically stops her and says she is not going anywhere until Sally tells her what is going on! Clark convinces her that she must tell; she couldn’t keep it a secret forever. So Sally spins another tale. She reveals she had a little accident, getting out of the shower and the floor was wet and she tripped and fell and hurt her leg. Darla is properly sympathetic and wants to know if she is in any pain? Sally chides that nothing that a mai tai can’t fix, and they need to get a move on. Darla is still skeptical and stops her again and wants to know what really is going on!

At the beach house, Nick is stoking the fire and reflecting back on the last few hours when he learned he has a son by Felicia. Bridget finishes her phone call to her dad in Genoa City for Lauren’s wedding. She kisses Nick and says she bets he is the same way when their daughter goes off to college, calling her every day. Then she says she is going on and on and she forgot there is something he wanted to tell her, so sit down and let them do that while they eat their meal.

Stephanie manages to hold Felicia up long enough to move her to the sofa. She tells Felicia she is going to call an ambulance, but Felicia reminds her that will only scare Dominick so her mother should take her instead. And despite Stephanie’s worried face, Felicia keeps re-assuring her she will be just fine.

Darla bends down on her knees before Sally and asks why did she lie to them and keep her accident a secret? Again, Sally tries to slough it off as not a big deal. And there had been enough bad news coming out of this office. Clarke pipes in that she didn’t want them to worry about her. Thorne reminds her they are family. Darla holds her hands while Sally says they had a good run. They were the toughest, smartest, sneakiest pirates in the business. They giggle as Darla tells her there was no one tougher or sneakier than Sally. She regales how when she started she was behind a sewing machine and not head honcho behind a desk. They all said she needed a man behind the company, but she knew better. She turned this little rag shop into a contender, and now…..she was just going to put all that gumption into having a good time the rest of her life. And she wants them to excuse her as her ship is about to sail.

Before she can make her get-away though, two gentlemen show up from Good Acres and announce they have the van waiting to take her to her new home. Darla and Thorne are shocked. What about the cruise; this is a retirement home! There must be some mistake! They turn to Sally for answers while Thorne announces “this woman is NOT going to a retirement home.”

Nick isn’t interested in eating. He takes Bridget’s hands and asks if she minds if they take this talk to the couch? He barely gets started that he knows what she has been through and mentions the baby, when Bridget remembers that she forgot to tell him that she ran into her doctor today at the hospital. Nick chastises her for being there on the feet all day. That can’t be good for her or the baby. She acknowledges she is okay; that kind of stress is all right, she’s trained for it. It’s just the emotional kind she is to avoid. The kind she is not trained for and like life in general, and hers in particular lately. But, she knows that is going to change. She feels she has had enough excitement and upheaval…in fact she hopes this year is going to be one of the most boring of her life…..except for the baby. And she knows boring is not exactly his style. He agrees reluctantly, no, it doesn’t look like that is in the cards for him.

He still wants to talk to her, but she asks can’t it wait? Is there anything they can do about it tonight? Can’t they just enjoy this moment; why waste it on a perfectly good evening? She feels perfectly content; the first time in a very long time. She doesn’t want to think about it or analyze it or complicate it. She just wants to sit there and enjoy him. Halfway relieved, Nick says they will talk about it in the morning.

At the hospital, Felicia is laying in a bed with Stephanie hovering at her feet. A Doctor Nomura is there and asks Felicia if they were arguing, under any stress? She replies no. In fact, Stephanie says they were getting along rather well. Felicia offers that is such a rare occurrence, maybe her body went into shock. The doctor reminds her that any unexpected loss of consciousness is cause for concern. She still maintains that it is no big deal; she was just exhausted from a long trip with a baby from France. He asks about medication and she admits to some pain; the baby is heavy. He remarks that pregnancy took its toll on her. She says she knows what he is thinking, but the cancer hasn’t re-occurred, it won’t. He tells her they are going to run some tests so they know exactly what they are dealing with. Both Felicia and Stephanie look plenty worried.

Nick and Bridget are enjoying their little quiet time as she knows it’s going to get a little crazy around there. He nods that yeah, he knows. She remembers there was more very good news that her doctor told her. The problem with her ultrasound isn’t as bad as she originally thought. And even better, it’s okay for them to have sex …and she wants him to make love to her now. She draws him nearer for a kiss.

Stephanie elicits out of Felicia that the cancer was in remission when she found out she was pregnant. You can’t take medicine when you are carrying a child. The pain meds are too risky and chemo could have killed the baby. She gets Felicia to admit the French doctors didn’t want her to go back on chemo. She tells her that she had to raise her little boy and you can’t walk around sick all the time. And that’s the way the chemo makes her feel. So Stephanie deduces that the doctors did want her to go back on chemo. And again she admits that they were afraid the pregnancy would weaken her immune system. And Stephanie realizes she did not listen to them. Felicia states that the pregnancy didn’t weaken her. It made her stronger. “Being a mother to my child is more powerful than any medicine. Dominick gave me a reason to live.”

Darla confronts Sally. She knows she is not going on a cruise. Sally puts on a happy face and retorts – cruise, nursing home – practically the same thing with organized activities, meeting new people, great big dining room. Clark bubbles that Happy Acres is one of the best assisted living facilities in the state. Thorne offers that he can understand why she can’t stay in her condo while she is recuperating with the stairs and all, but she doesn’t have to move. She could hire a nurse. She tells him she can not afford to hire a nurse. All the money Thorne gave her went to their creditors. He tells her then he will hire a nurse. She thinks not, as it would mean around the clock. There, she has said it. She can not take care of herself. The two gents speak up and tell her she will get excellent care at the home, and they tell Darla her mother has nothing to worry about. Darla almost chokes when she corrects them; this is not her mother.

She looks at Sally, walks away and lets out a big puff of air. Thorne envelopes his arms around her. Sally cajoles they shouldn’t be blubbering. Darla says she can’t help it; this is wrong; it’s all wrong. She is NOT going to let her go anywhere! She is going home with them. She turns to Thorne and tells him he said it himself. Sally IS family. He’s not against it, but he reminds her what a big job it will be to take on. She counters with she imagines it was a huge job when Sally took her on in foster care, but that didn’t stop her into bringing her into the Spectra family. Sally pleads with her, she doesn’t owe her anything!

Again, she bows to her knees and says, “owe you! Owe you?….I NEED you. Alexandria needs YOU. I want her to grow up with you in her life. I want you to be there every day…. to help me give her the confidence and determination that you gave to me…..because you taught me so well. You know I will do anything in my power to make that happen.” Sally is touched. She sniffles that since Darla put it that way, how can she say no? The ladies hug.

Basking in the afterglow, Bridget and Nick lay in bed listening to the waves. He remarks they better enjoy it while they can. She offers that any child of his is going to be pretty amusing. He retorts, “I beg your pardon, but I pride myself as a man of few words.” She remarks he may not say much, but he definitely can make a big ruckus. He demands to know what she means by that. She replies just banging his tools around; throwing some greasy equipment on the table or singing at the top of his lungs in the shower. She rubs her tummy and says they may have a little angel there, but she can be quite the terror. His hands join her on the tummy and he remarks that he guesses it is that way with kids. You think you are prepared, but perhaps you are never ever prepared for everything. She remarks it’s pretty much like that in every part of life. He agrees; look at them. Look where they were just a few months ago. She offers they are in a much better place now. He reminds her they must remember that. When things get crazy, when things get thrown at them, they will come through it stronger, she knows that. She snuggles closer and tells him he’s getting pretty philosophical for a man of few words. He returns he just doesn’t want anything to come between them, that’s all. She asks, “Mr. Marone, are you asking for a little reassurance?” Pretty concerned, he says he just doesn’t want to lose her. She kisses him again and says he won’t. She loves him and she knows he loves her and they can handle anything as long as they are together.

Stephanie reassures Felicia she is home now and she can take care of the baby while Felicia starts taking care of herself. Felicia is adamant, the cancer has not returned. She doesn’t care what they say. She is going to be there to see her son grow up. “I didn’t have that beautiful boy, go through the miracle of childbirth just to leave him behind.” They discuss that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. She had met some survivors when she was in the hospital getting treatment. It was an extraordinary group of people who went on to do amazing things. Some of them said they felt healthier now than before they were even sick. And Felicia opines that is the way it’s going to be for her too. Stephanie tells her she is not saying that is the way it’s going to be; just whatever she needs to stay well. But she wants her to be prepared if the doctor comes back down and tells her she needs something to keep fighting. Felicia vows she can beat it. She beat it once, she can do it again.

Very softly and lovingly, Stephanie smiles and tells her she knows she can. Who knows better than she, how stubborn Felicia is? Felicia chuckles. Stephanie tells her, “I love you, baby.” And the bonding occurs as they hug and Felicia’s tears flow.

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