B&B Friday Update 12/9/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/9/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Thursday’s Episode:

At her house, Stephanie stands and watches Nick holding his child on the sofa with Felicia next to him with a big smile on her face. He declares this is his son, but he doesn’t even know his name. Felicia tells him it’s Dominick. He’s beaming when he tells his son that is his name too.

At Spectra, Thorne and Darla discuss why Sally may have called them to talk. He laments perhaps it is to wrap up some lose ends. She is uneasy with a funny feeling and when it concerns Sally, that is not a good thing. The elevator stops and outs pops Thomas and Bob and a few crew members. Now they know something is up. And whatever it is, it must be big!

In Sally’s office, Clark stands by while Sally wistfully looks over some framed photos, of C.J. and Macy and herself, Sally and Sal, Thorne, Darla and baby. She sighs and each one seems a painful reminder. He finally asks if she is sure she wants to do this? Or does she want to give it a little more thought? She confides, “I need this, Bucky. We’re going to have to do it my way, and on my terms.” He holds up a photo of Sal and says, “Azoy.”

Thorne knocks on the door and asks Sal if they are ready for them? Bucky invites them in; have some punch and pigs in a blanket, have some fun. Bob asks what’s the celebration? Cheerfully, Sally tells them that it’s a bon voyage party. Darla says that is sweet, but she really didn’t have to give Thorne a sendoff. Keeping a stiff upper lip, she tells Darla it’s not for Thorne; it’s for the Good Ship Spectra. She’s going to pull in her sails and head for drydock. Thorne is shocked; she is closing the business? She utters, “that’s right, Thorne. When I close today, I’m shutting the doors for good."

Nick stands carrying little Dominick and tells Felicia she will have to help him understand how she could do this. How she could keep this child a secret from him? Felicia slowly rises and explains to Nick that after the cancer, the chemo, no one thought she could carry a baby to term. The odds were so low, she did not want to get her hopes up. She didn’t want to make an announcement to get everyone involved, and now she is glad she didn’t. Because, he and Bridget are happy and starting a family of their own. And she knows the two of them have been through so much. He asks Stephanie what did she tell Felicia? She offers that she told her everything. Felicia maintains but now he and Bridget are okay, and the problems are over. He explains that the problems they had were a lack of honest communication. Stephanie asks if Felicia is asking Nick not to tell Bridget? She replies yes, she is. She doesn’t want to put this on her. They have a life together, and nothing has to change for anybody. She and Dominick can go back to France.

Nick shakes his head, “no, you won’t. I am this boy’s father. And he’s not going anywhere.” Nick sits on the sofa and bounces Dominick on his knee. He tells Felicia that he grew up not knowing his real father, but this baby is going to know him! Felicia begs him to think about what he is saying. She reminds him he is married and expecting a baby. He doesn’t need this kind of complication. He states emphatically that this is his son, and he’s going to be there for him. Exactly as he is right now. That’s what a kid needs. Not some long distance phone call, a goodnight. They need their father to tuck them in and be there for them. And teach them how to fish and sail; all the things he never had in his life.

Stephanie asks if he is happy about this? He replies he is, and she thinks that is wonderful. Felicia asks how is Bridget going to feel? He states they will work it out. Felicia asks but what if he can’t? He has to at least consider the possibility. He informs Felicia that he is going to tell Bridget tonight. But, she has to promise him that she won’t go anywhere. Stephanie responds first, that she won’t let her. Nick makes Felicia promise, and she does. He hands the baby back to his mother, pats him on the head and kisses him on the cheek before he leaves. He whispers they’ll be spending a lot of time together and he’ll see them real soon.

The Spectra group are all muttering amongst themselves, aghast that Sally is closing up. She tells them please, the time has come. She hands Clark a flask and tells him to give that punch a kick and give everybody a glass. While he does that, she gives Darla a hand full of envelopes and asks her to hand them out. Bob says he can’t accept this. She assures him he can. It’s only what he deserves; what they all deserve. Surely they didn’t think she was going to run out on them high and dry? Thomas waves his check and says he can’t accept it either; this is all his fault. She tells him it is not his fault. This is about her. She is getting tired; tired of pulling rabbits out of this tired, old hairdo of hers. She pumps the air with her fist, she has earned a vacation, and she’s going to take it!

Clark sits a glass of punch before her and says this calls for a toast. He begins, “to family. To all those that are here, and those here in spirit.” Sally adds because that is what they were, weren’t they? And that is what made the company great. So, let’s drink to that! All together they raise a toast to Sally. Gratefully, she thanks them for their service and their affection. And she tells them she is going to miss them more than they will ever know. And if she were them, she’d go out and cash those checks, pronto!

Bob comes forward and she playfully tells him no blubbering, no sentiment, no hugs. She is NOT saying goodbye. “What I’m saying is come on, get out of here! Scram, please!” Almost in unison, they all say goodbye and they love her. Darla and Thorne remain and Darla hands her back the envelope and says he won’t let her do this. The company is her life. Sally bluffs, are they kidding? She’s been working behind this desk too many years. She’s ready to stop. She’s ready to play. She vows, “honey, my life is just starting!”

Felicia walks back into the house and Stephanie says that was quick, putting the baby down. Felicia comments that he’s easy to put down. Stephanie follows with he must be like his father. Felicia wants to talk about the father. Stephanie says okay, she felt he had a right to know about the baby. Felicia states that should have been her decision. Stephanie offers that Nick wants to be part of the baby’s life. Isn’t that what she wanted? She sermonizes – Stephanie doesn’t care what she wants. That’s what she does. She takes over people’s lives. She usurps their choices. Stephanie tells her the truth is best for her. Felicia laughs that nothing makes Steph happier than to say that. Stephanie responds that she thinks Nick would step up; accept his responsibility where his baby is concerned. Felicia points out she hopes so, because thanks to her mom, he now has two of them.

As night falls at the beach house, Nick hesitates a long moment at the door before going in to greet Bridget. She’s got on an apron, lighting candles at the table and greets him with a kiss. She tells him that she has been keeping dinner warm and she’ll go get it. Where’s he been so long? When she returns with the plates, he meets her and takes them, wants her off her feet. And tells her there is a reason he was so late. He pulls out Bridget’s chair and puts the plates in front of them, and she coos this is so nice, a quiet night in, just like normal people. Have dinner, relax and reconnect.

She goes on how mundane some people would find this and totally boring. But, after everything they have gone through, she can’t think of anything else she’d rather be doing. No more crisis or mind blowing revelations (get ready!). She gushes, “oh, honey, you have no idea how nice it is to be over all that DRAMA.”

Felicia tells her mom that Nick loves Bridget. She doesn’t want to take him away from her. They discuss how she wants to see Nick know his son, but how Bridget might react. And Felicia offers that knowing the kind of person Bridget is, this is why she stayed away. Stephanie isn’t buying that. Felicia didn’t even know they were involved, much less married. But, Felicia says she assumed he was involved with somebody.

She turns toward the door and says she can’t stay. Stephanie reminds her she promised Nick that she would. Felicia says her mother will just have to call him and tell him she can’t. And that she is going to call the airport and book the next flight to France for her, Renee and Dominick. Stephanie asks why is she doing this? Why is she running away? She is still in love with him?

Darla is dabbing her nose and Sally tells her to quit blubbering around. This is good news! But Darla offers that Sally loves this company. She knows she doesn’t want to leave. Sally chides that she has two choices – stay here in this dusty old office, or sail the seven seas surrounded by a platoon of handsome, sophisticated men. Thorne asks if she is joining the Navy? She answers she is taking a world cruise that guarantees three eligible bachelors for every woman onboard.

The phone rings and she gets it. It’s someone from the Happy Acres Assisted Living facility and he just wanted her to know he was sending the van to pick her up. She perks up and pretends it is a Captain and thanks him. Then tells Thorne and Darla that the Captain is sending a limo for her so she thinks ‘you bums’ had better scram.

Darla approaches her again but Sally sloughs it off as does Clark, no sloppy good-byes. Sally tells them she wants both of them to go. She will send them a postcard. It’ll say, “too bad you’re not here.” She sighs, Clark lets out a huff of air and only he knows just how dejected Sally really is.

He sits her suitcase down as she crams another photo into her purse. We see montages of ‘Send In the Clowns’ of Macy, Clark, Sal, Darla and happier times at fashion shows….a younger, more glamorous Sally and company. A tear rolls down her cheek. She stifles it, takes a deep breath and tells Bucky to get her out of there. He takes a large scarf off her lap and we now see that it covered a wheelchair. He starts to wheel her out, when Darla and Thorne return and are surprised.

Nick and Bridget barely eat; she chatters on about their new life together. Moving into their new house; welcoming his first born. She wants to have more kids, in time…….then she apologizes for going on and on, when it’s obvious something is bothering him. What is it? Quietly, he tells her there is something he needs to tell her.

Stephanie discusses the breakup with Nick, according to Felicia, as being mutual. She offers that if she’s not the one he wants to be with, she’s not hanging around wishing she were. Stephanie suggests that doesn’t mean she has to leave Los Angeles. She wants her there; Nick will. She knows, because of the baby. Stephanie pleads that it is time to stop running; time to come home. But Felicia offers that she and Dominick are happy in France.

She slides down onto the sofa, pain hidden in her face. She has her back to Stephanie as Steph says if she stays in L.A., she can give the baby so much more than she can in France. There’s his family; his father. And Stephanie submits she could give her the chance to make amends with the mistakes she had made with her. She knows she is the reason she stayed away so long. She knows they have had their problems, but she wants that to end. She feels she has learned a lot these last few months. She’s had a real comeuppance….and family is so precious…and she’s not just taking about Ridge. She knows that is what Felicia always thinks, but it’s not. She goes on that she sees so much of herself in Felicia. Her independence, her stubbornness. Felicia tries to smile through her grimace. “You were like that from the day you were born, you were! You’re always your own special person. Felicia, please. I want the time to get to know that person again. I want to get the time to know my grandson.”

She comes and sits beside Felicia and whispers that she doesn’t know how this is going to affect Bridget. She does know it will be very difficult to find out about Felicia’s child. Felicia leans over on Stephanie’s shoulder and utters, “Oh, mom.” Then as Stephanie tells her they will work it out, Felicia slumps like dead weight in her hands. Stephanie calls out, “Felicia, Felicia, my God, Felicia, Felicia.”

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