B&B Thursday Update 12/8/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/8/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Wednesday’s Episode:

Nick stands before Stephanie in her house and she tells him that he has a son. Felicia has given birth to HIS child. He swings around to Felicia for answers, and she immediately turns away. Stephanie continues that she knows this is a shock, but the simple truth is that Felicia returned from France with his child!

At Forrester, on the runway, the models are doing their thing with Eric checking his watch. He tells Brooke ‘they’ should be here any minute. She’s still skeptical that this will work although Eric praises her for earlier slipping into the confrontational mode for Taylor’s sake. Eric reiterates that this is what they have to do; they just have to do it! They argue about it as Brooke says surely he has learned by now that lies and deceit always backfires on this family. He bites at her that this is the only option he has left. They must make Stephanie see that he thinks Brooke also is the same opportunistic harlot that she’s always been. Then he tells her he doesn’t really feel that way. And she agrees that she doesn’t even like to hear it come out of his mouth. He reminds her that until Stephanie gives him an iron-clad document giving him back the company, they are going to have to go through this thing. And he promises her that once Stephanie does, he will give Brooke her due. But, he implores her until that happens, she can NOT back out on him.

Thorne, Darla, Taylor and Dante walk up outside the room and notice the tension. Taylor remarks that Eric used to be Brooke’s biggest defender, but Thorne says it looks like he can barely stand to be in the same room with her now. Thorne wonders if this is maybe what his mother had in mind. Put them in a cramped little office together; too much togetherness. And it’s starting to wear on them.

Eric approaches and welcomes them, saying it is show time. He turns his head with a knowing look to Brooke (obviously show time in more ways than one).

At the hospital, Bridget is interning when Jackie pops in. Says she has been down the hall visiting a sick friend and thought she would stop in and see how things went with Felicia. She seemed so upset; had Bridget any luck? Specifically, Jackie wonders if Felicia is still enamored with Nicky, or if there is something else?

Nick is confused and tells Stephanie he doesn’t know what is going on, but this is crazy…..and impossible. He huffs then takes heed to leave. She asks why is he leaving? He bails on her that he doesn’t trust anything about her and he and Bridget made a pack to stay away from her, and that’s what he was going to do. She tells him she does not think he wants to walk out on his own child. He pounds his hands on the door and turns back to ask why does she keeps saying this?

Stephanie states, “calm down, Nick. It’s the truth. There is a baby boy over in the guest house. You walk over there right now and see him for yourself.” Felicia interrupts but Stephanie continues. Nick interrupts and tells Felicia to look her mother in the eye and tell her that they do NOT share a child.

Eric tells the group that he has a wedding in Genoa City (tomorrow’s Y&R) and he wanted to get started on the review and look at the designs before he had to go.

Brooke makes the first of her snide remarks that some of them are working in more comfortable offices than the others. Thorne thinks his mother should be there and Eric says she will, all in good time. He wants them to see these first.

They sit and the real show begins. He points out he thinks its fairly obvious what he is going for. Dante says “understated sophistication” and Thorne adds “restrained elegance.” Eric adds and accommodating Forrester’s latest foray of women’s intelligence. The ladies notice Brooke’s silence and asks doesn’t she like the new designs? She plays her part by saying they are a little too modest for her taste. Thorne asks if she means that Dad is caving in to Mother. Brooke tells him that those are his words, not hers.

Bridget tells Jackie it’s pretty much what they all thought. Jackie finishes by saying Felicia is still in love with Nicky. Bridget tells her she isn’t sure she would put it in those strong of words, but her son was a hard man to get over. She wouldn’t say she was pining away for him, but not entirely over him as well. She thinks Nick was there for her during a very difficult period of time, and she will always care for him. Jackie muses that Felicia has been gone a year, one would think……for her to be gone all that time and come back out of the blue, and still be enamored with Nick, it just seemed too odd. But, what else could it be?

Felicia chastises Stephanie. How could she lie like this to Nick? What was wrong with her? Stephanie tells her do not even go there. Felicia continues that she is the one who has lost it – really, Nick’s baby? Stephanie offers that she understands Felicia is frightened and why. Nick raises his voice and tells Stephanie to leave Felicia alone. Look what she’s doing to her! Felicia tells him it’s okay, she can handle her mother. Stephanie says he is not leaving until Felicia is completely honest with him. She says she has been. Stephanie turns to Nick and says, “no, she’s doing this to protect your marriage. To protect Bridget because she does not want to complicate your lives.” And she adds there is a little baby boy over there in the guest house who deserves to know his father. She looks right in Felicia’s face and says, “and his father is standing right here. And he deserves to know that child, no matter what the circumstances.”

Nick innocently asks why is she doing this? What possible reason? Perturbed, Stephanie tells him do the math! They were intimate a year ago. A child conceived then would be what? Slowly he answers – 4 months. She says, “exactly, it’s YOUR son. Yours and Felicia’s.”

Felicia is looking downward, staring at the floor. Nick bypasses Stephanie and walks to Felicia. Politely he asks if what Stephanie says is true? She doesn’t respond, so he takes her by the shoulders and makes her look at him – is what Stephanie saying the truth? She looks him straight in the eye and her silence is the answer. There’s a long silence in the room as he digests this. Then he wants to know how she can do this? Be gone an entire year and have his kid and not tell him. Doesn’t she think he has the right to know? She finally speaks; did he want to know? He bellows, “that I have a son? Yeah, that is something I’d want to know.”

Dante goes to speak with Brooke alone and asks if she really thinks Eric’s designs are too modest? She reminds him that she likes to push the envelope. And in her opinion, these don’t. Eric butts in and tells her that she is not a designer either. She fires back that she doesn’t have to be a designer to know that he is compromising his vision.

He says he doesn’t see it that way. Taylor steps forward and asks how does he see it? He replies there are two different factions operating in this company now. Brooke grouses they all know who’s fault that is. And he’s going to waste his talent on coming up with designs that fit someone else’s concept of this company? He explains he doesn’t see anything wrong with returning to Forrester’s roots, of dignity and elegance. Brooke agrees if that is what he was doing. But, she lashes that they all know this is about Stephanie and her hang up with sex! But, in this industry sex is what sells and for Stephanie to equate sexy, slinky, gowns with moral debauchery is ridiculous. And she can’t believe they all bought into that. “Especially you, Eric.” He fires her a look close to hatred.

Bridget asks Jackie then what else could it be? Jackie surmises that she knows Nicky is a hard man to get over, but Felicia’s timing……Bridget doesn’t think she is here to cause trouble for her and Nick. She had said she respected their marriage and what they had together, and wished them both well. She cradles her tummybun and says actually she wished the three of them well.

Nick paces; Felicia follows and tells him that he has every right to be angry. Maybe she did not handle it in the best way. He tells her he doesn’t hate her. She says it wasn’t supposed to happen. He doesn’t understand, because of the chemotherapy. She agrees. She didn’t expect it either until she found out she was pregnant. He asks why didn’t she tell him then? She admits that she had her reasons and they don’t matter now that he knows. His first thought is Bridget – she’s been through so much already. Felicia says she understands and she doesn’t want to be a burden to his life and mess up his life with Bridget and that is exactly why she is going back to France. He’s shocked; she is taking his son back to France? She confesses to her mother that she came back here to hopefully pick back up with Nick where they left off (what, leave a handsome, unattached sailor boy alone for a year and expect him to be available? I don’t think so). But, that was before she knew about his marriage to Bridget or that she was expecting his baby. She faces Nick and says that is why she didn’t want him to know she had a baby; for her mother to say anything. She is sorry she did. And can they just forget it happened? She apologizes again and says she is going to go pick up her son. She grabs her purse and tells him goodbye and bolts to the door.

But, on the other side is Renee with the baby all wrapped in a blanket. Felicia quickly tells her the plans have changed; they’ll be taking the first plane out tonight. Nick sees the baby and walks toward it and softly almost choking asks is that his boy? Felicia can’t deny him; she motions to Renee to come on in, it’s okay.

Renee comes in and stops in front of Nick. He looks down with pride and carefully pulls back the little blanket that is hiding most of the face. Dominick’s eyes meet his. Oh the wonder! Felicia tears up. Nick is speechless.

Brooke continues to harass Eric about his safe designs; they aren’t “you”. He berates her; if she doesn’t think these are sexy on the runway, then what is sexy in the bedroom? Because, he’d really like to know. It obviously isn’t him, not after this celebration of chastity with this so-called marriage of theirs. She tells him he is embarrassing the both of them and looks around the room at the others gawking at them but pretending not to. He lashes why? Because he was admitting making the mistake of his life getting re-involved with her! She takes umbrage that he is now calling her a mistake! He states that she has been called worse. She argues only by Stephanie and you could hardly call her objective. He continues the tiff by asking how objective would she be if someone came and seduced her husband and sons and ruined her life.

Brooke tells him to stop! This is enough. This will wait for another time; right now they just need to concentrate on work. He admonishes her that he won’t wait around and have her take more potshots at his work, thank you, no. He walks to Thorne and says he is sorry that they all had to hear that. But, he’s mortified at his naivete over all these years, and no more, never again. He walks out briskly. Brooke storms off too.

Thorne tells Darla that he never thought he’d hear himself say this, but he thinks his father may be washing his hands of Brooke for good! Taylor pipes in that she wouldn’t have believed it either if she hadn’t seen with her own eyes and ears. She asks Thorne for his phone.

She calls and leaves a message for Stephanie. That she might want to come up to Forrester right away. Something is going on and she might see something she has been waiting years to see. She thinks that Eric is finally turning his back on Brooke.

Stephanie watches reverently. Nick touches the baby then asks may he hold him? Felicia nods yes. He beams again as he touches his toes (though the baby has socks). The baby hiccups. Nick sits on the sofa and takes his little hands and tells them he has a strong grip. He asks Felicia about his health? She tells him not to worry; he’s perfect. Grandma looks pleased. Nick looks down at the bundle and exclaims that he thinks he has his eyes. Dominick looks intently up at him too. Felicia leans over and speaks to the baby. Then she eases into the space by Nick on the sofa and tells him that the baby is smiling at him. Indeed, it does look like the child is raptured by Nick. He remarks so this is what it feels like – just the frightened face of a little angel. He kisses him softly on the forehead and Dominick’s eyes follow his every move. Nick smiles. Felicia smiles. This is a happy mother and dad.

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