B&B Wednesday Update 12/7/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/7/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Tuesday’s Episode:

In the shared basement office, Brooke picks up a fashion magazine and begins thumbing through. She stops on a page about Hawaii and fondly thinks back on the trip with Nick and little Hope. She says it seems like a long time ago, but it was then she realized just how special Nick was. We see montages of the trio on the plane and Nick dancing with Hope on his toes, squirting whip cream and getting it all over his face and making her laugh, reading stories to her, tucking her in bed. Brooke says she misses him so much as the tears well up in her eyes.

As she wipes her tears, Eric comes in and tells her to sit tight, go along with him, and they are going to get their company back.

At Stephanie’s, Bridget glances back and forth between Stephanie and Felicia. Stephanie tells Felicia to just tell Bridget; they must get this out in the open.

Also at Forrester, Thorne is telling Taylor that he can’t believe this. He has seen people change after they have heart attacks or strokes or have been shot, but his Dad? Did he actually say that his mother always knew what was best for the family, and if he could take it all back he would? Taylor tells him that she has counseled couples who have had issues with forgiveness, but she seriously does not expect Eric to forgive in this case. But, Thorne thinks maybe Eric is starting to see Brooke in a different light.

Brooke is skeptical. This is Stephanie, who sees conspiracy under every pillow. Does he really think she will come around? He offers, “she wants it to happen, she’ll bite.” She reminds him that she and Ridge tried to bluff her with Destiny Designs, and she’d seen right through that. He points out but then she was threatened. On the other hand, he is offering her what she really wants more than anything else in this life and that is for him to see Brooke as she does! Brooke chants, “as the whore from the valley who destroyed her whole family.”

In Nick’s office, Jackie laments what is it they are NOT seeing here? He tells her they will not be able to figure it out, but Bridget will. She is a hell of a lot better with that than he is. And he confesses he can not focus on anything now. All he can think about is being a father. Jackie waxes nostalgic about the day she picked him up from the hospital; it was the most amazing day of her life. And this will change his life forever!

Stephanie urges Felicia again, but she retaliates by saying she has already told Bridget everything she needs to know. She even apologizes to Bridget how sorry she was to have lost it today. But it was a little difficult hearing about her and Nick and the baby. She does respect her marriage and would never do nothing to hurt her. Stephanie is still prodding in the background for Felicia to tell. Felicia is adamant for mother to just let it go, let it go!

Dante joins Thorne and Taylor and he too can hardly believe his ears about Eric’s new stance on Stephanie. But perhaps it will work since Brooke and Eric weren’t married that long for a real commitment, never consummated the marriage yet she managed to make him look foolish. Thorne mentions again he just wonders – his father, Brooke’s biggest defender ever, has he started seeing her through his mother’s eyes?

Eric lays out his plan. He voices to Brooke that he’s just another stupid man, taken in by Brooke’s diabolical machinations. Married her twice only to be dumped by her again. She agrees but says it was Eric who said goodbye to her because he’d married her to reassure Bridget. It was a very loving and generous act. Eric offers but Stephanie doesn’t know that. She WANTS to think the worst of Brooke. That is her soft spot and the one he is going to play to. Brooke is still skeptical. She says Steph is very cagey; she sees everything. It’ll be impossible to stay one step ahead. He admits he will have to be very careful. He can’t just say he was wrong. She is going to have to see him suffering and see a resentment against Brooke build up over time. Brooke tells him he is playing with fire, and somebody is going to get burned.

Jackie tells Nick she has never seen him like this before. He agrees it is a big responsibility, but he’s ready for it. He confesses that he missed having his dad around when he was growing up……even though Jackie did well. She finishes, every child deserves to have two parents. Nick agrees, though he didn’t know his father, he did miss him. He doesn’t want his child to go through that. He wants to BE there, be the best father he can be. Jackie gives him a big hug and says he’s going to be a GREAT father!

Felicia tells Bridget she is going to be a great mom and Nick a great father and they both deserve that happiness; they do! And she appreciates Bridget’s concern for her, but she is fine. And honestly her only problem is her pain-in-the-neck mother who doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone. Bridget’s beeper goes off and she apologizes that she has to go. They hug and give each other their goodbyes and 'I Love You’s.'

Of course, when Bridget is gone, Stephanie shakes her head in dismay. Felicia tells her not to even start with her. Does that stop Stephanie? NO! She continues with that girl has had more deceptions and more lies in the past few months than most people have in an entire lifetime. She isn’t doing her a favor by not telling her that she and Nick have a son. Felicia corrects her and says SHE has a son. Which means she will handle this the way she wants to without any interference, Mother dearest, from her! Stephanie says so she is going to do what she always does and that is to run away? Felicia lashes out that, “and you wonder why I ever want to come back. Any doubt – it’s you. You are the one who drives me away. Mother, you drive everybody away.” She heads out the door as Stephanie fumes.

Thorne points out that no matter what Brooke has done or who she has hurt, his father has always been in her corner. If his mother had heard what Eric said today, she’d still be doing cartwheels down the hall. Taylor agrees; Stephanie has waited a long time for him to take the blinders off. Thorne remarks that he thought the marriage was beyond repair, but if his mother got wind of this……it’d be a hell of a makeup session!

Brooke tells Eric if he thinks they can just kiss and make up, he doesn’t know Stephanie as well as she does. And what about her (Brooke)? He doesn’t have as much to lose. He lists oh no, just his family, his career, same as her. She tells him if there is anything she has learned in the last few months, it’s to stay away from schemes. He says he will do EVERYTHING he can do keep the company. Because Stephanie will be doing everything she can to dismantle it; anything and everything that has to do with Brooke. Brooke says yeah if she can’t kill her, she will kill everything she has touched. Eric opines that if they can convince Stephanie that he has come around to her way of thinking, she will welcome him back into the company with open arms. And he gestures that he’ll be able to take CONTROL right back! He says it’s going to work; he can see it. She asks what else does he ‘see’? Can he see Jackie and how she might react? How he might lose her? Is he willing to put Jackie through that pain and disappointment by walking away from her AGAIN?

Jackie laughs and Nick tells her he can’t believe it. He doesn’t ever remember a time they are both so happy at the same time. They reflect on having a little girl and he reminds her he must be careful with Hope so she won’t feel hurt or neglected. Jackie offers that she won’t. If he makes the time for her, she won’t. He confesses that he always thought of his first child as a boy, but he can picture a little Bridget running around. He beams again – he’s going to have a daughter!

Stephanie tries to convince Felicia that Nick has the right to know he has a son. Felicia counters with he has a responsibility to Bridget and his baby and knowing about Dominick will just complicate things. Stephanie tells her she will find a way to make it work. But, Felicia states she is not going to take that chance. She announces that she is going back to France tonight and put an entire ocean between her and her mother. Stephanie says she does not think she should take Nick’s son away from him. Felicia stands up to her mom long enough to say it is HER son; she carried him for nine months without a father. She gave birth to him without a father and she will be a good mother and be all he’ll ever need, more than he will need. This child means the world to her and she’s not going to dump him on somebody who doesn’t care about him; some place he doesn’t belong. Stephanie asks about the rest of the family? Doesn’t the baby deserve to know about them? Don’t they have the right to love him and cherish him and help him realize his dreams? Felicia wipes her tears. Stephanie leans in and whispers that she loves her, and she is afraid she is making a terrible mistake. Felicia offers that she never should have come back. That was HER mistake; trusting that Stephanie would respect her wishes and honor her privacy. Stephanie asks what is she afraid of? That if she doesn’t go now, she won’t be able to?

Felicia bolts and runs. Stephanie goes straight to the phone. Surprise, surprise – she calls Nicky and informs him that she needs him to come to her home. She wants to have a conversation about her daughter, and not one that she wants to have over the phone. Will he come, please? He replies he’ll be right there.

Eric defends his actions. He hates to hurt Jackie’s feelings now that he’s back on solid ground again, but he can’t let this opportunity slip through his fingers. This pain, that everyone assumes he is in. He has to strike fast and hard. She questions this strike. Is he going to make a move on Stephanie; beg to come home? What makes him think she would take him back? He laments that Stephanie doesn’t want to run this company. Every decision she has made proves that. What she wants is for him to reject Brooke! Publicly, so she can get her dignity back. Brooke mouths pathetic! And he says other people’s wounds usually are. He offers that Stephanie still loves him and if he can take advantage of that and rub her pride in the right direction, she will give him anything he wants.

At this point he spies Taylor outside the area so we can assume what he says next is mainly for her ears and not necessarily for Brooke’s who won’t have a clue. He maintains that maybe someday, someday Stephanie will be able to forgive him for how cruel he has been to her. Brooke is aghast – he was cruel to her? He goes on, that he threw her away because she wasn’t young and sexy and all she ever did was try to make him happy. Brooke voices that she doesn’t think that is true.

Taylor purposely listens outside the door when he says Stephanie was the only one who had anything to lose. She came from wealth and culture and family. She brought something to this company. Brooke pipes in – unlike her. He says she brought in something he couldn’t buy. She believed in him. She stood by him during all those years when all he did was throw her away for sex and excitement. “My God, how cruel can you get?”

Nick joins Stephanie and he says they all are concerned about Felicia especially after what happened this morning. Stephanie fills him in that she spoke with Bridget, but unfortunately Felicia did not tell her the truth, so nothing had been resolved. He wants to know what truth is she talking about? He cares for Felicia; always has, always will. She tells him she is glad and she appreciates the commitment he has to his wife, but there is something he needs to know.

Felicia walks in (she forgot her purse on the sofa when she bolted) and asks what is Nick doing there? He tells her that her mother called him about something important. She snarks that her mother just doesn’t know when to quit. He says he also was concerned about her after this morning. She apologizes that it was rude of her, but she is fine. And she had a wonderful time with Bridget, so he doesn’t need to stay. He asks if she is going someplace? Stephanie speaks up and says she wants to go back to France, “but I don’t think she should until she tells you the truth.” Again he wants to know, WHAT truth? Felicia covers and says nothing, it does not even concern him. And for him to please leave.

Wham – smack dab in the face, Stephanie tells him, “Nick, Felicia gave birth to your baby. You and she have a son.” He stares at Felicia; she darts her eyes to avoid his.

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