B&B Tuesday Update 12/6/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/6/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Monday’s Episode:

At Forrester’s after Felicia has bolted from Bridget and Nick’s pink party, Felicia is discovered doubled over in pain by Stephanie. She asks why didn’t she tell her she had a beautiful baby boy? Felicia is hurt and irate that her mother violated that privilege of going into the guest house when she specifically asked her not to.

Still at the pink party in the basement, Eric tells Thorne just to let Ridge try to catch up with Felicia. The way she drives so fast, he is probably the only one that could possibly catch her. But, she’s probably already at the guest house by now. The others discuss if this could be her health though she says she is cancer free. Bridget offers it’s pretty obvious she is upset what with all this talk about Nick and Bridget’s happy life and expecting a child.

Thorne reminds Nick that they were involved. Nick doesn’t call it involved, not really. Jackie even chimes in that she was very fond of him. Nick sloughs it off that they had some laughs, that’s all. Brooke remarks that Felicia is so flippant on the surface that it is hard to realize how vulnerable she really is. And Darla adds that it has been a year, so no matter what feelings she had, you would think she would be way past it by now. Jackie quips that some men leave more of an impression than they realize. Nick offers to go talk to her, but Eric says no, let Ridge do that. Felicia is in his PAST, and this party is for him and Bridget so just attend to that.

Felicia tells her mom she doesn’t know what she was thinking. She should have just stayed in France. Stephanie offers that she hoped she was thinking the baby needed to meet her family; he was a beautiful little boy. And she adds that Renee is lovely….although she thinks she made her a little uncomfortable by going to the guest house. To which Felicia adds, she had told Renee that her mom wouldn’t! Stephanie states, “if you want to share your life with Renee and you want to raise this child with her, I absolutely respect that.”

Felicia asks what did Renee tell her? Stephanie offers not much, but it’s obvious that she adores the little boy. She must be the birth mother? Or did they adopt? Felicia was on chemo so she knew she couldn’t conceive. And then she goes on to say that whether adopted or not, she doesn’t care. She will love him just as much as any of her grandchildren (not sure that is a ringing endorsement). She softens and says Felicia has always had this ‘to hell with everyone else attitude’ and now here she is with a beautiful little baby, she knows what it’s like to be a mother! “To love someone, be there for them, so totally, it’s great, it’s wonderful.” Felicia asks if she is crying? Stephanie admits maybe just a little. And she add that a baby is a precious, wonderful little gift and she is so happy for her. It’s going to add so much joy to the family.

Eric grouses that he slept all day and night down there with the delivery trucks and diesel fumes. A bus depot would be a breath of fresh air compared to this space. Thorne tells him if it was up to him, he’d be upstairs. Taylor has joined them late at this point and Eric tells them he is sorry they are stuck in the middle of this. But, he’s glad they both are there. There is something he wants to say to them. He has been very, very frustrated that the two of them sided with Stephanie in this thing. Thorne reminds him they aren’t against him. Eric says let him finish. Obviously they find some merit in this idea of what Stephanie wants, a line for the intelligent women. As angry as he has been for them aligning themselves with Stephanie, a part of him is beginning to understand. Stephanie has been very hurt by all of this and frankly she has every right to be.

In another office, Bridget, Jackie and Nick continue to discuss Felicia. Jackie states she must have cared a great deal more for him than he did for her. Nick replies that he e-mailed her once, but she never replied back. And that wasn’t strange for Felicia. Bridget thinks he must have had more of an affect on her than he knew.

Felicia tells her mother that she should have known; that she couldn’t fool her. Given her history, she never thought in a million years that she would think she had fallen for a woman, so she thought she was better off denying it. Stephanie asks if she thought she couldn’t handle it? Felicia admits she was wrong. Stephanie tells her she just wants her to be happy….and if she doesn’t know that by now…..

Stephanie wants to have a big celebration and get everyone over to the house and meet the baby…..and Renee. She picks up the phone even, but Felicia manages to get her to wait. Cryptically, she says she made a mistake….coming back here too soon…..or too late……and she shouldn’t have come here, but she is here. She only wanted to protect him. Stephanie says she doesn’t understand why she is being so secretive and not wanting anyone to meet him. She asks has Felicia done something illegally? If he’s not hers legally, if she’s in trouble? Felicia vows that is not the case, it is HER baby, she gave birth to him. Stephanie is aghast at this. Felicia explains that yes, though she was so sick, and despite the chemo, it happened. “It was a miracle; I had to have him.” Mother and daughter hug, with tears in their eyes. Stephanie is bursting with pride and happiness for her baby girl. But, she doesn’t even know the baby’s name. Felicia finally says Dominick. Stephanie sees the light, she knows and Felicia nods yes.

Bridget tells Nick that she was always just little Bridget, but look at them so happy now. She is sure that is the LAST thing Felicia expected to come home to. Nick tells her he doesn’t want her to feel threatened. She assures him she doesn’t. She has him, so why would she feel threatened? Just give Felicia time. He’s going to be a father and she’ll be just as happy for him as everyone else.

Eric explains that he was very angry at Stephanie. So angry, he wanted to lash out at her. But, now that he’s had a chance to think about it, he realizes he really let her down. Brooke bothers to differ. But, Eric continues. Stephanie is no saint, he’ll give them that, but marrying Brooke a second time just really put her over the edge. He tells Brooke he needs to say this – to Thorne and Taylor. Taylor adds that it’s true; they all have been walking around on eggshells. He agrees and says he is very, very responsible for that. Harsh words have been said, but there is a human side too. He continues that Stephanie was his wife for a very long time. And a part of him is always going to love her.

Stephanie asks why did Felicia keep her pregnancy a secret? She replies because Nick didn’t care about her, not the way she cared for him. He was a friend, a buddy and supported her when she needed someone the most. They had fun and she’s not going to hold the child over him. Stephanie doesn’t think she should, but there IS a child and she had given birth to his son. Felicia counters yes but he doesn’t love her, got it? He never asked her to be his wife. Stephanie states but she loves him. Wistfully, Felicia says that doesn’t matter. Stephanie proclaims but she is here, she came all this way. She must have had a need. Felicia answers that not any more. What’s done is done. Time to move on down the road. Stephanie feels she must tell Nick. Felicia answers absolutely not. Bridget is pregnant with his child, she won’t tell him now. She just won’t! She states she is going back to France….today…..this instant. Stephanie tries to change her mind. She will need help. Felicia states that Renee is a wonderful nanny and she has been doing it. Stephanie points out that this baby deserves to know its father. And is she going to deny Nick and all of them the chance to be in this baby’s life? Felicia says fine, come to France, stay as long as she likes. But Nick is married to Bridget, he loves her, she is having his baby. So what is she supposed to do? Oh, go to Nick and say this thing he has with Bridget, forget it. “I’m here now, oh, and by the way, meet your son.” Stephanie fires back that she is not suggesting she put an end to their marriage. Felicia says she won’t come between their happiness; she won’t do this to Nick or to Bridget. As she walks out, she is met by Bridget coming into Stephanie’s office. Bridget asks her to please not to leave. She knows what is going on here, and trust her, it’s nothing they can’t deal with.

Brooke continues to defy Eric that whatever he did, Stephanie stole the company from him. But, he claims what he did to her was much worse. When he married Brooke, knowing that she didn’t love him, it was like a real slap in her face. It took away all her dignity. It was a very big mistake and if he could just take it back, he would! Brooke doesn’t think he can be serious. But, Eric continues that Stephanie has always known what is right for this family. And as much as he tries to demonize her, she always has. She tells Thorne and Taylor that she would like some privacy with Eric. He announces, “Now? Privacy? When you were married to me, privacy with me was the LAST thing you wanted.” Taylor agrees, she thinks they should leave, but Eric demands that anything Brooke has to say, she can say in front of the two of them. They obviously feel awkward and still make themselves scarce.

Brooke lashes at Eric. He is actually feeling sorry for Stephanie after she stole the company from him. She can’t believe those words came out of his mouth. And after all they have been through! He agrees; the two of them have been through too much together. She quips perhaps those diesel fumes are getting to his head. He assures her those fumes will soon be a thing of the past. He wanted to catch her off guard, and he thinks he did. She doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. He laments that Thorne and Taylor have to be convinced. Otherwise Stephanie never will be. Brooke wants to know just what is he doing? He sits her down and explains that Stephanie is vulnerable to him. She always has been. Even Jackie picked up on that. He goes on that he was married to her FOREVER. And if anyone knows how to work her emotions to somehow of an advantage, it was him! And, what’s the one thing in the world that Stephanie wants more than anything else? Brooke answers - to be rid of her! He replies exactly. And it would take him years to get this company back through the courts, and there would be nothing left of it. But, if he can convince Stephanie that he sees Brooke like she does, and he no longer cares for her, Stephanie will let him back in and (gritting teeth) he’ll get this company back! Now!

Alone, Brooke thinks – have the company back? What is the point, if she can’t have “you.” We see montages on The Marlin during the ‘it’s you, Nick’ as her tears fall.

Nick is staring out the window while Jackie goes on and on about Felicia’s strange emotions. She asks if Nick did tell Felicia it was over? He replies of course. And it IS over, she knows that. She remarks then something else is going on, more than meets the eye. He tells her if that is true, then Bridget is about to find out what it is.

Bridget closes the door, more or less urging Felicia to stay and explain. They were worried about her cancer….Felicia assures them it hasn’t come back. Bridget says she is glad, but she thought it was more than that now. The issue really was Nick, wasn’t it? And Felicia shouldn’t worry about her. The last couple of months have been very hard, but she had become so much stronger. She was perfectly fine. Felicia takes her hand and clasps it and tells her she can see that; even understands it. And Bridget offers she knows all this celebration for them and the baby can’t be easy for Felicia.

Felicia nods and says she guesses she is just not the punch and cake sort of girl. Bridget says maybe not, but they were insensitive and they are sorry. And she thinks it would just be better if they got everything out on the table. She obviously ran out of the room because she still has feelings for Nick? And no one understands more than she does how hard it is to love a man and see then with another woman. And Felicia had no idea when she came back to L.A. that they’d be married or she was expecting this baby. Felicia admits it WAS a surprise. Bridget also admits that Nick is a wonderful man, and it’s perfectly natural that Felicia would still care about him. Felicia states she has heard everything they have gone through, and the last thing in the world she wants to do is be a problem. Bridget assures her it won’t be, especially if they can communicate and deal with it as it comes. She promises her that they will look back on this soon and laugh.

Felicia says she wishes it were that simple. Stephanie has been standing by, patiently waiting, listening and watching, taking it all in. She finally tells Bridget that Felicia has something to tell her. Felicia is caught off guard. “Mother!” Stephanie firmly says she has to tell her. Wide-eyed and innocent, Bridget looks at Felicia then back to Stephanie and asks what does she have to tell her? They all look quizzically at each other.

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