B&B Monday Update 12/5/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/5/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

It’s a new morning – all spanking pink.

Stephanie picks up the phone at her house and it’s Eric. He grumbles something about it would have been nice to know his daughter was back in town and not hear it third hand. Stephanie explains she thought maybe that was her calling now; she too only found about it last night. He asks if he may ask, where she is staying? Steph tells him the guest house….and that wasn’t an easy sell. He tells her thank you; he has that number and he’s about to hang up. She begs him to not disturb “them”. “They” are probably suffering from jetlag and sleeping in. Finally he asks, who is “they”? She replies his daughter is involved with a woman. He asks what does that mean? She retorts what does he think she means? He says she is out of her mind. She answers with a perturbed look, “oh Eric, so typical of you. Close your eyes. Close your ears, and don’t let reality in any way interfere with your life.” He tells her he doubts that Felicia is anything as straight forward as a lesbian. And until she tells him herself, it’s none of his business…or Stephanie’s!

On that cue, in walks Felicia, and Stephanie hands her the phone and tells her it’s her loving, kind, gentle, considerate father, and he wants to talk to her. She starts with how early did he have to hit the bottle to call there? He ignores that and says it’s so nice to hear his little girl’s voice again. She jokes that she hates to tell him, but she’s probably older than most of the girls he is chasing. He tells her he wants to see her and he won’t come to the house because it gives him hives. But, why doesn’t she come down to the shop? She replies that is exactly what she was planning this morning. He tells her that her two brothers are also there and he can not wait to see her!

The basement office has been transcended into pink. Thorne thinks too much pink. Though Ridge says any color in that hole of an office would be an improvement. There are balloons, crepe paper, posters, signs, streamers, decorations of every type strewn about. Darla is even icing a cake, again all pink and reminds them that Bridget IS having a girl. Jackie asks if this is a baby shower? Eric tells her no, he doesn’t know how to do that. This is more of a ‘we love you, Nick and Bridget, and we’re happy you’re back together’ party. Thorne quips apparently they are all tickled pink! Eric says they’ll never believe who else is coming – Felicia. He just spoke with her. Ridge isn’t sure that is such a good idea, with the history of Nick and Felicia. Darla thinks that is ancient history. Thorne adds and she’s probably had several boyfriends since then. Even Eric says look around the room; everybody is somebody’s ex- something-of-the-other. Jackie laughs that he knows how to put things so gracefully. Eric implores them to please make her feel welcome. So she might want to stay. Ridge pops off that he is sure Thorne will be down on his knees – a real designer here now. Pull a little fat out of the fire for him! Darla tells Ridge she needs someone to taste this frosting for her and she aims toward the mouth but definitely hits the nose. (Dare I say, he looks like a pig.) Everyone laughs.

Felicia and Steph are sitting down to their breakfast on the coffee table in the living room. Felicia mentions that she misses Helen. Steph says she does too, but she will like Rosario. She’ll be down later with fresh towels and linens. Felicia says they already made up the beds and they don’t need towels. Steph asks if Renee will be coming in for breakfast? Felicia tells her to reign herself in. Steph remarks she would just like to meet her. Felicia explains that Renee is someone very important to her, but not in the way she thinks. Steph says she only thinks what she told her. Felicia fires back that isn’t always true. She didn’t ask for money or clothes or to borrow the car – she only asked for privacy. So why was that so hard to give? Her sex life was more unconventional than Steph could wrap her mind around. Would she just leave it at that? And ends with Renee is only her assistant. Steph leans in closer, mono to mono and asks what does Renee assist her in? Felicia stops and says no offense but Helen had a way with eggs, Steph doesn’t. She is going to go to her dad’s office.

But, she doesn’t get out the door until there is Sally, looking like a royal grape, calling her Fifi and when can they expect her back at work? Felicia asks are the two of them in cahoots or competition? Sally looks to Steph and retorts that she hasn’t seen her Royal Highness since she made the transition from bane of the bridge club to a captain of industry. And it just so happens that Spectra is poised to showcase a hot, edgy designer like Felicia (she puts her finger in mouth to cool it off and touches Felicia on shoulder, sizzling). Steph declares, “pooh, pooh, pooh. You are POISED on the edge of bankruptcy. Who are you kidding?” And besides, her daughter already has a generous offer that she is considering. Felicia gives Sally a big hug and says she is on her way to her Dad’s office, good to see her, etc. Sally declares the same. Felicia’s last words back to her mom is “50 yards,” as she points her finger. Sally asks 50 yards of what? Silk, leather, chain mail? Steph explains that it is 50 yards away from the guest house. Felicia doesn’t want her to meet her girlfriend (long pause)……her lover girlfriend. Sally does a slow double take back to Steph.

Bridget and Nick walk into the building and she is telling him he won’t believe where Stephanie has banished her Dad to. She doesn’t think the elevator even goes there. He grabs her by the arm and tells her she is NOT taking the stairs. Something always goes wrong with her family. And remember what the doctor said. (yeah, like he thinks it’s okay to have sex when he wants it, but not two flights of stairs). She says she doubts they put the stairs full of banana peels. As she walks off, he quips, “so, you can climb stairs, but we can’t have sex together? Remind me why we’re not having sex.”

Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks the punch needs a little spiking. She replies it’s not even noon yet. He claims they could all probably perform a little better in this office if they got a little liquored up. She tells him this is Bridget’s party and she’s pregnant, so Ridge will just have to suffer.

Bridget and Nick walk in and all greet them. Bridget remarks it all looks ‘so pink’. Jackie gives her a big hug and tells her she is having a girl and now she can spoil her with her dresses. Eric wants to give a toast with the pink punch, and he hands out a cup to everyone. He offers it hasn’t been easy for her, but as a mother-to-be, she has risen to the challenge with courage, grace and style. So here’s to her and to the man she has chosen to spend her life with. Just as he says ‘to a brilliant daughter’, in walks Felicia thinking he means her.

Steph laments to Sally that Felicia is having the poor girl all holed up like a leper. What sort of monster does Renee think she is? She tries to get Sally to call her. Just speak in a French accent and invite her to lunch. Reluctantly Sally does, but the line is busy. Steph guesses they must have taken the phone off the hook. Sally retorts that Fifi knows her momma. Has it ever occurred to her that she is barking up the wrong tree, Queenie? Stephanie asks her to please stop calling her that. Sally calls for a review. Who exactly does Fifi say this Renee is? Steph makes air quotes, “her assistant.” And they don’t believe that because? Steph answers because Felicia doesn’t do anything that requires an assistant! And she doesn’t understand why she doesn’t want her to meet this Renee. And why she spends so much time in France and why she is so anxious to get back there so quickly! Sally offers perhaps they are business partners, but Stephanie can’t imagine in what? Sally quips something illegal? She states to Stephanie that all she knows is that IF Fifi were a lesbian she’d be hanging a sign on her front door saying, ‘leather lesbians unite!’ Stephanie argues that no she wouldn’t. She doesn’t want anybody to know anything about her.

She makes it a mystery just taking a walk around the block. Sally reminds her that she had it hot and heavy for Nick Marone for a while and that takes no ordinary eye for men. Stephanie emphasizes that seems like every women who gets involved with Nick runs SCREAMING in the opposite direction at some point. Sally says and she thinks Fifi may have just run further? Stephanie shakes her head and confesses she doesn’t know. She just knows it’s been a battle between them their whole lives. And she doesn’t want her daughter to go back half way across the world thinking she doesn’t accept her for who she is and what she is. “I’ve made that mistake too many times, and I don’t want to do that this time.” She’s made an instant decision – she is going over there. Sally reminds her – 50 yards! Stephanie rationalizes that maybe Renee doesn’t know the phone is off the hook. What if Felicia tried to get in touch with her? Sally laughs that she is not going to stick around for this, but she does want to hear all about it.

Felicia hugs her dad and whispers that he didn’t tell her it was going to be a party. He tells her a lot of it is for her. She tells him he is still too smooth for his own good. And to Brooke she says she must need bifocals. She’s going to let a husband this good looking get away? Jackie laughs that now they know why she is her daddy’s pet. Ridge hugs her too and says not to worry about dad. He can’t stay unmarried any more than she can stay put! Thorne joins in and she tells them that absence really does make the heart grow fonder; Mother made her breakfast. Ridge offers that Thorne and Mother really need her help right now. They are in the process of muumuuizing America. Psychologically healthy clothing for the woman who is too proud to be shapeless. Thorne offers he thinks he’s capable of having his own conversation with Felicia.

She mentions that some things never change. And she tells Thorne she wishes she could say she was staying. That’s probably a little more polite than true. He tells her before she turns him down, at least have a little talk with him, one-on-one. She remarks she has already had her browbeating from Mother. Eric reminds them that perhaps Felicia isn’t feeling up to it. She admits no, it wasn’t that. She is cancer free. Brooke and Bridget both congratulate her, but it is a little awkward with Nick there saying that seriously, everyone in the room missed her. And Bridget saying she has intern’s disease now, and not to feel badly for crashing the party because everyone should be sick of them by now after trying to get married four times.

Stephanie quietly sneaks down to the guest house. Knocks softly on the door and when there is no answer, she tries the door and lets herself in. She immediately spots the phone and puts the receiver back in it’s cradle. She starts to leave then thinks better of it. She turns around and peeks back around as far as she can see. She calls out Renee’s name. Renee suddenly appears, in a pink robe and her hair freshly shampooed. Steph introduces herself. Renee says she knows who she is. Again, Stephanie rationalizes that the phone was off the hook and she was concerned. And actually what she wanted to do was to come over and invite her for breakfast. Renee tells her no thanks and she shouldn’t be here. Steph remarks well she knows her daughter thinks so, but what sort of hostess would she be?

And she takes a few more steps until she spies a baby crib in the next room and walks toward it, peers down over a darling, cute, little baby boy.

Jackie wonders to Eric when Stephanie is going to be there. He did invite her, didn’t he? He says no, why would he? She’d been nothing but a scourge to Nick and Bridget’s relationship. Jackie laments that she predicts, “we are not going to be able to keep Stephanie away from OUR grandchild.” Eric doesn’t see why not; she has absolutely no relation to that baby. She reminds him that being connected for so many decades is a hard habit to break. And whether they were married or not right now, that was secondary. He muses that if he took her out on the loading dock and started to make love to her, would that change her point of view about all of this? She answers, “well that is another habit that I hear is rather hard to break……grabbing other women.”

He sighs when is she going to stop punishing him for that? It’s all right; he knows he deserves it, but he’d like to put some sort of completion date on his calendar. So seriously, she asks is his calendar the five year kind? Painfully he replies no, and she laughs and says good, neither is hers.

Ridge says it’s time for another toast to his bad, bad, baby sister…..living in France, so decadent and unpatriotic. And for once, he agrees with Thorne. She needs to come back here and design for “us.” She admits she’d love to stick around and disrupt all their parties, but relocating was just not that simple. Ridge counters with that he really needs some decent competition here; like Thorne was going to keep him on his toes! Thorne quips that he knows how much he hates this office, so as soon as they paint the men’s room, Ridge can move right in. Felicia jokes that all they need is battle axes and a gladiator arena. Ridge says, “maybe we could warm up the audience for you and Mother --- speaking of battle axes.” Felicia wonders why they would want to inflict Mother and her on each other, in the workplace or anyplace? Eric puts some levity on the situation by saying he thinks what her two brothers are trying so awkwardly to express is that this is an opportunity for them to sort of regroup and bring this family back together. And Ridge offers that no one would have to fake a heart attack either. Eric offers that more than anything else, they owe it to Nick and Bridget for bringing them back together, to celebrate their union and for this baby that’s on the way. And to help them forget all their little grievances. And to realize that once again, that the only thing worth having, is having each other. They all give cheer to the toast with Felicia having a very serious look on her face.

Nick proclaims that he too wants to make a toast and follow that very poignant note. He wants to tell everybody in here that there never was a time that he didn't want to knock their heads together. They all protest and he continues, but he figured it out. “Why does this beautiful woman have such a big heart?” And then he realized it was because each of them had given her a piece of theirs. And he’s never had it better in his life. They’ve made his dreams come true, especially this dream and he wants to thank all of them. And now all he has to do is wake up and live those dreams. And that will be easy as he is waking up to “you” (he kisses Bridget). Everyone awwws in unison, except Felicia who looks mightily uncomfortable. In fact, she can stand it no more and she bolts out of the room. Ridge tells them he told them!

Felicia gets as far as the front desk and doubles over in pain. She cries out. She walks into Stephanie’s office and takes out a package of pills from her purse and pours herself a drink of water and takes the medication. Stephanie walks in and asks why didn’t she tell her? Tell her what, Mother? Stephanie replies, “why didn’t you tell me you have a baby?”

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