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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night continuation of Monday’s Episode:

Nick and Bridget stand outside the beach house all wrapped in each other’s arms. No regrets, no looking back, she is sure. Only complication – her roommate in there. Nick asks if she wants him to break it to Dante? She answers no, he’s been a good friend and she just wants to let him down easy. He deserves that much. She gives Nick a kiss.

Meanwhile inside, Dante is preparing a very special table, lighting candles, as he has a quick flashback of tucking Bridget in bed and kissing her goodnight. He says, “a perfect evening for a perfect woman.” Bridget walks in and he’s delighted she is back. He tells her dinner is ready, but she says they need to wait, she has something important to tell him first.

Down in Eric’s basement office, Stephanie literally catches Eric and Jackie in the act of kissing. She calls him a low-down snake and accuses him of slithering out of Brooke’s bed and into Jackie’s. She then proceeds to lowering the boom on him about his libido and keeping control of it; some things never change! He quips he must have as it was practically non-existent all the years he was with her. Jackie demands they stop; this is ridiculous. Stephanie comments that what is ridiculous is that she actually came down there to try to work out some sort of compromise. Eric’s ears perk up – compromise? She says yes, she is NOT blind. She sees what all of this is doing to the company and she didn’t want that. She didn’t think he wanted that either. But she argues, obviously she was wrong. She thought they could negotiate something. She berates him that he’s not the least bit interested in this family or this company. The only thing he can’t wait to do is get into her panties. He barks that he resents that. Steph follows with not half as much as she resents it!

At Insomnia, Nick walks in with shades on. He takes them off, looks around and makes a beeline to Brooke sitting at a table working. She’s surprised to see him. He says actually he had been tracking her down. He sits and tells her he has some news. He tells her that he and Bridget are back together. No more doubts, no more questions, they are completely committed to the marriage and this family. And he felt he should be the one to tell her that.

A big squabble ensues between Stephanie and Eric as she explains that once more his pathetic weakness for women gets in the way of there being any compromise or the company getting back together. He tells her to give the company back to him then. She replies no, it’s hers and if he continues to act this way, it will remain that way. She can hardly believe she came down there with a compromise. She throws it in his face that in years past he was always there at HER company and she raised the children. He says that is exactly where she wanted to be. But, she whispers he doesn’t have a clue what she wanted. Jackie picks up her purse and coat and says she is leaving. She doesn’t want to be caught in the middle of a lover’s quarrel. They both swing around and look at her for that remark.

Brooke is stunned but happy that Bridget took Nick back and asks how. He fills her in on the weakened cervix and taking it easy, not inviting the risk of a miscarriage. He confesses he was really scared with the thought of losing that little baby. He thought Bridget saw that and realized everything he had been saying was true.

Dante is relieved when Bridget tells him there was a scare but everything is all right with the baby. He tells her he knows he should have gone with her. She slowly tells him she wasn’t there alone. She moves her hand and he notices the rock back on her finger. He’s disappointed and damn mad. He doesn’t want to hear any more. He barks that whatever Nick told her was a lie! They argue back and forth when she says Nick says he loves her and Dante says she will be sorry if she takes him back. What does she want him to do; just sit back and watch her walk off a cliff? She accepts he may be right and maybe she is taking a huge leap of faith, but at least it’s one she believes in. He barks again that it IS a mistake. One she will have to deal with the rest of her life; the rest of the child’s life. He urges her to please think about it; think of all that has happened. She tells him she is putting all of that behind her. He states she does that by moving FORWARD. She looks him in the eye and as honestly as she can, he tells him she is.

Eric declares this is NOT a lover’s quarrel. Steph also says far from it! Jackie says yeah right; “you hate each other so much, you can’t bear to ignore one another.” He defends himself that it was Steph who barged into HIS office, not the other way around. She grouses she expected to do business, not walk into a love scene. Jackie says it sounds like jealousy to her. Steph fires back that she is repulsed. Jackie fires again that if Steph didn’t have feelings for Eric, she wouldn’t care. Steph snarks that the only feelings she has is one of disgust! Jackie reminds her of that very fine line between love and hate. Eric points out that line was crossed a very long time ago. Jackie wonders – here they are sparring like an old married couple. Eric responds with does she really think he could love Stephanie after all she has done. Steph is rocked – after all SHE has done? What about all HE has done? Jackie tells them to take a good long look at themselves. She was just telling him before Steph came in that there would always be something between them. They had a history together. They were married, they had children, they built a company…they built a LIFE! It sinks in to both but Eric offers that it is a life that neither wants anymore. Jackie asks is he sure about that? She says she will leave to let them answer that. He calls after her. He catches up to her and tells her she is wrong. She’s not too sure. Why are they fighting so hard? Is it for the company or something else? She gives Eric a light kiss on the cheek, glances at a perturbed Stephanie and leaves.

Brooke thinks Nick’s news is incredible. Nervously, he asks if she remembers once her telling him something about light coming out of the darkness? She says yes, sometimes it takes a crisis to put things in perspective. He agrees and thinks that is what happened. She tells him she is not happy about the scare to the baby, but happy the two of them found their way are back to each other, the way it has to be.

Dante raises his voice and continues to argue that he won’t let Bridget do this. She doesn’t expect him to be happy about it, but just accept it. The father of her baby wants a life with her. Dante says he doesn’t accept it and Nick is only doing this because he can’t have a life with her mother. Bridget tells him she is not going to listen to more of this. He accuses her that the truth hurts, doesn’t it? She says she is going to trust her husband. Dante wants to know why? What did he say today that hasn’t been said before? What promise did he make that hasn’t already been broken? Bridget admits he really didn’t have to say anything. It was the look on Nick’s face when he thought he was going to lose the baby. Dante claims this little reunion worked in Nick’s favor. He knew what was going on; her being vulnerable, and he saw the opportunity and took advantage of it. Bridget says Nick was there for her. Dante opines that he’s been there for her too; still is and will always be there for her. And it doesn’t matter if he’s not his child. It doesn’t matter to him. Bridget corrects him that it’s a girl. Dante is thrilled at that and tells her he will look out for both of them. She tells him she knows he would, and thanks him. Dante wonders if Nick is so committed to her, why does Bridget need so much convincing. She says she doesn’t anymore.

Eric agrees with Stephanie. It was the stupidest thing Jackie has ever said. And they both agreed they would not take each other back, ever! And soon they were arguing over her martinis when Eric said they stink! She lashes out that his singing stinks. Why would she want to volunteer to be tortured by that again? Eric asks why are they talking about this? She offers why are they even talking at all? Then let’s don’t. Fine. Before she leaves, Eric tells her she may not have anything better to do than hang around his office, but he’s busy. He grabs a notebook and starts to storm out. He turns and tells her that in the future if she had anything to say to him, send Megan down with a message. And then he says “excuse me” as dismissing her and storms out, and Stephanie slams the door behind him. And seethes.

Bridget apologizes to Dante. She never meant to hurt him. He’s been such a good friend and she’ll never forget that. Dante is still mad and she begs him not to make this any harder than it has to be. Dante tells her he can’t lose her. Not like this, to him! She tells him she has made her decision. He offers nothing good will ever come of her involvement with this man. She holds her tummy (let’s hope we don’t have to watch this gesture for nine months) and reminds him something already has. He asks how is a child of hers going to feel secure in a family if she doesn’t? She tells him she does. But, Dante says that is today. What if she comes home and finds Nick with her mother say a week from now, or a month. Then what? She’s not going to listen to idle suspicion. She asks if he is trying to make her doubt herself because she really, really doesn’t appreciate that? He tells her one more time that he moved to this city because of her. He is committed to her; always will be. She states that she never asked him to. He remarks that she doesn’t have to ask a damned thing of him. She had everything right there. She tells him, “except the father of my child. He’s my husband. I love him.” Dante hesitates, almost chokes on his words, but finishes by saying there is nothing more he can say. And he just prays to God that he never has to tell her, ‘I told you so.’ She walks into his arms and gives him a hug.

Nick has one more bit of news for Brooke. The baby is a girl. He says it made no difference to him as long as it was healthy. But, knowing now made it seem all the more real. It almost takes her breath away. She is low-key but trying to be terribly happy and tells him they are going to have so much to look forward to – the birth, bringing the baby home from the hospital, starting a new life together. Nick stammers that Bridget is back. A daughter. What more could he want? He looks at her a little too long. Then he stretches his hand out and takes hers. He focuses on her face again. He states that he should go. A tear falls from Brooke’s eyes. There’s a lump in her throat. He keeps looking at her.

She tells him to give Bridget her love. They say their “good-bye, Brooke. Good-bye, Nick.” (goodnight, John-Boy anyone?) Very slowly, he rises to leave. "Going Back Again" is softly playing in the background. He gives one last longing look from the window outside as he watches her quietly crying. Her world is crumbling apart.

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