B&B Monday Update 11/28/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/28/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of last Wednesday’s Episode:

In the doctor’s office, Bridget stands with tears in her eyes before the doctor with Nick behind her, holding his hands around her waist on her tummy. He asks the doctor to repeat what she just said – there is a problem with the baby?

At Forrester, in his basement office, Eric is trying to make do with his dingy digs. Jackie pops her face in also mentioning his newly relegated spot. He comments that it is Stephanie’s punishment for him, as though all the years living with her wasn’t punishment enough. Jackie quips that she sure must delight in seeing him suffer. Eric remarks that yes, she sits up nights thinking of new ways. Jackie laments it’s such a sad, sad waste of time. He agrees and says Stephanie is a sad woman these days consumed with seeking revenge. He never thought it would come to this, but it has and he wasn’t going to look back. He smiles at her and says why should he when looking ahead was so enticing?

Megan follows Stephanie as she marches into her office, discussing the press release for the new line. Stephanie says send it to Gill in P.R. department since that is his expertise. Stephanie sits and reflects – the nutcracker incident to Eric, his playing with the mannequin, jiggling the toilet, until she is interrupted by Taylor. Stephanie figures she has heard. Taylor takes her to task – what was she thinking? Stephanie offers she guesses she just wanted to humiliate him as much as he had humiliated her. But, Taylor asks how does she think this company is going to survive with her doing things like this, relegating Eric to the basement?

At the beach house, Dante is accosted by Brooke who thinks he should move out and on. He tells her she can’t be happy about this; that Nick is with Bridget only because of the baby. It sure bothers him! Brooke tells him she will tell him what’s true. Nick’s heart is with Bridget in every way it matters. He holds his finger up and tells her in every way but one! She begs him to please think about it. Nick and Bridget are finding their way back to each other and the baby is a big part of that, but not in the way he thinks.

The doctor tells Bridget that the baby is not in any immediate jeopardy, but there is an increased risk of a miscarriage. This is devastating to both Bridget and Nick. He shakes his head and comes forward and tells her that he doesn’t care what she has to do, how many specialists she has to bring in, just make sure she does that. “Because we are NOT losing this baby. It’s too important to her.“ He grabs Bridget by the neck and cradles her head on his shoulder and tells the doctor it was too important to both of them.

Jackie takes a shawl and drapes it over a naked mannequin and tells Eric that she wasn’t even sure she would find him here. It was her impression that Stephanie had had him terminated. Eric says actually she did, but he kept roaring back, challenging her for ownership of the company. Unfortunately the lawyers said a protracted legal battle could actually bring Forrester down. So reluctantly Stephanie had reversed her decision. Eric says she still has control, but he loves the company so much that he doesn’t care what conditions are, he’ll stay HERE until they get better. Jackie is sympathetic as she grits her teeth and says she could strangle Stephanie with her bare hands for treating him so deplorably. How could she do this to a man she supposingly loved? Eric is smiling and thinks it’s wonderful to hear her defend him like this. Almost makes it worthwhile the way Stephanie kicked him around to know Jackie still feels this way.

Taylor tells Stephanie she has every right to be hurt and angry and fight back. Stephanie says you bet she does! But Taylor continues, is it easing her pain or making her feel any better? Stephanie replies yes! Taylor thinks not, not the woman she sees standing there. She has a huge office but nobody to help her run it. And she reminds her that everyone has their faults, including Eric. While pouring coffee, Stephanie chuckles at this last remark. Taylor points out she is beginning to think this is a little more than her being angry about the trust…..there is a fine line between love and hate.

Brooke accuses Dante of not seeing anything good in Nick when it comes to Bridget. He offers that Nick almost ruined her life, so he’s sorry if he doesn’t like the guy. Brooke says even so, they are still married and she thinks Dante should step aside. He doesn’t see putting his feeling aside and give Nick another chance to prove himself again. He tells Brooke that he came half way around the world to be with Bridget; left his whole life behind. He joined her family’s company to be with her….a family he’d like to be part of someday. “So if you or Nick think I’m going anywhere, I’m not! Because I love Bridget too much.”

The doctor explains to Bridget and Nick that she has a weakened cervix which can sometimes be a problem as the baby gets heavier. It presses on the cervix and makes it open before the baby is ready to be born. Nick is all concerned, what can they do about it? Surgery, medication, some medical procedure? The doctor cautions them that they just need to keep an eye on things…though if there should be any bleeding……Bridget tries to calm Nick down that this is just a little scare and she’ll be careful. The doctor tells Bridget she is not going to suggest she cut back on her hours at the hospital or even bed rest, but she tells Nick to make sure his wife doesn’t overdo it. Nick tells the doctor that he’s sorry he got so upset before but he promises her that his wife will be taking it easy because she is the most important thing in the world to him…..and this little girl here (in tummy) is okay. He kisses Bridget on the forehead and they hug. Nick lets out a big sigh of relief.

Brooke tells Dante that he has been a Godsend to her daughter, but not to be holding out for a life with her. She doesn’t see that happening. And she’s just trying to spare him the disappointment. Dante tells her that he’s trying to spare Bridget a life with one of Brooke’s leftovers. Which, she should be thanking him for, but she wasn’t. They both knew why.

The nurse tells Bridget that at her last exam she did not want to know the sex of the child, but she had the information right there if they wanted to know. They look at each other; not sure, but Bridget finally says that since Nick is there to share it with, she’d like to know. So the doc tells them it’s a girl. And she’ll give them some privacy. They look at each other; they grin; they smile; they beam as Nick caresses her hair and tells her they are going to have a little girl. She was carrying their daughter inside of her.

Jackie wags her finger at Eric and pouts to him that she hasn’t completely forgiven him for dumping her for Brooke. Eric comments yet she is wearing the dress he gave her and it looks stunning on her, by the way. He slips off her coat and begins saying he would make some changes. He follows his fingers along her neckline, a little lower here, right here, to the V. She chides she is sure he would like that. He tells her take the dress off. Upon her surprise, he says he will make the alterations right there. She laughs and scolds him that he’s been a very naughty boy, and she might have to punish him…..except she thinks he’s suffered enough at the hands of Stephanie. Eric says, “Stephanie who?”

With a horrified look on her face, Stephanie tells Taylor she can’t believe she heard what Taylor just said. She thought she was a good psychiatrist and she is standing there and telling her she is still in love with Eric! Taylor tells her it doesn’t mean she’s a failure to admit she still has feelings. Stephanie scoffs that she never said she didn’t have feelings, but love? After the hell that man put her through? Taylor says she is not saying that he hasn’t hurt her and Stephanie is vulnerable, but is that logical or rational? But, is love anyway? Stephanie says she doesn’t even know why they are having this conversation. Too much has been said and happened to ever go back.

Taylor remarks that she knows Stephanie still admires qualities about him – his talent, his devotion to the company and the people who work in it. His devotion to his family, which by the way, is the most important thing they still share, their children. Taylor says she is not saying it will be easy, or even possible, but if there is some way she could just look past everything that has happened, perhaps there was a way. She could find a way for her and Eric to work together and run this company. And maybe in the process she could find some remnant of salvaging her marriage. Stephanie looks at her like Taylor has three heads.

With Eric kissing her little fingers, Jackie tells him this is not the time nor the place for what he has in mind though he thinks it is the perfect time and perfect place. She holds out that before anything at all happens again, she has to be sure. She pushes his little fingers away. He thinks she means Brooke, but she remarks no, Stephanie. He tells her not to be silly. Not Stephanie if she was the last woman on his earth. But, Jackie comments she was not. She was the woman he fell in love with….married…..had children with….built a company with…a company that Stephanie now controls ….a company that he ADORES. That is a possibility that he’d get back with Stephanie, if only to get back Forrester Creations. He denies it, but she tells him whether he acknowledges it or not, there are feelings there. Softly she says she can not afford being jilted, again IF, IF she lets him back in. He understands this, given the mistakes he has made. About this moment, Stephanie walks toward his ‘office’ and stops just outside the door when she hears Jackie’s voice. She hears Eric say that there is no possible way he would go back with Stephanie. Does Jackie even know what Stephanie has become? How bitter and angry she is? “Not when there’s you. So warm and wonderful. And supports me in a way she never did. And never will.”

Stephanie is absolutely devastated and a look of heartbreak passes over her face as she sees Eric kiss Jackie.

Brooke tells Dante to please not make this about her and Nick. She had the best of intentions coming there. Dante says he’s sorry, but it’s driving him crazy. Because he just wants what is best for Bridget and the baby. And he can’t just leave her daughter to a man who will hurt her. He’s done so much damage already. And now he has regrets and wants to make it up to Bridget. And the child. And God forbid if something happened to that child. He just has to wonder. And he wonders if she is thinking about that too?

Nick holds Bridget and tells her it’s been quite a rollercoaster. And he can probably admit on one hand the times he has been scared, and that was one of them. She tells him thank God things are all right now. He offers maybe better than in a long time. He pours out his heart to her. She means so damn much to him. He wishes he had the words to make her believe that. He knows if he can’t find those words, he might lose her and that little girl. And the thought of not having the two of them in his life, just kills him. She tells him to please stop. But, he’s facing her and saying no, he won’t. He’s said it before but he wants her to really, really listen. He says he can not undo the past nor can he fix the pain she has felt. But, he can promise to love her and this child the rest of his life with every CELL of his body. In small ways, in big ways, in every way he can. But in order to do that, she has to let him in. Maybe he’s asking too much and he doesn’t have a right to ask. She tells him she will admit she just wanted to hate him. She’d tried really hard to hate him, but just looking at him here….she saw that fear and that joy that crossed over his face. It made her realize how important their daughter really was to him and what he wanted from her. He adds, "and us, and us, don’t forget us. You and me. Our marriage. Our future. The question is, do you love me. Do you love me in that special way?

Tears welling up again, she simpers a barely audible yes. He tells her to come over here. He hoists her up on the table and asks can he put the baseball cap on her? She agrees. He cups her face and wipes her tears away. Then he pulls her ring out of his pocket and wants to put it on and make something very clear. That she’s never going to take this off again because she’ll have no reason. Because he’ll never give her one. “You have my vow, and my pledge to love you forever. The three of us forever!”

He bends down and tenderly kisses her tummy twice.

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