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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/22/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

New day, Forrester Family Feud, Take 2

At Forrester, Megan tries to stop Stephanie from going into ‘her’ office but too late; Stephanie slips right by asking for coffee and a roll. Quite dismayed, she finds Eric in 'his’ chair going over designs. She asks what is he doing in her office. Nonchalantly, he offers that her powers of observation are slipping, as he points to the door. There's a new or rather the old nameplate, Eric Forrester, is back upon the door. He states, “it’s a brand new day.” And her jaw tightens.

At Tridge Mansion, Taylor walks through the living room talking, expecting to find Ridge there. Instead she overhears voices on the patio. It’s Brooke and Ridge discussing Forrester and their right to take it back. She wastes no time in walking out and interrupting with an especially cheery good morning. Then she mentions Destiny Designs. Ridge tells her that he was going to tell her about that today (what was wrong with yesterday or the day before that?. She knows how he feels about his mother taking over. Well, he wasn’t going to sit back and let her destroy all the hard work he and Brooke had put into Forrester. They tell her about the bluff, of initially going into business together, figuring that Stephanie would rather have them at Forrester than anyplace else.

Taylor laughs and asks Brooke why is it that the shortest distance between two points is always a convoluted plot with her? Ridge has to confess that it wasn’t Brooke’s idea, but his. And he is sorry that she had to find out this way, but she knows how much F.C. means to him. Taylor reminds him that all is not lost for him. His mother wants him back and if he wasn’t so busy trying to shove Brooke down her throat, it could happen today. Brooke speaks up and confidently says, actually it already has.

Stephanie slips the nameplate out of it’s holder and tosses it on Megan’s desk and tells her to throw that in the dumpster. Eric chides that he sees she has had her daily breakfast of staples and nails. She tells him quite frankly get out of her office! He says he is afraid he can’t do that. Oh, she gets it, she smarts - he’s been given the kiss-off. He tells her it was quite amicable. She rubs it in, “you sap!” She chuckles, “well, I’ll admit this might change things, but don’t think you can come crawling back and think we’ll pick up where we left off." (pointing finger). He states that he has missed all those romantic talks. She tells him he makes it very difficult for her to be sweet and generous to him, and why in the world would she want him working for her? He counters with why in the world would HE want HER working for him? “It’s not like you have any skills beyond the theatrical!” She snarls, “work for you? Oh my God, you’ve snapped!”

He hands her a piece of paper. She takes it and reads it, “Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). Then he demands, “now, get the hell out of my office!”

Thorne is working in his office when Darla sneaks in. She tells him good morning, handsome, and a cup of Joe. He motions for her to come around the desk and pats on his lap for her to sit. She does and he kisses her and is being frisky and says everybody else talks about the sex in their offices, what does she think? She thinks they personally make better use of the bedroom than they do. They kiss a few more times and she asks where was he so bright and early? He was up and gone before the alarm went off. He offers that he has so many ideas and things to do that it just wakes him up. She reminds him he needs to pace himself. He doesn’t have to earn this job; it’s his!

Taylor needs more explanation and Brooke tells her that every once in a while legal justice has to have something to do with fairness. Promises were made to those who helped build Forrester, and they accepted them on good faith. Sarcastically, Taylor states she doesn’t know how much good faith was used when keeping the trust a secret. Ridge reminds her that wasn’t his doing. Taylor then offers she doesn’t know how much more upheaval this company can take. But, why isn’t Brooke out celebrating with her husband, or something? Brooke lets her know she and Eric had the marriage annulled. This surprises Ridge who says thank God she finally came to her senses. She tells him it was Eric. He had this incredible romantic evening with music, champagne and candles. He wanted her to know how much he loved her…..by setting her free. She tells Ridge that she loves Eric too…..but he finishes, they all know she married him to protect Bridget. Taylor opines that now once again this means that Brooke is unattached again. Brooke starts to explain, she knows what Taylor is thinking. Taylor quickly offers that normally she doesn’t give her ANY thought, except when she comes out and finds her standing on her patio…..what she is thinking is poor Bridget! And poor Nick!

Stephanie steps out and tells Megan to call the boys in Security and that Butler guy who represented her. If she can’t find the number, Massimo will have it. When she walks back in, Eric is talking to his lawyer on the phone, something about her finding it hard to accept. She says she is shaking in her boots if that is Jonathan. He apprises her that Jonathan no longer represents him, and would she just please read the document. She takes it and rips it right into and tosses it over her shoulder. He tells her that was issued by the Superior Court. Yeah, right, she surmises that cockamamie thing was something he and the shyster cooked up in the middle of the night. He says he and his new lawyer made an ex-parte pleading. She informs him she has not been notified of any court proceedings. He tells her that is what ex-parte means ‘darling’, it goes into effect as soon as she is served. She spits on the floor and tells him that is what she thinks of his court order!

Megan walks in with Security, two husky men and Stephanie immediately tells Jimmy to escort this gentleman out of the office. Eric tells Jimmy if he does, he will be violating the law. He asks him to pick up the document on the floor and then asks Clarence how long has he worked in that building.

Clarence says years. Stephanie tells Jimmy not to worry about the document being torn; her lawyer will be there soon and straighten it all out. Megan informs Stephanie that Butler can’t represent her any more; Mass took him off the case. Eric offers that can’t surprise her very much if she deals Ridge out, she can’t expect Mass to stay in her corner. And will the boys escort her out to the parking lot. She returns the favor by telling them they can escort Mr. Forrester out to the parking lot. And they both jab each other that Security is to make sure they don’t take anything with them. And she fires for them to remember who signs their paychecks! When she asks Megan to call this Gloria person, and Megan suggests maybe they should go out for coffee and discuss this, they both simultaneously say, “it’s too late for that!”

Brooke and Ridge walk back into the house and she laments that she is so sick of everyone thinking she is out to steal her daughter’s husband (check your track record, Brooke). Taylor offers that the only people’s opinions that really matters, is Bridget and Nick’s. And she wants to remain off limits when it comes to them when Ridge asks if Nick came to her as a patient. She says but at least he is trying to deal with it in a healthy way instead of trying to find someone new in the family to marry. Ridge states that it was his ego that couldn’t handle that Logan wasn’t that interested in him to begin with. Brooke reveals that all she is interested in is their stake in the company, and today they are going to get that back.

Thorne hangs up the phone and tells Darla that was Megan. She said Mom and Dad are going at it again. He could hear them yelling and they weren’t even in the room. Should he let them kill each other, or go stop it? She says he could send them a Presidential memo or rap their knuckles with a Presidential stapler. He tells her somebody has got to get some work done around there. His mother expects some size 12 gowns for her golf buddies to make them look like Sophia Loren. He wishes Ridge would get on board. She tells him let Ridge pout if he wants to; hire another new team. He’s the President, he can do anything he wants. He tells her that he cares, more than he’d want anyone but her to know. But, the one thing he will never forget, he already has. Back to sealing it with a kiss or two or three.

Brooke calls Megan from her car phone and tells her she just pulled in, she will be right there. She glances and spies a CD on the passenger seat – it’s Nick’s.

She slips it in the player. We see flashbacks of Brooke and Nick, all with Hope frolicking in the water, makes faces, playing with the dollhouse, sick in the hospital. Tears roll down her cheek as she realizes this is all it’ll ever be, just memories.

The new lawyer picks up the torn document from the floor and says it appears their TRO has had a mishap. Eric points out that he is looking at her. Stephanie asks if Eric told him that she was stupid? He asks if she understands the phrase contempt of court? She counters with,“do you understand ‘get out of my office, Mr. S.O.B.’, now!”

He hands her another copy to familiarize herself with. She takes it and rips it up and again throws it over her shoulder. She states that the Stephanie Douglas Trust gives her 100% of the assets to this company and THAT is the legal issue. He informs her the judge has restrained her from considering them hers and that her business account has been frozen except for payroll. She’s flabbergasted; she has a business to run here, an inventory to create. He replies perhaps she can run some fabric from home. She hones her jaw and evil eye upon him. Brooke walks in and Eric introduces his lawyer to her. Stephanie speaks up vehemently to let them know Brooke is an EX-CEO and they’ve both been fired. Brooke recognizes the lawyer as the Silicone Shark from a big case he was on. Steph points to him and says she has been swimming with sharks all of her life. Brooke informs him that Stephanie had her office locked. He asks for the key, but Stephanie points out that nothing gets unlocked until HER lawyer arrives.

Suddenly the room is filled as Taylor, Ridge and Thorne pour in. Thorne accuses his mother of giving his office back to Ridge and Ridge maintains that she didn’t; he just said he was taking it back. Eric introduces his sons to his lawyer and says he is not adverse to giving Thorne a position while he and Ridge and Brooke stay on in charge. Stephanie mouths this is so generous of him. Does he thinks that she’s going to stand there and let him steal the company from her a second time?

Ms. Go Get ‘Em lawyer, Gloria Schiller arrives and makes her presence known. She shakes hands and tells Stephanie not to worry about a thing. Gregory Moorehouse holds his hand out, she doesn’t shake and tells him she knows all about him – he’s scum! She tells Stephanie that she’s up to speed as she had papers faxed and talked with Judge Krantz on the way over. She quickly looks at Brooke and Ridge and says, “you and you, out.” And nodding at Eric and his lawyer, she would see them in court, criminal court. Moorehouse holds up the document and she denounces his cute little TRO and that he forgot to mention that this man (Eric) is guilty of calculated fraud perpetrated for over 40 years, which makes him an accessory to conspiracy after the fact. “And you can kiss your next 15 years goodbye, and that’s with good behavior.”

Big satisfied look and gesture from Stephanie looking to Eric and a sour one from Eric as he turns to face his lawyer.

Thorne tells Ms. Schiller that he doesn’t know where she came from, but putting is dad in jail is not the solution. And Steph replies it might make them look bad. She says she was just beating her chest; this case of fraud is a mess. She can’t exactly even contend that she led a life of deprivation; was she happy? Stephanie replies yes, a long time ago. Thorne asks if this TRO means they are all out? She replies technically it’s an attempt to turn back the clock, yes. And Thorne admits if they carve out a role for ‘them’ that would be fair. Steph speaks low and reminds him ‘they’ don’t want to be included; they want to kick them out on the street.

On the other side of the room, the other group is huddling, speaking low as well. Moorehouse says to trust him, no one is going to jail unless Mrs. Forrester trashes the TRO. Brooke wants to know if they can have her arrested? Ridge asks isn’t there an argument for such a fact that they don’t know what they are doing? He explains they all worked there for their entire lives. There is no way they will walk away with out a big chunk of it. But, Ridge counters it will be a chunk of nothing if they let his mother run it into bankruptcy. Moorehouse says he needs something to bargain with. The trust is air tight! Eric says unacceptable when Moorehoue asks what if he ends up losing this office. Brooke suggests they use her as a bargaining chip. Stephanie is only doing this because she hates her so much. Eric says no; he will lose this office before he loses Brooke.

Moorehouse catches Schiller’s attention and asks if he can see her. She says one moment and turns and tells Stephanie they can’t just ignore the TRO. Steph figures tearing it up was a big mistake. Schiller dispels that by saying drama is never a mistake, and maybe she can take the teeth out of it if she knows what her bottom line is. Steph quickly thinks and tells her this office is hers, but if Eric wants to designs at home and send them in for approval…..Schiller says that might fly. And Steph nods her head toward ‘them’ and says the only job SHE gets is parking lot attendant.

Schiller turns around and announces that those who want to play somebody has to pay, that’s the rule. Taylor points out to the other side that they should be making the decisions, not two people who they hardly even know. Ridge conjures up that how can they when Mother insists on having everything her way? Stephanie replies well she owns the company. Who else should make the decisions? Brooke barks that she only had a $100,000 interest, that’s all. And Eric adds what of all the stocks she has given away over the years, are they still valid? She needs to ask Gloria. And Eric points out he’s been paying capital gain taxes all these years, he wants that back. They quibble over tax gains and liens over their improperly paid salaries over the years, each side thinking they have the upper hand.

Brooke makes mention of the taxes that Steph will have to pay for 40 years of now what she claims is HER income. Moorehouse speaks up and says Brooke is a keeper. Stephanie replies, “actually she’s a time share. Why don’t you take her down to the broom closet. You’re the only man in the house who hasn’t had her.” She tosses the key toward him, but Brooke intercepts. She announces she will be in her office when they figure all of this out. They all start squabbling at once, she throws the keys to Ridge. Eric puts a halt to everybody and wants to know from Moorehouse and Schiller, for the love of God, who’s running this company? Stephanie barks that she is! Ridge says he should be. And Brooke lays her hand on Eric’s shoulder and says he is! And Thorne says and pay no attention to the President.

Eric barks again that they need an answer and they need it now! Do they or do they not have one? Moorehouse states that yes, they do. Everyone looks from one to the other, waiting for this big solution.

Stay tuned for Family Feud Part III.

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