B&B Monday Update 11/21/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/21/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night continuation of Friday’s Episode:

At the Malibu beach house, Dante urges Bridget to sign the divorce papers. He tells her that she’s holding on to a marriage that is already dead. The papers came earlier in the day and he and Stephanie sprang them on Bridget. Nick just happened to come by.

Nick tells her the marriage is just beginning. And not to give up on them. She touches her tummy lovingly and swears to him that he pledged his life to her mother. He’d been acting like a devoted husband, so excited about having this child with her, but the whole time he was longing for Brooke? And now that the divorce papers had come, he wants her to forget all about that and believe that he’s changed overnight. He reminds her it isn’t overnight and she knows that. “Search your heart, stay true to that.” She tells him that he expects her to come around after he’d lied to her and hid things from her? And she vows that she did not want a life full of insecurity and games. Nick storms well neither does he! And not to forget, he wasn’t the one who started this. He thinks somebody ought to be man enough to step up and admit their part in this! She asks if he means Dante? Nick asks her what about the lies about the abortion? The tests that she put him through? Those were NOT his idea and he didn’t think they were hers either. He thinks he knows her a little better than that.

Dante speaks up and reminds him that Bridget was unhappy long before that. Nick had told her that he loved her mother. Nick denounces that as he was trying to be honest about everything. And he turns to Dante and fires at him that believe it or not, they had a loving, truthful relationship before HE came to town. He takes Bridget by the shoulders and strongly suggests that he wants that back. No more fake abortions, no more fake love sessions by the pool or fake marriages or fake relationships. Softly, he says he wants to start a new beginning and he thinks she does too, he can feel it. He pleads passionately that they can have that back. He slips the papers from her hand and says he is tearing them up. Dante moves fast, he grabs the paper out of Nick’s hands and tells him, “like hell! You’re a son of a bitch. That’s all you’ve ever been.”

Meanwhile over in Brooke’s bedroom, Eric clinks his champagne glass against hers. “Here’s to a new understanding. A deeper commitment on my part to fulfilling your deepest desires.” She tries to speak but he won’t let her. This is his night and no, no, no, she can’t talk until it is over. He tells her she is wonderful; she’s amazing and that she affects him like no other woman ever has or ever will again. He confides that she ignites a passion in him, something he can’t even control. He says he’s able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (funny, I thought that was Superman!). The idea was filled with greatness to fly to Vegas and marry for Bridget, to restore the family name…and company. And a risk, but he didn’t care. Because he was starved for her. “I was tortured watching you deal with your yearnings there.” She tries to interfere again and again he hushes her and continues. He vows that now he’s going to fulfill those needs in a way she never thought possible. There’s no need to thank him; plenty of time to thank him later. He tells her that when he told Stephanie about them, she just laughed at him. She told him that he wouldn’t be able to hold on to Brooke. And he had told her that even if it just lasted a week, it would be the happiest week of his life. And sure enough, she had given him more happiness, more joy, more of everything that he could ever have expected. It hadn’t turned out like he expected, but then nothing really does with Brooke. He gives a toast, “so here’s to this marriage, this madcap, wonderful, ill-conceived marriage….and here’s to….here’s to it’s conclusion. Here’s to you, honey….to your freedom.” Glasses clink again.

Brooke is speechless. Does he mean he’s leaving her? Leaving her? That would imply that he’d actually had her. He goes on – they’re tried to do something wonderful; for Bridget. It wasn’t a very good idea; she never bought it. And, in fact, it didn’t work for them either. And he thinks that is probably what she was coming there to tell him exactly the same thing. She tells him she felt so horrible for putting him through this. He wags his finger at her and tells her not to do that. No regrets, okay? This was fun and they are going to have more good times together, they will. As grandparents, he can’t wait to have that little baby call her gramma. And they have new bridges to build. He says he’s going to get the company back from Stephanie. He’s got some new people lined up and a whole new line of attack. She tells him that he’s incredible. And there is a woman lucky enough to have him. She IS out there. He tells her he believes that too. So their wild ride, part two, come to an end.

He takes the drink from her hand and sits it down. Then he takes her left hand and removes her wedding ring and lays it on the table. Likewise with his own, laying side by side.

They gaze at each other and he tells her that damned if he doesn’t still love her. Tears welling, she tells him she loves him too. He says yeah, yeah, and he hugs her. Then says now that the pressure is off, you know, he really hates to see that bed go to waste. Any interest in it at all? She giggles; he kisses her forehead and plays with her hair as she giggles again.

Dante says he knows about family….and he never wanted hers to be torn apart. He faces Bridget and tells her it is just a question of now or later. How many times can this guy hurt her? And he doesn’t want him to do it again. He gives a flowerily speech about her generous heart, but when she’s sad, the light goes out in her; it’s gone. It dies a little. How many times is she going to let him do that to her? He asks if she wants to end up like Taylor…..married to a man who can’t let go of her mother! Nick offers that he is NOT Ridge. Stephanie scoffs and says that Dante is right. Nick may think he’s not, but he’s no different than the rest of them. Nick still differs; he’s not like any of them. Steph points and barks that he keeps saying that, but she’s seen Brooke get under other men’s skin. Strong, determined men like him.

Dante tells Bridget that he loves her and he doesn’t love anybody else! Nick saunters up to her and puts his head almost to her ear and whispers that he knows he has to win her trust back. And he will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes, but it can’t happen if Dante is there. Bridget says he has no place to go. Nick offers that they have plenty of hotels in L.A. and (looking at Dante) he’ll take him himself. Bridget is forceful – he’s not going anyplace tonight! Nick says fine, then let her pack the bag and he’ll take her to stay on the boat. Steph tells her to do no such thing. Dante badgers her again to sign the papers. Steph says Dante will help raise this child. Nick barks that NOBODY is raising his child. Bridget loses it and bellows to all of them to just stop it! Nick quickly take her by the arm and ushers her out of the room and says he needs five minutes with her, alone.

On the porch, he tells her this is wrong. What’s going on here, all this arguing and bickering and this high manipulation. She lashes at him that he has no right to tell her who can and who can not stay at her house. He softens and agrees with her. But, that is his child and he has a right to raise his child. But, he does not want to do that without her. They’ve lost a lot of time; a lot of precious time. And he doesn’t want to do that anymore. “I’m asking you to trust me and let me be in your life.” The way it should be; the three of them. And she won’t regret it. And he’s going to say it until he’s blue in the face because he means it….and he will never disappoint her again……never! She has a wistful look on her face; she wants to believe him.

Jackie is alone at her boutique working late. Her mind wanders as she picks up a brochure from Forrester and she thinks of Eric. A shadowy figure slips in the door. Without getting up, she dismisses it by saying they are closed and guessed she neglected to lock the door. She’s sorry but she’s going to have to ask him to leave. He slips past a rack of clothes, then turns around and says he’s looking for something very special. She sees it’s Eric. He’d like something elegant for someone very dear to him and he’d like to give it to her tonight. She’s polite but cool and tells him he will have to shop someplace else. There are plenty of other places that are not closed. He opines none that are as special as hers. She states that having something made up at Forrester is not an option; a bit awkward with Stephanie in charge. She shyly sinks into her chair and adds there is no reason to come here and torment her. He’s serious but slightly amused at the same time and tells her that he would never do that, but he does have his heart on finding something from there. She gives in and finally says okay, just pick it out and leave. He tells her he will need some help and points the way. She throws her pen down and tells him he is not even looking at Brooke’s size. She goes and picks the first hot little number she can find, it has lots of cleavage she tells him ….no, no, here’s another, completely see-through, perfect! Eric disagrees, no, no, he had something a little more elegant…..something with more class. She mutters, “pearls before swine.” He looks and picks out a classic black dinner dress and she is galled. That wouldn’t even fit Brooke….not even suit Brooke. He says fine, he’ll take it. Miffed, she says Brooke wouldn’t be caught dead in that. But, if its what he wants, be sure and read the return policy. He asks if she takes returns. And she retorts only if the goods are not damaged. He replies again, no problem, he’ll take it. She unceremoniously crams it in a shopping bag very brusquely. Then he asks if she will please gift wrap it for him? Her mouth about flies open, but she grabs a nearby box and crudely dumps the dress from the bag to the box and throws the bag to the floor. No folding, no pretty paper, just plops it in front of Eric. Straightfaced, he asks if there is a card?….and a pen? (I think she’d have rather given him a derringer.) She grabs a card and slams it toward him and waits impatiently as he writes on it. When he’s finished, he even has the audacity to ask her if she would please read it for him? She says no. He says it would mean a lot to him. Reluctantly she begins coldly with no feeling, “please forgive me. I am an idiot, Jackie.” She realizes what she has and looks up at him and then her voice softens as she finishes…..”and let me love you the way you deserve to be loved, Eric.”

He tells her that his marriage is over. It never should have happened in the first place. Is there any chance he could take her to dinner? She laughs and says there is ALWAYS a chance. Seriously, but, she will warn him, “you are going to have to pay!” He agrees, whatever it takes. She tries to hold back a smile.

Nick tells Bridget he is not asking her to forget what happened. He’s asking her to re-connect, to try to think of good things, of good times, about how they fell in love. His words caress her and he indeed puts his arms around her. He tells her to let him hold her and to think back to the foundation that they built together. Just let him hold her and think of that. We see Bridget having flashbacks of happier times – Nick singing Soul Reason to her, playing cards, dancing, at their wedding (the real one); sledding, kissing in the rain by the pool, Nick throwing rose petals on the bed. He caresses her face and whispers he wants that, for the rest of their lives. He’s so sorry. He tells her he is so sorry. She leans her head toward him. He turns her to face him and tells her the third time he is so sorry. He loves her so much. He takes her in his arms, kisses her on the forehead and her tears begin to flow as they cling to each other.

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