B&B Tuesday Update 11/15/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/15/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

New morning at Marone Industries, Ridge’s office:

Not a very happy camper, Ridge slams down a stack of trade magazines on the desk for Massimo to see. Mass says you can’t blame them for being skeptical with this new team at Forrester’s. Ridge scoffs at the new team; it’s a disaster waiting to happen in his opinion.

Mass grumbles that if he knew this is what Stephanie had in mind, he would not have helped her get that trust validated. He had assumed that all he was doing was helping clear the way for Ridge to take his rightful place at the head of the company. Ridge barks that obviously his mother has other plans, and he’s mad as hell! He continues farther that he’s put his heart and soul into FC and has done more to make it a success than Thorne, his Dad or Rick combined. He thinks he deserves to take the reins; he’s earned that! He pours himself a cup of coffee while Mass says he agrees with Ridge, and he intends to make his mother see that. When Ridge asks how, Mass says he has drawn up a document for Stephanie and she IS going to sign it. Ridge asks what kind of document. Mass says not to worry, not to worry at all. He’s going to take care of this. Ridge says actually he has a few ideas of his own. Maybe this will be the old one, two punch to finally get through to his mother.

At the beach house, Bridget lets herself in and spies the table all elegantly set for breakfast. Dante is parading around shirtless (is there any other way?) getting ready to wait on her hand and foot. He tells her he hopes she didn’t eat at the hospital as he’s prepared his famous Italian breakfast pizza. She proclaims she worked all night without any breaks. She takes off her jacket and tells him he shouldn’t have. He gives her that old ‘likes to pamper her’ routine and she’s ‘eating for two’, so he pulls out her chair and starts the pampering. He pours her the orange juice and she grabs a strawberry. He asks if she got his message last night and she admits she hadn’t; she went straight to the hospital from her mom’s. Of course, the subject turns to Nick. He knows she was hoping that if Nick and her mom quit denying their feelings, they’d get together, but obviously it didn’t turn out that way. She fills him in that this is not what they want anymore; they say their time has come and gone. Dante is adamant, she can not let him back in after all the times he has broken her heart.

Jackie is on The Marlin with Nick and asks is it officially over with Brooke? He replies yes. Whatever it takes, as long as it takes. She goes on and on that this is a wonderful testament to his love for Brooke. They could have made love the other night but he didn’t because he wanted Brooke to be able to look at her daughter and her little baby granddaughter and to know she’d done nothing ever to betray them. And he’s made the ultimate sacrifice. He urges her not to use that word. She also says he is a man of integrity. He states he is just a man who has made a decision, and he’s determined to stick to it.

Stephanie is working in her office at her desk when Mass lets himself in, and declares that he has spoken with Ridge and he’s upset and at war with Stephanie. And rightfully so. He then goes on to say, “now look, Stephanie, you’ve had your fun. You banished Eric and Brooke, and rewarded Thorne and Taylor, but now…….” He lays a document in front of her. She inquires what it is? He informs her that it is a contract that gives control of FC to the one person who deserves it – Ridge. She looks a little skeptical. He pushes it closer and tells her he expects her to sign it. She glances at it and states that she can not do that. She can not if there is the slightest chance in this world that Brooke will exercise any sort of control over Ridge.

Extremely cheerful, Ridge greets ‘Logan’ in his office and she wants to know what this is all about. He boasts that it’s about “you and me, back in business, together.” And he holds up a new Destiny board. She asks if he is serious? He assures her he is and he can not go back to Forrester’s as long as his mother is running things. And he’s not going to sit around and twiddle his thumbs, and somehow he doesn’t think she will be into that either.

He tells her to admit it; this excites the hell out of her. With a name like Destiny Designs, how could they lose? Brooke is pumped; she exclaims she can just see Stephanie’s face now. She will go insane! They get joy out of poking fun at Stephanie if she knows they are working side by side, night after night, working so close, her worst nightmare. He thinks it’s a no-brainer. She says yes and no. She’s thrilled that he wants to work with her on this, but she was hoping they hadn’t exhausted all the options of regaining control of Forrester. He says that is exactly it. That’s what Destiny Designs is all about.

Mass states the obvious that Brooke is the mother of Ridge’s child. Stephanie pops up from behind her desk and shouts at him, “oh puuleze! Taylor is the mother of his other three children. What the hell does that have to do with anything?” And if he wants to talk about that – Brooke is just the kind of woman who’d use her child to wheedle her way back into this company if she puts him in charge. Mass isn’t buying it. They argue and he calls her naïve. Does she really think she can run a major fashion house solo? She stands with hands on hips and barks at him, “well, thank you for the vote of confidence. I have Thorne and I have Taylor.” He vigorously points out that is a lightweight and a shrink – a ringing endorsement for her new vision for the company. She fires back that her new vision is designing clothes for a woman that emphasizes her intelligence instead of all about bodices and boobs and skirts hiked up to here (she gestures). That’s what Brooke wants, but that’s not what she wants for Forrester. She is passionate when she says she wants to design clothes for a woman who can feel good about herself, whether it be a size 6 or 16. He says he does understand what she is saying and he agrees that she does have a point. But, he argues that to re-invent a company that is a sure winner is a risk at best. And that is the reason she needs Ridge sitting behind that desk. His instincts with fashion are flawless. “I can’t think of a better reason to recommend him to be in total control than that, can you?” She looks at him sort of cock-eyed as she contemplates.

Nick explains that he wants to commit to Bridget and his child. She understands that but also knows it’s not going to be easy to give up Brooke, not completely (gee, Mom, haven’t we had this speech about 14 times before?). That’s where the shrink comes in, he tells her. She’s flabbergasted that he’s seeing a therapist. He stammers that he did once. And that he will do anything it takes to get Bridget to realize she can trust him. And she CAN trust him…..even if others tell her she can’t.

Dante continues to pound away that Bridget can’t trust Nick. He’s just another man who fell hard for her mother; another man who won’t be entirely over her. He takes her hand thought she’s barely looking at him, not wanting to hear this. He tells her he’s seen enough of her mother to know he’ll never be interested in her in any way. “You are the only girl for me.” He knew that the first moment he saw her, and any man should see that her mother doesn’t hold a candle to her. He kisses her hand. She can’t help but crack a little smile.

Stephanie tells Mass that she loves Ridge and it’s breaking her heart that he isn’t here with her working side by side. He shoves the paper at her and tells her to do something about it before the harm becomes irreparable. She offers that she has. She’d told Ridge he could be in charge of everything in the company as far as designs go. Mass argues but then in the same breath she elevated Thorne to the presidency. “Ridge answering to Thorne, come on.” She stares him down and says she is not going to justify any business decision she makes to him or anyone else! He accuses her of basing all of this on a personal agenda. She fires back, so what if she is? At least Brooke is out of the company. They banter back and forth about is she really? After all, she is now Mrs. Eric Forrester. Stephanie says she doesn’t care what Mass thinks about her decision, and she doesn’t care what Eric and Brooke do, just as long as she stays away from Ridge.

So, Brooke surmises this Destiny Designs is all a well calculated bluff? Ridge offers that all it will take is for her to think about them starting a new company, and Brooke finishes that she’ll be begging him to come back and run things at Forrester. And he states that as soon as he gets the company back, he’ll re-instate her and Dad, it’s foolproof. Brooke asks about Taylor. She knows how sensitive she is about them. Wouldn’t that be playing with fire? He tells Brooke yes if he and Taylor weren’t getting along so well, but they are. So he’ll just have to explain to her later the ruse of starting the company. He claps his hands and says, “So, Logan, are you in?” She responds, “absolutely!…..if only to see Stephanie’s face when she sees this.” He picks up the Destiny board and caresses it and says they let Forrester slip through their fingers, but they are getting it back…….getting it back today!

Nick confides in his mother that Dante is one of these other skeptical people. She knows he has feelings for Bridget too. Nick says yes, he’s in love with her and he’s never done anything to cause her to doubt him, like Nick has. She replies that re-building trust is not always possible. She learned that the hard way with his father, but he and Bridget shared something very special. Nick opines that they still do. He knows that and deep down, he thinks she knows that too. He grabs his keys and says he’s going to go find her and makes sure she still sees it.

Bridget finishes her breakfast and tells Dante he is without a doubt the most dearest man; always taking care of her and fixing all these meals for her. Championing his own cause, he takes her hand and tells her just say the word, it could be like this the rest of their lives. Her smile turns into a yawn; not exactly the reaction he was hoping for. She apologizes, it’s just that she is sooooooo tired. He convinces her to let him put her to bed. He even scoops her up in his arms and takes her. She laughs that she could get used to this, as he calls her baby.

Stephanie is still cleaning out her desk when she hears Ridge’s voice in the hallway. She greets him with a “hi, honey” and a smile….until right behind there is Brooke. She sours as she tells her that she is not welcome in this building anymore. Ridge tells Brooke that is just the kind of abuse she is not going to have to put up with anymore. He then tells his mom that they wanted to give her some information before she heard the rumors. She says okay.

He holds up the placard. She reads, “Destiny Designs.” Brooke adds, “for the unforgettable woman.” She glares at Brooke and grinds her teeth as Ridge tells her they are starting their own fashion house. She stares back at them in amazement.

Dante sits on the edge of the bed and strokes Bridget’s hair as she falls asleep. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her to sleep tight. He’s clearing the breakfast table when there is a knock at the door. He sees it is Nick and Nick just stares back at him, mostly at his taunt stomach abs. He comes on in and looking the place over asks where is Bridget? Dante tells him that she is sleeping. Dante tells him before he jumps to any conclusions (the no shirt and all), he’d better tell him that he lives there now. In the guest bedroom and he’s taking care of Bridget, the way she needs to be treated.

Nick spies Dante’s shirt over the chair and retrieves it and literally throws it into his stomach and tells him to put that on before he leaves as he wouldn’t want him to catch cold. He opens the door for him. Dante says so Nick can feed her more lies about how Bridget and the baby are the center of his world..…..and not her mother. He tells the skipper that he can’t just sail his way back into her life. “So help me, God, I’m not going to let that happen.”

Ridge asks Stephanie if she doesn’t like the name Destiny? Brooke offers that she thinks it is very apropos. Stephanie chuckles that she would! She pours herself a cup of coffee, and they purposely extend their conversation to each other where she can overhear that all of this will mean long hours and lots of hard work. Ridge eggs it on by saying shouldn’t be a problem for them as their creative juices get flowing after dark, doesn’t it? She responds they proved that when they were working on the BeLieF formula together. He mentions that was truly unforgettable. Stephanie rolls her eyes and has heard all she can stand. She asks them if they are seriously considering this? Straightfaced, he replies what part of he and Brooke starting their own fashion house did she not understand? Stephanie mocks and puts her fingers to her mouth, “let me think – your wife!” What do you suppose it would do to Taylor to know he’ll be working long hours with this slut and knowing she’ll jump his bones the first chance he gets? He tells her dammit, this is not what this is about and she knows it. He’s starting this fashion house because she’s left him no choice and she knows it. She wags her finger at him and tells him this is NOT true. He tells her then he will tell her what is true. All these years he’s watched this company being handed over to other people….all except to him. And now for her to pass it on to Thorne, that is a hell of a slap to him. And he’s not going to stand for it anymore. He states to her if she doesn’t give him his rightful place here, he’s going to start his own fashion house with Brooke. And it’s going to rival every major, successful fashion dynasty in the world, including Forrester, and he’s going to put Brooke at the center of it. “She’s going to be my spokesperson, my model, my inspiration.” She screws up her mouth and just walks away.

He continues that she had been saying for years that someday when she had the power, she would reward him for his work. Well, she HAD the power now. And he’d like to work with her. He’d even back her new line, “but you won’t control it, I will. 100% of it. I deserve it and in your heart, you know it.” Question now, was she going to do what was best for Forrester? “Do you give it to the man who can take it to a new height of greatness…or do I team up with Brooke and never look back?” She’s quiet….. silently glaring at Brooke. He adds it is her decision. “You and me, or me and Brooke?” Her choice. Which is it going to be?

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