B&B Monday Update 11/14/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/14/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night continuation of Friday’s Episode:

At Tridge Mansion, master bedroom, Taylor has jumped in bed while Hector is lingering behind at her invitation. He’s cleaned up from the unexpected champagne bath in the limo. Shirtless, he sits on her side of the bed and tells her that he didn’t mean it to sound the way it did ‘that her husband wasn’t home so they should .....you know!’ It’s not like that. She says she knows. He remarks he hasn’t hidden anything from her. She says but she has. She confesses that she leans on him when she needs someone. When things aren’t going so well at home. And then when they are, she pushes him away. She goes on that she tells him how much his friendship means to her, but she doesn’t tell him how attracted she is to him. “And you deserve better.” He asks – better than her? She remarks better than this. She shrugs and continues that she has invested a lot of years into her marriage, and he thinks it is a losing battle, but “if I am going to give myself to someone….like you……then I don’t want it to be like this.” She explains – after she has had too much champagne and her husband out of town. She doesn’t want it to come out of a place of weakness. If she was going to be with someone like him, it should be out of a place of strength.

They hear something below in the driveway. She thinks it’s the limo driving off, stranding Hector. He goes to the window and asks what kind of car does Ridge drive, someone has driven in. (so I guess the fireman isn’t going to put out the fire!)

At Brooke’s manse, the foursome are still gathered and Bridget stands and argues with Nick. He turns to the group and proclaims they should all get off the merry-go-round together; tell the truth. Bridget asks how, when? He says he dragged her mother onto the boat the other day and took her out to the middle of the ocean so she’d have no place to run. Brooke begs him not to tell this. But, he continues to tell Bridget that he knows what she’s thinking. He wants to get this all out in the open, make things right. Bridget asks what did happen? He replies nothing. Nothing happened, and nothing ever will.

Ridge walks into the bedroom. Taylor is still fluffed up on her pillow, filing her nails, being very nonchalant. He comments that she is still awake. She comments he’s back, was everything okay at Big Bear? He tells her the kids and everything is all right. And he’d heard she was brilliant tonight with the press. She sloughs it off as okay. He stands there and bares his soul. Just so she knows; he is an idiot. He should have been there. And he shouldn’t blame her for the stunt that his mom had pulled by yanking the company out from under him. She proposes that spite can be very appealing.

Ridge goes to the open window and looks out and asks did she know there was a limo down there? Looks like it was leaving. Maybe it was Thorne with some papers to fill out. Taylor has a guilty look on her face. She comes clean – the limo driver was actually waiting on Hector.

Bridget asks her dad if he knew about this? Eric says yes, Brooke told him. Guess Brooke had to prove to herself that what she had with him was what she really wanted in her life. Brooke comes over and stands by his side with him putting his arm around her. Brooke tells Bridget that all Nick can ever be to her is the father of her child. Bridget gasps, so it’s back to being HER fault that they can’t be happy together. Nick offers that happiness shifts. He can’t say he’s the same man he’s always been. He’s going to be a father and things change. She asks hopefully, even the love of his life? He replies yes. She gives him a look and then turns to her dad and asks how does that make him feel? The two of them were in love once, but now they need a Plan B and “that would be us.” Eric confronts her and says that wanting something you can’t have is the most natural thing in the world. Everyone is kind of born that way. But, learning that what’s within her grasp, that’s the real trick. If she wants to be Nick’s one and only love of his life, and she can’t be, so now she tells herself she doesn’t want him at all.

Ridge asks Taylor why would the driver be waiting for Hector here? She explains that he came home with her. Ridge asks why? And what, did he hear Ridge’s car and just bolted down the backstairs? Being a coward? She tells him she didn’t want there to be a huge scene so she told him to go down the backstairs…..but he was leaving anyway, if that makes any difference to Ridge. He states it doesn’t. She explains they spilled some champagne in the car. He finds that fascinating, they were drinking champagne! And she says they had to come back here and get cleaned up. Ridge picks up a towel at end of bed and asks “in this room?” She replies defensively they did not have sex. “What exactly did you have? You don’t look exactly dressed for tea.” She points out that being sarcastic is not going to help right now. Ridge asks if Hector tried to kiss her again….or did he want more? She hesitates, basically avoids the question. He asks “did you?” Finally she speaks and tells him please don’t blame Hector, he was only……Ridge finishes, only doing what any man would want to do. She tells him that Hector doesn’t treat her like some sort of pick-up. Ridge says he is sure he doesn’t.

He also states, “with all the amazing qualities you have, I don’t think there is man in this world who’d want to spend an hour with you …he’d want an entire lifetime.” And for him to be that man she had chosen, he should be down on his knees thanking God every day. He was far too childish to be the man and husband she needed tonight. She gets up and scoots to him at the end of the bed. “So Hector stepped in, I have to do better,” he says. And he vows he will do better. She puts her hand on his shoulder and he puts one hand gently to her face and says because he couldn’t take losing her again. They hug and he clings tightly to her.

Eric sits Bridget down and tells her he is going to say out loud to everyone what seems obvious to him. He lays it on the line – Nick is never going to love her exactly the same way he loved Brooke. But, why can’t she TRUST the way he loves her? She confesses that she’s not him. She doesn’t want to be with someone who wishes he was with someone else. Eric says Nick doesn’t, she heard him. She tells him she’s heard it all before. She came here with a simple solution of what was making the four of them so miserable, and now he was turning it on her like she was the problem. They were all very clever making her feel very foolish. Being happy wasn’t about who has the best argument.

He takes her by both shoulders and squeezes her, wraps both arms around her and hugs her tightly from behind. He tells her that he knows she could be a proud, proud girl and raise this baby alone just fine, but that accomplishment wasn’t going to be everything. Is it going to help her when she’s in her bed all by herself, alone? Real people have real needs and REAL pasts. And if she was going to wait to find someone who had a blank slate and nobody else’s name there, then she’ll wait a LONG time.

Ridge pulls back and touches Taylor’s face again and tells her they are going to be okay. He gets up and says he has to get his head on straight. That’s the first thing he has to do. He confesses that Hector was just a symptom. He felt like he was hijacked; having the company yanked out from under him by his own mother. And in the process, she had hijacked Taylor as well. Taylor gets up and joins him and says she’s right there, she hasn’t gone anywhere. He remarks but he had. He felt he had to put some distance between himself and that thing that he felt he had been robbed of. She reminds him that his mother feels like she’s been robbed also. He offers there were a dozen ways his mother could have battled it out with his dad, but she did the one thing that would do the most damage to Brooke. He says he felt he had the right to expect to live out his career there. He felt he had the right to succeed his dad. Taylor admits that his mother has had Brooke in her sights and has made some strange decisions, and that’s not to say she won’t be making more, but she does have some good ideas. He takes off his shirt and admits to her that he’s not accusing her and he can see where this whole opportunity might appeal to her. This whole woman thing really does have merit. It appeals to an entire market they haven’t ever tapped into. He thinks if he was in charge, which he rightfully should be, they’d go for it. He’d probably even dedicate a whole line to that. But, it seems like it’s inviting a catastrophe to give up everything the company has stood for some unknown. Taylor states that he knows if his mother ever ran into any trouble, she’d ask for any help or changes that need to be done. He finds it hard to believe that his mother would change her mind because of real facts. He tells Taylor it really doesn’t matter because he’s going to change her mind anyway….…..by taking the company back.

Bridget tells her dad that she’s not afraid of living alone or raising a baby alone, but what she would be scared to death of is raising a baby and having her think for one minute that she had to put up with insult or humiliation in the name of love. She glares right at Brooke with this last statement. Eric tells her that none of them are adverse to her standing up for herself. She’s done that very successfully with Nick and clearly he respects her for that. And the future that the two of them could have together would be well served by that. She laughs nervously; there is NO her and Nick. They were married on paper, that’s all. There’s no romance, no trust, no ring, it’s all gone. Nick steps forward and says it’s not all gone. Eric steps out of the way to usher Nick closer, it’s his turn. Nicks puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out and holds up her ring. She is surprised by this. He tells her that she called and wanted to see him. She asks if he really thought she’d be asking for it back? She whispers, “Nick, we’re broken, we can’t be fixed.”

Now it’s Brooke’s turn. She gets up and addresses Bridget, that she is so smart in so many ways but maybe not yet about motherhood. Things were changing right now and she wasn’t even aware of it. Her idea of happiness would change; the way she felt about Brooke; the way she felt about her father. The things she has had to do to forgive them. And her feelings about Nick and her commitment to him. Bridget and Nick stare at each other.

Taylor is back in bed and Ridge is coming out of the bathroom just in pajama bottoms. She asks is he planning on taking his mother to court? He states he’s not saying he has a plan yet. She remarks that he probably doesn’t want to divulge his strategy yet because he thinks she’s part of Stephanie’s team. He grins and says yes, but she’s also his wife. She states that she doesn’t want their marriage to be so broken that all the king’s horses and all the king’s men…..He asks if she thinks he ought to abandon his career? She tells him that is exactly what she was talking about. They are misunderstanding each other. She doesn’t want to argue with him about his company. He concedes then that they don’t have to discuss it.

She continues then she guesses she can’t expect any more support for her career than she got tonight? He comes and sits by her on the bed and tells her that he has his priorities on straight. (that was certainly quick). She gave him quite a scare tonight. She shrugs, yeah, she gave herself quite a scare too…..and she’s not proud of it. She gives him a long, hard look and says she just wants somebody who will look at her like she’s the only woman in the world. She wishes it could be him. Then she adds she doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. Not Stephanie, not the company, she’s way too keyed up, so she just can’t. He has to lean a long way over to reach her but he does and kisses her.

He then picks up the address book and she asks what is he doing? He looks up the number and says he needs to make a phone call before they go to bed. Hector, in his kitchen, sees the ID and thinks it’s Taylor and answers, “you okay?” Ridge tells him who he is….and yeah, that Taylor is fine. He wanted to thank him for getting her home safely tonight.

Hector tells him he’s the one who hitched the ride. Ridge confesses he hadn’t been real courteous the last few times he’d seen him. Hector says he’d noticed. Ridge says he wants to apologize. He’d been a good friend to his wife and she speaks very highly of him. And he was sure she appreciated him being at Forrester tonight when he wasn’t. Hector states he must have a lot of demands on his attention. Ridge says nothing more important than Taylor. Hector tells him that Ridge has been wasteful and careless most of his life. He guesses it’s never too late to grow up. Ridge tells him goodnight.

Ridge picks up the alarm clock and tells Taylor they have no kids to feed in the morning, so any need to set the alarm clock? She takes it and tosses it to the floor. They both lean in for a nice, long, passionate kiss. (looks like hubby is going to be the fireman now).

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