B&B Friday Update 11/11/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/11/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night as Thursday’s Episode:

At Brooke's manse, Bridget sits on the coffee table in front of Brooke and Nick who are sitting side by side on the sofa. She puts one of Nick’s hands on Brooke’s and says, “there, is that what everyone is so terrified of seeing? Is it bringing you such agony?” Brooke replies yes. Bridget says only because Brooke thinks it’s killing Bridget, but it was the waiting for it to happen that really was killing her. She tells them just stop thinking of her as what’s keeping them apart and let her be the one who brings them together.

At Forrester, Stephanie stands at the podium surrounded by Thorne, Taylor and Dante. She introduces herself to the reporters at the press conference. There are many but the most vocal are Jarrod, Dane and Sophie who bombard her with questions - if she is the new CEO and is Eric out for good? What’s the last job that Stephanie held? Stephanie admits they weren’t going to answer questions, just was going to make an announcement, but this was about restructuring, so they could change. Sophie asks what about the women readers? Every first wife who’s been dumped for a younger model wants to know, is revenge as sweet as they say?

Brooke gets up and Bridget tells her to stop it. She tells Brooke that she can’t keep trying to protect her by running away to Dante, Dad, or anyone, anywhere. She never could. Just tell Nick what he wants to hear. Tell him that he means more to her than her pride. Because that is all that it is now. “The only thing that stands between the two of you, is you.”

Stephanie tells the audience tonight marks the return to the ideals that made Forrester great. Jarrod chimes in that Eric is what made Forrester great. She points at him and acknowledge he’s absolutely right. Fortunately for him, he wasn’t married to Eric. Dane asks didn’t Thorne just bankrupt Spectra? Thorne steps forward and tells Dane there will be time to pepper them with the hard questions. However, tonight is a celebration and first of all, he’d like to say he’s happy to be back. The questions continue. Where are the designers and does the situation at Forrester call for a staff psychiatrist? Hector walks in. Thorne starts to remark that this is a new role for his sister-in-law. Hector edges his way and sits down bumping into Jarrod – message delivered. Taylor speaks up that it’s true, that her training is in psychiatry, but tonight she’s here in a different capacity. She’d never had any interest in being a fashion maiden. She goes on to make a mini speech about them taking a good, long hard look at the fashion industry and not liking what they saw. They think all women are beautiful, blah, blah, blah and most women take a beating because she doesn’t measure up to a runway standard, so she thought it was a wonderful chance to try to make a difference. Hector stares at Jarrod when he asks is he to assume that her husband doesn’t share this ‘everyone’s beautiful’ philosophy? Tactfully she says this is a family business. And they all love each other. Ridge loves his mother and his brother, but he just thought it might be a good time to step back out of the spotlight. And she points out she doesn’t know what’s wrong with having new talent. She refers to Dante as being the new fabric designer and he’s had very, very good success. Jarrod seems poised for another question until he looks at Hector, then shuts his mouth. Taylor concludes and thanks them all for being a part of a landmark moment. Thorne gives Taylor a kiss on the cheek and Stephanie puts her arm on his shoulder, lots of applause.

While Nick sits rather sullen, Eric gets up and tells Bridget it was very kind of her to be so generous with his wife. She states that he knows Mom loves him, but he knows it’s not the same. Brooke tells her she’s very happy to be married to such a wonderful man. Eric tells Bridget she will be very happy with Nick. Bridget asks why? Because that would make his marriage feel a little safer? Eric tells her that is unkind. Unfair and unkind. She replies but it is true, isn’t it. He’s no fool and Eric knows everything that she knows. “As long as Nick’s available, don’t you feel like your marriage is a shipwreck just waiting to happen?”

At the beach house, the guys are hanging out. Ridge says that his being at Forrester would add credibility to a regime that has no credibility with him. So Thomas theorizes he’s going to let grandma run it into the ground? Ridge denies that. Thomas says maybe he hasn’t bailed completely, but he has bailed on Mom. Her first public appearance and Ridge wasn’t there. How’s it going to look? Like he’s turned his back on her too. Ridge rationalizes that it would be like business as usual, and it’s not. Thomas asks if he couldn’t go as a civilian? Ridge scoffs that the press wouldn’t let him do that. Thomas offers he could just say he was there to support his wife; no further comment.

The cell phone rings and Ridge thinks it might be Taylor afterall. Instead it is Jarrod and Ridge asks how did he get his cell phone number? Jarrod responds it wasn’t a complete disaster but he wonders if this absence is his statement about the new management at Forrester? Ridge opines that he had a previous commitment with his kids and Taylor knew all about it. Jarrod continues and asks how is it that Taylor seems to be the only one who gives the impression that she knows what she’s doing? Ridge answers because she does, and she has his completely support. Jarrod pushes more and wants to know if Ridge is or is not part of the creative team? Good-naturedly, Ridge tells him that’s all, no more questions. Good-bye.

The Forrester team are all clinking glasses in celebration and Taylor invites nearby Hector to come join them. Hector says he will drink to that – the new face of Forrester. Thorne talks about her hitting a home run first time at bat and Hector praises her by saying she was great. She was real and they saw that, and that’s what tamed them. Taylor basks in her glory. Darla tells Thorne she should get home and relieve the babysitter.

Taylor gives a big sigh and Hector comments it was a big rush, wasn’t it? She replies she doesn’t even know how she knew to do that or even know what she just did. He tells her he’s just glad he was there to see it. She jokes that she’s had just enough champagne to say – “so am I.” She clinks glasses again with Hector, takes another sip and looks at him with just a little more interest. He asks does she need a ride home? She replies no, Stephanie had gotten her a limo and it’ll be out front in a minute. He says that’s good because he just remembered he took a cab over. They sit and she tells him no, no, they’ll drop him off on the way home. With just a tad looser attitude, she thanks him for not stating the obvious. She and Ridge had these plans to go to Big Bear (it’s already snowing there) and then this came up and she cancelled. Hector surmises he couldn’t change his plans? She says apparently not. And meanwhile, she’s knocking back the champagne. She starts to put the empty glass down……oops no table. Hector catches it. She giggles as he laughs and says she is lit. She tells him she only had two glasses of champagne. He says he meant she was lit up like a firefly. She asks is that some sort of firehouse joke? He chides her that she knows about fireflies - what those lights are for? She replies no, so they don’t run into something? Wrong! He tells her they are for sex. The males cruise by, flashing their hearts out, and the female sees a nice, strong flash that she likes the look of, and he flashes back. One or twice like that. Taylor asks then what? Hector says she either mates with him or eats him. She quips that is just like real life…. love, murder, love-murder, murder-love. He suggests they get her chariot, Firefly! She grabs her wrap and hands it to Hector, but we mustn’t forget another bottle of champagne to go and off they trip.

Brooke tells Bridget that she thinks she’s blind……or stubborn and Bridget thinks she knows what’s best for her, but Nick understands. He stands and faces Bridget and tells her emphatically there is no future for he and Brooke. She offers they are both standing here broken-hearted when everything could be made right. Nick states that it is her broken heart why they are there. Because she’s lost trust and she feels completely fearless right now. But, all that pain has made her completely blind to the truth. She tells him to explain the truth to her because her mom can’t, she won’t. So tell her why the two of them can’t be together. Nick replies, “because we realize we love you so much more than we love each other.“

Hector and Taylor sorta jump into the limo. He tells her he hasn’t been in one since his Senior Prom. And what a disaster that was! This is comfy; does she want to lie down? She laughs she isn’t that drunk. He laughs and says they can fix that, “my little Firefly.” She jokes that he’ll probably be calling her that forever. She reaches for the glasses on his side and the driver swerves and she lands right in Hector's lap. They giggle as he opens the bottle and it sprays all over them. Taylor squeals. But, she holds out her glass. She definitely has a taste for the bubbly tonight. He says that never happened when he had beer. They both laugh, squeal and snort. Hector tells the driver they are going to have to stop at Taylor’s house as they’ve had a little accident and she’s going to have to get out of those clothes. She giggles more, finding this completely funny, even beats on him playfully. She tells him the champagne is probably French and good for the skin as she dabs some on herself. She laughs more. He says she missed a spot and he’s going to get it. He grabs a tissue but ends up kissing it off her neck instead. She sobers long enough to ask him why was his prom such a disaster? He remarks it wasn’t that bad, except when his date threw up on him. Taylor laughs more. And tells him maybe he shouldn’t ride in limos any more. She guzzles more champagne. He looks at her thoughtfully and says he can ask the driver to pull over and stop the car and let him out and he could walk home. She nays that. She was all alone tonight standing up there terrified in a room full of reporters that Stephanie called vultures. She knew they were laughing at her being out of place, but somehow she made it through it because she saw him standing there. He was supporting her and it just all came into place. And it turned out to be one of the proudest moments of her life….so get a grip, he was NOT getting out of the car, and not walking home. “Okay? Just because I can’t respond to you in a certain way, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you.” He nods in approval.

Nick tells Bridget that given her history with men, he really questions what love is in her mind. Can any one of them in this room say they have only loved one person in their whole life? She tells him, “you.” He remarks she knows better than that. She tells him she is not saying he never had feelings for her. He asks her to look at reality here. You can only float on a cloud and be in love for so long. Then reality sets in. You have to go to the job, pay the mortgage. What happens when your kids are up all night sick? Who takes care of them? What’s next? “That’s what I’m trying to get through to you. There is no ‘next’ for your mother and I.” She asks how can he possibly know that? He replies, “because my heart broke when I broke yours.” And he tells her what he felt and still feels is real. “I want that ‘next’ with you, the child and the life we were planning. I want that as my future. I still want you.” She’s crying, wanting to believe.

Stephanie and Thorne return to the reporter room looking for Taylor. Thorne says they can fax the papers to her. Stephanie is curious, why was Hector there? Thorne says he thinks they are kind of friendly. Stephanie questions how friendly? Thorne warns that Taylor is not THAT type. Her cell phone rings and it’s Ridge from his car wanting to know if Taylor is still there? Stephanie tells him no, but she’s ready to go and does he want her to drive by the house and make sure everything is okay? He answers no, he’s almost there. She offers she thought he was in Big Bear with the kids. And he says he changed his mind; is that okay? She remarks she thinks it is very wise.

Upstairs in the master bedroom, Taylor waltzes in with Hector. He pulls off his shirt and says that cold and sticky, not a good combination. She encourages him to come on in, he’s not going to get warmer like that. He hesitates and says perhaps he should go. She scoffs that he’s crazy, don’t be silly, just get some dry towels over there in the bathroom, and she tells him she will need about three. She walks into her huge walk-in closet. Hector comes back out of the bathroom and calls through the door which towels should he use? She says any of them; they are all fine. He looks around at the surroundings. She’s immediately out in a little champagne colored nightgown, looks at herself in the mirror. Looks sort of non-approvingly at herself, rushes back to closet and gets the matching robe to put over it. She tries putting it on quickly and has trouble with one sleeve, so snatches the whole darn thing off in frustration and hops into bed, pulling the covers up to her neck. But, when Hector comes out, still shirtless, she lets the cover fall to where you can easily see at least the top of her bosom and remarks that she was freezing. He walks over to her and sits on her side of the bed, and says this washcloth is warm so let him. He begins to sponge her face. She smiles in approval. He then asks for her arm, which she extends to his shoulder. He massages it with the cloth, even to the back of her neck. Her arm clings to the back of his. She leans back on her pillow dreamily.

He asks if she wants him to go? She gives a sigh and says maybe he should. He softly says that isn’t what he asked. She whispers it’s getting late. He whispers back, “And Ridge won’t be here tonight. I want to make love to you, Taylor…..I want to see what you look like when you’re asleep. I….(gulp) I want to stay.”

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