B&B Wednesday Update 11/9/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/9/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

New day at Forrester’s:

Ridge gets himself a cup of coffee and joins Stephanie on the sofa, already with hers, and starts by saying, “all right Mother, you’ve had your power play. You gave Dad and Brooke a good scare. Now it’s time to get back to business, right?” She says absolutely. He says good, glad she’s had a chance to see things differently now that’s she’s had a chance to sleep on it. She rocks his world when she says that she hasn’t changed her mind. Just back to business with turning THIS business around. He laments he doesn’t know how she’s going to do that. She’s already fired Dad, let Brooke go, made Thorne President and hired his wife…..well he doesn’t know why. She replies that if she thought he was genuinely interested, she’d explain it all to him. And, she adds she really does have a good business plan in mind. “What? A plan for making Dad pay for marrying Brooke?”, he asks. She remarks that she sees a good night’s sleep hasn’t changed his mind either. Ridge continues that he can see where she hired Thorne. He’s failed at Spectra and she felt sorry for him. And she wanted to tick Brooke off by bringing Taylor into this. He totally gets that. “But, come on, you don’t really expect me to work for them, do you?”

In Taylor’s office, she pours a cup of coffee and converses with Hector sitting on her sofa. She fills him in on the take-over and how Ridge wasn’t exactly elated and he said he’d have to think about it, working with her. Hector asks what about this morning, did she confront him? She sits on opposite side in a big chair and says Ridge snuck out before she got up this morning. He thinks she is not qualified, and he just doesn’t want to say it to her face. Hector tells her he thinks the position is perfect for her. Taylor goes on that Ridge doesn’t seem to think that psychology and fashion have anything to do with each other. He adds that is all that fashion is – what people find appealing; what makes people feel good. “Beauty is in the eye and the mind of the beholder.” And, who better qualified than a beautiful psychiatrist who has spent YEARS inside the fashion industry to determine that? Taylor shakes her head and wonders why Ridge can’t say those things to her? Hector replies because he’s afraid how Stephanie’s take-over is going to affect him. Sarcastically, she adds Brooke too! Hector gets up and crosses over the room and sits closely in front of her and softly tells her that if she’s not getting the support from Ridge that she needs, she knows she can get it from him. She tells him she appreciates that, and if it was coming from him as a friend, but somehow she doesn’t think he is. “Do I have feelings for you? Yes, Taylor, I do.” She replies then maybe she shouldn’t have agreed to meet with him this morning. He offers that maybe because she is afraid she might reciprocate. She says she is a married woman. He adds, but she didn’t say happily married. She smiles and says – married is good enough for her. “Is it?”, he asks. Can she be satisfied with a man who doesn’t believe in her? Her buzzer goes off and she tells him she has a patient, he’d better go. He leans over and kisses her on the cheek, but almost touching the side of her mouth. She smiles and they exchange intimate looks.

Nick quickly opens the door and closes it; obviously trying to be incognito – jeans, black T-shirt, baseball cap, shades. She doesn’t even recognize him until he starts to remove his shades. And she tells him she has a patient coming. She’s surprised when he replies that would be him. He gulps and says they need to talk.

Dante is fixing breakfast at the beach house, trying hard but not quite helping but overhear as Eric tells Bridget of the previous day’s happenings. But, that they were going to fight this. He wasn’t going to let his children’s legacy be snatched away. Bridget voices her opinion that she doesn’t think Eric’s remarrying Brooke is the only thing Stephanie is concerned about. He confesses that yes he knew about the trust and yes, he kept the trust from her. Bridget reminds him for his entire marriage! In his favor, he declares they were equal partners; he never denied Stephanie anything. She counters with a marriage can’t be built on secrets and lies……she should know. This catches Dante’s attention as he looks up.

Eric doesn’t think his marriage to Stephanie failed because he kept the trust a secret. They both made a lot of mistakes over the years. But, she adds it’s pretty insurmountable when those mistakes begin to pile up. Eric senses that she is still in love with Nick. She says it doesn’t do any good if she can’t trust him. And she confides she is going to file for divorce. She’s already contacted a lawyer. Again this catches Dante’s attention. Eric sighs and reminds her how difficult it is growing up and separated from your father. And he confesses he’s always regretted not trying harder to patch things up with her mother. She laments she thinks it would take more than just a patch. She and Nick have torn their marriage to shreds. Her answer to him when he asks isn’t she even going to try, is what – force themselves like he and her mom into a marriage that is already doomed. Eric proclaims her marriage to Nick is NOT doomed. But, she counters that she can’t even look at him without thinking of his feelings for her mom. He tries to convince her those feelings they had are over, finished. She says she hopes for Eric’s sake, they are, but she is not reconciling with Nick. And speaking of mistakes, she’s made them, and the biggest one was getting involved with a man who loved her mother. (yes, yes, she finally sees that!) She dabs her eyes and says, “I just need to make a clean break with Nick, and start a new life for myself and my child.”

Stephanie tells Ridge that she thought he made a commitment to saving his marriage. He opines what does saving his marriage have to do with working here? She offers that doesn’t he want to spend more time with Taylor? He answers that, of course, he does, but just not here. When she says they could work on something they both could be very proud of, he answers with yeah it did wonders for her and Dad. He calls Taylor’s position a bogus one. Stephanie doesn’t see why no one else has faith in Taylor, and she believes she will be a valuable asset to her team. He offers that Taylor might be buying all of this, but he isn’t. He doesn’t want her to be sucked into another of his mother’s vindictive plots of revenge. She fires back that she gave him and Taylor a genuine chance at starting their lives again. And, she was hoping he was moving past this adolescent indecisiveness that he always had. “Think of the future. Don’t waste this chance!” He shoots her a look. Then asks what about the future; about his children’s future? Thorne gave up his stock in this company, so what does he have to lose by running it into the ground? Absolutely NOTHING. And that’s exactly what the rest of them would have when little brother leads them into the poorhouse!

She approaches him and softly says then why doesn’t he stay there and makes sure that Thorne doesn’t do that? He asks is she going to make him President? She says yes, eventually she sees both him and Thorne as co-Presidents. He scoffs that is she going to make him prove himself again? She answers not with his talent, absolutely not. She just wants him to prove that Brooke is not controlling him anymore. He denies that Brooke ever controlled him. This time Steph scoffs, that is why he and his Dad practically let her destroy this business. He points out to her that FC is one of the most successful fashion houses in the world, and due in large degree to him and Brooke. Sex sells, it gets people’s attention. She rebuts, “I know a wet T-shirt gets attention. That is NOT what I want for Forrester” She says she wants elegance, style, class and full of grace and she thinks she can get that under her leadership. And she holds both hands to her heart and says she wants him to stay there and work with her. When he hesitates and is quiet, she adds but if he thinks Brooke’s way is the better way, then maybe this isn’t the place for him.

Nick paces around the room with his cap in hand, hands on hips and says he doesn’t know exactly how to put this. He admits his life is sort of a mess right now. He doesn’t know exactly what is going on with Bridget and his child, and Taylor can probably guess why. Taylor advises him that if this has anything to do with Brooke, then she’s probably not the person he should be talking to. He immediately tells her that no, no, she IS the right person. She doesn’t know what it took for him to get there. He stands before her and says he’s here, and he needs her help.

She asks is he saying he wants to forget Brooke? He answers that yes, forget her, move on, whatever she wants to call it, but it has to happen. She asks isn’t he in love with Brooke? He answers they can’t have a life together. They know that now. Bridget has asked for a divorce. Looks like he’s been chasing around after the child’s grandmother. And he feels like he’s a man of his word; he tells it like it is, and he gave his word to Bridget. Taylor asks has he been chasing after Brooke? Nick offers he wanted to be honest about everything from the start, but that isn’t what Brooke wanted because she didn’t want to hurt her daughter. She wants him to commit to Bridget and do the right thing for their child. He couldn’t fight his feelings for Brooke before. He knew it had to be done, but he couldn’t do it. And he says again, that is why he is here; he needs help. She tells him there is no magic cure for heartbreak, but if he is really interested in professional help, she can refer him to someone. He grabs her by the arm (he seems to always be good at that) and tells her no one else. She knows everyone involved, and that’s the most important thing. He looks at her and says he needs help in rebuilding Bridget’s trust, and he needs her help to do that.

Bridget confides in her dad that she can’t keep making the same mistakes. She needs to get on without Nick. Dante interrupts and asks didn’t she want to take a swim before breakfast. She should go change and the omelets can wait. He then cajoles her that since moving in, that’s all she has done is eat, eat, eat. Eric tells him he’s really taking care of his daughter. Dante counters that with all due respects, he doesn’t think that is what Eric wants (what is best for her). If so, he wouldn’t be suggesting she get back with Nick. He understands him wanting the grandchild’s parents together, but Nick has been giving Bridget nothing but headaches. Eric states that Brooke has promised him that Nick is committed to Bridget, and she just needs to give him another chance. Beating his own drum, he asks why should she take a chance on that when there is someone here who truly loves her who she can depend on.

Eric reminds him it wasn’t that long ago that it appeared he was getting involved with Brooke. Dante confesses that he doesn’t deny that Eric’s new wife is truly charming but, “my heart belongs to Bridget.” He goes farther by saying he stayed in Los Angeles to be close to her and he stood by her time after time in the difficult times. He wants to be there for her and the baby, for the future. He knows he can make them happy. Isn’t that what Eric wants for his daughter and his grandchild?

Ridge asks is his mother firing him? She replies no, as she takes his arm, and says she wants him to stay and be part of this with her. But, he adds only if he gets onboard with her agenda. She dangles the stock in front of him again and how she intends to eventually re-distribute it, and she wants him to be part of that. She lets him know that she needs to know his first loyalty is to her, not Brooke!

Taylor asks Nick what is his motivation? Is he acting out of obligation and responsibility to the child? He replies he just wants to do the right thing. She adds because that is the kind of man he is. But, the way he has been living and feeling lately, those don’t line up with his self-image and she is sure that frightens him. He reiterates that he wants to be with Bridget. She asks if he would still want to be with her if there was no baby? He answers absolutely. She asks another - what if Brooke wasn’t married to Eric? This one he finds a little more difficult and doesn’t answer. She tells him if he wants her help, he has to be completely honest. Is he here as a man completely committed to his family, or as a jilted lover? He looks at her, puts his hand on his forehead and says it is not his nature to do all this soul-searching and thinking. He gulps, but he has asked for her help and he gives her his word that there is nothing more in this world that he wants than Bridget and his child. “I want my future to be with my wife and family.”

Bridget stands a little dejectedly, with hands over her tummy in a nice orange bathing suit. Dante comes in and says Eric had to go, he said good-bye and he’d call her later. He asks what’s wrong. She states that she is beginning to show (yes, a slight pooch). He grins and says that’s great, the baby is beginning to grow. She bemoans that everything is changing and nothing it seems will be the same again. Dante guesses this is about Nick, and if she needs someone to share these changes with, she can share it with him. He goes to her and tells her he knows it will take some time for her to trust again, but she will trust again. And he grins, when she does, he will be right there! She tells him he’s probably the only person she can trust right now. He gives her a big soothing hug.

Ridge says loyalty, that is the only thing that matters to his mother. She argues that no – talent matters to her too. She wants to put together a really great team that will help her execute her plan. And he adds, what better way to get back at Dad and Brooke than to choose her over them? Steph says she can’t make him do anything; it’s his decision. He says, “ummmm. Turn my back on my father and the mother of my child or watch the company go down in flames. That’s a hell of a decision!” She states that she believes that Thorne, Taylor and she can run this business successfully. And although she doesn’t want to, she will hire another designer. He makes fun of Thorne pinning his whole future on Ridge’s teen-aged son. Steph points out that one thing she knows about Thorne; he wants to make this company a success just as badly as she does. And so does Taylor and when they succeed, Steph will re-distribute the stock, so she doesn’t want him to worry bout his children’s legacy. He asks what about R.J. and Hope….Brooke and Bridget? She offers that she is not going to punish them. They didn’t choose Brooke as their mother! He asks if he goes with Dad and Brooke, that will make things different? She asks why would he do that? He states because she is the mother of his child and she’s done incredible things for this company over the years. Steph admits that, but also incredible scandals! He scoffs at her – and his mother hasn’t? She replies at least she hasn’t made an advertising campaign out of them.

She informs him that isn’t what she wants for Forrester. Passionately, she states that she wants to design for women that are healthy, happy and proud achievers, like his wife! She wants him and Taylor to be the image of FC. Two intelligent, creative, happy, positive people. Let Eric have Brooke, to hell with them. “I want Forrester to be restored to its former glory, and I want YOU to help me.” But she wants to know that his loyalty is here!

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