B&B Friday Update 11/4/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/4/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

New day in Brooke’s bedroom as she slowly picks up a framed photo of Nick and Bridget and gently rubs her fingers over his half of the picture. She speaks to him in the picture that his place is with her daughter, Bridget. And he could never more betray Bridget than she could. And no matter how much she loves him, she can never be with him…. never be with him.

Her cell phone rings and it’s Eric who tells her that he’s been at the office all night. There’s been a big emergency and he needs her right away; he’ll explain later. Just hurry.

At her home, with papers scattered about, Stephanie puts down a cup of coffee. She gives a big sigh and almost in disbelief shakes her head. “This is mine. All mine. Forrester Creations is all mine.”

In Eric’s office, Jonathan and two more attorneys are sitting at a large table going over the documents with a fine tooth comb. Eric laments that Stephanie can not strip him of his own company after all the years that he made it a success. Jonathan tells him that he and his top attorneys have gone over every line of the trust, and tracked down the original trustee, Katherine Chancellor, who’d verified that she’d done nothing to alter the original document. The document is legal and binding. Eric is livid. He grabs the paper from the female lawyer and says he doesn’t want to hear that! Dammit, there must be some sort of loophole. Jonathan points out that Eric is not hearing them. He reiterates again they have gone over every avenue they can. Not only is Stephanie sole owner of the company but, they have even more to worry about. If she chooses to, she could make a criminal case of fraud against them for concealing the trust. Which means that the two of them could end up in jail for some time.

At Spectra, Sally says, “Geez, Louise, would you lighten up a little bit, you people? Things can not be that dire.” Clark pokes his nose in and says the heck they’re not. He just came from the warehouse and they are up to the rafters in inventory; nothing is moving. Sarcastically Thorne wonders why they are all surprised after the trouncing they took. And he adds ‘this’ about sums it all up. He flashes the cover of a fashion magazine with the Forrester Reunited logo. Sally admits she made a royal mess of things. This wasn’t any old fashion fisticuff. She remarks that Ridge designed his heart out to get his son back home. And Tommy boy, God bless him, managed to hit a sophomoric slump at the worst possible time. Add to that the media hoopla surrounding King Eric’s remarriage to Brooke, and then out of nowhere the launch of Forrester Reunited campaign. She starts to say if they belly up…..Thorne finishes the sentence, she will still have some of the money that he paid her, but he bet his entire inheritance on Spectra. He could lose it all, every last cent. Darla rubs his shoulder in support.

Massimo joins Stephanie and tells her that he won’t even ask if she slept well. She informs him that she never even went to bed; she had so much to do. He sees the pilings of paper and asks if these are the new plans for Forrester Creations? She nods while replying that she’s going to change things around; shake things up. A knock on the door and Mass asks if she is expecting anyone? She lifts her finger as in “one moment, wait and see.”

She opens the door to Taylor and invites her in. Taylor tells her that when she said to focus on herself, she didn’t mean to move all the way to Florida. Stephanie chuckles and puts her arm around her and escorts her into the living room. Mass greets her and says there has been a change in plans. Stephanie rushes to say all is fine; she’s just not going anywhere. Taylor thinks that is wonderful; how did it come about? Stephanie takes the trust paper from Massimo’s hands and puts it in Taylor’s. She reads it, “Stephanie Douglas Trust.” Stephanie confides that she found it by accident in Eric’s safe at the office. Her father had had it drawn up years ago and then just never had the opportunity to tell her about it. And she is the beneficiary. With his hands on the back of Stephanie’s shoulders, Mass says, “Taylor, my dear, you are looking at the sole and rightful owner of Forrester Creations.” She is stunned and speechless.

Brooke bursts into Eric’s office and asks him what’s wrong? She saw Jonathan and the other attorneys out front. He states they have trouble, big, serious trouble. He hands her the document and she reads the title and still asks what does this mean. Simply put, Eric tells her it is a document that Stephanie’s father drew up before he’d give them money to start up the company….giving sole ownership of FC to his daughter. She’s incredulous and says it’s impossible. But, did he know about this? He confesses that yes he did. He’d told no one and it had been in his safe for years. And now that Stephanie knows about it, she is convinced the company is all hers!

Brooke is adamant. She doesn’t care what Stephanie is CONVINCED of, she’s not going to do that to them! She points out they are the CEO’s of FC and some paper written a zillion years ago isn’t going to change that. She asks him to go get Jonathan, but when Eric shakes his head no, she says then she will. He stops her and says it’s too late for that. He remarks that Stephanie has complete power over this company and she was going to come after them like she never has before.

Sally tells the group that they have lost their shirt more times than Brooke has shed tears and they have always lived to design again another day. And they will this time too. Thorne chimes in that if that doesn’t happen, she will still have a cushy nest egg to live on, but he has a family to support. A wife, and a little girl who are counting on him. And what does he do – gamble away their security? The two most precious things in his life and this is the way he protects them? What kind of father does that? What kind of husband? He walks off shaking his head in disgust.

Brooke doesn’t seem to think that Stephanie can use the document to cause trouble. She wouldn’t get anywhere. Eric assures her that she can. She’s already planning their demise. She fired him yesterday. Brooke offers Stephanie can’t fire him. The company would be nothing without him. Eric corrects her – without “us”. He states Brooke had given as much to this company as he had. And that’s their strength, the company’s strength. But, Stephanie is determined to take it all away from them. Slowly it’s sinking in and Brooke adds that it will be taking away from their children. That her stock and the stock they’d given the children would all revert back to Stephanie. Eric says he’s afraid so. She says, “Oh, My God, Eric. This can’t happen. We need to fight her!” He tells her they will; all the Forrester’s standing together. She asks who else knows about this. Eric states that Jonathan has filled in Ridge, and Rick is on his way back from Milan and will be there any minute. She asks about Bridget. He tells her that he doesn’t think she has to know about this….. yet. Brooke agrees she doesn’t need to be more stressed out; just think about her baby. Ridge joins them and says all hell is about to break loose. Eric asks if Jonathan filled him in? Ridge says he never knew a trust existed. Eric shoves a piece of paper in his hand. Tells him that his grandfather Douglas drew it up before he’d give them the money for the company. Ridge asks if it is still legit? Eric lets him know that it is. That’s why it’s imperative that the three of them and Rick all stand together here. They can’t let Stephanie change ANYTHING. “This company is our legacy.” And Brooke adds – their children’s. Eric brags that’s right. They built it and they made it great. They need all of them working together. If Stephanie pulls the family apart, the company will disappear….and they need to make her understand that. Ridge isn’t overly concerned. He states Mother is not going to take away the company from her kids and grandkids. She’ll calm down and when she does, they’ll work it out.

Taylor sits and tells them she absolutely can not believe this – FC is all Stephanie’s? Stephanie joins her on the sofa and tells her it has been from day one, but Eric had kept it from her all these years. Taylor commiserates she can’t imagine how she must feel. Stephanie admits she is very upset. Eric has betrayed her on such a level and she would have never thought he was capable of this. She finishes with she is really, really hurt and deeply offended. She tells Taylor there is going to be some changes and she wants to tell Taylor about them. She continues that there will be changes concerning her children’s trusts, but in the end it will all be straightened out. Eventually they will be well taken care of. Can Taylor trust her on that? Taylor answers yes and Stephanie is pleased. She tells her discovering this document has given her a real sense of purpose. It’s much more than just business. It’s about things that they stand for. “You know I have always believed that goodness and morality prevail in the long run. Some people think I’m a little naïve, but that’s what I believe.” She adds - and you have to have luck. Luck. And luck has brought her to this moment in her life. “This document and luck has brought us to a new day.” A new day for her family and her company. The ladies smile in kinship.

Taylor asks what does she mean that she’s making major changes? Stephanie informs her that she is going to take over the company and run the business. She has a vision of what she wants to do and she believes she can turn that vision into a reality. Taylor asks if she means what FC used to be? Stephanie gestures that yes, a company that was synonymous with style, class and dignity. She has a purpose now and she wants Taylor to help her. Taylor vows that Stephanie knows she will; she’ll totally be with her on this. She thinks Brooke has practically totally destroyed the image of the company. Again, Stephanie is pleased and says good, she knew she could count on her. Forrester was going to be the kind of company they could be proud of again.

Mass joins them and tells the ladies that Stephanie was right. Eric did send for Rick. He’s there at FC with his parents and Ridge. Stephanie says that is wonderful. It’ll give her the opportunity to explain to them what she wants to do with the company. She is going over right now and she wants Taylor to come with her. She hints to Taylor that she thinks she will find that what she has in mind is fascinating….in more ways than one.

Darla tries to comfort Thorne. He’s down and says he shouldn’t have gone off on Sally like that. After all, it’s not like he didn’t know how she operated when he signed on. He laments it’s just that things were going so well for a while. Maybe he took it for granted. Maybe the truth was, he wasn’t meant to be a success. She cups his face and calls him baby, and hugs him in comfort.

Rick gives his mother a big hug and she tells him it’s good to have him home. He states he’s happy to be home too….he thinks. Eric thanks him for coming on such short notice. Rick asks what was the reason to do it so quickly? Eric states that the company is under attack and he needs all the key players here to do battle. Ridge offers doesn’t he think he’s being a little melodramatic? Eric retorts that his mother is, but he’s not. Rick states that he’s not surprised. After his dad and Brooke re-married, he sort of thought Stephanie might do whatever she could to stir things up. Brooke brings them up to speed that Steph had already fired their father. Eric says yes, in the heat of the moment and there is no predicting what she might want to do there. Or when. Whatever it is, they have to provide themselves with a united front. She can NOT use FC as a weapon in her vendetta against Brooke or as something to use against them for their re-marriage. Brooke states Stephanie can not run the company without any of them, so they just need to stand together. Eric finishes that there is not a damn thing she can do. Nothing!

The door opens and Stephanie leads the way followed by Taylor and Massimo. She clasps her hands and says she is glad they are all there. Eric greets her and Ridge asks Taylor what is she doing there? Stephanie speaks up as she lays a hand on Taylor’s shoulder and says she is with her. Guess Eric still hasn’t gotten the full message yet, he tells them that they are in a meeting here and if Steph wants to see them, she’ll have to wait outside his office. Mass corrects, “her office.” Eric opines, “oh I see. Is that what this is all about? Look, let’s get something straight here. You may have found that old document, but you can’t come in here and start shoving people round. We’re NOT going to take it. The family is not going to take it.” Steph looks at them one by one lined up against her.

Darla breaks a big hug and takes Thorne by both hands and tells him, “you listen to me, Thorne Forrester. I am not going to let you do this to yourself.” She goes on that things might look bleak right now, and they might not turn around. But, if that happens, it’s not because he failed the company or his family. He’d put his heart and soul into this place. He alone had brought it respectability and class. Not to mention giving Sally and everyone else who worked there a sense of pride and accomplishment, something they’d never had before. “YOU did that, Thorne. By being the wonderful, sweet, caring man that you are…….the man that I fell in love with.” She cups his face and strokes it and says she will continue loving him until she breathes her last breath. And if it doesn’t work out here at Spectra, then it just wasn’t meant to be. She adds, but she knows his best days are ahead of him. He scoffs, how can she be so sure? She states because she has faith in him. Absolute, all-consuming faith that he will find his way…or it will find him. Maybe sooner than he thinks!

Steph steps forward and tells Eric, “good speech!” He replies he just wants to make sure they all understand each other. She tells him oh, she understand him and she’s not surprised that he called in the troops. She turns to Rick and tells him it’s good seeing him and thanks him for coming. And she is sure his father has told him everything, at least HIS version. He states – and she is trying to challenge the ownership of the company? She replies no, that is not her intention. She looks to Eric now while speaking still to Rick. She had hoped that his father would have told him the truth. Obviously he hadn’t, so why didn’t they get right to it? She thinks maybe he’ll understand better when she tells him that Eric kept this knowledge from her through their entire marriage. The knowledge being WHO really owns FC. Eric tries to soften it by rationalizing that FC is a lot more than a piece of paper. It’s the creativity, the talent of the four people you see in this room here and any others. Rick at International; Ridge’s designs, Brooke’s contributions. Brooke chimes in – and Eric’s creativity. There wouldn’t even be a company to fight over if it weren’t for his incredible talent. Throughout all of this, Steph is pleasantly nodding, acknowledging this. Eric mentions not that there is going to be a fight because the four of them are standing there to assure her they will accept no changes in the company.

Steph smiles, her eyes almost twinkle as she says it’s so typical of him to hide behind his bride and his children. Ridge tries to placate her, “come on, Mother!” Steph tells them this is just a perfect example of how far afield the company has gone…..short pause, “I’m taking over.” Rick speaks up and asks if she is taking control of FC? She tells him yes and she would like to stay at International. And she wants very much for Ridge to stay on as head designer. But as for Rick’s parents……Eric interrupts and tells her that he and Brooke are co-CEO’s of the company. She refutes that by saying no, he was fired yesterday and she turns to Brooke and tells her she was terminated officially today (you go, girl). Brooke tells her she can’t do that. Stephanie assures her that her lawyers say she can, and she calls on Mass. Mass doesn’t think he has to say anything, but he’s sure Jonathan told Eric the same thing. “Total power in the company now resides in her hands.”

Steph announces that she is going to take Forrester back to what it once was……before Brooke arrived here with her smut and debauchery. Eric tells her to just stop this. Steph vows that he can stand there and huff and puff and she gestures, but he is NOT going to change anything. “I am taking control. I own Forrester’s. I have all along. And that means, Brooke, quite simply, you are out of the company.” Brooke says the hell she is! Eric tries to stop her as he holds her back, but Brooke confronts Steph and tells her that she can huff and puff all she wants, but she’s not going to throw her out of a company that she spent years helping to build. “I don’t care about your little piece of paper and what your lawyers are going to do. I am going to hire my lawyers to take care of this.” She tells her she will not take this away from her children. This is just as much their legacy as it is Stephanie’s.

She proclaims, “no matter how much you hate me, you’re not going to do that. I will put a stop to this. I swear to God, I will.” Stephanie listens patiently and simply smirks.

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