B&B Thursday Update 11/3/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/3/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Wednesday’s Episode:

On The Shady Marlin, Nick cups Brooke’s face and tells her – this is it, no holding back (she repeats it like a good girl); she’s with him! She twice replies yes while they both gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes/souls.

At Forrester’s in Eric’s office with Stephanie still on the throne (Eric’s big chair), the broken framed photo of Eric and Brooke on the floor (her payback time), Stephanie tells him that she thought justice would never be served. Eric is walking around like a caged tiger. He says this is not justice, but vengeance. She offers he doesn’t even know what she’s going to do. He retorts that she is not going to DO anything, this is not her company. She fires back that to hell it’s not! Eric points out to her it was her father that set up the initial trust, but his talent that made the company a success. And thanks to him, they could have paid back this debt a thousand times. Hands folded, ever the dutiful wife, Steph tells him now it is his turn to pay back his debt “to me.” She takes a big sigh and surmises that after all the years…..decades….that she has played the long, suffering, loyal wife while he let that bitch usurp “my family and my company” (she points to this desk). Eric demands that she leave Brooke out of this. Steph assures him she will. By all means, she will see that she never sets foot in this building again. He informs her that he will get Jonathan to block any of her attempts. She laughs, points a pencil at him, and says that shyster lawyer of his is in enough trouble of his own. Don’t make any empty threats. He can NOT break the trust. Eric states she will NOT start a legal battle over this company. She replies no, she will not and with a nod of the head says because he is not going to fight her. He replies yes he will. She says no, it wouldn’t be the smart thing to do. She toys with the pencil and then points it to him again and says she has the full weight of the law with her, and she can bring it down around his head any time she wants. She counts them off on her fingers, fraud, embezzlement, grand larceny. She chuckles upon reflection – ”just imagine what trouble Brooke could get into while hubby is serving jail time.”

At the beach house, Bridget is unwrapping boxes of her stuff. (Shirtless Dante alert!) Dante comes in with another box and casually mentions that her dad is moving in with Brooke, that makes more sense with the kids and now Bridget will have this place all alone. She doesn’t seem too overly enthusiastic and says it is not exactly what she envisioned a couple of months ago, pregnant and alone. He jokes that she is not alone. She replies she knows; she’s just feeling sorry for herself. He then tells her if she wants to feel sorry for anyone, feel sorry for him. He didn’t know she had all this STUFF. She admonishes him if he’d just let her help, it would go a lot faster. Nothing doing. He tells her no, no, no, the mother-to-be is not going to move a muscle, just relax and he takes her by the waist and steers her to the sofa. He grabs a blanket and puts her feet on the sofa and covers them. Big smile and he whispers he’s going to take care of everything, she has nothing to worry about. (girls, could we get used to this, or what?) He goes back out to get another box and Bridget rifles through her purse and pulls out the ultrasound photo and stares at it.

Brooke and Nick are face to face, bodies pressed together and she breathlessly tells him she wants to be with him. She does, more than she’s ever wanted any man (she’s got that line down pat). He continues to massage her face, pressing his breath on hers and tells her he is right there. She eventually pulls away and says she can’t. She can’t do this to her daughter. He stares in amazement – her daughter knows the truth. And she doesn’t want him. She asks what about Eric? She states she took vows. Nick replies she took a wrong turn; that can be fixed. “Forget about everybody else; I want you to think about US! Just us and what we feel right now!” She replies she is thinking about her daughter. They are expecting a child together. And he assures her that child will always come first in his life, no matter who he’s with. She knows that. So he tells him then he knows why she can’t do this.

Handsome Dante, fully clothed, is cooking supper and he asks Bridget is she fully unpacked and she says not quite. She asks what is he doing? (and here we thought she was an educated doctor-to-be). He tells her he’s cooking her something to eat - some lemon chicken and cappaleni. She looks on with interest and says it smells amazing, but she’s not all that hungry. He reminds her the doctor wanted her to put on some weight, but she refutes she didn’t mean all tonight. Dante tells her she wouldn’t be eating anything if it wasn’t for him. There was nothing in her Dad’s refrigerator except champagne and caviar. Bridget says Eric is like her, he likes to eat out. Dante continues to slice and dice and says if he was living there, she’d have a cooked meal every night. (Oh, by the way, he has an apron on too). And, if he wasn’t in the kitchen, he’d be in the guest bedroom, of course. She asks if he means the nursery? He replies she doesn’t have to worry about that for a couple of months, and then who knows? (Dante, you devil you). She repeats, “so, you and me, living together?” He asks her just to think about it. She’s all alone and in a couple of weeks, she might get lonely. She pops a carrot slice in her mouth and he grins that he guarantees by the end of the night, she will be begging him to stay. Just watch.

Nick asks doesn’t everyone deserve to be happy? Brooke hesitates but finally says not at her daughter’s expense. Firmly, he tells her than let’s all be MISERABLE because that is what is going to happen if she keeps denying her feelings for him. She states she is NOT denying her feelings. She does love him and wants to be with him – tonight, tomorrow and the next day. But, she laments, she also wants to be able to look at herself in the mirror. He tells her to look at him, listen to him. She says she can’t, she won’t be able to forgive herself. He asks for what? Forgive herself for what? For being honest to her heart? For being truthful to herself? She shouts – being selfish and out of control! And she turns away but he grabs her around the waist from behind with both arms wrapped tightly around her, his face in her hair and says this is out of control, running from him and marrying a man she doesn’t love. THAT is out of control. He has a stranglehold lovingly around her neck by now. She corrects – protecting her child; protecting his child. He tells her he will be there for them and for her. She utters she needs him to let go….let her go. He rubs his face, his breath in her hair, her face and says no. Almost in a trance, she repeats if he loves her, he’ll……..she twists and turns to face him and she can’t say it. He tells her she can’t because she knows she belongs with him.

Stephanie slips the trust from the envelope while Eric is on the phone asking for Jonathan. She tells him that is a very good idea since Eric won’t want to talk to the police without him. He doesn’t crumble, but tells her no one is going to call the police. She smirks that is up to him. He replies there is no reason for her to make crazy threats. She bows, oh now she is crazy! He tells her she probably sees this as an opportunity for vengeance. She confronts him – how many victories has he celebrated at her expense? How many times has she sat by and watched him and Brooke dismantle “MY” dreams for this company? Eric reminds her that if she executes this trust, their children will suffer. She fires back to him that the children have already suffered. HE kept the secret. He enabled Brooke to steal “OUR” children’s rightful inheritance. He shouts that she can not put this on Brooke. She has absolutely NOTHING to do with this! She agrees, it has nothing to do with Brooke and (touching Eric) nothing to do with him either. “It’s all about me. And the things my father taught me – principles, discipline, leading a moral, dignified life…and standing my ground.” She’s taken her place beside the throne now. Eric finally GETS it and states rather low-key, “you’re not going to Florida?” She replies nope, there’s a lot of work to do here. She sinks into the chair and watches the expression changes on his face as he contemplates what this will mean.

He wanders around and angrily tells Stephanie this is not a game for Heaven’s sake. He bestows on her that Forrester Creations hires hundreds of people and they are dependent on them for their livelihood. She can’t just come in here and turn everything upside down. She needs to think of their families. She chuckles that this is so ironic. None of this would be happening if HE had thought of his family. If he had thought of his children’s legacy more than he thought of Brooke. If he had shown any loyalty to her or their marriage. He argues this is NOT about their marriage but about the company. And he lectures that this company has thrived under his leadership. She quips – yeah, since she got it back for him. He replies and he will always be grateful for that. She chuckles and fans the trust in front of him “but not grateful enough to reveal this trust.” He grabs it angrily and says be damned with the trust. “I AM Forrester Creations, and without me, you own 100% of nothing! This is worthless and doesn’t mean a damned thing.” He rips it up and lets the pieces fall where they may. And says he should have done this years ago. She laughs and remarks that yes, if he wasn’t going to tell her about it then he should have torn it up. But either he was too stupid or too arrogant to get rid of it. She asks did he really believe she would never find out? He states he believed they were a team; equal partners. That’s what they envisioned for the company from the very beginning. She adds, “and I envisioned a house full of love. A house filled with children and grandchildren. A life of success and satisfaction.” She goes on, “a husband who would love me and never betray me. He would protect me. But, you didn’t protect me.” She stands to face off, “but you lied to me and you betrayed me. So you tell me; why should I trust you to run MY company now?”

Bridget and Dante sit in the living room using the coffee table as their dining table. She feels she is inhaling the food, but she can’t possibly eat any more. He teases her that he promised her doctor that he’d fatten her up by her next appointment. She comes back that is going to be kind of hard if he has to drive in to Malibu every night to feed her. He asks has she considered his proposition. And she says only between every bite. But, it just doesn’t seem right. He opines it’s okay, they’ll just be roommates. That’s all. She states it’s going to be a long time before she can trust a man again and what she really needs is a friend. He tells her she has one, right there. But, she offers she knows he would rather it be more. He states he knows she is still in love with Nick….and he’s such a fool. Bridget admits they all got caught up in a situation that was really bad. Dante asks doesn’t her dad know that Nick and Brooke still have feelings for each other? She agrees it’s pointless. Maybe Nick and Brooke should give in to their feelings, so at least her dad could get on with his life. He asks what about her? She says it will be hard, but she will be fine. She’ll eventually move on. He adds, “we will, okay?” and flashes those dimples. She leans in for a hug.

Eric stands firm; he’s not asking her to trust him. He’s not asking her for anything. She lets him know he’s really not in a position to do that. He informs her that he’s trusting she will do the right thing for this family. She implies that is exactly what she’s going to do. Then he surmises she is going to leave everything alone then? She nods no. He offers that the stocks have already been divided. She can not rob their children and grandchildren of their legacy. Think what that would do to them. She offers that Taylor says she should start thinking about herself. He glares at her and says that running this company is not going to solve her problems. She fires that they shouldn’t talk about her problems. If she is bitter and angry, it’s because of him. “Because of your lack of respect for me……of your infidelities, your affairs. And each year has only brought new humiliations, new disgrace, new disappointments that for years have chipped away at my self esteem and my self respect until I didn’t know WHO THE HELL I WAS.” And she adds, to think she was going to walk out of her family and her company. “And all you could say to me was, ‘have a nice trip.’” She shakes her head ad leans closer to him across the desk and informs him that she is going to stay. Raising her eyebrows, she states she is going to put her family and her company back on track.

She thumps her desk and starts to walk out, eat my dust! He calls for her not to expect any help from him. She says she doesn’t want any. He remarks that he’s the lead designer. She chuckles and says she will do it then. She returns as he mocks what? She’s going to make cell phones and pickup trucks? This is a fashion house! She states how hard can it be? A few pretty pictures every season. He brags that he’s an artist. Everything he does and designs is a reflection of who he is inside and what he believes. Oh, she believes she understands – when he designs he reveals his true inner self? She says oh please, let her try. She rushes to an easel and says if she can capture the essence of Eric Forrester. She writes and tears off the big sheet of paper and it says LIAR! (big exclamation mark). She holds it up to Eric and then lets it drop. One more – she writes again and says she thinks this is the real him. Holds up CHEATER! No, she lets it drop as well. She holds up two fingers, here’s another, the piece de resistance, the show-stopper. Every collection HAS to have a SHOW-stopper! “Here’s yours”. It reads – YOU’RE FIRED! Simply she says, “have a nice trip.” And as she drops this one as well, she tells him and don’t let the door hit him on the way out.

Tears glistening in her eyes, Brooke pulls away and tells Nick no, this isn’t him. This is impulse, and desire and frustration with this whole damn thing. He tells her yes it’s frustration because Bridget keeps getting hurt over and over again. They have to be honest with her, and it starts with them being honest with themselves. She asks if he’s being honest with himself? She stares into his face, “yes, I want you, and you want me. But, is it really worth it.” He turns away thinking. She reminds him he is going to have a child with Bridget (how many times do we have to be hit over the head with this?). Does he really want to walk away from that? Does he want to turn his back on his wife and baby forever? Cause if he does, he has to tell her that. Her daughter deserves something better. She deserves a man who’s going to be there for her, and be loyal to her and love her with everything he’s got! “And if you can’t do that, then she’s better off without you!” As he wanders about, she tells him she knows him. He’s just confused, but he’s not a fool. And that baby and his wife are counting on him. And as angry as Bridget is, she still loves him so much. “Now, if you are willing to trade that in for me, then you’re right. She is better off without you.” She walks closer and asks him if that is the kind of person he is? Is that really the person he is? She presses closer, because if it is, she wants him to take her. “I want you to make love to me. Take me, Nick.” He looks intently at her, bows his head, looks away and finally confesses he can’t, no more than she can. He says he will be there for them and give them everything he’s got. She rejoices, he’s going to have such a happy life together. (aren’t they forgetting Bridget has a decision in this equation?) He tries to make it sound believable – he knows, thanks to her. They drift into each other’s arm, one last good-bye hug.

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