B&B Wednesday Update 11/2/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/2/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Tuesday’s episode:

At Forrester Creations, Stephanie walks into Eric’s office with a briefcase. She remarks that he looks nervous. He simply replies that she startled him. He says he thought she’d gone to Florida. Offhandedly, she says that something came up, and she missed her flight. He pretends that is too bad; she shouldn’t have to take a commercial flight anyway, she could take the company jet. Ever so pleasant, she exclaims what was she thinking. “Of course, our company plane. How generous of you.” He says he should have thought of it sooner, and she remarks guess it just slipped his mind. He continues that he’ll have their pilot file a flight plan. There is a landing strip right by her family estate, isn’t there? She asks is he getting forgetful? She walks up to his desk and reminds him that is where he landed the first time he came to visit on Spring Break and met her father. “We were still at Northwestern, and you’d just proposed to me, remember?” He acknowledges that. Also that he didn’t enjoy the trip, two weeks with John Douglas, “hell, no.” She agrees he was a rather imposing figure. Eric adds that he was a very intimidating man, that’s for sure. Steph replies that was because John didn’t like Eric, and Eric knew it. Stephanie beams, “I, on the other hand, was madly in love with you. My beautiful California golden boy. My artist. So filled with dreams.” She continues, but her father must have believed in him because he gave them the money to start the company. Eric interrupts and asks why is she talking about her father? She answers because her father didn’t want her to marry Eric. He didn’t trust him. But, she was so madly in love that she thought Eric would never hurt her. Short pause and she continues, but he had betrayed her, hadn’t he? Him and Brooke, him and Lauren, him and Sheila, him and Jackie……He stops her and remarks that if she’s come here for one last argument before she goes off to Florida…..This time she interrupts him and says no, no, no…..she had accepted his womanizing a long time ago. She had just put it down as one minor flaw in an otherwise good and decent man. She toys with him by saying, “I always believed that basically deep down, you were a honest man. Am I right? Would you call yourself an honest man?” He replies yes he would.

At the hospital, Bridget is in a medical examining gown sitting up in bed as the female doctor tells her that she thinks she will be surprised at how much the baby has grown since the last ultrasound. She asks if it’s kicking yet? Bridget replies no. The doctor asks if they can get started or is she waiting for the father? Bridget says they can get started. On cue, a knock at the door and it’s Dante. She hears his voice so the doctor realizes she knows him and lets him in. He grins and tells her he thought she might want some company. She looks at him like he’s a lifesaver.

Shanghaied away on The Shady Marlin, Brooke is mad and tells Nick they shouldn’t be there. But, he claims they are right where she told him that she loved him. They tried to hide their feelings, but it didn’t work. The more they run from this, the worse it gets. And he loves her for wanting to protect her daughter. He shakes his head, but marrying Eric isn’t the answer! She replies “and neither is this!” He grabs her arm and spins her around as she is walking away. He tells her they can’t pretend to have moved on when they haven’t. And that Bridget doesn’t want him; she knows the truth. “My heart is with you!”

The doctor gives Bridget some indication if she wants Dante to remain. Bridget says it’s okay, just NOT necessary as she gives Dante a faked perturbed look, while probably secretly pleased that he is there. The doctor gives an excuse to leave for a moment giving them some time to work this out. Dante asks if she is upset that he came? She replies no, but she is not a child. She doesn’t need someone to hold her hand for every doctor’s appointment. He rationalizes that this is her first baby and she shouldn’t be going through this alone. She should be sharing it with someone. She minimizes it by saying it’s just a checkup. But, he thinks it’s more than that. She will see her child today. It won’t be just a blob like last time. She tells him again she thinks she can handle this. So he flashes that smile and takes responsibility that it’s him. HE wants to share this experience with her. Eventually he basically charms her into letting him stay. He’s overjoyed and says she won’t even know he’s there. He’ll just stand in the corner and not say a word. She remarks that if he wants to see the baby, then he’d better come stand right next to her. He gladly accepts.

Brooke tells Nick that Bridget is just confused. And this idea of the two of them, Brooke and Nick, running off together and living happily ever after is a FANTASY! He says it doesn’t have to be. He knows she wants it as much as he does. She breaks from his hold and says her life is with Eric now, he’s a good man and she loves him. Nick says her life isn’t with Eric and she loves him like a friend. She argues perhaps that is what she needs – someone who is there and protective. He states she can not turn her back on love and passion. She wonders where’s her passion ever gotten her or her family? He opines it is what makes her who she is! It fuels her ambition….. her devotion to her children….it’s what he fell in love with. He grabs tightly to her and tells her she may think she’s doing the right thing for Bridget, but she’s not. They had to recognize what they had here, he continues, “we have to embrace OUR passion.” He promises that everybody would be better off in the end. Let the truth come out!

With the safe open in the background, Stephanie remarks that of course Eric would see himself as an honest man. He simply states that he has made mistakes. She says, “spoken like a man with true integrity.” He admits he’s done things to hurt her and she’s angry and he understands that. She says sweetly, “understanding and HONEST. How did I ever let a jewel like you get away?” He remarks they can’t get anything accomplished here by re-hashing the past. It’s time they all moved on. Surely she could see that? She remarks yes, if she was HONEST with herself. HONEST, like him. She states that is how people see him, the people he does business with, his children, his grandchildren – a man of his word. A man who can be trusted. He says that is the way he’s always tried to run his life and the man he’s always tried to be. She studies him as he’s talking and he asks what is she looking at? She remarks that his safe is open…..was he looking for something? “Something like this?” and she hands him the manila envelope with the trust. He glances from the package to her eyes.

With Dante beaming next to Bridget, the doctor conducts the test and shows Bridget a picture of her baby. Dante thinks it looks like he’s waving to her. Bridget points out a strong heartbeat. And remarks that it does look more like a baby now. She looks on in wonderment and remembers occasions when Nick was thrilled because of this child. The doctor tells her the next test will be in twenty weeks and in the meantime she wants her to put on some more weight, four pounds at least. Dante says that will be no problem; she has an Italian to cook for her now. The doctor hands Bridget the pictures and tells her congratulations, the baby is doing fine. Dante then comes and sits on the edge of the bed and tells her not to think of Nick. Why don’t they just go out to eat? She can take care of the baby and he’ll take care of Mommy.

Eyes glistening, Brooke tells Nick that he is the man she has always wanted. He’s a man of his convictions and everything he has been saying to her only makes her want him more. He ssssshhhhhs her and tells her what’s done is done. It can’t be undone and it’s time for them to move forward…….together. He strokes her face, she closes her eyes and then tells him to stop. He asks, “stop what? Stop loving you. I can’t do that.” With his fingers, he continues to stroke her face, the cheek, down her jaw line, slowly almost to her mouth taunting her.

Stephanie holds out the package. Eric is silent. She asks isn’t he even going to ask what it is? Finally he starts to take it and says it belongs in the safe. She grips tighter. She isn’t giving it up. She throws darts at him with her eyes and says he knew! He lets his claim go. She continues almost in a reverent whisper that, “all these years, you knew the trust existed. You knew it named ME as owner of Forrester Creations.” Without flinching, he stands there and says they built the company together as a legacy for their children. She remarks that is what she thought too, but not according to the document. He states the document was her father’s way of letting him know who’s the boss (nice wiggle, Eric!) He continues John wouldn’t give them the start-up money without it. They were just kids when this was drawn up. A LOT has happened since then. Determined, she looks him squarely in the eyes and says that all along he knew the company belonged to her. He looks back and replies, “this is OUR company, Stephanie, yours and mine. It always has been. He gave us the money and my designs made this company a success!” She grits her teeth and fires back that without her family’s money his designs wouldn’t have gotten off the launching pad. Angrily, he tells her don’t dare take the high road with him…… after all the lies she’s told him, everything she’d kept from him…... sneaking in there, breaking into his safe…… He snarls his teeth like a vicious mad dog and says this document doesn’t matter! She shouts it matters to her, “it means EVERYTHING to ME!” She clamps it to her heart. (just look at that smirk on his face. Wonder who’ll have the last smirk though).

Nick continues to hold Brooke by the shoulders and tells her she can have everything she wants. It can all come together, but only one way. When there are no more secrets. She tells him they can’t. He clinches her hair and tells her no more pain, no more tragedies. This is honest the way they feel for each other; their love for each other is true. He cups her face while saying, “there’s only one way this works. We have to do it together. It’s got to be….together. And together starts tonight…..here…..tonight……forever…..”

Stephanie walks off, still clutching the envelope, and Eric continues hammering that she doesn’t much like this….being deceived, being misled and manipulated. He sneers that he’s sorta gotten used to it all the years living with her (yeah, Eric, make it HER fault for your rotten deeds). “And look at you now. Angry over one little piece of paper.” She tells him he’s damn right, she is. But, what she’s really angry about is that she finds the man she has loved her entire life has lied to her throughout their entire marriage! He snips that if she wants to talk about their marriage? She replies not really. And, if she didn’t know it before, she certainly knows now. All these years in that safe and not one word. He asks can she blame him, after the way she is re-acting? She’s flabbergasted – the way she is re-acting now? She vows she would have given him half the company if he’d just TOLD her. He deserved it. It was HIS talent and his vision that made a SUCCESS of all of this! He tells her he’s glad she sees that. She acknowledge that she does see it and she sees right where he’s taking this company – right to the edge of destruction. Because of his bad business decisions and his marriages to Brooke. He defends by saying Brooke has been an enormous asset to this company. Stephanie tells him she will not deny that. BeLieF, the discovery of that formula was VERY important, and she should have been paid handsomely, but instead (pointing finger) he gave her half the company and she installed herself as CEO. He raises his voice and says they could not afford to lose the BeLieF formula, and she knew that. Brooke could have taken her research and gone anywhere. Stephanie fires back that it should have been “MY decision. It’s MY company, it should have been MY choice!" He tells her she needs to understand (yeah, let’s hear this, Eric! We’re all ears.) With both barrels, she tells him oh she understands all right. She has been SO understanding. Sitting there at these fashion shows for years and applauding him for his awards. She makes a fist and goes on a tirade that she has been the devoted, loyal and loving wife. She had kept this family together despite all his indiscretions. She calms down and says and all this time she thought her love and her loyalty would pay off, and instead what happens? “Brooke ends up with my husband and my company.” Matter of factly, he tells her she’s making too much of this. He’s looked into it; he’s talked to his attorneys (yes, as in plural). She chuckles that she has talked to hers as well and takes great pride in pointing out that she also has talked to the sole trustee – Katherine Chancellor. In his face, she says, “guess what? The trust is valid.” He tries to worm his way out by saying the trust is a technicality. It goes against everything they stand for. She denies this, speaking slowly and drawing out the words, “no, no, no, no. IT GOES AGAINST EVERY BUSINESS DECISION EVER MADE.” She continues that it invalidates every stock distribution…it invalidates everything, including their marriage. Eric only looks on in amusement. It’s like this red-hot mamma hasn’t got a thing on him. In fact, he tells her she needs to calm down and think about the ramifications of what she is saying. She fires back that believe you me, she is. She chuckles, “believe me, I am.” And to think she was all set to leave…sell the house and move to Florida…crawl away and lick her wounds and leave him with his slut. “I thought I had lost everything….. my family, my self respect, my purpose!” She wags her finger, “but guess what? I have discovered I HAVE a purpose now. And I know who I am all over again. Stephanie Douglas – sole owner of Forrester Creations.” She’s almost on tippy toes by now with this added boost. Eric tells her no, she’s not. She keeps saying yes, yes, yes. With a chuckle, she plops the package down on his desk and says just when she thought there was no justice in the world – here is the proof! She sits in Eric’s chair behind the big old desk and delights in telling him that Forrester Creations has a NEW CEO. She starts picking up papers and appointment books and one by one twirling them into the trash basket with a look of satisfaction on her lips. Then a framed picture of Eric and Brooke and she flips it to the floor like old rubbish. It breaks in shattered pieces and she smarts it's PAYBACK time.

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