B&B Tuesday Update 11/1/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/1/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Monday’s episode:

In Brooke’s office at Forrester Creations, having scooted two workers out so he could talk for a minute, Nick confronts Brooke and asks her to answer him – has she slept with Eric?

In his office, Eric is carefully taping back together the new Forrester Reunited logo poster. Jonathan comes in and Eric sarcastically tells him that Stephanie was just there and here’s one last mess to clean up before she goes to Florida. Jonathan has divorce papers for him, and Eric is concerned that they are legal. With Stephanie you never know! Eric says if she thought she could do anything to him and Brooke, she’d never leave them in peace. He adds that hopefully she is leaving very soon. He glances at the papers and then heads toward the safe. Jonathan comments that perhaps distance will do them good. Eric retorts that Florida IS on the other side of the continent, perhaps that is far enough away. “But, with these papers, it will make her ability to manipulate me officially over!”

In her living room, Stephanie repeats the question to Katherine Chancellor. As sole trustee to the Stephanie Douglas Trust, has she done anything to compromise it? Katherine answers emphatically no. What – against her father’s wishes? Stephanie then wants to know specifically what was his wishes? Katherine rises and walks to the fireplace and says she remembers when she was first summoned to his place. She was somewhat in awe and intimidated by him, but says he was so handsome and just his mere power in that room. And being a young woman back then, being a trustee was not something one would expect. Stephanie declares he picked her for a reason. Katherine gestures that he had asked her how she was, and then gave her some advice about life. Steph asks what did he ask her to do about the trust. Katherine replies he asked her to do nothing. And she did what he asked. Stephanie is a little taken aback. Katherine continues that John had assured her the document was complete and intact, exactly as he wanted it. So as trustee, she didn’t feel the need to do anymore, other than to make sure the annual tax document was provided to the Forrester lawyer. Stephanie thinks a moment and asks if she remembers the name? Could it have been Jonathan Young? Kay agrees that yes, it was. And she repeats again, she did just as her father asked and did nothing. So, Stephanie opines, the trust is still valid. Kay chuckles and says she has to admit she didn’t pay much attention to it back then, but yes, it should still be valid. Stephanie comments again – so everything is intact, just as her father wanted. Kay answers yes, she owns Forrester Creations. It’s all hers, the company – lock, stock and barrel.

Almost in amusement, Nick asks Brooke if she heard the question? Is she having sex with her husband or are they just ‘reunited’ (looking at poster) in some sort of sales company. Please tell him! She avoids the direct question and replies, “we’re married. He’s my husband.” He pops his eyes out and proclaims that he’s the Pope! He then chides her that come on, she went to Vegas and said a few vows, but that’s not a marriage. The only people that is going to buy that are the people who buy the ads. All she will say is that she made a commitment to her husband. He asks again, “have you had sex with him?” She turns from him and tells him she does not have to talk to him about this. He continues that she forgets that he saw her on the honeymoon night. She was outside the beach house and Eric was inside, and she was outside because she did not want to be inside with him! She declares no, she was exhausted, she was tired! “And I’ve been with him since.” He states that no she hasn’t. She argues that yes she has. He grins and tells her she’s lying, he sees right through it. She replies again that no he doesn’t. He grabs her by the arm and pulls her closer and says, “tell me”. She asks him to let her go. He wants to hear the truth. She tells him she has told him the truth. Very close, faces just inches apart, gazing into each other’s eyes, he tells her if she loves him, then tell him the truth right now. She hesitates, looks down and finally admits she hasn’t slept with Eric.

He softens his hold and asks her what does that tell her? That she’s going to spend her life with a man that doesn’t touch her and she doesn’t want to touch? She states there is more to life than that. He shakes his head and says no, this is all wrong. Just because her picture is on a poster with Eric doesn’t change anything! She declares that Eric loves her. Nick argues that Eric’s lying to himself if he ever thinks he’s going to have her as a real wife. And for what? It’s no good for him and no good for any of them. She replies that she is going to make this a real marriage. Eric is a good man and she is committed to him. He wonders then who’s going to win – her, Eric, Bridget, certainly not them. Brooke is emphatic; he is just going to have to accept this. Just start a new life with Bridget and his baby. Nick counters that Bridget doesn’t want him anymore. She’s made that perfectly clear. She tells him they need to make the sacrifice. He replies not anymore they don’t. She begs him to just accept it. He inches closer and very seriously tells her he thinks she has it backwards. He thinks she is the one who needs to start accepting things. He grabs her by the arm and tells her “let’s go.” She says she is not going anywhere. He grabs the other arm as well and says if she wants to do something good for her daughter, then she’ll go. What is she so afraid of? She looks at him intently and declares that she is not afraid of anything. He studies her face and says he knows, so let’s go! He drags her out the door.

Steph and Kay continue to discuss how shocked Steph is that she is the sole owner of FC. Kay explains she thought Steph had known; it had been so many years. Steph replies just think of all the pain and heartbreak that could have been avoided. Kay comments that her father worked in mysterious ways. Steph wonders why her father didn’t tell her? Did he think she was not adult enough to handle the responsibility? Katherine sys no, that wasn’t it at all. Steph accuses her of knowing something and wants her to tell her. Why would her father keep her in the dark? Kay clasps her hands and offers that John knew how much Stephanie loved Eric and John knew how hurt and upset she would be with him if he thought she knew that he didn’t trust Eric. Softly, Steph says he did it to protect her. Kay comments that she was young and impressionable, and apparently her father’s instincts were right. Kay rejoices, this is GOOD news, she OWNS the company! But, Steph can’t get over that she just found out about this accidentally today. It was in Eric’s safe, which means he has known about it and has kept it from her all these years.

Jonathan apparently still has some reservations of Eric using the Power of Attorney to end his marriage. Though Eric says this was the cleanest way to finish it. Jonathan reminds him that despite the turmoil, he and Stephanie had had some good years. And the marriage could have lasted. Eric offers with him suffering every day of it. Jonathan agrees that Steph can be difficult, but she had a lot to offer. Eric counters with what she has to offer, he doesn’t want! Jonathan thinks the ire it can raise, getting a divorce behind her back. Eric explains that he does have regrets it all happening this way, but Stephanie is moving on now. He has a family with Brooke and he’s deeply in love with her. This is finished now and done properly, so don’t give it another thought. Jonathan still maintains they are taking advantage of Stephanie. Eric scoffs – taking advantage? They never have, and they are not now. (liar, liar, pants on fire!).

He starts to put some papers back and turns and asks Jonathan if he’s been in his safe lately. Jonathan replies no. Eric says they are the only two who know the combination, so who? He squints a knowing evil eye. On more careful inspection, he realizes Stephanie’s trust document is not there. They discuss it; how he’d kept it in this safe for years. Ever since they’d moved into this building. And…….he and Jonathan are the only ones who even knew it existed. Jonathan states they must find it; no one can know about it. Eric offers – especially not Stephanie!

Stephanie sits and ponders. Did her father tell Eric? Did he know about this trust? Kay repeats again that she thought Stephanie knew. But as for Eric, she has no idea. Steph thinks out loud then surmises that Eric couldn’t have known. She also offers that her father died shortly after they got the company up and running. She can only assume he meant to tell her about the trust, but just never got the chance. Kay reflects then what is the document doing in Eric’s safe? Steph maintains there has to be a very logical reason for that. He would never lie to her. He’s not a liar or a cheat. (Oh gal, have I got some swamp land to sell you). Katherine simply says, “he IS a man”. Steph repeats again he could not lie to her all those years. Kay raises an eyebrow. She’s aghast, surely he wouldn’t have gone against her father’s wishes. For God’s sake, he had given them the money for the company! Anguished, she asks, “do you realize the level of betrayal we’re talking about here? If he knew about this. He played me for the fool?” She whispers he couldn’t have done that to her. She can’t believe that. She lets out a big breath.

Nick pushes Brooke onto The Shady Marlin. She immediately asks where is Bridget. He replies he doesn’t know. She says she doesn’t understand. He replies she will. He starts batting down the hatches, closing doors, windows. She tells him she is NOT taking a boat ride. He asks if she wants to help Bridget, and she replies yes she does but not by going out to sea. He tells her that is exactly what they are doing. She replies no and starts to go. He plays the ‘me Tarzan, you Jane’ routine and grabs her around the waist and shoves her in a chair and tells her to sit down! She gets mad and asks why is he doing this? He replies because this is going to get resolved tonight, the right way, his way. He calls the Harbor Master by ship’s radio control.

Eric rifles through the papers again, then sits and reflects on what Stephanie had recently told him that he would not get away with betraying her ‘trust’. Suddenly the light bulb goes off and he lets out an “Oh, My God!” The phone rings and it’s probably the secretary telling him Mrs. Forrester, the first Mrs. Forrester is there. He’s worried and steels himself for a confrontation.

Stephanie walks in with a briefcase, and closes the door. He turns around as she formally greets him. Without another word, she asks is it possible that he lied to her all these years? He smiles and says he thought she’d left for Florida. What can he do for her? She walks a few feet and studies his face. He returns the look and asks is anything wrong?

We can’t see her, but Brooke is hiding floor level in a tiny space in what looks like kitchen cabinets. Nick tells her they are in the middle of Santa Monica Bay, she needs to come out! She argues she won’t come out until they are back in the harbor, this is kidnapping, but he keeps telling her to get out now! She repeats again that she won’t. She has a husband and children that expect her. He tells her they ARE doing this and the quicker she gets out, the quicker it gets resolved. He swears he will reverse the pump on the toilet and it’ll flood the room. It hasn’t been cleaned in ages. (more information than I care to know!) He takes delight in counting to three, still telling her to come out and she still determined not to do so. Until he finally turns on the pump and she can’t come falling out fast enough. Standing across the room from each other, he folds arms and tells her he highly suggests she not leave the boat, please!

Swim to Catalina? She offers this isn’t going to resolve anything. Being here on this boat is what got them in this mess in the first place. He walks toward her and spills that night here on this boat in this cabin when they realized they loved each other, and they made a commitment to each other that they’ve neglected. And that changes tonight. Everything falls into place for everyone – “Bridget, Eric, you, me.”

He states, “it all happens tonight.”

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