B&B Monday Update 10/31/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/31/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Friday’s Episode:

In Brooke’s office at Forrester Creations, Stephanie takes the phone call from Massimo where he tells her that he’d heard from the lawyer, and Stephanie is indeed the sole owner of Forrester’s. Unless….Katherine Chancellor, as trustee, made some decisions on Steph’s behalf that they know nothing about. But, as luck would have it, she’s here now in L.A. And Mass says he will track her down. He tells Steph that he will get back with her, and she says she will wait for his call.

Brooke takes the phone from her, and says not in her office, she isn’t. She tells her to do her business elsewhere. In fact, better yet, take a good look around. This will be the last she will be seeing of FC. Steph gives her that satisfaction, and with a satisfied grin patiently turns her head in all directions.

At Eric’s beach house, Nick states to Eric and Bridget that he knows Eric hasn’t been having sex with Brooke. But, Eric states that he and Brooke have sex like newlyweds. And he has to admit, he had forgotten what that passion and mystery felt like. But, being with Brooke is like he’s twenty years old again.

Steph is rather quiet and deep in thought. Brooke quips that shouldn’t she be on her broomstick (appropriate for Halloween) on her way to Boca by now? Brooke adds she has things to do. Steph asks “lives to wreck?” Brooke answers that she has lingerie lines to resurrect, and Stephanie thought she had seen the last of the bedroom line; one of the most profitable lines the company had. Stephanie is aghast, she wouldn’t, she couldn’t, she can’t! Brooke reminds her that she can and will since she is now co-CEO. Steph offers that Eric has her symphathies. Brooke continues that she and Eric make a dynamic duo and they are going to do wonders with FC. Steph continues that FC used to be a source of family pride. They took pride in their designs, their work, their dedication. They didn’t just go after sex and profit. That only came with Brooke. Brooke mocks her and tells her to please spare her. She knows all about the elite clientel she went after for years and years and years. The good old days of FC; the glory years, yada, yada, yada. “New days, Stephanie, I’m in, you’re out. And, you’re never coming back.” She turns to dismiss her. But, guess who has the last satisfied look?

At Café Russe, Katherine Chancellor (crossover from The Young And The Restless) resplendent in red and black, sits at a table with gold compact in hand, dabbing fresh powder on her face. Mass speaks from behind, “Katherine Chancellor, ravishing as ever.” She’s surprised, but recognizes the voice and he sits down. They reminiscence on old times; how long it’s been. Several years since they last saw each other at some symposium in Chicago when she received an award. One of his fellow captain’s of industry, whom he admires greatly. She chides him that he’d better not let his wife hear him talk this way. He confides in her that he and Jacqueline have been divorced. He would have thought she would have heard. She laughs and admits that she had. She takes both of his hands across the table and tells him how glad she ran into him here. He confides that it wasn’t just coincidence. Actually, truth be known, he had tracked her down for a very important reason.

Nick gets up to walk away in disgust and tells Eric he’s uncomfortable. He doesn’t know what he wants them to say, but they aren’t buying it. Eric says only because he refuses to accept what’s happened. Nick fires back that nothing has happened. He shrugs, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. Can they get honest here? Eric had invited them over to get things out on the table so they could move on. “Well, let’s get it on the table.” He pats his hand down on the table, “right here, shall we?“ He offers that Brooke says she loves Eric, and she probably does as the father of her children, and the man she admires. The man she looks up to and respects. But in love with him, she’s not and never will be. Bridget listens quietly as her dad tells Nick that Brooke’s priorities have changed. She made a commitment to him. They’d made a commitment to each other and their future. To their family’s future. And the sooner that Nick accepted that, the sooner that he and Eric’s daughter….Bridget interrupts and tells him to stop. Eric tells her to stop, look at herself, she’s hurting. They both are hurting. There is a child on the way, and the love that created that child has not just disappeared. He and Brooke have moved on, and there is no reason they can’t. Eric confides he is only trying to help. Nick says that he isn’t by lying. Eric walks up to him and tells Nick that he needs to go to Brooke and ask her if they have had sex. Maybe then he will accept it and move on. He looks to Bridget one last time before he leaves. Bridget and Nick then exchange glances before she walks to the door. He calls her back and asks her please not to leave.

Katherine asks Mass how did he know she was in Las Angeles? He quips he has his sources. She giggles yes, and she has a housekeeper that couldn’t keep her mouth shut if her life depended on it. He tells her he promised Esther she wouldn’t get into any trouble whatsoever. She then asks if this has anything to do with Marone Industries? He replies no, but with a mutual friend, Stephanie Douglas Forrester, she remembers her? She replies yes, John Douglas’ pride and joy. He tells her Steph would love a visit; can Katherine manage that? She relays she has a plane to catch back home. He solves that by saying if she’ll stay, he will make his private jet available to her. She guesses this is more than just business. He tells her that’s all he can say for now, but he’d really appreciate it if she would do it.

Brooke looks at Steph and states – to think that her opinion ever really mattered to her. Steph replies it did once! Brooke then tells her she is NOT going to hold any grudges. In fact, she is going to give her a parting gift. She walks over to a rack in the corner of her office and picks up a little (emphasis on the little) black number and politely hands them to Steph and tells her to share these with her geriatic friends in Florida. Perhaps then they won’t turn on her when she bores them to death with her tales of the Wild, Wild West. Steph contemplates, and then spouts that when she was little her mother told her she couldn’t respect anyone unless she respected herself, “and you, my dear, respect no one.” Cattily, Brooke tells her to just send her some nasty postcards from Florida to tell her what she really thinks of her. But, as of now, her obsolete ideas are officially turned out to pasture.

The phone rings again and once more it is for Stephanie. Mass makes it brief. “I’m with Katherine Chancellor, meet me at your house, now!” Steph says she’s on her way. Brooke reaches to take the phone back from her, and says she hopes she’s going to the airport. Steph pulls back to keep Brooke from the phone and quips is she that anxious to get rid of her? Brooke asks if her hearing aid is broke? Steph replies no, it’s working just fine. She heard every obnoxious word Brooke said. But, she laments they’ve been there before. “Brooke Logan on top of the world. Just about ready to fall on her…….derriere?” She wags her finger and predicts that things are going to be different. Brooke chuckles and says that they already are! Steph leaves the little black thingies on the chair while Brooke follows her to the door and tells her that she’ll be thousands of miles away doing what she does best – stirring up trouble. Brooke continues down the hallway with Steph, who stops short and asks what is she doing? Brooke tells her just escorting her to the elevator as a final farewell. And she declares nasty to the end.

When they approach the elevator, Brooke tells her to take a last real good look around, the executive floor. “Once your domain, (wagging finger) but never again.” Steph gets in and the door starts to close when Brooke is cut off, “toodle-do, you sanctimonious old……..” Steph snickers outloud and rubs her hands with glee, “enjoy yourself while you can, Tootsie, because you haven’t seen the last of the old girl yet.”

Bridget ignores Nick and attempts to open the door. He psyhcially restrains her and pulls her back in. She cries that it kills not to call him back, but she chose not to see him for a reason. He’s still in love with her mother, she resigns. He begs her to listen, but she comes forward only long enough to put something in his hand. (she’d already given him back her wedding rings, so I don’t know what this was). But she tells him he is free now, go fight for Brooke. Just do her a favor and not try to contact her; just stay out of her life. He grabs at her, and shouts that his feelings for her haven't changed. And he reminds her they are having a child. She says the child will be fine, and concedes that as much as she wanted to believe in them, she knew better now. Her days of denial are over, and so is any future they might have had. Sadly to him, she marches out.

Eric walks into Brooke’s office and she asks how did things go with Nick and Bridget. He replies not as well as he had hoped. Basically, Bridget does not believe it is over between Brooke and Nick. To her, their marriage was just a convenient cover. And Bridget can not believe everything they are claiming. Especially if they are not sleeping together, which they aren’t. He claims Bridget kept pushing, so he told her. Brooke can’t believe he did that. Eric realizes she is thinking about Nick and how much this must have hurt him (and Eric took delight in this). And it would have hurt him, if he believed him. But, of course, he didn’t because he was still so much in love with Brooke. Eric admonishes her that Nick can’t possibly have a future with Bridget until he is convinced that he doesn’t have one with Brooke. He turns her around; can she convince him of that? Can she look Nick in the eye and convince him that Brooke is committed to him? In every way?

Stephanie greets Katherine and Mass at the door with loving arms. They hug and she tells her she has no idea how much this means to her and thanks her for coming. She tells her she looks great. And Katherine quips if she looked so damn good, why is she at the hotel all by herself? Stephanie offers her a drink, which Katherine declines (she’s a recovering alcoholic). But, she senses she is not there to stroll down memory lane. Mass comes forward and thrusts the envelopes of papers in Steph’s hands and says he is leaving, he has another appointment. He kisses Katherine’s hand and tells her she is in good hands. When he leaves, Katherine wants to know what is really going on. Stephanie invites her to sit down. She has some questions and as it turns out, Katherine is the only person who can give her the answers. She just hopes they are what she wants to hear.

With both hands on her shoulders, Eric tells Brooke that Nick is not going to let go of her unless she lets go of him. She claims she has. But, Eric says she hasn’t, and he knows that is why she can’t make love with him. She utters that she just needs a little more time. But, Eric says there is no more time. Every day that goes by for Nick not buying this marriage is another day he can not commit to his own marriage. She sits down and he stoops to her level and tells her they can have it all. They could have a happy daughter married to a wonderful man with this company as their foundation, if she could just turn her back on Nick, no matter how painful it is. They could have it all if she could do that. No one could ever take that away from them, ever.

Katherine tells Stephanie she is being very mysterious. Steph says she doesn’t mean to be, but a lot has been happening the last few hours. She states that Katherine knew her father? Katherine replies yes, he was a wonderful man and she thought the world of him. Steph confers that he thought the world of her too. Katherine opts that they shared a love of riding and opera, and Steph opines they were very close friends and until she discovered this document, she had no idea how close. She brings out the papers and shows her that she is the only trustee and she signed it many years ago. Does she remember it? Katherine tells her that was many years ago and she has sat on many boards since then, so how could she remember all of them? Steph is very serious and looks at her and says, “Katherine, this trust, of which I am the sole beneficiary, and therefore the sole owner of Forrester Creations, well you are the only trustee and the only person with the power who can transfer ownership or make changes.” She goes on that all these years, she and Eric have operated FC’s on joint ownership, because she thought of California law and community property. Here’s her question to Katherine. As sole trustee, has she made any alterations or any changes of ownership, or is Stephanie still the sole beneficiary thus the sole owner of Forrester Creations? She tells her she can’t tell her how much is riding on this.

Brooke tells the two men in her office, that’s right - that she is going to bring back Brooke’s Bedroom Line and they can get some pieces down in storage. Nick barges in and says he needs to talk to her. It’ll only take a second. She tells him she’s really busy. He tells the boys to get out. He closes the door behind them, and tells Brooke there is a couple of things she needs to know. He admonishes her that first, her daughter is devastated, and that’s not what he wants and he knows not what she wants either. And he had just had to listen to Eric go on about this newly resurrected love affair they had …….filled with commitment and passion! She stops him but he continues and says he doesn’t have to listen to how this is for the best or listen and accept this. He grabs her and says he knows she loves him. And she loves her daughter and wants what is best for her, and so does he. But, they can’t change how she feels, how “we” feel. Brooke tells him, my God, she hopes he didn’t act this way in front of Bridget. He shouts, “Bridget, she KNOWS the truth!” He tells her Bridget knows how Brooke feels better than Brooke does. She’s said that before. And he gets all worked up telling her how Eric has been telling him how they had sex together! So that they will move on together. But he states he knows that wouldn’t happen. That is NOT true because she would not have sex with another man when she is still in love with him.

He zeroes in and looks her squarely in the eye and says yes or no; he wants the truth. “Have you had sex with him?” She lowers her head and tears fall down her cheek.

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