B&B Wednesday Update 10/26/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/26/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

New day, all abuzz at Forrester’s with the teen fashion show between father and son. Reporters are lined up separately around Eric, Ridge, even Dante. This is not lost on Thorne who is standing there all alone, no one is clamoring over him.

He does hear Eric say to the reporters that they are missing the point asking about him and Brooke. The story is about Thomas Forrester, instant fashion mega-star with his summer teen line going head to head with his father in this fall rollout. They don’t buy the family feud thing; they are there for dirt and keep digging for more information on his Vegas wedding and any secret ad campaign. Ridge pops up and says the cat is out of the bag; might as well tell them. Thorne rushes over and asks his father if he is unveiling a new ad campaign. Eric acknowledges that yes, after the showing, they are.

Eric starts the show by telling them this is a new line, the teen line is sensational, of course, but they want to remain loyal to all of their customers. He unveils a new logo of Forrester Reunited. The audience oohs and aahs. Thorne is taken aback. Eric continues that the rumors are true; he and Brooke have remarried and this is their way of celebrating with all of them. He says they will follow this line with a new campaign that will be off the charts. Much more applause. Thorne walks over to his father and asks if he can see the two of them, NOW.

Gaby is nervous and Thomas tells her they didn’t ask Thorne a single question. She remarks he can still win this. She thinks it’s about the orders, not publicity. He tells her that publicity generates the orders.

Taylor joins them. Thomas claims she must be happy; his dad will win and Gaby will be deported. Taylor explains that no mother wants to see her child in pain. She just wants him to come home and have the kind of life someone his age should have. The kind of life Gaby’s mother wanted for her.

The men all walk into Eric’s office and Thorne starts, holding his hands up and saying he should have seen this coming. They would do ANYTHING to win. He’s married Brooke, humiliated Mother, stabbed his own son in the back and unveiling this Reunited campaign and eclipsing everything in fashion. Smooth Ridge states, “it’s business, little brother.” But, little brother rails it’s business, by destroying his own family? And what happens tonight? He accuses them that what happens could make or break his son’s career. And he has done everything in his power to stack the deck against him to make sure he falls flat on his face. “I’m calling this thing off.” Ridge tells him the hell he is! And he stands in his way so Thorne can’t leave. He says further that Thomas agreed to this deal that he’d leave Gaby and go back to school if he lost. He made the deal so he needs to live by it. Thorne comments, “so you just trample over all of us to get what YOU want?” Ridge refutes and says he told him not to over-extend. He shouldn’t have used Thomas to prop up his business. He accuses him of capitalizing on the Forrester name over and over again, and now he’s talking to him about ethics! Give him a break! Stephanie walks in and tells them to stop this right now. (picky, picky here. Eric closed the door when he came in last, yet it is wide open when moments later Stephanie walks in). She tells them Thorne will see them on the runway. They seem dismissed so Ridge and Eric leave, and Eric does close the door behind.

Thorne tells her that he and Sally invested everything in this line and it’s a disaster. Stephanie comments that Sally bet the shop on an unseasoned and untested designer. He blames himself as he should have kept a better eye on her. He states he has his entire inheritance tied up with Spectra and then some. She sees he’s worried and she’s supportive. She tells him Thomas is talented; he could still win. Thorne says but if he doesn’t……he has a wife, a child. She lays her hands on his shoulders and reminds him, “you always have us. You can come back to Forrester.” Not if that means working for Ridge, NEVER, he replies.

One of the models asks Dante how this all feels? He says it’s like a bottle of Barolo. You want to drink it all up, but you just don’t want it to end.

Hector shows up and surprises Taylor. He tells her it was a big day for the Forrester’s and he thought she might need a friend. Nervously she tells him thanks but she’d already told him she and Ridge were working on their relationship…..and actually it was more than that. They were totally back together. Hector says, “wow, one session with a counselor and your marriage is as good as new?” She shrugs maybe it’s because he realized that someone else could find her attractive and it opened his eyes. He wonders for how long? Mr. Eavesdropper pipes in for the rest of their lives. And he believes Hector knows his way out!

Mass shows up and joins Stephanie in Eric’s office. He says it was against his better judgment, but he came. Stephanie thanks him for coming and says she knew she could always count on him. She’s going into Eric’s safe for some stock certificates so she can give the children and she wants him as a witness. She didn’t want anyone to question her actions. She knows her husband so the combination would have to be a wedding, birthday, anniversary, something like that. She tries a couple that don’t respond, then wonders surely he didn’t use his and Brooke’s anniversary, the first one, but viola, it works. She shakes her head that of all the time they have been reconciled, he would still be using that anniversary as his combination. She whispers that she doesn’t even know him anymore.

Eric announces the show and introduces Thomas Forrester. He’d made quite a splash in his last outing and he was very curious what he’d brought today. The curtain goes up on two models with some funky denim numbers that get only a polite applause. The audience is not wild for it and the reporters seem less than impressed.

Ridge sends his two models out and tells them that they have them; go play and have fun. Go to it. His are a little more hip, flashier, trendier and seem to be an audience pleaser and winner. Dante spies Ridge and tells him he doesn’t seem so confident. But, Ridge says they will win, they HAVE to. His son’s whole future is at stake.

Thorne looks worried, but Darla tells him the contest is won by orders, not applause. He confides that many pre-orders have been cancelled and if the buyers don’t turn it around tonight, they’re dead.

Stephanie continues to search for the stock certificates amongst a lot of papers in the safe. She comes across a photo of Eric and Brooke and promptly disposes of it in the wastepaper basket. Mass helps, but he’s especially interested in one particular old manila envelope and insists on opening it. Whereupon, he finds some old yellowed papers that look like a trust document. He shows them to Stephanie who is just as puzzled. He shows her that it is a trust document drawn up by her father years and years go and names Stephanie the beneficiary. She asks of what? He tells her she is not going to believe what this is.

Thomas’ face falls farther and farther as he sees his father’s collection being shown. Sally and Clark also agree it doesn’t look good, all her hopes and dreams going up in smoke. This could be IT for them.

Behind the stage, Ridge watches as Thomas and Gaby hug and he tells her how sorry he is. She reminds him no matter what, she will never ever forget what he did for her. Ridge is congratulated by all behind the stage, including Taylor and he says it’s all incredible. He tells Taylor he knows this wasn’t easy on Thomas, but he’ll learn. He hugs her as he tells her they have their son back.

Darla thanks everyone and Thorne dejectedly tells her that he’s wiped out on the same day his mother walked out on the company she founded. She’d always said there were only two things you needed to succeed in life – honesty and hard work. He shakes his head and says she was wrong on both counts.

Stephanie tells Mass she has never seen these before, but the date is about the time that she and Eric set up the company. He explains these are the original articles of incorporation. And she states that was pregnant with Ridge at the time and she wanted her father to believe that Eric had the ability to set this company up. Mass adds and something, if he remembers correctly, her father wasn’t too happy about. But she maintains he did give them the money. Mass agrees and it was substantial, and that is why he drew this trust up. He goes on further, that according to the incorporation, all the stock from Forrester Creations must be held in this trust. She says no, she and Eric always, ALWAYS, owned the company jointly. And the only time they’ve ever divided the stock up was to disperse it to the children and then they did lose some to Brooke through her marriages and divorces. Mass questions her. Who determined that? That she and Eric owned it jointly. She points out they live in California; it’s community property. He reiterates not if it was put in this trust BEFORE the marriage. That’s what this is. Stephanie is baffled, but Mass continues. Her father wanted to make sure that Eric would not walk away from her with the money he’d given to start up the company, so he’d found a way to protect her. She asks but what about all the stock that has been divided up over the years? He tells her it doesn’t mean a damn thing. “If Eric knew about this trust, every transaction that he put forward was illegal. Okay? The only legitimate holding in Forrester Creations is in THIS certificate.” Stephanie Douglas as irrevocable trust and it names her as sole beneficiary. “If I’m right about this, Forrester Creations is YOURS!”

He presents it to her – “yours.”

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