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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/25/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night continuation from Monday’s Episode:

In Stephanie’s living room, she proceeds to tell the family, whom she’s called there, that she is selling the house and moving to Florida. Thorne and Ridge are both flabbergasted and can’t believe she really means it. Eric even questions it. She says yes, they have old college friends there, her father’s estate is just outside Boca Raton. It’s been rented for years, but it’s just become available again. Ridge scoffs that she isn’t going anywhere, this is crazy. She tells him, no, it’s isn’t. It’s the sanest thing she has done in years. She gives Taylor a knowing look.

At the hospital, Bridget is with four other interns in a room, perhaps a study space in the morgue or closeby, where they are bringing in bodies. All are waiting for Dr. Killjoy who loves to torture them. They take a break, leaving Bridget behind to go over her notes. Another body is wheeled in and that intern remarks they are dropping like flies tonight. “Sorry, lame joke”, he tells Bridget. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices toe movement from the latest victim and slowly and cautiously edges over to have a looksee. She turns the toe tag over which reads, “dying to be with you.” Gotcha, she slowly gets the message. Big smile and she looks at her chart and loudly replies that the next procedure is a vasectomy. The patient squirms. Bridget says it’s a good thing that the scalpels are all nice and sharp….not that he’d feel anything since he is already dead. With that, she jerks the sheet back to expose a completely naked, smiling Dante. Blushing, she turns her head and goes, “oh, my gosh!”

He sits up on his elbows and asks if she sees something she likes? She chuckles and gives him a quick devilish look, rolling eyes.

Steph tells them this is not an impulsive decision. She has a lot of regrets, and she points to Thorne and says the first of many was for him ever leaving Forrester in the first place. Mass speaks up and says they all have regrets, but to do something this extreme……She interrupts, lays a hand on his arm and pats it and says timing is everything in life and second is to know when to quit. Darla asks if this has anything to do with what happened to Bridget? Steph holds her palms out and replies no, she has no regrets about telling Bridget the truth about her mother and her husband. She doesn’t care how painful it is for her. No one (she looks at Eric) deserves to be lied to like that, and Steph will never understand why they never saw that, but that’s part of the problem. Every time she tried to ‘guide’ her family, they thought of it as interfering and controlling. So she has just realized what is going to happen is going to happen. (hey, she could have burst out in Que Sera, Sera). She sighs and says she still believes in something her parents instilled in her – “an unprincipled life is an empty life.” And therein lies the rub. Her thinking seems to cause a lot of conflict in the family. And she doesn’t want that anymore, no more conflict for the people that she loves. And Taylor mentions or with herself. Steph agrees, she just wants what she’s always wanted – what’s best for this family. Eric asks even now with Brooke a part of it? She says it is all right that he mentioned her; it always comes back to Brooke. “I know when to call it quits.” Ridge asks why, because Brooke won and she lost, so she’s running off to Florida. He scoffs, “Stephanie Forrester, a quitter. Never thought I’d see the day.”

At Spectra, Thomas is scurrying around, again frustrated at his designs on live models now, waiting for an inspiration, like that’s going to happen. Gaby tries to reassure him. but he holds onto her and tells her if they tank, not only will Spectra lose big but she could be deported. He says he can’t let that happen, but he’s damned if he knows what to do.

Bridget drapes a sheet around the important lower body parts and asks Dante shouldn’t he be getting ready for the fashion show tomorrow? He quips she is more important than any fashion show. She takes her goggles off and tells him he’s sweet, a very sweet man, but……the last person he wants to get involved with is her. Especially right now, her life is such a mess. She explains that her father just remarried her mother to give her more reassurance, but it wasn’t helping. She is better off and she knows she is so much better than how she was treated. She continues that the fool’s paradise that Stephanie was trying to save her from doesn’t look so bad right now.

Steph says she needs a change. Darla questions Steph couldn’t she make that change right there? Thorne comes forward and says of course she could. “We’re here for you, mother. Let you family be there for you.” She looks at him softly and says if she stays, something will happen and she won’t be able to just walk away from it. “My brand of truth has always been very challenging.” It had served the family well for a long time, but not without a price. He says but she always did what she thought was right. She explains that yes, but she came to realize, at what cost to herself and the family? She doesn’t want to be like that any more or her life about that any more. Ridge again thinks it’s utter madness that she’d have to go thousands of miles away. Sally pipes in, “your family is your world, Highness.” Steph agrees, but that she’s become so consumed with trying to protect everyone that she’d lost all perspective. As they all contemplate what Steph has said, Taylor walks to Ridge and tells him that his mother needs to lead her own life and not through her children. Steph hesitates and says in all honesty she can not welcome Eric’s wife into the family. And she can not go into the office, day in and day out, pass Brooke in the hallway or sit in at board meetings, and “deny………that I hurt!” (Eric does not show any emotion or remorse for this. In fact, he has an all too pleasant look). She continues that she knows where this family is going; what’s going to happen to them and the company. And she knows herself, she would NOT be able to keep her mouth shut and she would only alienate the people she loves more. “And I don’t want that. That, Ridge, is why I am leaving!” She walks to him, “and believe me, sweetheart (eyes to Eric now), it’s painful.” Darla and Thorne hug.

Dante jumps down off the table, with the towel strategically placed, and says he wishes she’d just let him take her away from all of this. She cajoles, before or after he gets dressed? He tells her he’s serious. He cups her face with one hand and says he loves her and he would love this child like it was his own. They could have a wonderful life together and he could take her away from all of this mess. She’s lost in his eyes until her beeper goes off. She glances at it and says she has to go. He flashes her a dimpled smile and she tippytoes and gives him a sweet kiss by the side of his mouth and thanks him for being such a dear friend. He remarks that he wants to be more for her if she will just let him. (she’s thinking, she’s thinking!)

Ridge walks over to his father and says he realizes his mother wouldn’t be leaving if he hadn’t married Brooke. Arms folded, Eric asks if he’s going to blame him for his mother’s decision? Steph speaks up and says she wants no more blaming, no more recriminations. It doesn’t change a thing. She’s learned that. She tells them it’s not like they won’t see each other. She’ll visit them; they can visit her. She points to Sally, she’ll come visit her, won’t she? Sally quips, “your Highness’s every wish is MY command. As long as it includes a free round trip ticket and a muscular cabana boy named Raoul.

Steph laughs, scoots closer to Sally on the sofa and puts her arm around her and whispers the ticket was hers, and she’d work on that cabana boy when she got to Boca Raton. Mass walks to her and asks is she sure this is something she wants to do. She puts her arms on his arms and says she is sure this is something she HAS to do. But, knowing that he’ll be here for Ridge, she knows everything will be all right. She walks to Darla and says as long as she knows she’s there for Thorne and her beautiful baby, she thanks her for making him so happy. They say their 'I love yous.' She then pats Thorne on the cheek and calls him her sweet boy, and for him never to think “that you were second in my heart. I am very proud to be your mother.” And that a mother couldn’t be blessed with two more wonderful boys, and she looks from one to the other. Ridge walks toward her and says she’s really going to do this, isn’t she? She takes his hand and looks into his face and tells him to always remember the miracle of Taylor’s return……and treasure what he has! He states she just never gives up, does she? She smiles and nods in agreement. He places his hands on her shoulders and tells her he loves her and she tells him she loves him. They hug tightly. She walks past Taylor who gives her a pat and Steph faces squarely with Eric. As she looks into his eyes, she asks, “I just pushed her right into your arms, didn’t I?” She touches him tenderly around the face then reaches in and kisses him briefly on the lips. With eyes glistening, she whispers that she’ll always love him. He doesn’t say anything but he pulls her closer and lets her head rest on his shoulder in a hug. Everybody looked at each other; it was a Kodak moment.

They all file out, except Mass. He follows her to the door and tells her not to give up. He says she is NOT defeated and he kisses both hands. He first calls her Stephanie Forrester, then corrects himself – Stephanie Douglas, she will rise from the ashes again. She smiles tenderly and hugs him on the way out the door. She walks back into the living room, touching the furniture, contemplating this new life.

Thomas is still busy when Taylor gets off the elevator to go see him. She stops and doesn’t want to bother him. Gaby sits a tray of coffee down and politely tells Taylor that he’s been like this for days. He doesn’t eat and doesn’t sleep. And all he can think about is this Spectra challenge. And rumor has it that his dad has a blockbuster line and with his grandfather marrying Brooke, Forrester has all the momentum. She nervously says she’s sure Taylor couldn’t be more pleased about that.

Taylor tells her she’s wrong, but Gaby is sure this is the only time in her life she wants to see her son fail because then she’d be rid of her forever. That is what this is all about. Taylor says that is not true. She’s told her many times before, this is not what’s it’s about. It’s about her son getting married at too young of an age. Gaby fires back and she won’t be happy when they put her on a plane and take her to a place where she doesn’t know anyone? Taylor tells her no, she wouldn’t be happy. Gaby tells her she doesn’t believe her when Taylor says she is not lying.

Stephanie walks slowly back into the living room and her hands rest reverently on the piano as she skims its surface. She gently lifts the lid, sits on the stool and pecks out a key four times. She smiles as her eyes gaze atop the piano at the rows of family pictures and she picks up one and remembers. The song ‘The Way We Were’ flashes through her mind as she revels in the memories of a dance that a much younger Eric and she share. They kiss tenderly;

she walks down the aisle to her second wedding to a beaming Eric at the altar, Taylor and Ridge’s wedding, loving grandbabies, her own children, Christmases, and ending again with Eric and Stephanie dancing and then the most recent where she told Eric she would always love him. She’s jogged back when Thorne speaks and asks if she really has to go? She looks up and smiles, “you came back.” He sits down beside her and asks if she is okay. She says she is now! She cups his face and kisses him and then brushes it off and pats him. She smiles and looks around and tells him she is just thinking of all the wonderful things that have happened in this house. He reminds her it’s not too late to change her mind. She knuckles him on the chin gently and tells him he will be just fine without her. He tells her for her to just know that no matter where she is, he will always love her. She says she won’t….and she couldn’t….she hugs her sweet, baby boy. Must this come to an end?

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