B&B Friday Update 10/21/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/21/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

New day in Taylor’s office, she is sitting with Stephanie as she explains she can’t eat, she can’t sleep. She’s just consumed by this. Taylor offers that when there is an unexpected life change, anxiety is not abnormal. Stephanie sighs and states she doesn’t feel anxious, she’s angry. Taylor understands, Stephanie’s husband left her. Stephanie tells her she’s not angry with Eric, but at Brooke. Maybe it’s not even anger – she literally wants to kill her. She wants her life to end. Because she realizes just getting her out of their lives doesn’t matter any more because she keeps popping back up. “I’d like to take her face and just wipe it off the planet.” Taylor acknowledges these thoughts are very destructive. Stephanie hesitates, drops her shoulders and reveals that when she thinks of her……..she feels as though people are laughing at her. Everyone….her family…..everyone. Taylor offers that no, her family is very concerned about her. Stephanie jumps up and comments that if one more person in her family tries to keep a newspaper from her…….Taylor asks if she’s seen it? Stephanie answers of course, it’s everywhere. It’s “Brooke and Eric – fashion dynamic duo together again.” And it’s Brooke’s fault. She demonstrates with her hands - she’s done it to her all over again. Taylor rationalizes it’s only natural to want to assign blame when things in life are going wrong. Stephanie comments well it is wrong; Brooke is wrong. Just look what she has done to them; to her family. “To your marriage, to my marriage, to Bridget.” Taylor says she knows, but they need to focus on Stephanie. Stephanie replies she wants her to pay for what she’s done. She wants her revenge. Taylor tells her until she gets these feelings under control, she must stay away from Brooke as far as possible.

At Tridge Manor, Kristen and her adopted son, Zende, are greeted by Darla, Thorne, Ridge and Massimo. She explains Zende is on a short break from school so they are only going to be here for a few days. Darla comments on how grown up he is. Ridge says it’s too bad Tony couldn’t join them; how’s he doing? Kristen comments that he’s doing really well (previously diagnosed with AIDS), he wanted to come, but had to stay back and work on the benefit. Ridge invites them in to sit down. Thorne tells her everyone over at Spectra is so proud that she asked them to be one of her sponsors. Ridge and Mass chime in too. And Kristen beams that she is so glad they were so willing to help. Mass says AIDS awareness is something everyone should be involved in. Thorne inquires about the benefits and Zende tells him the money they raised last year built a wing for the orphanage where he was from, but this year they are really focusing on the AIDS problem. So many of the orphans in Africa have lost their parents to AIDS. He was lucky that he got adopted. It’s not so easy for the 12 million kids still left in Africa. Thorne laments it’s only going to get worse if the Africans can not get the information and medicine they need. He was talking earlier to Tony and there is such a stigma about the disease. And kids have actually seen their parents killed right in front of them because they were infected. Darla asks if the benefits and concerts really help? Kristen states that every vial of anti-retroviral drugs that they send to Africa can change a person’s life. It give a child a chance to grow up and know his parents…and the parents a chance to know their child. Zende sadly tells them if there had been medicine available for his birth mother, she might be alive today. Kristen gives him a big hug. Ridge tells him he has their support, 100%. Zende says he was hoping he could talk to Grandma about it too and that she’d want to host a benefit in L.A. They all sort of look at each other and Darla says she has a lot going on right now. And Ridge explains that is why he thinks it’s best if he stays with them this time. Zende offers that was his idea; he wanted to hang out with his cousins. Ridge laughs and says don’t let them stop him; the girls are down by the pool.

He can’t wait to get up and leave. When he’s out, Kristen says the real reason they’re back. Dad and Brooke married again? She can’t believe it.

In the living room at Eric’s Love Shack, Brooke in her sexy black teddy, is folding the robe part of it when Eric comes out of the bedroom fastening his shirt cuffs. He seems in a good mood when Brooke tells sleepyhead she’s made coffee. He remarks she should have come back to bed, but she says she wasn’t tired. He takes the robe from her and throws it aside and smiles that neither is he (tired, that is) and kisses her good morning. Brooke remarks he really should call the office. Megan called and said the switch board is lit up like the 4th of July. They sit and she shows him the newspaper with a big picture of the two of them; the word is out. Even Rick called. He was surprised, but very supportive. He’s glad to hear that. She giggles when he asks how is she feeling, Mrs. Eric Forrester? She tells him actually she was going to ask him the same thing. She hopes he wasn’t too disappointed about last night. He contends they have plenty of time for a proper honeymoon. But, she continues that he went to a lot of trouble to make this very romantic dinner, and she feels very badly. He states they will consummate this marriage when they are ready. Brooke says, “I want to be a real wife to you, Eric.” He leans in as if to kiss her and then picks up the newspaper and states then she won’t mind making him some breakfast. And don’t she dare change out of that. She cajoles and he says no, no. He means it; he was very understanding last night and he pouts that he thinks it’s the least she can do for him. He grins, please! She giggles okay.

Kristen questions how could Dad get a divorce and not even tell their mother? Mass says it’s not how, but why? Ridge remarks that Eric had never gotten over Brooke. They discuss how he renewed his vows and said all these beautiful words about Stephanie and his family. Thorne offers well he has another family now. Mass holds up the newspaper and says if they see this, they’ll realize the whole world knows about it now. And he’s sure the press will be calling her for a comment. Thorne points out that their mother has spent her entire life projecting an image of dignity and class, and Brooke and Dad have now reduced it to tabloid trash. Kristen asks if no one has heard from her mother. She’s not at home and not answering her cell phone. Ridge speaks up and says Taylor mentioned they were having a session today. Both Mass and Kristen are surprised that she’s in some sort of therapy session. Thorne says good, it’s the help she needs. Ridge opines he hopes that’s true. She’s been under a lot of stress lately and it wouldn’t take much to push her over the edge. Thorne goes further and says he’s sure this thing with Brooke and Dad has pushed her past the limit.

Stephanie gets up and wanders around the office and tells Taylor she knows better than most what Brooke has done to her…..seduced both of her sons and her husband….humiliated her. She squints her eyes as she remembers – flashes of pure Brooke – in her trashy bedroom line at Forrester; marrying Eric – twice; kissing Thorne at their wedding, with Ridge at theirs, falling out of the elevator on top of Ridge in very little else but Brooke and skin.

Brooke brings Eric his breakfast in on a tray and sits it before him. He says it looks great, and rises and takes both of her hands and says so does she! She tells him she thinks she will go change, but he tells her don’t dare. She comments she felt silly enough just cooking in this get-up. He jokes she IS cooking in this get-up. She offers that he’s not making this any easier. He asks if she’s uncomfortable, but she replies uncomfortable on himself. She doesn’t want to tease him. He asks if she knows how long it’s been since he’s been tempted by his wife? She tells him he better eat his breakfast. She sits on the couch with him and he remarks there are an awful lot of pancakes. She says she will help and she dips her finger in the syrup and then sucks her finger. Mmmmmm. He tells her okay, now she IS teasing him. She giggles that he loves it. He says, “I love YOU.” And he kisses her.

Brooke tells him they are going to be late for work. Should she drive in alone or……He grunts uh-uh. He pulls her into the bedroom and says he already called and told them they’d be a little late. Reluctantly she says she hopes he doesn’t have any expectations, as she sits on the bed. He sits besides her and says, “no, no expectations. No preconceptions. I just wanna be here with you. Just you and me. Here like this. No one else. Nothing else.” He gently touches her face, her lips and says he just wants to concentrate on her; her mouth; her face; her hair; she’s so beautiful. “Every beautiful inch of you.” She smiles as he nuzzles her neck and hair, but the smile turns serious as Eric continues to kiss her neck, her chest and clearly wants more. He’s laid her down by now but she gently pushes him away and tells him to stop. She apologizes; it’s not him, but it’s Nick. He’s still with her and she just needs a little more time. He strokes her arm and sighs and says yeah, and he needs some air. She asks him not to be upset and he replies he’d not. He’s a little breathless, but not upset. He holds out his hand for her and says it’s okay. He’s going outside to get some air. Why doesn’t she get ready for work and they’ll drive in together? Gone, she covers her face with her hands, lets out a sigh and seems all too happy this is over.

Ridge tells the others he’d just afraid that Mother’s going to retaliate, do something to Brooke. Thorne pipes up and says then they have to stop her. Ridge tells them Mother asked Taylor for help and she NEVER asks help from anyone. So if she thinks she needs counseling, then Brooke needs an armed guard. Darla says they have to do something! Mass agrees. She can be in very deep trouble. Kristen says she knew it the minute they told her Dad and Brooke were married. “Mom is tough, but this is too much.” Mass tells her it is a good thing she came; she is going to need all the support she can get. And Darla comments that she hasn’t been getting much of that lately. Thorne laments maybe they were too hard on her. But, Mass reminds him that he did not push her over the edge. No single event ever causes anyone to reach their psychological breaking point. It’s an accumulation of tension over time. Kristen adds that Dad’s wedding was just the last straw. Ridge adds that she’s been under a lot of pressure for a very long time. He’d even tried to convince her to go to Genoa City for Lauren’s wedding. Change of scenery, connect with some old friends. Kristen differs in that a wedding probably wouldn’t be a good idea right now. Anything that reminds her of Dad and Brooke could just push her over the edge.

Brooke is still sitting on the bed, fingering her wedding band when she turns as Stephanie calls out her name. She asks what is she doing here? Steph replies she was waiting to get her alone.

Kristen comments that Ridge could be right; Brooke could be in real danger. But Mass is more concerned about Stephanie. She’s feeling alone; her husband has left her and she’s been ostracized from her family. Thorne adds with good reason. Mass agrees, her behavior has been certainly erratic. They point out she made them believe she was dying, and asked Brooke to kill herself. Kristen shakes her head; she can’t believe it. Her mom is so strong, so in control. Mass reminds her that this is not the woman they know. She’s lost her foundation. She’s desperate and her strength is leaving her. Ridge comments that she needs them now. Darla asks what are they going to do? Ridge tells them the most important thing right now is to keep her away from Brooke. His mother is slipping big time and there’s no telling what would happen if those two got together right now.

But, they are together right now. Brooke stands up and tells Stephanie she shouldn’t be there. Stephanie says “you’re damn right I shouldn’t be here. Because this shouldn’t be happening.” “It’s already happened. Eric and I are married,” states Brooke. She picks up the robe and Steph jerks it right out of her hands and tells her please, don’t cover up because of her. She chuckles, don’t be embarrassed, that’s her uniform, isn’t it? She’s surprised it doesn’t have her name stitched right across the top there. Brooke sniffs that what she does in HER bedroom with HER husband is none of her business. And Stephanie belts out it certainly isn’t a secret to anyone else in her family! “God, is that the little outfit you always wear? Just a little lace, a little skin and it turns their brains to MUSH. Both of my sons and now my husband, all over again." Brooke asserts she did not steal Eric away from her, she points that he came to her. Steph smarts that yes she knows, and points that she knows exactly what he came looking for! She goes on that Brooke didn’t love him. She married him, but she didn’t love him. She made this marriage just to reassure Bridget that she was over Nick. She gestures wildly with her hands. What did she think; that she was making some great, noble sacrifice; that it’s going to make her some wonderful mother? Brooke starts to say that she and Eric agreed, and Steph interrupts with newspaper in hand and mocks that, “yes, Eric and you….the fashion duo. This humiliation….this degradation. Right in front of my doorstep.” She slams the paper down. “Brooke says, “we didn’t know!” Steph replies, “you didn’t CARE!” Brooke tells her Eric didn’t want to hurt her. He’s doing something to help his daughter. Steph sighs and shakes her head and remarks she knows why he walked away from her. She doesn’t blame him. She’s done some terrible things. Look at her, lying about dying. Having her grandchildren right there next to her deathbed, scaring them to death. And the whole time, all she could think of was getting rid of Brooke. She makes the motions of choking someone to death. And continues that for years and years and years that’s all that was in her head, as she reaches for her hair, – was getting rid of Brooke. She was spiraling out of control! She says she doesn’t know who she is anymore. She doesn’t recognize herself anymore. She doesn’t know what she’s capable of anymore. She doesn’t understand the things she does. She doesn’t know the things she is capable of doing! By now, she’s inched her way toward Brooke and is standing right in front of her. Brooke backs up and warns Stephanie don’t, stay back! Steph continues that she used to be rational; she used to be a sane person. She takes on a maniacal crazy look and reaches for Brooke’s throat and says, “not any morrrrrrrrrrre.”

She hears her name and it takes a moment for Taylor to call her back from the dark, scary place she’s been. With a look of horror on her face, in defeat she tells Taylor she thinks she needs her to help her. She’s afraid she might lose control of herself. Taylor gets up and walks toward her and assures her she is not going to let that happen. She will help her fight this. But Stephanie states she has been fighting it for so long. And she feels she has failed everyone, herself, everyone. She makes a face, clinches her eyes and asks, “all this anger and this pain, what for?” Taylor tells her there are other ways to protect her family. Emotionless, like a beaten woman, Steph utters, “from Brooke? No, she’s ruined me, Taylor. She’s ruined everything I’ve ever loved. Everything.” Taylor goes to her and lets her rest her head on her shoulders as she comforts her. Steph’s eyes closed, barely audible, she continues, “everything."

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