B&B Thursday Update 10/20/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/20/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night continuation of Wednesday Episode:

At Eric’s Malibu Love Shack, he and Brooke continue their little peep show for Stephanie’s sake. Finally, Brooke pulls back and halfway pushes Eric away and says she can not do this. She tells Stephanie this is their wedding night and if she wants to talk to Eric, she’ll have to do it some other time. Stephanie says well she certainly can’t talk to him like this. Look, he’s slobbering all over Brooke. He’s been fantasizing about getting her back in bed for so long, he won’t be able to think straight until he does. “So do everyone a favor and put him out of his misery.” Brooke tells her she is not going to DO anything until Stephanie leaves this house. Stephanie retorts she is not going to leave until he understands this marriage is a mistake. Eric gets up and tells her every minute longer she stays, only convinces him more that he made the right choice. And once he and Brooke make love, it’ll prove it! Stephanie points to herself and says so he’s going to punish her by throwing his life away for this slut? Disgusted, Brooke jumps up and says that’s it – Stephanie leaves or she will! Determined, he walks toward Stephanie and tells her it’s time for her to go. She pleads that this is a mistake; he does know that? He simply says, ”good night, Stephanie.” And then he opens the door for her. Defeated, she gives him a look and then walks out. He returns to Brooke’s arms while Stephanie turns and spies them through the open window.

In the Tridge Manor master bedroom, Ridge tells Taylor that his mother has done some pretty terrible things, but she doesn’t deserve to be tossed aside like this. Taylor adds “especially for Brooke.” And maybe she should cancel her trip to Sacramento. She says she knows what it did to his mother the last time Eric married Brooke. It was absolutely humiliating; right out of the blue. She asks if he saw it coming, and he replies no. Then she figures neither did Stephanie and this time will even be more humiliating. It’s going to kill her.

Stephanie walks into her unlocked house and heads for the bar area. Suddenly a hand sticks out and asks if she’s looking for this – a decanter of bourbon. It’s Nick with a big old stogie in his mouth. She tells him yes, he can pour her a drink (he already has one, having helped himself). He asks sarcastically if she feels like celebrating? She replies not particularly, thank you. And that she is not any happier about this situation with Eric and Brooke than he is. He tells her it really all happened because of her. He’d asked her to keep her mouth shut, but she just couldn’t. “You had to go to Bridget and tell her about Nick and Brooke on the boat.” She salutes him with her drink. He continues so now this pain and heartache everyone is going through is because of her. Then he has a question for her. How’s her pain, losing her husband and all? Most people would say she’s getting exactly what she deserves. She swallows her drink, shakes her head and gives a twisted expression of resolve to her face.

Eric still has Brooke down on the sofa kissing around on her, but her previous ardor, though somewhat forced, seems to have evaporated. He tells her it’s their wedding night and he wanted it to be perfect. He’s sorry Stephanie spoiled it. Brooke assures him she hasn’t. He seems pleased at that answer and adds it’s been a long time since he’s been with her like this. She whispers that it is hard to believe. He wants to know how lucky can one guy get? Once in a life, but twice? She giggles and then adds now Nick and Bridget can get on with their lives. And he coos they can get on with theirs; starting right now with their honeymoon. He kisses her; she seems to be enduring this.

Taylor and Ridge continue to lament the absurdity of this marriage between Eric and Brooke and now she wants to bring some order to this family. Ridge doesn’t think they’ll get order or peace. This bogus wedding is not going to help anybody, and his dad should know that. And he’s surprised that his dad hasn’t figured out that Brooke’s heart is just not into it. Taylor points out, but he married her anyway. Ridge concurs then his dad hasn’t gotten over her yet. Taylor states that seems to be an ongoing problem for the men in this family. He shoots her a look and reposes she surely doesn’t still think that. She replies what is she supposed to think? Brooke is now unavailable, and he’s upset. He starts to argue, then stops and says he’s agreeing with her. This thing with his dad and Brooke is only taking a bad situation and making it worse. Why are they arguing? She laughs and gestures because it doesn’t matter if they agree or disagree, it always comes right back around to Brooke.

Stephanie justifies that she simply wanted to spare Bridget the indignity of being married to another man who was in love with her mother. Nick says he made a promise to Bridget, and all he wanted was a chance to make good on it. She asks, “and if you couldn’t?” He faces her and gestures, “oh, please, Stephanie. You can’t tell me you screwed everybody’s life up here on a ‘what if?’ She replies only that she did what had to be done. And he remarks he had told her what would happen if she did it. She smiles and asks if he is going to make her walk the plank, Captain? He replies he doesn’t think he’ll have to do anything. He points to the pictures on the piano, looking around this beautiful home she’d built with Eric – the way she speaks so highly of FAMILY, but now Eric’s gone, so he thinks she’s getting the punishment she deserves. She folds her arms as his puffs of smoke go up in the air. She tells him he’d know all about punishment, wouldn’t he. The idea of Brooke being with another man had to be very painful for him. And for all of his commitment to Bridget, and the promises, the idea she’s actually SLEEPING with Eric is killing him.

Eric is lighting more candles in the bedroom when Brooke comes out in sexy black teddy. She asks if he left that for her? He replies he had…..actually he’d picked something else out for her, but that was another story. Then he adds she looks wonderful. She thanks him as she walks toward him and suggests that it’s such a lovely night out, why don’t they take the champagne and go out on the deck? He offers that he has a better idea; why don’t they have the champagne right here? He kisses her, and then gets up and goes to get the two glasses and toasts to their future.

Showing her true motivation for this marriage, Brooke adds "and to Bridget’s future." And that reminds her, she needs to call her. Eric suggests she wait and call her in the morning. She offers to him that Bridget wasn’t too convinced about their marriage, and if she has any doubts about Nick…… Eric says then calling her from their honeymoon won’t dispel them. He sits with her on the bed, turns her back to him so he can massage her back. He promises her that Bridget will be all right. Her mind wanders and she remembers the PASSION speech by Nick; that she didn’t feel that passion for Eric Forrester or any man but him! Eric kisses Brooke’s neck until she suddenly pulls away and says she can’t. She turns to him and tells him she is sorry.

Stephanie tells Nick he can’t stand the idea of Brooke sleeping with another man. He reminds her this whole situation exists because Brooke is doing what’s best for her daughter, that’s all! Stephanie offers it doesn’t make them any less married. He sits to explain to her they have her to thank for that, so why doesn’t she jump down off her high horse? She extols that he is the only one who can fix that. He explains Brooke can’t really care what he thinks; she married another man. But, Stephanie reminds him she is still in love with him, and just doesn’t trust herself. She knows sooner or later, she would have given in. And he knows it too. Only now, Bridget isn’t the only one who’s going to get hurt. Nick says if she means Eric, then he knew full well what he was getting into. Stephanie mentions his mother; she thought Eric was going to propose tonight. ….and Hope, Stephanie adds didn’t she think of him as her father? Did he want Hope calling Eric Daddy? And his unborn baby? Can’t he understand that Brooke, in trying to avoid a situation, she created another that is potentially more disastrous. What was he going to do to stop it? He snorts what does she suggest he do; she’s married. She offers that can be annulled. And then asks does he really think Brooke is going to find any satisfaction in Eric’s bed; she’s in love with Nick! She goes on that her husband may be foolish, but he’s not stupid. He KNOWS this marriage isn’t going to last. He knows it’s going to come to an end. She thrashes her arms about. And in the meantime, everyone is suffering. Everyone loses. He has to stop it, and stop it right now. He takes a big chug of drink, makes a face as it goes down and asks where are they. She replies they are at the beach house. He walks out with Stephanie blowing a sigh of relief; mission accomplished.

Eric comments he knows it’s Stephanie. She ruined this whole thing. Brooke holds her palms up and tells him, no, it’s her. She really thought she was ready, but she’s not, and she’s sorry. She gets up and Eric follows and says she doesn’t have anything to be sorry for. But, she knows he had such a romantic evening planned. He says yes he did, but there will be others. Many others he promises. She comments that she made a promise to him as well. But, like she told him before, it might take some time. He strokes her face with his fingers as she goes to the bed and says she’s in love with another man. He sits beside her and comments that it’s a man she can never be with. She replies she knows. She’s accepted that. She wants this to work; being a wife. She purrs that she wants to make love with him, but if they did that tonight, it would only feel like empty sex. She laughs when he says that doesn’t sound all that bad to him right now. But, it’s okay, he knows she needs time and he understands. She thanks him and gently touches his face. Then she walks out on the front deck as Nick walks up the porch.

Ridge reminds Taylor that he left here tonight because he got a distraught phone call from Bridget, not Brooke. She corrects him. He left because she’d told him Brooke had gotten married. He says he sensed a crisis and he was right. Dad and Brooke had made a terrible mistake. He didn’t get there in time to stop it, so there really was nothing now he could do. Taylor sighs, his mother is going to need their support. He continues that there is nothing more he can do for Brooke. She’s lost all perspective. She’s acting on impulse now, which is very reckless and destructive. His mother is devastated and his father is setting himself up for a major disappointment. And his son is going to be caught in the middle of this catastrophe. But, he wasn’t going to let this affect their marriage or family. He’ll do anything he can to keep R.J. away from all this craziness….and he makes a big pronouncement – he’s through with Brooke. She walks to him, shaken a bit, and tells him he has no idea how much she needed him to say those words. He holds her around the neck and tells her they are NOT just words. He kisses her deeply. She asks if he means it; he’s though with Brooke, and it’s just the two of them? He answers yeah, the way their marriage should be. She comments he’s been so distracted lately, but he replies that he’s standing there in front of her right now; all hers. And with meaning, he kisses her again. Then he dips her into the bed and straddles her.

The phone rings and Eric picks it up. It’s Stephanie who says, “good, you’re finished.” And at the very least, he owes her an apology. And she offers that she’s not going to be the only one humiliated by this scandal. He says she doesn’t see this as a scandal. Her favorite mantra – he can’t see Brooke for what she is! She suggests Brooke is going to hurt him, just like she did before. Just as she’s hurt Thorne, Ridge and Bridget. And she adds that she loves him too much to watch that. Eric isn’t buying it; he says this is about how much she hates Brooke. Calmly, she tells him Brooke is going to leave him,, but he offers they made a commitment. She replies she knows – to reassure Bridget; to keep Brooke away from Nick. She pleads, “oh, Eric. This isn’t a real marriage. It’s going to end badly. You’re going to be alone. But, deep down, I guess you know that, don’t you? I’m just afraid it’s going to happen sooner – sooner than you think.”

Brooke stares at Nick and breathlessly asks what is he doing there? He asks where is Eric? She replies in the bedroom. He repeats that, then looks at her attire and asks if……she replies no, she couldn’t. He asks if that doesn’t tell her something. She whispers that she just needs a little more time. He tells her this isn’t going to work. Her heart is not in it. She replies, “my heart is with Bridget. I’m doing what’s best for her.” He counters this isn’t the answer. Brooks says he will have to convince Bridget that it is. He lays it out; she knows the truth. She knows everything; stop hiding it. She faces him and cries that she is not hiding it; she’s moving on. He tells her she doesn’t have to do this. There must be another solution. She whispers, “my daughter loves you. And she is carrying your child. I am not going to be the woman that takes them away from you. I’m not. I’m just not going to do it.” He holds her and she clings to him. Eric calls out her name. She tells Nick she has to go. She leaves reluctantly and joins Eric and Nick can’t help but see them through the open windows.

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