B&B Wednesday Update 10/19/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/19/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night continuation of Tuesday’s Episode:

At Eric’s Malibu Beach house, Stephanie stands stunned and asks Eric what has he done? He replies that he’s done what he said he would do, if ever given the chance. “We didn’t want a stir, so we went to Las Vegas.” She questions why he couldn’t wait a week? Or a day? He says why would he? When having Brooke as his wife again is something he has wanted for so long. Stephanie closes hr eyes in sheer dread.

At Tridge Mansion, Taylor picks up her phone and asks Hector if he knows Brooke’s number. He slips up behind her, his body slightly touching hers and says yes, but she’s not going. She replies but Ridge may not be coming back this time. He takes the phone and soothes, then she is better off. He kisses her hair lightly and she slowly turns around and says, “maybe I am.”. Gently he tells her that he’s looking at everything he’s ever wanted, free…….. and clear. He cups her neck and they kiss. Repeatedly, over and over, more hunger, roaming hands, until she rips open his shirt (ah Fabio) and he scoops her up and takes her presumably toward the upstairs.

Then Taylor calls Hector and we realize it is another one of his fantasies as he hugs one of her throw pillows. She remarks she couldn’t let Phoebe go to bed until she had looked over her homework. Then her eyes look toward the phone, and Hector gets up and heads toward her and tells her not to call. It’s time that she stopped.

At Brooke’s manse, she tells Ridge not to do this to her. He asks who knows her like he does? She replies marrying Eric gives Bridget what she needs. Gives all of them what they need. He replies not his son. She points out that R.J. will always know who his father is. Ridge offers or grow up thinking he’s his older brother. He sneers that Nick was a wrong turn in all of this, and this is insanity. She’s shocked – he turns his back on her and then tells her she’s crazy for wanting anyone else? He looks her in the eye and says he never wanted to give her up. Taylor knows that better than anyone. She argues, “you’re WITH Taylor now. What am I supposed to do about that? He comes up closely behind her and says he keeps asking himself the same question. She turns and gazes into his eyes.

Stephanie states to Eric that she can’t do this anymore. She just doesn’t have it in her. She tells him that Brooke is using him ……but, he knows that, doesn’t he? He states she doesn’t need his name or his money. She offers that Brooke would marry a stranger on a bus if it would convince Bridget that she’d keep her hands off of Nick…..which she won’t! He tells her naturally all she can see is the negative. She cocks her head and chirps, “and all you can see is her chest heaving in the moonlight.” He tells her she can continue being angry and bitter until she gives Brooke some credit for some hard-won maturity. She ponders. So this is the new and improved Brooke? She thought she was new and improved after Thorne….and Deacon…. and Ridge, Round One. With folded arms, he tells her this is different; they had a long talk going to Las Vegas. She scoffs, what on a 45 minute flight? He continues that she’s looking at her life differently now. She’s looking at her children, then her career. She’s finished following wild impulses. Stephanie’s eyebrows rise and asks what is HE following? Certainly not the head on his shoulders. He rationalizes they are giving Rick and Bridget back their parents; and R.J. and Hope a stable home. (you think Ridge is really going to let his son call his dad Daddy?) Eric says the first marriage was a rash decision, for all the wrong reasons. Stephanie earnestly points out that the first time he married Brooke, she was hiding her feelings for Ridge. Now this second marriage, she’s hiding them for Nick. Softly she tells him Brooke is going to break his heart all over again. He’s actually smiling when she says, “but, you know that, don’t you?”

Hector stands before Taylor and tells her she’s a shrink, and he’s sure she has seen articles on brainwashing and interrogation. He thinks she’s a prisoner of her husband not knowing what he wants. And she’s talked herself into believing that he’s her best shot at happiness. She sighs and tells him to please not make her think she made a mistake in confiding her problems in him. He tells her making passes at other guy’s wives is not his style. And that’s what he’s been doing. And if she’s not happy about it; neither is he. She thanks him when he says that’s not what he wants. “Because I want YOU, all of you, all the time.”

Ridge tells Brooke that losing herself is hard to watch. She asks is that because she wasn’t with him? He only talks about “us” like they are the answer to everything, but there is “no us.” And they can’t be together. He mentions saving her from herself, and she says they have tried that so many times. What makes him think this would be any different? He says they were happy there for a while. They figured it out. She gets up, reflecting. Maybe there is only one man who can love her the way she wants to be loved. But, he has other commitments, and so does she. So, they have to set that dream aside for a while. She looks at him and says they can’t have everything. He wants to know how can she stop WANTING it? She tells him she hasn’t figured that out yet. He looks at her lovingly and takes her in his arms and hugs her, stroking her long, silky hair. A single tear rolls down her cheek.

Eric tells Stephanie he’s realistic enough to know Brooke won’t forget other attachments overnight. She offers that ‘other attachment’ has a name – Nick. What is he pretending here? Nick is younger, better looking and he’s crazy in love with Brooke. What is he thinking; that if he keeps the lights low enough? He replies this marriage isn’t all about sex for Brooke or for him. Stephanie differs in that it is all about SEX; him getting it and her making him her chastity belt. And for a fig leaf, he’s going to use this grandiose pretense of an instant dynasty again. “Oh brother, she must love that angle. Not only does she elbow me out, but she gets to be me all over again.” He barks there is nothing imaginary about his family with Brooke just because she’s not a part of it. She asks what about their family; their children and all the years they spent together? She begs, have they gone so far away that they can’t find their way back? She’s talking to his back when she asks, “are you saying I mean nothing to you?”

Taylor walks over to the open patio door and says they haven’t known each other very long, but Hector’s friendship means a lot to her. She starts to say more and he senses her hesitation and he says forget letting him down easy. He’s going to say what he came to say. And he doesn’t care if he falls on his face. He takes a deep breath, takes her by the shoulders and says he doesn’t get a man who could look at her then look at anyone else. “I see you and it’s like I want to fall over dead.” And it’s not just the way she looks, but her heart. It’s like how she gets in somebody’s mind and can fix whatever it is making life bad for them. He adds that he can fix cars, maybe even a broken bone, but that - he’s truly in awe of….. She grins that she thinks he’s over-estimating her qualities. He shakes his head, no, she’s living with someone who doesn’t see them. Which makes her think there’s not much to see. He puts his hands on her face and says if she was his wife, she’d need an eighteen wheeler to drag him out before he’d leave that house. He’d want to make love to her six times a day. And he’d want to brag to everybody about every little thing she did. Would she hate that? She says she thinks every woman would like that kind of fantasy. He tells her it’s not a fantasy. He’s here even though he knows she wants to kick him out…...because she’s it for him. And he’s glad she doesn’t want to cheat on her husband, “because that’s who I want to be.” So he tells her to keep working on her relationship with Ridge. She needs to feel she has done everything. And then when she gets tired of being treated like sawdust, “you pack a bag, get in the car and come to my door. And I’ll show you what’s it like to be the center of somebody’s world.” He says he’s going now and does. Just before he gets to the door, he stops and throws his hands out and says he feels like he left something out. She hesitates, but says no. He says okay, she’s the expert.

Eric snuffs out the candles on the table and tells Stephanie they were just going through the motions long before her make-believe heart attack. With hand on hip, he leans on the chair and says the fact is she always patronized him. She never thought of him as an equal, but treated him as one of her children. She softly offers that she supposes a parade of mistresses and betrayals and humiliations change a woman. He doesn’t shirk; he says he never said he wasn’t to blame. She asks if he gave her a thought at all last night when he said those vows. Did he think of her at all? He offers that they had a life together; four wonderful children, but they’re grown now. His family with Brooke needs him in a way that his kids don’t anymore. He says he can be a father now that he couldn’t with his own children when he was concentrating on building a career and trying to find himself. She touches his face and whispers that she’ll be gone before the first anniversary. He replies then he’d be a fool to say no to the happiest year of his life. Stephanie finally gets the message and her heart sinks. Brooke walks in the open door and spots Steph. Eric tells her Stephanie was just leaving. Brooke walks on in and says she certainly hopes so. Steph tells her that she’s convinced him her intentions are good. Eric joins Brooke and kisses her tenderly on the cheek. Stephanie continues that she can’t save Bridget’s marriage. There is nothing left to save. Brook tells her she made sure of that, didn’t she? Steph offers she only cleared the path for her. Nick is hers; she can have him. She laughs, “oh, I see. You don’t want to be the scarlet woman that ran off with her daughter’s husband.” Brooke says she doesn’t want a LIFE with Nick. Stephanie remarks then she is dumber than she thought. “You and Nick, if you’re meant to be together, you can survive any scandal.” As Brooke takes on this lordly manner, Stephanie asks did she get a taste of respectability as a Forrester, and trash that she is, she’s mistaken it somehow for virtue and can’t stand to part with it. “You’re going to use him…… and he’s going to LET you because he’s so hot for you.” They look and smile lovingly at each other. Steph vows, “over my dead body!”

Taylor, resplendent in white negligee, walks around her bedroom smiling and thinking of what Hector had said about leaving something out. She is startled when a door opens and it’s Ridge. She tells him he rings the doorbell downstairs but then just breezes on into the master bedroom? He says she asked him to move back in or not? She flips well he said he was going to think about it. Did he go think about it with Brooke? He wastes no time and says she won’t believe what she went and did. She asks him to explain even why she would be interested. Here they are in the middle of the most arguably important conversation of their entire marriage – the phone rings, and somebody is telling him that Brooke has gotten married, and off he goes. He justifies that his son is with her. And for all he knows, she might be planning to move to Outer Mongolia. She scoffs that it would have taken about ten minutes to finish that conversation. But instead, he just basically proved that their marriage is not as important as whoever Brooke married. Ridge tells her she married his dad. She’s aghast. Ridge adds that she is hell-bent on proving she is no threat to Bridget. And Bridget wasn’t buying that whole Dante thing at all. Taylor says, "oh my God, I don’t believe this. This is awful. Your poor mother.” And she wasn’t talking about as a friend. She’s talking about as a woman. Just to be treated with such a lack of respect; to be pushed away like that with no warning at all. And she can’t help but have some guilty sense of relief that it wasn’t her.

Brooke says even if she was as vicious as Stephanie thought she was, she could never hurt Eric the way Stephanie had. He need to be protected from Stephanie, and that was Brooke’s job now. And she orders Stephanie out. Looking at the table and around the room, she asks Eric if he did all of this for her? He replies that yes, they haven’t had their proper wedding night. Stephanie extols that Brooke was miserable the first time she was married to Eric. And there isn’t even a good reason for this marriage. Nick is free, and he’s crazy in love with her. Eric tells Stephanie it’s time for her to go. But, like a dog with a bone, she responds that marriage isn’t a hotel you just check in and out of. The love-birds start nibbling and nuzzling on each other. Stephanie tries to ignore it and continues that this one is based on the biggest lie of all. And he’s never going to get the one thing he wants from her – PASSION. Brooke tells her she’s wrong if she thinks she doesn’t love this man. And she plants a kiss on him and Eric is only too happy to oblige. Eric chirps that he thinks they will have passion to burn. And turning directly to Stephanie, he says if Stephanie doesn’t mind, they have a honeymoon to begin. Stephanie bows her head and replies, “obviously, there’s no reasoning with you until you get what you’ve been panting for all day. So, if I let you have at her, will you agree to annul this fiasco tomorrow?” Brooke tells Stephanie goodnight. Eric gives her a perturbed look and Stephanie asks Eric to promise her. Brooke sits on the couch, and Eric goes to her and nuzzles again and tells her just to ignore Stephanie. But, Stephanie acts blasé and says she will wait. Eric tells Brooke again just pretend she’s not there. And yes, Stephanie watches as they kiss, while saying he’ll listen to reason when he finally understands that he’s not going to get what he thinks he bargained for.

With Stephanie looking on in disgust, Eric continues his seduction by untying part of Brooke’s dress, continues to kiss her; she’s smiling in amusement too. He tells her Stephanie is not going to rob him of this too. Stephanie finally goes to the door and closes it as if to leave. They stop and yet there she is, “well, I’ve heard over the years of this magic spell that you cast. Let me see. I know the difference between sex and love. Show me.” Indeed, Eric motions to Brooke as he starts up again with his quietly mouthed ‘okay, let’s show her.’

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