B&B Monday Update 10/17/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/17/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Continuation from Friday’s episode:

At Brooke’s, Bridget is stunned as she walks around and finally utters, “married? Is this some kind of bizarre joke?” Eric, with his arms wrapped around Brooke, says no, of course not. Bridget rails at him that he is already married to Stephanie, so what’s he talking about? Eric states that it took some doing, but he was able to divorce Stephanie without her knowing it. Brooke chimes in that this is what Bridget had wanted for so long – her mom and dad re-united. Eric kisses her to seal the deal. Bridget still casts them a sideward, skeptical look.

In his office at Marone Industries, Nick is shuffling through some papers when he spies the wedding photo of Brooke. He picks it up and thinks back on several conversations, one with Bridget where she tells him go be with her mother, and one with his mother who tells him this is his chance, go be with Brooke.

At Forrester Creations, Stephanie tells Jackie (who’s waiting for Eric) talk about your delusional overactive imagination! For her to think that someone of Eric’s stature would marry someone like her…..she phones Jonathan while Jackie stands idly by with a smirk on her face. She says it’s urgent and tells Jackie her lawyer is going to fill her in on the facts of life and then she can cancel the glass slipper order. When Jonathan comes on, she promptly tells him there is a rather delusional woman here in Eric’s office who seems to think Eric has somehow obtained a divorce without her knowledge. So hold on, she is going to put him on the speaker phone. Jonathan tells her to please take him off the speaker as he’d prefers to talk to her alone. She says they can do that later. She wants him to explain to her that in the United States of America, a spouse cannot DUMP his wife in the middle of the night without legal notice. “And speak in simple sentences and use one syllable words so there won’t be any misunderstandings.” He hesitates then says he tried to call her a few minutes ago. He wanted her to hear it from him before it hit the media. He tells her he’s held her Power of Attorney for some time. She asks if he’s done anything illegal? He states they are a little less strict about such matters in the Dominican Republic. She asks what is he saying? Jackie leans over the phone and chirps, “in simple, one syllable words, Jonathan.”

He says he is sorry, but that Eric has been granted the request for his divorce. Stephanie stands stunned, but finally sinks into Eric’s chair.

Bridget implores Brooke what is she doing? First her little charade with Dante wasn’t enough to convince her that she was over Nick, so now she’s roping Dad into some sort of ‘reassure Bridget dance?’ They both deny it while Eric gives a little pep talk. The last few weeks have not been easy on her mother – losing Ridge, Hope almost dying and then the fear that she had driven Bridget into doing something unthinkable. She's transformed and it’s been a crucible of sorts for her, but it hasn’t defeated her. And it’s helped her realize what she’s been looking for all this time….. a life with him. Bridget offers then why didn’t she realize that before she divorced him? She walks away but then turns and asks Brooke when did this great passion for Dad make itself known to her? Brooke says it’s not about passion. Bridget spouts out, “oh YOU. It’s not about passion? Come on, Mother.” Brooke declares it’s not; it’s about family. Family, Bridget repeats, she should have known that! Eric walks to her and tells her to stop it, for him. He learned a long time ago that happiness, real happiness, has to be about family and not just obsession and passion. So Bridget wants to know, in the name of family, she has committed herself to Eric? Looking at Eric, Brooke answers, “completely.” Bridget then wants to hear how much she loves him. She missed the vows but she knows for a marriage of hers to work, she’d have to be madly in love with him. Can she honestly look Dad in the eye and tell him that she loves him more than she does Nick?

Nick holds the photo and reflects on times with Brooke. Quickly he puts the photo down and gets up, runs his fingers through his hair as if making a quick decision and leaves the room.

Bridget questions Brooke, why the hesitation? Is she afraid she’ll know she’s not telling the truth? Brooke then goes to Eric, takes him by both hands and looks into his eyes and says she loves him. Completely, and more than life with Nick or anyone else. And together, they could do amazing things – rebuild their family, take the company to new heights, partners to the end. Bridget soaks all of this in and then repeats, “partnership, that isn’t the way I’ve ever heard you describe love in the past.” Eric justifies it by saying everything that has happened to Brooke lately in life has changed her. It has a deeper meaning in life now and he understands that, as he’s been through that too. He tells Bridget that this is real; Brooke is the love of his life and he is the love of hers (well, why don't we call it at least flavor of the week). Again, Bridget gives them one of those ‘give me a break’ looks.

Eric surmises that he thought she would be happier. This is what she’s been wanting all of her life – her mother and father back together again. Bridget says to which this is why it is all the more suspicious. Is she supposed to think this is admirable; do they? Brooke says as much as she’d like Bridget to believe in her; it really doesn’t matter. She knows the man for her is Eric. She has a vision about their family and their business. She can see what the future holds for them. Bridget snorts that they all know, she’s had her visions before. Brooke counters with no, this time is different. That baby that Bridget is carrying is going to be born to TWO wonderful, loving parents. And Nick, her husband, is going to be by her side. And Eric tells her they will be there too, as the baby’s grandparents, with all the love and support they can offer through whatever life has to offer. She says that sounds like a really pretty picture and he offers that yes, it’s a really beautiful picture, and it’s real. He turns to Brooke and says he will leave them alone to talk. She cups his face and says he is the kindest man, and he’s hers again. They kiss with Bridget again looking on skeptically.

As soon as he leaves, Bridget jumps up and shouts what the hell is she doing trying to make it up to her by using Dad? Does Brooke honestly think she’s going back to Nick’s bed knowing that she still loves him? “I don’t give a damn who you go and marry!” Brooke tells her she HATES what this is putting Bridget through and that she had a part in it. But, for her not to blame Nick or give up on her happiness. She points out she’s having a child, and she loves him. Bridget comes back, “but so do YOU.” Brooke tells her she loves her father. She woke up and realized something and she finally understands what she wants. And what she really wants is a family, and a husband who can be there and support her…..completely through everything. “And that man is your father!” Bridget tells her she has no idea how much she wishes she could believe that, but they both knew what was going on here. She’d only married Eric because she felt guilty of what she’d done with Nick. She tells her she knows Brooke really thinks what she’s doing here is right. “But, Mom, come on, you’re only deceiving yourself……again.” And not only had she hurt Bridget, but she was going to hurt her dad as well. If she really believes she is over Nick, why didn’t she figure that out weeks ago? Brooke can’t answer and Bridget remarks that she doesn’t think she is! She picks up her suitcase and leaves.

Meanwhile, at Eric’s beach house, Jackie lets herself in. She calls his name; looks around and notices all the lovely decorations, elegantly set table for two. She puts her hands over her heart and glances over everything and takes a small tidbit and nibbles it. Benjie slips in on her and calls her Mrs. Forrester and that she’s been a naughty, naughty girl. She tells him she has followed his career, so she knows who he is and she can’t believe that Eric got him to do this when he surely must be so busy. He bubbles something about Mr. Forrester’s reputation and the occasion……He lights the candles and she giggles and remarks the place is certainly set for romance. He remembers that it was supposed to be a big surprise; Mr. Forrester is going to be so disappointed. Jackie tells him please, don’t worry. She WILL be surprised. She will be the most surprised she has been in her whole life. He practically flutters like a butterfly out the door and tells her – away, have a magical evening. She takes inventory, there’s champagne and caviar….and her eyes light on a lovely wrapped box so she opens it. She aahs as she sees what it is and giggles again and says what a wonderful, wonderful sweet man. She holds up the lovely black trimmed in white sexy teddy. And as she caresses it, she laughs and says, “oh my word, if it’s a surprise you want this evening, darling, you’re going to get one. Just not what you’re expecting.”

Brooke sits sobbing on her couch. There is a knock at the door and Nick walks on in. He walks slowly toward Brooke and asks where is Bridget? Brooke replies she just left and he asks if she is all right? Brooke says she will be now. They both walk slowly toward each other, very formal. He says they never should have hurt Bridget along the way. Brooke tells him they can still make up for that. He says they will because he knows the truth. One more step and he’s standing in front of her and says, “I love you. I always have, and I always will. I want to be married to you.” Her eyes water.

Eric returns home and is delighted at what he sees. But, then he spies some clothes tossed over the couch and can’t believe that Brooke beat him there. On cue, a long, sexy leg appears in the doorway attached to a sexy, black, fuzzy high-heeled slipper. He says hello but that he wanted to be there to see the surprise on her face. Out waltzes Jackie in the outfit and says well now he can. He’s surprised to no end and she begins gushing that he said he had something important to tell her and she couldn’t wait. She’d met Benjie and everything was so beautiful, what he’d done for her.

No one had ever done anything so wonderful for her. She smiles that she will remember this night for the rest of her life. He tries to explain but she won’t allow him. She comes on to him and says he’s getting all shy, no need. She’s going to love him tonight; love him tomorrow, “I’m going to love you the rest of our lives.” He stammers that he can’t. She offers, “oh but you can. You’ve proved that to me, darling.” Then as she takes his hand, she sees the wedding band and says “oh, you dear, sweet, sentimental man. You couldn’t wait to wear the wedding band.” She tells him four times straight that she loves him, while kissing him and squeezing him around the neck tightly. And that she will do everything in her power to make him the happiest man in the world. He looks a little green around the gills.

Nick tells Brooke they aren’t going to find happiness with other people. They should have known that from the beginning. They would have saved a lot of heartache. They were meant to be together – married. Brooke shakes her head and answers – no wedding. He says fine, they don’t need a wedding; they can elope; anything! She says no but he says they can be together, the way they want to be. He wants to tell people that he loves her. He wants to stand there and profess his love (uh like he did with Bridget just days ago?) He takes her hands in his and says he wants to put a ring on her finger. Then he spies the wedding band already there and looks at her and wants to know what’s that? She simply replies – a wedding band. He wants an explanation. She replies – last night in Vegas. She had to do it for her daughter and her happiness. He asks what? She continues because of everything she had put her through. She had to do this. He asks, “what the hell are you talking about. Vegas? Whose ring is this?” She slowly replies that last night she married Eric. Another kicked-in-the-stomach moment for Nick.

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