B&B Friday Update 10/14/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/14/05


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New day at Marone Industries, Nick is essentially beating up on himself to his mother when he tells her how Bridget found out about he and Brooke. She feels badly as she knows how hard they tried not to hurt Bridget. He states but now they have hurt her far worse. What kind of person does that make him?

At Brooke’s house, Bridget brings a suitcase downstairs as Brooke walks in and says she didn’t realize she was upstairs. Bridget says she is only getting the rest of her things and “I didn’t realize a LOT of things until last night.” Brooke asks her not to go but Bridget asks what’s left? They’ve already said it all. Brooke tells her that she and Nick belong together. Bridget states that she’s already given his rings back and contacted an attorney. Brooke tells her no, they can work through this. Bridget fires back that maybe she could if she thought Brooke was confused about her destiny. Maybe she and Nick would have a chance. But, Brooke wasn’t confused. She believed he was the man for her….the only man for her. “So why don’t you just take him? He’s all yours.”

At Forrester Creations, Ridge pours himself and his mother a cup of coffee and sits with her. He doesn’t think it makes sense. But, Stephanie says for a long time Bridget has suspected that Nick and her mother had more powerful feelings than they were willing to admit. That’s why she tested them and that’s why she’d told them she’d had the abortion. Unfortunately for her, she thought they’d passed the test. But, no, they’d given in to those feelings. Ridge asks her if she is telling him they slept together? She shrugs and says Brooke said they didn’t. But, even if they didn't, apparently, something rather significant happened that night. He asks how? She continues that Brooke went to see Eric the next day. She was so happy. Seems she realized that Nick was her destiny. He flashes her a look. She says, “I’m sorry, honey, but I think you’ve been replaced in Brooke’s heart by him?”

At Eric’s beach house, he sits holding a business card for Benjie Lloyd of Elite Choice Catering. Benjie and two of his assistants come in as he scoots them along giving them instructions. Eric asks if he is sure he will have everything ready on time; he knows it was short notice. Benjie replies, “I’ve got it covered, Mr. F. I promise this will be an evening to remember.” Eric points and says that’s what he is counting on, “a very special evening for a very special lady.

Ridge gets up but tells Stephanie that whatever happened with Nick and Brooke on that boat, she should have stayed out of it. She joins him and asks even if it meant continuing to lie to Bridget? And it was just a matter of time before Brooke lured Nick into bed. And that would have really devastated Bridget. Ridge faces her and says she keeps faulting Brooke, but Nick was not some innocent choir boy. He married Bridget knowing damn well that he loved her mother. If anybody’s responsible for screwing up Bridget and that little child’s life, it’s him.

Nick says it never should have come to this. Again, Jackie argues that tormenting himself is not going to change anything. He needs to go be with Brooke. His feelings for her didn’t disappear because Bridget found out the truth. Brooke was his first love and he knows he’ll never be happy until they are man and wife. He turns to her with a stunned look. And Bridget, even as much pain as she is in, she knows too. And that’s a powerful reason for……

She’s interrupted by her cell phone. It’s Eric and he says he needs to see her; it’s very important. She asks when, where? He says he has some things to take care of first. He’ll call her and tell her where later. The decorators are murmuring and Eric nods approvingly, “very nice.”

Brooke grabs Bridget’s arm to stop her from leaving and says she can not be with Nick. It’s impossible. Bridget says no, not until the annulment come through. But, once it does, the two of them can get married. Just don’t expect her to be at the wedding. Brooke begs her not to talk that way; she’s carrying Nick’s child. Bridget offers that she is going to do everything she can to protect this child from any scandal she is sure this is going to cause. And she throws it in her face that she ought to be used to it by now, her being her mother, as she had been on every single cover of every tabloid out there. You’d think she would know just to let it go and forget it, cause it really didn’t matter. Brooke sys of course it matters. She’s her daughter and her feelings will always matter to her. And she tells her there will be no scandal. She can not be with Nick. She’s hurt her too much and never again. And starting today, she’s going to have the kind of happiness that she couldn’t give her. ”But, I’m giving it to you now.”

Stephanie hold out her hands and tells Ridge why should she be surprised. No matter what Brooke does, she always, ALWAYS get a free pass with him. Even when she says something like ‘Nick is my destiny’ and not him. Ridge offers that she didn’t mean that; she was lost and confused. Stephanie asks if he’s jealous. Then pointing finger, she says this is EXACTLY what Taylor’ talking about. He puts down his designing stuff and looks at her and says it really threw Brooke into a tailspin when she faked her heart attack and getting him to commit to Taylor. That really hurt her. And Stephanie continues and naturally she had to turn to her daughter’s husband for comfort. She grins, “although I suppose that’s all the more enticing, isn’t it?” He gestures there she goes again, bashing Brooke and pushing her family further and further away. Is that what she wants? To push him away; push Dad away…or maybe she doesn’t even want to be married to Dad anymore. She says of course she does. She loves him. Even when she’s furious enough with him to strangle him, and they have their differences, she wants to be with him. A hesitation…….she softens and tells him she needs his support, please don’t turn his back on her….not now. He gives her a perturbed but rather softening, loving look and says, “Oh, Mother, just when I thought I’d had it with you….come here.” He hugs her tightly and she tells him she loves him; she loves her family. Of course she wants to be with Eric. They will work this out and their marriage will be stronger than ever.

Nick states to Jackie he didn’t know she and Eric Forrester were so close. She replies, “yes, darling, we really are”. She positively gloats and beams as she says, "and between you and me, after sleeping with Stephanie for all of those years ....and I DO mean sleeping, the man is insatiable.” He declares please, he doesn’t want to hear about her sex life…….especially to a married man. To which she says, but ahhhhh, Eric no longer is. And she was as stunned as Nick, but somehow overnight Eric managed to divorce Stephanie. Which makes her all the more curious what this important thing is he wants to talk to her about. Nick wonders if this means he’s going to propose to her? She offers she knows he’s not his father, but she cares for Eric very deeply. And when they are together, she just knows they could have a wonderful life together. And if they could just have his blessing, was that asking too much? He grins, gets up and goes to her and says he loves her and if Eric Forrester floats her boat….go for it. She laughs. She stands to face him and says, “and that’s my advice to you, Nicky. Go and find Brooke. Talk to each other. About your feelings….what you both want…what you deserve….which is a life together. It’s your chance, Nicky. Your time with Brooke. My time with Eric. Don’t let it slip through your fingers. Not again.”

Benjie is fussing with all the decorations at the beach house as Eric starts to leave and says he just needs to run out for a minute and wants to make sure all is okay. Benjie assures him it is done and the lady will be blown away and then some, whoever that lucky lady might be, hint, hint!

Brooks faces Bridget and says she deserves to be proud of her mother and her family. And she hasn’t made it very easy, has she? Bridget looks at her smugly and says she is who she is. Brooke tells her she should have realized earlier. If she hadn’t spent her whole life pining away after Ridge, things would have been much different for her and Rick. Bridget reflects and turns to her mother and says she doesn’t know what she wants her to say. She wishes things had been different too. Of course, no child wants to grow up in a broken home. Brooke states that is why she is not going to let it happen this time. With her baby. Her baby deserves to have the stability she never had. And Bridget was going to have it too when she started a new life with Nick. Bridget backs away and says no, it’s too late for that. Brooke tells her that people say that all the time. What’s done is done and can’t be fixed. She pumps her fists, “but, that’s not true; this can be fixed.” The damage can be repaired and she wanted their family to come back together again. For Bridget’s sake most of all, and now it was possible, truly possible. Bridget scoffs and looks at her puzzlingly. What is she talking about?

Jackie pops in at Forrester Creations to Eric’s office but he’s not in. She promptly strolls around as if she owns the place, smiling like a Cheshire Cat, looking the place over, deciding to stay and make herself comfy. She focuses on Eric’s big chair and giggles as she sits down. Closing her eyes and hugging the back of the chair, she indulges in her daydreams of when Eric told her that ‘after Stephanie, if he could find someone with her wit and Brooke’s charm….someone sophisticated and sexy, a tall order, where could he find someone like that?’ As she opens her eyes, still in this bask of glory, her eyes linger on a piece of paper on his desk. Picking it up, she sees that it is a receipt from a jeweler for two wedding bands. She is positively besides herself and holds the receipt to her heart, telling herself he really is going to ask her to marry him.

Stephanie interrupts this idyllic moment and asks what is she doing here? With butter dripping from her sarcasm, Jackie tells her she did not hear the trumpets heralding her arrival. Stephanie gives her a ‘go stuff it’ look. Stephanie asks immediately where is Eric? Again, to which Jackie says where any sane man would be if they knew she were coming, miles and miles away. Stephanie tells her she does not belong behind that desk, much less the chair. She gets up with this satisfied look on her face, and walks toward Stephanie and says maybe not today; maybe not tomorrow, but the next day, who knows! Stephanie asks what is that she is hiding behind her back? Jackie plays coy, what? And trust her, she really doesn’t want to know. Stephanie walks toward her and asks if she took that off of Eric’s desk? Who does she think she is? Jackie takes great delight in telling her she thinks she is just a minister and an ‘I do’ from being Mrs. Eric Forrester. Stephanie asks if she is smoking funny stuff again? Jackie retorts that finally Eric will have a wife that will do his name justice. Stephanie just shakes her head and says she has lost it, “Tootsie”. Jackie begs to differ, no, she’s lost it, a loving, caring man “Tootsie” to moi, as she points to herself. Stephanie offers that as far as she knows, in the State of California you can’t marry someone while you’re still married to someone else. “And he happens to be married to moi.” She points to herself. Jackie says that can easily be rectified. Stephanie chuckles and points out not without consent and she assures her she hasn’t done that. Jackie gloats that powerful men can do powerful things with the right motivation…..and a lawyer who has her power of attorney. By then she is in her face and pointing at Stephanie. The lady wants to know what she’s talking about? She offers that Eric called her to tell her something very important. She wasn’t sure what it was until she saw the receipt, but he is going to ask her to be Mrs. Eric Forrester. Stephanie laughs and tells her she is as delusional as she is slutty. Jackie continues, “proof, Stephanie. A receipt for two wedding bands purchased by your former husband.” She plops it in her face as Stephanie takes it and looks at it. Jackie takes her position in the chair again and asks, “and you WERE saying.”

Hands on hips, Bridget says Brooke has done something. What’s going on? She returns that she has opened her eyes and she realizes now more than ever that she wants Hope and R.J. and Bridget’s little baby to have the life Bridget was deprived of ….to be surrounded by family. And not just on birthdays and holidays but day after day, year after year. Bridget tells her that is never going to happen, but Brooke insists that yes it is and it can. This is a new beginning for Hope and R.J. and her little baby. And that new baby deserves to grow up in a family with its two parents. Bridget cautions her, hasn’t she been listening? She and Nick are over! But, Brooke tells her they can find their way back to each other. Bridget stops dead in her tracks and tells her no, that is NEVER going to happen. Brooke tells her that yes, it is and then she babbles on about family commitment, the baby, precious new life, will change everything. It will need parents, need grandparents and Bridget even needs parents and that’s why Brooke is going to bring this family together and make a family she can be proud of. Bridget has heard enough and tells her mother to stop it, shut up. Stop all this talk of family, it’s making her sick! It’s so obvious what she wants to do; just go do it. Go be with Nick; she can have a FAMILY with him. Brooke tells her she is NOT free. Bridget turns and asks what is she talking about? At that exact moment, Eric walks in and says he will answer that. That he and Brooke had a long talk last night and she’d told her all that had happened with Stephanie, and he’s so sorry. Broke his heart; Brooke’s too, to know how much pain it was causing her. Brooke smiles and joins him by his side as he continues. So they made a vow to each other to be here for Bridget the way they should have been all those years….to make her proud as parents and as grandparents. And to give her the loving, supportive family she always deserved…..only this time they are going to get it right. He takes Brooke’s hand and holds it up with his, side by side, matching wedding bands. Her semi-interest to this point turns to disbelief and she asks what are they saying? He tells her that he is saying that her parents are together again, “your mother and I got married last night…..again.”

Brooke chimes in, “it’s a new beginning for the Forrester family. It’s a fresh, new start for all of us. Isn’t it wonderful, sweetheart?” Bridget looks puzzled, like someone has hit her with a two by four, total disbelief.

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