B&B Thursday Update 10/13/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/13/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night continuation of Wednesday’s episode:

At Stephanie’s, she turns to Brooke and says that just when she thinks Brooke can’t sink any lower, she goes and does something like this. She goes and sleeps with her daughter’s husband a second time. “You are such trash!”. Brooke comes back that if she had just kept her mouth shut. And Steph offers that if she had just taken that gun that she gave her and killed herself, all of this PAIN would have been avoided.

In the therapist’s office, sitting side by side on the couch with Ridge, Taylor shrugs and tells them she feels threatened. Dr. Higgins asks Ridge can he understand his spending so much time with Brooke would make Taylor feel that way? His having been married to her, having a child with her….and he adds that he still loves her. So what? It doesn’t mean he would act on those feelings. “And Taylor should understand that?’ asks Dr. Higgins. He smirks that it sure would be nice if she did. The doctor asks Taylor if she is afraid of what might happen between Ridge and Brooke? She says simply yes. He starts to question her and she says she is sorry, but that’s the way it is. He states that Brooke is a very attractive woman, and there is a chemistry between them. He wishes he could deny that, but he can’t. But, he’s still not going to act on those feelings. The doctor switches directions and asks Ridge how would he feel if Taylor had chemistry with someone other than him. He chuckles as he looks at Taylor and tells the doctor she has to be kidding. Taylor is a saint, “we’ll see pigs fly before she’ll look at another man.” Saint Taylor can’t believe what she just heard, and after a brief silence, she turns to him and says actually she has been with another man. That gets his attention; he looks at her.

Brooke tells Stephanie this is all her fault; she should have used the gun on her. Bridget and Nick were happy and starting a life together. Stephanie says but for one dirty, little lie. They quibble over the sacrifice that Brooke keeps saying she is making. And Brooke tells her the baby was not Stephanie’s business. Stephanie says it certainly was; she saved that baby from a lifetime of watching it’s mother fall apart over and over because grandma can’t keep her hands off of Daddy. Brooke is shocked and asks if she really thinks she would do that? Stephanie says absolutely, she does. She’s known what Brooke is capable of from the very first days she laid eyes on her. Brooke says she is wrong. But, Stephanie says she doesn’t think so. Here she is – exposed for exactly what she is. “Your daughter sees it, and finally she’ll be free of it. The family will see it, and they will be free of you.”

On The Marlin, Bridget walks topside as Nick joins her. He wants to touch her, but he doesn’t quite know what to say. Finally he says he doesn’t want to lose her. She grins and says all those sweet things he did and said, they weren’t even for her. Nick tells her but they were. She turns to face him and says they were for her mother. But, he couldn’t have her so he decided he’d take the consolation prize. He shakes his head and says don’t say that, it isn’t true. She looks him in the eyes and tells him he KNEW her mother was an issue with her; he KNEW that. “What part of that did you never understand?” And he just kept denying it and telling her it was her imagination. How many times did he reassure her and tell her that SHE was wrong? And all the while, SHE was right! He protests, but she says he’s treating her like a child. Maybe she deserves that because she was SO naïve. She should have known better than to ever get involved with a man that had been with her mother (now she remembers that!) “I knew from the very beginning, and I was right.” Nick tells her he loves her and he never lied about that. She wonders then when did it change? When did she go from a woman he tried to marry four times….to being an obligation?

Looking at Taylor incredulously, Ridge asks, “another man, you’ve got to be kidding?” What was she talking about here? She says there was a kiss. He asks who; she tells him Hector. “You kissed Hector?” She says the other night when she called his phone and Brooke answered and said ‘I love you too.’ He says but he explained that; it was said in friendship. Taylor says but she didn’t know that then. Still he’s amazed. So she re-acts by kissing Hector? “Damn it, Taylor”, he gets up to walk around. Sitting there with her feelings exposed, the doctor asks Taylor if she is attracted to Hector? She answers she doesn’t know. She answers yes to if there’s chemistry. Suddenly Mr. Rigid looks plenty worried.

Stephanie tells Brooke just go be with Nick. Jackie would love that. Those two girls are cut from the same cloth. Just go be with him as he’s all she has left. She goes to pour herself a drink. Brooke gloats that she has her family and she has her work….with Eric. Stephanie shakes her head and says he won’t have anything to do with her, after what happened. Brooke reminds her that he hates her, not Brooke. Stephanie tells her that Eric may have his shortcomings, but he loves his daughter. “When he sees you and Nick together, he’ll know I was right, and I will win back his trust….and Ridge’s trust.” But, Brooke says they will never believe a word she says. Stephanie says she knows she has a lot of work ahead of her. Brooke almost turned them all against her, but in the long run, it will turn out okay. And she toasts her drink to her. Brooke rails at her that how can she celebrate when her daughter is devastated and the baby is going to be without a father? Stephanie says she will help with the baby, but Brooke says the hell she will!

Bridget now comes inside the cabin with Nick following and saying she is NOT an obligation. She was never that. And he was happy too, and he believes they can still be happy. She says she can’t believe everything they shared together; it was better than anything she’d ever experienced before, but it just wasn’t forever. Why couldn’t he have just been honest with her? He affirms he was; he told her he cared for her mother. She reminds him he never told her exactly how much; he deceived her. He tells her she never should have lied to him about the abortion. The night on the boat that night with her mother never should have happened. He says he’d told her about their feelings, but they’d put them to rest, and he’d never lied to her about that. She walks away but turns and looks back and asks what was his plan. Was he just going to lie to himself about his feelings forever? She states was she wrong to test him or him wrong to fail it? Who knows, but all of that doesn’t matter anymore. He glares at her and says it matters to him.

Still standing over Taylor, Ridge asks if she has chemistry, either it is yes or no. She says that is something he will just have to deal with. He seems amused; he gets it; she’s turning the tables on him. But he states the story with Brooke is completely different. Dr. Higgins interjects, so if Hector were to 'dress it up and take it out', that would bother him? He only gives her a perturbed look. She continues she is only trying to help him understand that jealousy within a marriage can’t be taken lightly. Looking at Taylor who has downcast eyes, he tells her he doesn’t want her anywhere near Hector. “You can’t have feelings for another man, Doc.” She looks up at him and says but he can? He walks off, he is silent, he studies the moment, his jaw tightens, he’s speechless but finally turns and says he is sorry. He even holds out his hands to Taylor and she rises to her feet as he puts his hands on her shoulders and tells her again that he is sorry, so sorry and hugs her closely.

Bridget rests on the stairs, gives a sigh and tells Nick that maybe they were only together because he thought her mother and Ridge would be together for a lifetime. Then Taylor came along and changed all of that. He comes and bends down to her level and tells her that he loves her. He loved her when he married her, and he loves her right now. “I want to have a life with you.” She says maybe he did, but she thinks she was always his second choice. She goes further by saying his mother saw it. She warned them. She told him; she told her. She knew better than any of them. But, Nick says no, it’s not true. She gazes in his eyes and says, “Come on, Nick. Stop denying it.” He’d been there for her mother on so many occasions. His love had just slowly rekindled until right there that night on the boat, it ignited. She whispers, “I’ll never be able to compete with that. You loved her first. And you love her more. It’s just the truth.” She bites her lip.

Brooke tells Stephanie that Bridget needs her, not Stephanie. But, Stephanie asks why, just because she’s her mother. No, no, this is the last straw. She’d hurt her too many times. She’s never going to trust Brooke again. “Just take Nick and go sail off into the sunset together.” Brooke states it’s not over between Nick and Bridget. Stephanie angers and asks why does she keep beating that dead horse like this, “He’s FREE, For God’s sake, you can have him. Take him!” Brooke says she doesn’t want him! Stephanie is shocked – Brooke doesn’t want to go off with her DESTINY? She just wants to keep lying to Bridget? Brooke says she is making a sacrifice. Stephanie raises her hands and states but it’s such an absurd sacrifice, such an absurd notion. She’ll even make her a bet. She folds her arms and delivers - if Bridget is foolish enough to stay in this marriage, Stephanie will bet the night she gives birth to her baby, that Brooke will be in bed with her husband. Brooke tells her never. And she doesn’t care what Stephanie says. She’s NOT going to lose her daughter again. She states that she supports their marriage and they are going to have a wonderful life together (has she checked with Bridget on that?) “They will survive this. They will survive you.” Stephanie walks over to Brooke and slowly tells her what she doesn’t understand is that Bridget is always going to be insecure when Brooke is around. There is nothing Brooke can say or do that will ever reassure her or give her trust. She’s never going to trust that she’ll be safe in a marriage with her husband….any husband. “So just walk away. I’ll help her.” Brooke vows she will never let her do that; she’s HER daughter. But, Stephanie offers that her daughter doesn’t want anything to do with her. Brooke tells her that her children are the most important thing in the world to her and she’s not going to let Stephanie poison them against her. Stephanie tells her she has brought all of this on all by herself. And, she can’t see that, can he? But when the family sees what pain she has inflicted on this girl again, they’re all going to walk away from Brooke. The truth is out. They’re all going to see it and Brooke is going to lose everyone. “But, most importantly, you’re going to lose your daughter. And there isn’t one damn thing you can do about it.” Brooke walks away and out with tears in her eyes.

At Eric’s beach house, Brooke tells him that Stephanie did it; she’s pure evil! He asks what happened? Brooks says Stephanie told Bridget everything that they were trying to protect her from. And now their little girl is hurt; she’s confused and angry with Brooke. He asks did Bridget confront her? She covers her eyes and says she admitted that she and Nick admitted they had feelings for each other, but that she’d told her they were perfectly in control and wouldn’t act on them. He sinks besides Brooke on the couch and says but…..Stephanie got to her first. Brooke tells him that Stephanie distorted the truth, that’s what she did. Eric says he knew she would. Brooke continues she just hopes when Bridget ran out, that she’s going to Nick and he’ll get through to her somehow. Eric surmises that might not even be possible. Whimpering, Brooke offers that she needs to reassure Bridget somehow. She’s THEIR daughter. Why would Stephanie even do this? Eric agrees; she’s not Bridget’s mother. He jabs his finger at her; Brooke is. Stephanie has no right. He gets to his feet and joins Brooke. He says he’s through with Stephanie. He divorced her. Startled, she turns to him and asks how? Eric tells her that Jonathan has Stephanie’s Power of Attorney. He explained everything and convinced him to use it. Brooke says she doesn’t know what to say. Eric offers “to hell with her. That’s what you say.” Their little girl is in turmoil and they are going to focus their energies on her. Brooke states that she would do anything to save that marriage. Their grandchild deserves to have two parents at home. She made that commitment to Bridget. That she would do nothing to destroy that marriage, and she meant it. If only….she could reassure Bridget somehow……maybe there is! Maybe there is a way they can protect their grandchild and a way to save that marriage. Eric says name it, he’d do ANYTHING.

Bridget slowly rises and tells Nick to go be with her mother. He was attracted to her first and they are closer in age. “She’s the love of your life. And you still love her, so why don’t you just take her. She’s available….. Just don’t lie to me again and don’t make any sacrifices for me.” And she tells him for Heaven’s sake, don’t he dare torture her anymore with his love songs and boat rides. He gives her the eye. She says she knows there’s a man out there that will love her more than anything else. “It’s just not you. I know you tried. It’s just not you as much as I wanted it to be.” He comes up behind her and tells her that her mother loves her more than anything in the world. And she would do anything for her. But, he and her mother would never have a life together. Bridget tells him don’t do that for her. Don’t you dare make those kinds of decisions without telling her. All this time people were talking behind her back. Her own father….Jackie. She doesn’t know who else. Did no one think she deserved the truth? She asks him how many times did she ask him for the truth? How many times did they say those vows?

He gulps; he tells her he’s giving her the truth now – he loves her. She says she knows he does. She closes her eyes, her lip quivers as she says but he loves her mother more. She walks past him, leaving him standing alone. But turns and says she really thought they fell in love and shared something magical. She really thought that. “You know what – what I’ve always wanted to be able to do was just live a life scandal free. Look at me now. I’m pregnant by a man who is in love with my mother. I deserve something so much better than that." She looks down at her hands, her rings and slowly twists them off, takes a long look at Nick who’s looking back at her, and says "goodbye Nick", as she lays the rings on the table and walks off.

A clump in his throat, Nick painfully looks at the circle of rings on the table.

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