B&B Tuesday Update 10/11/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/11/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Amanda

Same night continuation from Monday’s Episode:

At Stephanie’s, she continues to tell Bridget that this whole time Nick has been lying to her and himself. Of course, Bridget says she does not believe her. However, she is very uneasy when Stephanie states that she should call her father. He knows, so does Jackie. Steph tells her no one wants to tell her, but she’s not going to stand by and watch her mother make a fool of her again. “Bridget, your whole life, I’ve never done anything but tell you the truth, no matter how painful it was.” As Bridget turns her head away, Steph continues, “Bridget, your husband is in love with your mother.” In a hateful way, Bridget’s eyes avert back to Stephanie.

Dressed in all white but smudged with black soot, Taylor walks into Tridge Manor followed by Hector in his firemen uniform. He praises her for how well she took control and talked that man off the ledge. She quips that the fact the building was on fire did make it a little more difficult. Hector takes off his jacket, lays down his helmet, and puts both hands on Taylor’s shoulders and says they make one hellavu team, “you and me.” He rubs her cheeks as she says but…….how often do you need a shrink at a fire? Gazing into her baby blues, he remarks just let him worry about the fires. She touches his cheek as well and retorts, “putting them out, or getting them started?” He replies keeping them alive, and he gazes for the longest and finally kisses her. She definitely responds and keeps calling his name over and over as he gently pushes her to the couch. As Taylor calls his name over and over, she enters the room and he finally snaps out of his fantasy, still hugging the pillow with a big old smile on his face.

He jumps up and says she left a message for him? Awkwardly she says yeah. She just wanted to make sure that the conversation they’d had the other day about the two of them, that he was clear. He remembered she thanked him for his friendship and had called him an amazing man. And she’d also said as long as she had that wedding band on her finger, she couldn’t see him. And then she adds he didn’t have to come over; he could have called. He steps closer and says he knows; he just wanted to see if she still had that ring on her finger. And, if she was as beautiful as he remembered……but she wasn’t. She looks puzzled by this…..as he goes on to say she is even more beautiful and he can’t get her out of his thoughts.

On The Marlin, Nick paces with the cell phone to his ear, wanting Bridget to pick up. Brooke tells him that Stephanie won’t let her pick up; they have to go find her. He wonders where they will start looking. He ushers Brooke out and says she will go to Stephanie’s house and he’ll go to Forrester Creations.

Stephanie boasts to Bridget that she needs someone on her side, but Bridget says she doesn’t want it to be Stephanie! She stares her in the face and says her mother and Nick HAD feelings, emphasis on the HAD, but they’d promised her they had never and will never act on those feelings. Stephanie says well they betrayed her; that’s what her father told her. They spar back and forth about it being a lie or the truth with Stephanie remarking that her mother has done it to her again! Only this time with the father of Bridget’s baby; that’s the tragedy.

Hector leans in to kiss Taylor and she smiles but slightly turns her head and says she guesses she wasn’t clear enough afterall. He takes it well and says that yes she was; he just wasn’t listening. She repeats that he really is an amazing man. He adds, but……..and she says, “but….I’m working on repairing my marriage. He tells her there is not enough tape in the world. She hesitates and says she just doesn’t want him to get the wrong idea about that kiss…..that there was more to it.

She continues that she is committed to working on her family and her marriage, and she’s trying to be happy. He walks closer toward her and says he wants her to be happy, but he just doesn’t think Ridge is the guy who can do that for her. She delicately tells him that she has to be the person to decide that. He comments that she is such a giving person …..and if he thought Ridge was even capable of meeting her half way…..

Suddenly Mr. Charm himself walks in. He and Hector have a stare off while Ridge asks Taylor if she is ready?

Eric is in his office at Forrester Creations talking with his attorney, Jonathan, on the phone from the plane. Eric seems irritated and informs him that he doesn’t waffle on his decisions. If Jonathan has Stephanie’s Power Of Attorney, which he agrees he does, then Eric says he’s weighed both sides and he does want the divorce which Jonathan can get in the Dominican Republic, a legal divorce. Jonathan asks him to think it over one more night; do it for him. Nick walks in so Eric tells Jonathan to call him when he gets to the hotel. Nick asks Eric if he’s seen Bridget? She’s with Steph and she is going to tell her what happened that night on the boat.

Brooke is driving; having several Bridget/mother moments in her mind and she begs for her to find Bridget in time. Not to let Stephanie put her through this.

Bridget sits while Stephanie tells her that Brooke can be a loving and caring mother…..sometimes……Stephanie sits facing her and continues that she doesn’t know why Brooke does the things she does. If it’s for some desperate need for approval or sense of competition with Bridget. She continues that she has seen it so many times, and for any man that meant anything to Stephanie (that wouldn’t explain Deacon and Nick). Bridget gets up with disgust and says this is between her and her mother; she doesn’t need to hear this. Stephanie follows as she points her finger at her and tells her she has known for months about this and she is just in denial. Bridget looks half way between wanting to laugh or cry.

Steph continues she doesn’t know how Brooke gets away with this – the world is always wrong and her mother is always right. And the men just go along with it. But, that can’t go on now. She has to be strong and smart. She has a child to think about. With furrowed brow, Steph asks if she wants to be in a marriage with a man that loves her mother more? Bridget casts an almost evil eye at her and says Nick is in love with her! Steph says she thinks he feels obligated to her and honor bound and responsible for the baby. “But, he’s not in love with you.” Tenderly, Steph asks her does she know what Brooke told her father? After they thought she’d had the abortion, they thought Nick had no further obligation to Bridget and they pledged their love and their lives to one another. Bridget closes her eyes and says no. Stephanie continues that yes, he is her destiny. Brooke had actually said that to her father, even though Stephanie thought that was a bit insensitive. And Stephanie wonders why suddenly is the father of Bridget’s baby HER destiny? Why, Why? As Bridget walks away and says she doesn’t know, Stephanie follows and says she knows she loves her mother and wants to stand by her…..and that’s very loving and sweet and loyal, but she can’t do that any more. She has to cut the cord. “You have to see your mother for what she really IS – a selfish, selfish BITCH with a capital B.”

Ridge walks in and reminds Taylor they have a counseling session and he thought they’d go together; meet her half way. She remarks she thought they were going to meet at the therapist’s office. He smirks that he thought maybe he could pick up some extra points for thoughtfulness, going the extra mile. (what a dreamboat!) Taylor replies that is not the way it works. He adds that he wanted to convince her how much he wanted to get their marriage back on track. Hector puts his two cents in and says he thought Ridge wasn’t into counseling. Ridge tells him originally he wasn’t, but you know what he IS into? He points at Taylor, “my wife…….and I will do anything to convince you how much I love you; anything at all, Taylor.” She turns to Hector and says she will get her purse and walks him to the door. She tells him that Ridge is trying; he really is. He shrugs and says if she says so. He touches her briefly and says if he can give her happiness; that’s all he really wants for her. Ridge smirks while waiting patiently; Taylor looks at him hopefully and smiles.

Eric puts on his jacket and says he will go to his beach house and Nick can check Big Bear. Nick is a little ticked and before he leaves he wants to know how Eric could say anything about what he and Brooke said on HIS boat. Eric defends by saying he wanted Stephanie to understand, but he realizes it was a big mistake.

Phone rings and Jonathan says they were disconnected. Eric tells him he doesn’t want to discuss this now. Jonathan tells him that he’s not going to file the papers until they talk. He doesn’t want to do something Eric will later regret. Eric barks at him that if he ever had any doubts at all, it’s gone now. He WANTS that divorce, and he hangs up.

Nick’s cell phone rings and it’s Brooke who says she’s at Stephanie’s house. The car is there and the lights are on, so Bridget is there. He wants to join her there but she persuades him that she wants to talk to Bridget alone, so she’ll call as soon as she can. He tells Eric that was Brooke and Stephanie has Bridget over at the house. So, now they just wait and hope Bridget stays strong.

Bridget reveals to Stephanie that the things she is saying are so hateful and evil, she couldn’t believe them even if they were true. Stephanie tells her the truth is often very hard to hear, but she has to face it. She’s a selfish, uncaring mother. The fact that she could take her first husband away from her was painful…..but TWICE! After she watched all the pain Bridget had gone through. “My God, that’s sick!” Bridget offers if all of this was true, her father would have told her himself. But, Stephanie counters that he seems to think Brooke is making some grand, noble sacrifice. She doesn’t understand that. “Since when is it a sacrifice to NOT sleep with your daughter’s husband?” Bridget walks away and says she needs to talk to her mother. Stephanie agrees, by all means. Talk to her, but don’t let her fill her head with lies. Because she knows what she is saying is true. She’s seen it for herself, at the hospital, at her mother’s home. Bridget throws up both hands and tells Stephanie to stop. But she continues, to leave Nick and Brooke to each other. Just trust herself; trust her own strength. And Stephanie offers that she will help her with the baby until she meets someone – someone wonderful, someone that will love her. Raise the baby with a good set of morals and ethics and she can have a wonderful life. A life filled with truth, decency and love. “I know you, Bridget, you can’t live any other way. If you tried, it’d kill you.”

Brooke walks in and says Thank God, she’s getting her out of there. (don’t these people want some privacy so they’d lock their doors?) Bridget stares at Brooke in dismay; she looks back in despair.

Taylor tells Ridge that Dr. Higgins is the best there is. He says he can’t wait to meet him. He’s surprised when he finds out the him is a her, Dr. Mary Ann Higgins. And he scoffs they should be able to wrap this up in one session…if she’s such an expert as Taylor claims, she’ll be able to see he’s not such a bad guy. (anyone wanna bet she’ll take him down a peg or two?) And maybe she’ll be able to explain to Taylor this understandable phenomenon of being in love with two women at the same time. He points out that is very common, she knows that? Taylor asks if he thinks she will charm her. He cutely replies, well, not on purpose. She tells him he has to be completely honest if counseling is going to work. And he tells her that works both ways; she too will have to be completely honest. She shrugs of course. He walks to her and puts his hands on her shoulders and says, “good, because the only thing I want more than anything in this world is to come home and be a family again.”

While resting his behind on his desk, Eric apologizes to Nick. He tells him he thought if Stephanie saw the sacrifice, she’d understand the commitment that Nick was willing to make. They both blame each other but Eric fires that if he and Brooke hadn’t been at Big Bear, Stephanie would have never come to him in the first place. Nicks tells him that was a chance encounter; let it go! He says he and Brooke have been clean about this and let their feelings go. Bridget’s happiness is the most important thing to the both of them than anything in the world. And Nick warns him that Stephanie wants to make sure that Bridget hates her mother FOREVER.

Brooke urges Bridget to come on, let’s go. But, Bridget walks toward her and asks if what she just heard is true. Brooke vows that if Stephanie said it, of course, it’s not true. Bridget looks at her and simply asks if she was on the boat the night Bridget told him about the abortion? Brooke looks at one then the other and confesses yes, but nothing happened. She says they were devastated; they blamed themselves. Bridget asks if she told Nick that she was in love with him? That he was the one she was searching for, not Ridge? “Did you tell him he was your DESTINY?” Did you? As soon as you thought I’d lost Nick’s baby, did you two run to each other and declare your love? Am I right, mother? Is this true?” She shouts, “Dammit, answer me, mother. Is this true?”

While Brooke stands almost in tears in defeat, Stephanie fires the final round, “tell her the truth, will you? For once in your selfish, pathetic life, think of someone else and just tell her the truth.”

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