B&B Monday Update 10/10/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/10/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night continuation from Friday’s Episode:

On The Marlin, Brooke confronts Stephanie and tells her to please leave; Bridget is coming right now. Stephanie refuses and asks who’s going to stop her from telling Bridget the truth? Nick comes aboard and says he is! When Brooke asks where Bridget is; he says he came alone as he didn’t want her to be a part of this. He wanted this cleared up! He asks Stephanie what was she threatening to tell Bridget?

She replies just the truth and she informs them she knows all about 'that night' here on the boat. Sarcastically, he asks how does she know about it? Was she outside the window peeking in? She looks at the both of them and tells them she is not going to leave here until he tells Bridget what is going on between the two of them. Nick claims he is all ears, so exactly what would he tell her? Stephanie tells Nick it would be better coming from him. Brooke pipes up that Stephanie wants to make sure Bridget never trusts her again. Stephanie reminds her that Bridget should have never trusted her after Deacon…..and as for Nick, one day he loses a baby and the next he throws himself in her mother’s arms? She tells them it isn’t important who told her, though Brooke knows it’s Eric, but what is he going to do about that? Nick tells her that the important thing for her to know is that he is NOT one of her kids. His marriage is HIS business, not HERS.

Across the street, Bridget answers her cell and tells Dante not to go to the boat, come on over to Chuck’s. Chuck greets her, clears off the table of peanut shells and says he can’t believe his best customer is trading in beer nuts and beer for diapers and formula. He offers the mother-to-be a free milk on the house. She accepts but asks him to throw in an order of fries and some hot sauce. Chuck laments the baby definitely has bad taste in food.

Dante joins her, looks around and calls it an interesting place. She offers it’s a slow night, otherwise it would be too smoky for her. She loves the portrait, but Dante wants to know why he had to meet her here?

At Forrester Creations, Eric tells Jackie what he told Stephanie about ‘that night’ with Brooke and Nick. How he wanted her to understand how far their sacrifice went in order to protect Bridget. And he says he is sure that Nick will eventually forget about Brooke and give Bridget the life she deserves. But, Stephanie is meddling again and turning Bridget’s life upside down. Jackie suggests she is doing this just to get back at Brooke, it’s obvious, but that Bridget is going to be the one who gets hurt.

They are interrupted by his lawyer, Jonathan, whom he introduces to Jackie. Eric asks Jonathan if he brought what he asked for? He tells him yes, when he signs the papers, by the end of the day, his marriage to Stephanie will be over. (very discreet lawyer to be declaring this in front of a complete stranger). Eric glances over the papers and tells Jonathan to not just stand there, give him a pen! Jackie realizes now why Stephanie was in such a foul mood today. Eric tells her that woman’s moods are no longer any concern of his. But, she laments maybe now was not the best time to be poking a stick in the viper’s cage. He reminds her this is just a formality. His marriage to Stephanie ended the day she faked her heart attack. Jonathan hands him the pen but says before he signs, he needs to caution him. Eric chimes in he should have done that BEFORE he re-married Stephanie. And didn’t Stephanie give him her power of attorney right after her stroke? Then, there is nothing to discuss. They’ve had their ups and down over the years, made up, but not this time; it’s too late. And Stephanie’s need to control everything and everyone in her life has become chronic. And her vendetta against Brooke is threatening to destroy his daughter’s life, so just show him where to sign to get this CANCER out of his life. He proceeds with the deed as Jackie looks on with some satisfaction. Eric immediately takes off his wedding band, looks at it and rolls it around in his hand and lays it aside.

Bridget nibbles on her fries while discussing Stephanie with Dante. She thanks Dante for her portrait and he says her happiness shows in the picture. She signs it "to Nick with all my love, Bridget."

Nick says he loves Bridget and that’s all Stephanie needs to know. Steph offers that if either one of them really was looking out for Bridget, she wouldn’t have to do this. And Nick assures her that Bridget can look out for herself. But Stephanie wonders how, when she hasn’t a clue what is going on. Brooke remarks that everything has to be a battle with her. Steph answers only when she feels there is something worth fighting for. They tell her that Bridget doesn’t need or want her protection. Bridget has never been more happier or content in her whole life. Those words came out of her mouth tonight. And Steph asks what does he intend to do; just pretend what is going on between the two of them has never happened? He inches toward her, and eyeball to eyeball, tells her exactly what he’s going to do. He’s going to move on with his life, so is Brooke, so is Bridget, and so was Stephanie. She was going to forget what Eric told her and turn around and march right off this boat. She fires back, does he really think he can just overlook these feelings he has for Brooke? When he doesn’t answer and turns away, she guesses he does. She tells him she’s heard that before, and this is NOT how life works. They can’t just clamp down on big, powerful emotions like this. Eventually they eat away at you, day after day, night after night, until you act on them. She shakes her finger at them – they may not want to act on them, but they will. That’s human nature. “If you can’t see that, you’re not just lying to Bridget, you’re lying to yourself.”

She tells him she thought he was different. He could care less what she thinks of him. She says she hopes Bridget will. But, Brooke says Bridget is just as sick of these accusations as they are. Nick offers if she is disappointed in him, well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, as he picks up old coffeepot and slams it down. He tells her when he first met her, he looked at her with respect. He thought she was full of principles and morals, but now he sees she is just callous and judgmental. She shouts she doesn’t care what he thinks about her, the truth is still the truth. He fires at her that the truth is that he and Bridget are committed to each other and she will not say a word to disrupt that. Stephanie offers that it is a little late to be playing her White Knight. He argues that she doesn’t need to be saved, just left alone. Stephanie fires back that unless he stops this sham, she’ll have plenty of time alone once he starts running off and playing with her mother. He tells her to stop it! And she shouts that is what she is trying to do. She jabs her finger at him – that’s what she is trying to do. If he’ll just face his feelings; she’s trying to stop him from hurting Bridget and for her mother from ruining her life. He faces her and warns her not to say anything against him and Brooke. Stephanie braces and says, “or what, Nick?” He hesitates and contemplates and adds, “keep your mouth shut. Stay away from my wife.” She shakes her head and marches herself off the boat. Brooke says thank God he showed up when he did, without Bridget. But, Nick asks her what now? They have to run some sort of damage control because Stephanie is not going to stop.

Alone in Eric’s office, Jackie picks up the papers and is delighted that he’s a free man. Eric comes in and tells her he feels like celebrating. Not Café Russe, more of a private celebration, as he closes his door and puts his hands on her shoulders. She mentions champagne and he states why would he want champagne when he has the most intoxicating women in all of L.A. all to himself. He kisses her, then nuzzles her neck. She teases that he’s a devil as she giggles and leads him around the desk. He catches up to her and tells her she’s the most wonderful, sexy, vivacious woman in the world and she makes him feel things he hasn’t felt in a very long time - excitement, enthusiasm, desire as he bends her almost down to the desk. He zeroes in on her neck again as she gushes, “is that all?” He tells her he has something for her……in his pocket. Demurely, she grins and reaches for a pocket and asks if this is the pocket? He nods yes and then she stops and asks is that it? He replies no in a naughty way and she says good.

Then she pulls out a small black ring box. He tells her he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She sighs and opens the box and gasps as she finds a huge marquis shaped diamond ring.

Jackie’s thoughts are interrupted as we learn what just transpired was a fantasy. Eric does come back from walking Jonathan to the car. She asks if that is it? He was married, and now he’s not. He puts the papers in the safe and replies she wouldn’t wait to treat a disease that was poisoning her whole family, would she? She remarks that Stephanie doesn’t deserve someone like him. He says he is not officially divorced yet but it won’t be long. But, he worries how it will affect Bridget’s situation. Jackie comments that all she knows is what’s worse than an angry Mother Lion is a wounded Mother Lion. He offers that Stephanie is NOT Bridget’s mother; Brooke is. “She better leave them the hell alone!”

Stephanie shows up at Chuck’s and confronts Bridget who clearly does not want to speak with her. Stephanie says that’s okay, she will do all the talking. Bridget doesn’t want to hear it. Stephanie says she knows, but he has to. She corrals her and ushers her out the door, Bridget leaving the portrait behind on the table as Chuck watches her walk out.

Nick shows up and Chuck tells him that his old drinking buddy showed up and drug his wife out. That old Silver Bird wouldn’t take no for an answer. Nick spies the portrait and wonders what that’s all about? He rushes out.

Back at Stephanie’s, Bridget is agitated and tells Stephanie she is crazy. Steph asks her to calm down so they can discuss this in a rational manner. Bridget says she practically kidnapped her. Stephanie says only because she did not want to make a scene like this in a public bar. She wanted her here safe, away from her mother and Nick. She tells her she had something very important to tell her.

Nick runs back to boat and fills Brooke in where Bridget is or at least who she has gone off with. Brooke implores him to call her on the cell phone as that will be quicker and she could be telling her right now.

He calls and Bridget finally picks up. She says she’s at Stephanie’s, who’s on one of her rants. Nick tells her to get out, don’t listen to her. Stephanie grabs the phone and hangs up; telling her no more distractions. She’s going to listen to her.

Bridget yells fine, just say it and get it off her chest. The sooner she does, the sooner she can get out of here. Stephanie tells her she wishes she didn’t have to be the person to tell her this, but she was just surrounded by people who were lying to her. Bridget says and she’s standing there looking at one of them. Stephanie assures her she is not and she knows what she is going to tell her is the truth. ….because she has seen it and felt it. And she knows there was a moment when she did doubt Nick’s commitment to her. Bridget says she won’t deny that, but she was very wrong. Steph tells her she may have been desperate to believe they would overcome their feelings for each other. Bridget points out they did! Stephanie counters with they didn’t. After Bridget had told them she had the abortion, they saw one another that night and they felt free……free to express their love for each other. Bridget nervously laughs and says she is just making this up. Stephanie urges her to ask her father. Brooke had gone to see him the next day and she was so happy; happy that she and Nick had been able to recognize the situation and she couldn’t keep it to herself.

Bridget begins to reflect; her mother was happy? Stephanie tells her to go speak with her father if she doesn’t believe her. And that she is sorry, but they had failed her test. They’d betrayed her. ”Your mother has done it to you all over again.”

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