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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/6/05


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Same day continuation from Wednesday’s Episode:

At Forrester Creations in Eric’s office, he stands toe to toe with Stephanie, hands on her arm and demands that she not to go Bridget. She pulls away and says his idea of concern for his daughter is something she will never understand. He tells her of course not, her idea of concern is inflicting pain on other people. But, she reminds him that her mother and her husband have declared undying love for each other, and that is NOT her doing. Eric gets irate and says the decision has been made, AND accepted. Nick has married the woman to whom he wants to be married and the only reason Eric is telling her this is that it’s over. There will be no other shoe to drop. Steph gets in a zinger with straight face, she says “when Brooke drops a shoe, the pantyhose are not far behind!”

In Dante’s office, Bridget is posing for a sitting; to surprise Nick. She’s chatting away and Dante is constantly telling her to be still as he sketches. He tells her he doesn’t blame her for any mood swings with Stephanie running around crying wolf. Bridget says she knows and it’s so obvious Brooke and Nick are going to run into each other whether it’s at the gas station or Big Bear. She gushes that she is pregnant and they are buying a house, and nothing is going to push her back into that emotional see-saw.

At Marone Industries in Nick’s office, he’s on the phone while Brooke reflects on that night on the boat. He asks her if she wishes it had never happened? He says he doesn’t think that or wish that when she asks if he believes that? She says it makes her strong and gives her a peace that she can’t really explain. “I don’t want to have to explain it to Bridget either. It’s ours, private.” He says let’s hope it’s private enough because Stephanie is going to try to pry it out of someone. She says then thank God because the people who know are people they can trust.

Stephanie is incredulous when Eric asks why can’t she accept that a woman would sacrifice her own happiness for that of her daughter? Stephanie states that the moment Brooke thought Bridget wasn’t pregnant, she made a play for Nick. Now where is the morality in that? He replies it’s an imperfect situation handled with grace and dignity. She scoffs as he says he was a fool to think she would recognize that. Stephanie continues Bridget is only happy because he’s filling her head with fairy tales. If his daughter was driving off a cliff, wouldn’t he yell jump? He shouts that she made a promise to him and he’s holding her to it! She answers back that he made a promise to her, that he would love her til death us do part. “It’s quite a world, Eric, for people like you and Brooke. You can swallow your own lies and never even notice.” But that she and Bridget were not like that and she was not going to let her him or Brooke railroad her into the kind of life she had – sleeping next to a man who dreams about being in another woman’s bed. “It’s too late for me, but not for her.”

Dante tells Bridget that he went to see her husband. She moves and Dante chides again for her to be still, otherwise she will end up with two noses. He says Nick thinks he’s a pest, when she asks if he was overjoyed at the visit. And this time he was right, and Bridget had every right to trust him and her marriage. She lets him know she appreciates his interest but was it fair to Nick? Dante admits it was totally self-serving. But he points at her and says if Nick ever loses his grip – EVER, he wants to be the first to know. And he offers that Stephanie has it backwards. There’s a guy who is kissing up to her mother that had rather be with her (Bridget). She comments that it is nice to know there is at least one man out there who doesn’t think of her as a consolation prize after being passed up by her mother. He corrects her, that it is two men. She includes Nick, yes, of course.

Nick tells Brooke he’s given Bridget no reason to doubt him and she says she doesn’t think he does. Nick declares let Stephanie do what she wants; they can handle it. He then switches gears and says he’s already buying stuff for the kid; toys, catcher’s mitt, just stuff. It’s probably what he’s going to do when he leaves here; does she want to go? They both know that’s not a good idea.

Jackie waltzes in at this point and seeing Brooke realizes she is barging in. Nick tells her she’s not, come on in. Nervously she says she just brought the photo albums back and thought she’d drop them off. Brooke tells her she is just the person they wanted to see and Nick asks her to close the door.

Brooke starts by saying she knows Eric told her about that night. She says that yes he did, the night they finally thought they could be together. And it took her a while but she finally saw how happy Nicky was. He wants to know if she told anyone. Emphatically she says no, why would the subject even come up? Nick says because someone is holding a crowbar that would beat it out of her. Stephanie has found her crowbar!

Eric shouts again that he demands she give this up. Bridget is HIS daughter; not even related to Stephanie – THANK GOD! She replies all the more reason he should act like a father to her. She pleads that he may have thought she was overprotective of their children, but what does he call this? “Respecting her decisions? You are treating her like a child. Have you told her about Santa Claus?” He wonders what their marriage would have been like if he told her the unvarnished truth every day. She rails well it couldn’t have been any more excruciating than letting her think he loved her and then pushing her aside so he could marry his slut! He inches closer and reveals it was no big surprise that she was better in bed than 'YOU', but the big surprise was that she was a better mother. She cocks her head, gives him a ‘go to Hell’ look and walks away, mouth opened. He continues that Brooke has gotten to a point where her children mean more to her than she is to herself. She only wants what her kids want for themselves, not what she has planned for them. Now, Bridget’s marriage is not in any trouble from anyone, except Stephanie! Stephanie points out one more time – and he doesn’t see anything wrong with this model mother of hers being in love with her husband? She remarks it’s about TRUST, TRUST, TRUST….and being faithful. “Of course you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?” She continues on that he’s so lustful after Brooke that he’s convinced himself that what she’s doing to her daughter is some noble, selfless, beautiful thing! She chuckles, “Oh, My God!” He snarls to just look at herself. This is not about protecting Bridget. This is a device, to getting back at Brooke. She shakes her head in dismay.

Jackie can hardly believe Stephanie will look to her for help. Brooke points out but Stephanie knows Jackie wanted she and Nick to be together. And maybe Jackie was too much in denial, but Bridget was better for him than she was. Jackie laments that she didn’t think Nicky could get over Brooke. They made some difficult decisions and she respects them ….and he still had her in his life. She was family to both of them. “Stephanie will get NO ammunition from me.” Then she tells them she has some groveling to do, so she’s going to take the album to Bridget. Brooke warns her, Stephanie might be hovering. “Well, I’ll be just the dragon-slayer that Bridget needs.”

Eric preaches to Stephanie that she faked her heart attack and Brooke exposed her, so what better way to get back than expose her to her daughter. “I am trying to save your daughter’s dignity, which the rest of you don’t seem to care a hoot about!” And she points out whether Nick technically was unfaithful to her or not, he had betrayed her emotionally all along the way. He points to the fact that Nick loves Bridget. He tried to marry her three times before, and yes he and Brooke declared their love for each other, but he went back to Bridget and he has not strayed since. And he points his finger, “and that’s where he will stay, if you’ll just leave them alone!” She seems to have hit on something, “leaving Brooke for YOU!” He replies Brooke’s future is up to her. Stephanie snorts that he would actually let his daughter be in a loveless marriage just so he could get his little hot hands inside that bimbo’s blouse again? “You rutting old goat!” He grabs her and swings her around to face her and tells her that if she goes anywhere near his daughter, he will hate her for the rest of his life. She smirks upon leaving.

Brooke returns and finds Bridget who tells her about the portrait; not to tell Nick. Brooke replies when would she ever see Nick to tell him. Bridget says she might. Brooke offers she hopes Stephanie hasn’t gotten her to thinking they’d have a secret rendezvous behind her back. Bridget says they can be honest now while there is no one there to hear them. Stephanie can be wrong about a lot of things, they both know that. But, when Bridget sees Brooke with her husband, she does see what Stephanie sees. “You still have feelings for Nick, don’t you, Mom?” Brooke wants to know why she is revisiting this. She replies because she thinks her mom is holding back; afraid she couldn’t handle the truth. And she can’t expect those feelings to vanish just because she has a wedding ring on her finger. She says this isn’t an accusation. And Nick is an incredible man; she couldn’t blame any woman for being a little bit in love with him. ….as long as she knew she had to keep her distance. Brooke turns away, Bridget continues that every marriage is based on trust and hers was also based on trusting Brooke.

Brooke takes a deep breath and turns back around and admits that yes, Nick is a wonderful man. And that has shown itself over time. No one has been a better friend, more loyal, more kind and now she sees him with Bridget; how loving he is and that makes her so happy. And nothing means more than to see her happy. “So yes, I guess you could say I love Nick, for loving you.” And for her to ever want more than that would just poison the reason why she loves him. So that could never, ever happen. Bridget seems wowed and she thanks her and now that she’s heard the truth, she won’t ask her again. She hugs her mom.

On The Marlin, Jackie turns around to find Stephanie coming aboard. She retorts that nobody’s home and Stephanie states she will wait. Jackie tries to derail her by saying she knows they have plans so she doesn’t think they are coming back here. Stephanie says it’s okay, and for Jackie not to feel she has to keep her company. Jackie confronts her and asks why is she there. This isn’t her home and she isn’t welcome there. And Stephanie informs her it isn’t going to be Bridget’s home much longer either….and then she spies the wedding album and asks about it. She picks it up and looks inside and says “How sweet it is.” And how she wasn’t invited to the wedding, you know, and she plucks a page out and throws it away.

Jackie is aghast. Stephanie looks her in the face and says she’s tearing out photos from a wedding that never should have taken place. Jackie snaps at her if she wasn’t so vindictive, she would be pitiful. Stephanie tears out more and accuses her of probably knowing what was going on the whole time. And that she probably thinks it’s perfectly fine for playing Bridget for a patsy and carrying on behind her back. Jackie tells her she has become unhinged; nothing of the sort has happened. She tosses another picture and says well they will just see if Bridget thinks the same way she does. Jackie grabs the album and tells her she is NOT going to let her torment that girl with her sick imagining. Stephanie says Bridget deserves to know the truth. She thought she was a champion for the truth? Or was she just a champion of the truth when it came to humiliating her? Stephanie gets in her face and whispers Bridget is going to know there is one person she can trust. She can move in with her and Stephanie will help her with the baby. Jackie slams the album on the table and says NO. If she thinks that Jackie will allow her to do to HER grandchild what she did to her family, then she is gravely mistaken.

Stephanie gloats how is she going to stop her? Jackie says she exposed her before for the liar she is. This time she will expose the very root of her ugliness. “A woman so obsessed, so determined to demonize Brooke Logan, it’s consumed her for years. So much so that she’s allowed this DISEASE to infiltrate and divide her family, and you are not going to spread that to mine." And she tells her that Nick, Bridget and the child she is carrying, they are Jackie’s, not Stephanie’s. “They will NEVER be yours; they are MINE!”

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