B&B Tuesday Update 10/4/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/4/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Amanda

Same night continuation of Monday’s Episode:

On The Marlin, Nick walks toward Bridget and looks to his unwelcomed guest, Stephanie, and tells her dammit, stay out of their lives! She tells him to tell Bridget that he’s in love with her mother. Nick returns that he wants her to take her opinions and get off this boat. Steph continues that Bridget has every right to know what’s going on behind her back; tell her! He looks at Bridget; she looks at him.

At Forrester Creations; Ridge sits in Brooke’s office as she straightens some papers, folders and tells her that Steph is convinced something is going on between her and Nick. She answers that his mother is insane. He agrees, she’s absolutely right. She’s done some crazy things over the years, including trying to fake a heart attack. Brooke tells him she doesn’t want to talk about his mother; she has better things to do with her life. He asks what? She says to focus on herself, and she suggests he do the same. He asks focus with whom? She shoots back who she dates is none of his business. He tells her that doesn’t prevent him from caring about her and being concerned. He continues that she’s always been an independent, strong-willed woman. And in all the years he’s known her, she’s always had a serious relationship with some man. Obviously that man is not him now, and if not Dante, then whom? She looks directly at him and tells him if he must know, nobody. Does that surprise him? Because it shouldn’t. That soul-mate, destiny thing didn’t work out for her. So she was going in a different direction – casual. He repeats it – casual?

That’s interesting because she’d always been hard-wired to care very deeply for a man in her life. He just hopes she’s not falling for her daughter’s husband. She’s looking down busying herself with files, but at that remark her eyes lift.

Bridget begs Nick to tell Stephanie she’s wrong. But, Stephanie says she’s NOT wrong. He walks away and Bridget follows and tells him she’d like to know the truth. He turns on her and says she DOES know the truth. She’s always known the truth all along. He grabs her shoulders and squeezes them. He asks if she remembers the night he proposed to her. They committed themselves to each other. They held each other all night long right there and conceived their child so don’t doubt his commitment. Stephanie offers what about his meeting with Brooke at Big Bear? He denies it; he did not MEET Brooke. Bridget says her mother said it was a chance encounter. Steph scoffs that it was a chance encounter miles away from home in a National Forest! Nick barks for her to stop it! He’s not going to let her hurt Bridget the way she hurt Brooke. “That Golden Boy son of yours might let you bully his wife around, but not ME!” She fires back how dare he suggest that she would deliberately hurt her. She walks to Bridget and says she was just trying to spare her what she’d been through. She’s lost her husband and her sons to her mother, and if she thought just because she was carrying this baby that it would change their feelings for each other, it wasn’t. Bridget says her mother and Nick told her it was over. Steph says it’s never over with her…….she’s so good at it that they never see it coming. She seduces them and then throws them away and they beg for more. “Honey, I know you think jealousy has clouded my judgment, but it hasn’t. Okay, I’ve made mistakes, I agree. I understand that, but I’m telling you one thing. Anger has never clouded my vision.” She says she sees her mother; sees how she gets under the skin of every single man she ever wanted. “She wants your husband!” Nick has stood by but now he tells Steph again to get out! Steph whispers it’s true, so walk away now. She wouldn’t want her to end up like herself. She wouldn’t wish that on anyone; walk away now! She leaves. Nick walks toward Bridget. She holds up her hands to ward him off and tells him not to say anything.

Ridge confronts Brooke and asks if his mother is right? Is she in love with Nick? She turns and asks him for God’s sake, does he believe she would betray Bridget again? He notices she is not answering the question. She asks what does he want from her? He shrugs that he just wants to know what’s going on between her and Nick. She says that’s none of his concern. He says maybe it is; he’s very concerned about Bridget. ….and he loves her (Brooke). She says maybe for the sake of his marriage, he should think a little less about her. He lets her know he’s not going to deny he loves her, “Logan”. But, if he did, perhaps his marriage wouldn’t be in shambles. She says it sounds petty bad. He tells her he’s agreed to counseling; maybe that will help, but no amount of counseling was going to change the love he has for her. He calls her Logan again and puts his hands on her shoulders and says he just wants to know if after all they have meant to each other and all they have gone through, has she replaced him in her heart with Nick? She hesitates until she realizes he isn’t going to let this go. She replies that there was a time in her life when the most important thing to her was her happiness. Everything else became second; even the needs of her own children. She opines she wasn’t very proud of that, but now Bridget’s happiness meant more to her than her own. Bridget was with a wonderful man and there is nothing she would want or need to jeopardize that love they share. And that’s what means the most; keeping the promises they’ve made to their children so that their dreams can come true. That is real happiness. He cups her face and says he’s impressed with her, but then when has he not been impressed by her? She hugs him; he kisses her on the forehead and they part, him giving her one last look as he walks out the door with her smiling at him. She sits and stares at the phone.

Nick tells Bridget he hates seeing her like this. She replies she hates being like this too. And she hates hearing that he’s in love with her mother. He says he doesn’t blame her. And then he asks her if she knows why he went to Big Bear? He did so because that was the place they fell in love. He wanted to remember that and he had no idea her mother would be there. Bridget’s cell phone rings and she speaks to her mother, who asks if she’s okay? Bridget replies except for being hit by a truck named Stephanie. She was there when Bridget got there, trying to beat up on Nick. He threatened to throw her out so she finally left. Brooke brings up Big Bear but Bridget cuts her off and says Nick said the same thing she did, that it was a chance encounter, and she believes him. Brooke re-emphasizes that no matter what Stephanie says, Nick really does love her. Bridget thanks her for calling; for everything, then tells Nick her mother says she should never doubt his love for her. She tells him she really wants to believe she can trust him and he’s committed to this marriage. He cups her face and tells her she can. Believe it; nothing will ever change that. He kisses her on the side of the face; then the lips.

Afterwards in bed, still kissing, she tells him how wonderful it is to make love to him (so who’s counting?). But then she has to go on and brings up Stephanie; how wild she’s been after all that has happened, carrying this vendetta against her mother. How she doesn’t want to end up like her. Nick says he’s not Eric! She knows but they all thought, he, Ridge and Thorne that they were good husbands. Nick cuts her off and tells her he wants her to think real hard what she was thinking about before she brought up Stephanie……again. She kisses his chin, then works her way up closer to mouth, then the mouth with more kisses as he enjoys it.

Not bothering to knock, Brooke marches right into Stephanie’s house and confronts her that how dare she go into their home and spread hr vicious lies! She’s destroying her daughter’s faith in her marriage. Steph pretends innocence that it was her who did that! “It wasn’t me who was playing patty-cake with Nick in the woods!” Brooke goes over old ground; they just ran into each other, it was completely innocent. Steph rebuts, innocent – BULL! Brooke replies she and Nick would NEVER betray Bridget, NEVER! Steph throws her newspaper down and says she knows what she saw. She saw the looks on their faces – desire, yearning. Brooke tells her that is what she WANTS – to play the whore, but she just won’t do it. Steph asks, “oh, not sleep with her husband? Why not? You slept with the first one!” She counts them off on her fingers, Macy’s; Eric when he was married to her (Steph) and Ridge when Brooke was married to Eric; she seems to see a pattern here. Brooke shouts she is seeing what she wants to see. Steph says what she sees is an OBSESSION; an obsession on her part; it’s like she sets out to destroy everyone who loves her. She rants on that Brooke could have had Nick. He was free; available, but noooooooo that wouldn’t have been any fun. She had to wait until he married Bridget then go after him. She gestures heavily with her hands that Brooke is the most destructive person she has ever known in her whole life! “And I promise you I will see the both of us in Hell before I let you hurt that girl again.”

Nick, sans top, only pj bottoms, brings a glass of wine for himself and water for Bridget where she is sitting on the bed and they discuss the brochures for houses she likes. She mentions one has a mother-in-law suite --- for Jackie when she comes to live with them. Nick harrumphs that. Get rid of that one for sure. She pretends to be mad at him for messing the papers up and jokes that last house had a wine cellar. He asks if she is happy and she sighs “very”. He asks for her to be honest; especially with some of the things said earlier in the day. She says she’s better; Stephanie caught her off guard about Big Bear, but she’s not her mom and she never wants to be. He says he doesn’t want her to be either. She rattles off all the things he promised her in their vows, even being naughty and nice. He replies he doesn’t remember naughty being in there. She replies oh yeah, and he knows how much she loves being naughty…..and having fun…….more kisses. And in between, she asks him if he knows how great it feels to know she will never, never be disappointed again (what is this gal smokin’?) She says she feels so safe with him and she knows she’s never going to lose him. He cradles her while his eyes zoom in on a framed wedding photo and his eyes tenderly looks at Brooke in the picture.

Stephanie asks what is one more promise; it’s only a matter of time. Brooke tells her hate her all she wants, but don’t do this to Bridget. She doesn’t deserve it. Steph says she’s right; she doesn’t. She deserves the truth which Brooke seems incapable of telling. Brooke tells her there is nothing to tell. Steph holds out her hands and tells Brooke she can’t even be honest and truthful to herself. What does she think she’s doing? Being heroic. Suppressing her love; locking away her emotions, sacrificing her love for Nick and forcing him to do the same thing? Forcing him to lock away those feelings so that they eat away at him day in and day out; forcing him into a marriage with her daughter that’s filled with nothing but empty dreams and promises for HER. Brooke tells her to stop it! Steph gestures more and asks does she think she’s protecting her by denying what her feelings are? “You love him, he loves you. He wants you. Take him!” Brooke replies no. Steph pounds her fist in the air, yes, do it NOW…. NOW…. NOW….NOW. Face it and do it now before the baby comes. While Bridget still has a chance to get over him. She’ll meet some decent, wonderful guy who will really appreciate her and not BROOKE! Brooke tells her to shut up! Stephanie continue on; why should she shut up? She’s telling the truth and Brooke knows it. She points her finger at Brooke and says something happened between the two of them and something happened when Bridget told them she had the abortion; she was testing them. Brooke laments they have been over this time and time again. Steph replies yes and Brooke thought she had passed the test….because she was worried about her. Steph softens as her brain kicks in and she accuses Brooke of sleeping with Nick. She denies it.

Steph grits her teeth as she inches closer and tells her to tell her the truth. Brooke says she is telling her the damn truth! Stephanie repeats that Brooke is lying to her. Bridget had told her she had an abortion…and something happened between the two of them and Stephanie is gonna find out what it is. “And when I do, you’re gonna lose that girl forever.”

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