B&B Monday Update 10/3/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/3/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night continuation of Friday’s episode:

At Forrester Creations, in Brooke’s office, Bridget stares at Brooke and asks her if this is true. Stephanie says Brooke is trying to take her husband away; Brooke denies this. Stephanie says she is sorry Bridget had to find out this way. Pointblank, Bridget squares off and asks Brooke if she was with her husband today?

Eric walks into Ridge’s office and wonders what he’s doing here so late. Ridge says he’s in a burst of creative energy; working with two models on his teen competition line. Eric tells him he thinks Thomas made a mistake agreeing to this challenge. Ridge rubs his hands together and says it’s more than a fashion competition to him. And there must be an easier way to convince your kids to do what’s best for them. Eric laments – he’s talking about the man who couldn’t even protect his own kids from their own mother! Ridge says his mother did her own damage, but he had to take the responsibility for this own life, so he’d agreed to go to counseling with Taylor. Eric seems surprised but says good, that is a step in the right direction. Ridge says he had to do something to get his marriage back on track and Taylor needed for him to. And in case anyone noticed, he also had a few issues! Eric asks if Brooke is one of them?

On The Marlin, Nick has a quick flashback again of the Goddess of the Sea Brooke vision, with her begging him to come to her.

He’s jarred back to reality when Mass comes aboard and calls his name. He guesses that Nick’s ‘lost in thought’ is about Brooke; still can’t get her out of his mind. He knows his son is strong, but he might not be strong enough to fight this battle alone.

Brooke warns Bridget not to get upset or stressed out, think about the baby. Bridge says she just wants someone to tell her exactly what’s going on. Brooke tells her what Stephanie said was not true. Then she wasn’t with Nick, asks Bridget? Stephanie motions Brooke to answer her. Brooke answers yes and then explains they just happened to run into each other. She and Nick were just talking. Stephanie scoffs she is sure and she and Deacon had plenty to talk about too…..”listen to what I say, Bridget. Don’t bury your head in the sand. She’s going to take your husband away from you.”

Ridge tells his dad that Brooke is getting on with her life; it’s time he did the same. Eric points out to him they have a child together; a long history together, a history Taylor is very sensitive to. Ridge explains they will have to get into all of that in counseling. Eric thinks that too is good otherwise it could be left to fester and end up like him and Stephanie. Ridge says he has been meaning to talk to him about that. Security rings and Thorne is on his way up. Eric tells Ridge to cover his designs. Thorne walks in with one eye covered and asks if it’s all clear. He jokes about them burning the midnight oil; while he and Thomas are right on schedule! Eric asks what brings him by. Thorne proposes that he and Darla want to invite him to dinner. Seems she thinks he might starve living at the beach by himself. Ridge offers that he heard his mom had hired a new cook so he might swing by there and test out the cuisine. And he informs them that Stephanie has been staying up at the cabin for a while. Thorne asks if he has been in contact with her? He remarks that she wants to turn over a new leaf and put this vendetta with Brooke behind her. Eric seems skeptical. Ridge says he wants to believe her and that she will take responsibility for her actions and let go of this obsession she has with Brooke.

Nick and Mass go at it again. Mass tells him he must let go of Brooke and Nick says he’s trying. As he cleans up the supper dishes, Nick says when he focuses on Bridget, he’s fine. He remembers what they have; how special she is; how important the things they have together are. But Mass reminds him that as soon as he is away from Bridget, the first thing his mind does is go right back to Brooke. He tells him his emotions are all upside down right now; he can’t risk a chance encounter with Brooke. Nick paces and tells him it’s too late; he did as he asked and got away. He went to Big Bear, where he and Bridget fell in love. Mass guesses the rest – Brooke was there. Nick says they said good-bye. It’s over. Mass points out that he’s still thinking about her though; he still wants her. Nick looks at him and says, “I do not have to act on every need and desire that I have.” Mass warns him that simply suppressing them won’t make them go away. Mass then points his finger at Nick and says there is only one solution; he must distance himself from Brooke – him, Bridget and the baby. And as much as it kills him to say this; Nick must leave Los Angeles.

Stephanie urges Bridget to remember the night when she told her she was pregnant. Bridget remarks that she was upset and confused. Stephanie says no, pointing her finger, she tells Bridget that she saw the truth. For one moment there, she clearly saw who her mother really is. Now she knows what her mother is going to say to her now, “honey, Nick and I never meant to hurt you. It’s not what you think.” Brooke joins in that it’s not, and Bridget must believe her. Stephanie continues, what good reason has she ever given this girl to believe and trust her? Their voices get louder as both go over old ground in denying what each other say. Stephanie mocks that Brooke will say she’s just following her heart, “well a Mother’s heart belongs with her child! …….You know that now; you’re carrying your own child. You understand now what that bond is. Your mother broke that bond just like that (fingers snapping) for a quick roll in the hay!….Is this the kind of woman that you really can trust?”

Bridget’s eyes dart first to her mother and then to Stephanie. She steps forward and tells Stephanie she’s just out to get her mother. She always, always has been! Stephanie shakes her head and says she knows what she saw. And at the hospital after Hope’s accident, Bridget knows what she saw too. But at Big Bear they weren’t afraid someone would walk in on them; they thought they were alone. Bridget slowly turns to Brooke and asks did she kiss him? Brooke vehemently denies it and tells Stephanie dammit, this is enough! She pushes Stephanie to get out of the office. She ruined her marriage by her bullying and manipulations, but she wasn’t going to let her destroy Bridget’s.

The men come charging in when they hear the loud voices. Stephanie tells them Brooke is up to her old tricks again; she’s trying to steal Nick.

Nick tells Moss that L.A. is Bridget’s home; she isn’t going to want to leave. Mass says then blame it on him. He can make it his decision. Give him a new assignment; send him overseas. Nevermind, that there will be no Thanksgiving’s, Christmas’s, Brooke never seeing her grandchild. If it means keeping his family together, then YES! Nick says there must be another way and he will find it. Mass wonders how he thinks he will succeed when Thorne, Eric and Ridge hadn’t. Nick snaps because he is a man of his word and he gave it to Bridget. His desires for Brooke will go away. Bridget won’t have anything to worry about.

Stephanie continues that she saw Brooke and Nick today up at Big Bear. Whereupon, Brooke professes it was by accident. Ridge says of course it was; her accusations are crazy. Brooke tells them she went up there to clear her head…..and Nick, was thinking of Bridget. That’s where they fell in love. A bolt suddenly hits Stephanie. Ridge asks her what’s she doing? Just a few hours ago she had told him she wasn’t going to act like this anymore. Bridget was married and expecting her first child. Stephanie deadpans that he doesn’t have to tell her, tell Brooke. Stephanie continues that Brooke may know Bridget is married and expecting, but she doesn’t care. Not if it keeps her from getting what she wants. She looks at her and says she has ruined all of their lives, their marriages and their families. And to Eric, she tells him he has to keep Brooke from doing this to her daughter again. Bridget speaks up and says Brooke is not doing ANYTHING to her or her baby. “My marriage is NOT in jeopardy.” She takes quite delight in picking up the envelope of real estate and telling Stephanie that Nick wanted them. They were planning their future. She looks Steph right in the eye and says for the sake of her child, she is making a choice to trust her husband……and her mother. Thorne steps forward and tells Steph she must stop this. She softly replies she knows what she saw. Eric tells her that what Bridget needs right now is to take care of herself and her baby, and if she can’t help her do that, then he doesn’t want her anywhere near her. He reiterates that the family has begun to heal since she’s been gone and none of them want her around if she’s going to continue acting like this. Stephanie shakes her head in pity and tells him he just can’t see what Brooke is doing. Eric replies that Brooke is a member of this family and company, and until she (Steph) gets her priorities straight, she’s not! Softly, Steph says this family ahs always been her priority. From behind, Ridge whispers in her ear then she knows what she needs to do to be a part of it, doesn’t she? She contemplates and finally says yes, she knows what she has to do. She walks out with everyone breathing a sigh of relief. Brooke tells Bridget not to listen to Stephanie because it’s not true. She loves her and so does Nick. She strokes her hair and hugs her and tells her she’s going to have an amazing life ahead of her.

Alone with the guys, Brooke tells them Bridget is going for a drive. Eric says he had Stephanie banned from the building; he couldn’t have another scene like that. Brooke wishes that hadn’t been necessary and thanks them for believing in her….and in Nick and Bridget. Each man pops up with you’d think Stephanie would have learned her lesson by now; they thought she had. Eric says he hopes what they said made some impact on her and that she realizes how destructive she’d been and put this whole vendetta behind her.

Hurricane Stephanie arrives on the Marlin. He says, "Oh God, this can't be good." She retorts she’s happy to see him too. He remarks she hasn’t been around much lately; been kind of nice. She remarks yeah for him and Brooke. She tells him she knows exactly what is going on. Brooke is in her usual state of denial, but Stephanie knows he’s still in love with Brooke. He chuckles and says no wonder no one is ever happy to see her. She continues, she saw the two of them at Big Bear today. She didn’t realize he was sneaking around behind Bridget’s back. He swallows hard and says there is nothing romantic between he and Brooke. She offers she doesn’t believe him. Unfortunately, Bridget does. He asks what does she want? She steps much closer forward and tells him to leave Bridget. She can handle the truth now, but he must tell her. He reinforces that he and Bridget are married now; he won’t abandon her. She reminds him his good intentions won’t help her. He says her accusations won’t either! Stephanie asks him to tell her; Bridget will believe him. Tell her that he is still in love with her mother!

He flips to her that she’s making a lot of assumptions. But, she remarks that she doesn’t hear him denying them either. He asks if she expects him to dignify this insanity? She tells him no, and she doesn’t blame him entirely. But, he has to be strong and do the right thing. He has to be a man, a real man, and do what is best for his wife and his child. He replies that is what he’s doing. She counters with he’s not; he’s deceiving her….and himself.

Bridget comes below and stares at Stephanie in disbelief. Stephanie tells her believe it or not, she’s there for Bridget’s own good. Bridget thinks otherwise; didn’t Stephanie hear anything that they all said back there? Stephanie tells her she can accept losing her family if she knows Bridget is safe. And that she sees the truth. She turns to Nick and asks him to tell her the truth. “Tell your wife that you are still in love with her mother.” Bridget’s eyes turn to Nick for answers. Slowly, he turns around hoping to avert her eyes, but she’s looking right at him so he can’t avoid them.

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