B&B Wednesday Update 9/28/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/28/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Tuesday’s episode:

At Brooke’s office, she sits and reminiscences about Nick at the wedding where he told her he’d love Bridget and she’d always know it. Brooke tells herself, “moving on. Both of us. It’s over now. Nothing but memories.”

In the hallway of Spectra, Taylor stops in her tracks and remembers the kiss with Hector. She takes out her cell phone and calls him; he’s at the fire station. He smiles when he sees the identity. He answers, “I’ve been thinking about you.” She explains she wanted to thank him for a wonderful evening last night and for his friendship. She said he was a wonderful man, but that kiss should have never happened. And even though she and Ridge are separated, as long as she’s wearing that ring on her finger, she can’t see him. He takes it in stride and says maybe that ring shouldn’t be on her finger. She tells him to keep saving lives. He replies he wants to save hers. She tells him bye, rolling eyes.

At Spectra, Thorne critiques some of Thomas’ designs. He thinks they are really, really good. Thomas seems to be the doubting Thomas and wonders how can he know for sure. Sally pipes in he could find himself a crystal ball and hope it tells him the truth. Thomas explains that he loves Gaby and winning is the only way his parents will accept her as his wife. Taylor walks in and says winning doesn’t matter. She’s not going to let winning determine the future by some fashion showdown.

At Marone Industries, Nick holds a framed photo of he and Bridget and repeats that she is his wife, forever.

But he looks toward the door and sees the vision again of Brooke by the sea. She says forever is a long time. He tells the photo again that he made a commitment. Vision Brooke replies, but can he stay true to that commitment? She says they both know they were meant to be together. She loves him. With arms stretched, she asks him to come to her. He slams the photo down; jumps up and tells himself to get a hold of himself; stop it. Just in time, he’s interrupted by Massimo. He slams the door and wants to know what in the hell is happening in this office? Nick looks worried until Mass just reminds him that if he needs a honeymoon, by all means take it, with his blessings. But, having him here distracted isn’t helping anyone. He chastises Nick for a tanker waiting in harbor for clearance to unload, and they are waiting on Nick. Nick has that frozen-in-the-headlights look and stammers that he can’t do it today. Mass reminds him this is his job! Nick bolts that he has to get out of this office. Mass grabs him by both shoulders and asks him to wait a moment; what has gotten into him?

Brooke sits on the couch in her office and contemplates. She barely notices Dante when he comes in with designs and some of his artwork and rattles on about Eric’s designs, fabrics. She gets up and answers, but her head is clearly not on the same page as Dante’s. He asks what’s wrong? She gives him the standard – busy, but he knows she’s thinking about Nick. She says she just wants to forget, but Dante knows she can’t. Even though he’s married to her daughter now. Brooke says she will just have to stay apart; memories fade, right? Dante holds up the fabric and says cloth fades, not feelings. She’s going to have to deal with this; talk to Nick. She couldn’t avoid him forever.

Mass holds Nick and asks again what is wrong? Nick is speechless to say. Mass continues that he is a man of responsibility and control, but lately he’s seen very little of that. Nick puts his jacket back on the chair, rubs his head, and says he guesses four tries at marriage takes it toll. Mass accepts that; okay, but now he’s married so what is the problem? He asks if the baby is alright? Nick says yes, the baby is fine, and so is Bridget. He loves her. “I love her, Pop, I do.” Mass still wants to know then what is wrong? What has him so consumed that he can’t do his job? He looks at his dad and says it’s a woman. He’s tried to escape her; he’s tried, but she’s in here (as he holds both hands to his head). He grabs his dad and emphasizes that the wind blows in her hair; the waves crash around her. He grits his teeth as he says she calls him. Mass looks aghast and spouts that mythical beauties lure sailors with their songs. Songs so beautiful; they are irresistible. And all but one sailor wreck their ships and swim to their deaths….and Nick asks about the one….Mass says he becomes the goddess’s love forever!

Brooke tells Dante she came there to work, to stay busy and focus on her job. Dante tells her she can surround herself with all the projects she wants but as long as she can’t get Nick out of her head, she might as well be dancing on the desk. She tells him she is going to spend more time with Hope and R.J., but he wonders what she will do at night alone? How can she fight that? She makes it seem simple; she will find someone else. Him? He says he agreed to help so Bridget could find some peace, but he doesn’t allow his emotions to be played with. She says fine, then she will just have to not go near Nick; just stay away from him. He tells her again that as hard as she may try; she is going to have to deal with her feelings for Nick. She finally relents and agrees. She grabs her purse and says she’s going to have to take a really long drive and clear her head. She’ll be alright. He offers to go, but she declines and says she must be alone.

Taylor tells Thomas he can’t be with Gaby. He mutters that was the deal his dad made. He thought he was speaking for her too. She reminds him that she and his dad haven’t been communicating much lately. She wants to resolve this but not with some fashion showdown. He shrugs if that is the only way Gaby can be accepted into the family, then he has to risk it. She tells him even if she went along with this contest, which she doesn’t, he needed to think about who he was up against – a major designer, Forrester Creations, that was huge gamble. He says one he has to take. She wonders where he’s even sleeping? He’s isolated himself from his family and she begs for him to please come home. He is emphatic, not without Gaby. He tells him he is being manipulated. But, he says he loves Gaby and she loves him. He walks away. Taylor continues that he has a big heart and that’s a gift. One day he’ll be able to give it to a woman who’ll be very lucky to have it. But, right now it’s making him prone to manipulation. Taylor says Gaby might do and say all the right things, but, if she really loved him, she would not hold him to this marriage. He springs on her; why is she doing this? Doesn’t she want him to be happy? She says of course she does. Then he wants her to accept Gaby. She tells him there is not a thing she wouldn’t do for him, but, she can not sit back and watch this. She points out he only knows her as the sweet little girl that lost her mother, but the desperation and circumstances have caused another side of her to come out. He may not see it, but she does. “And I am not going to back down until Gaby is no longer your wife.” Gaby walks in (blonde now) and she and Taylor stare at each other.

Nick continues to pace as Mass implores him that he must look away. This woman will lure him to his destruction. Nick says he’s tried. Mass pounds his fist and tells him to try harder. He has a wife who is expecting a child. Nick says he knows that. Mass grabs his son again and tells him she will make him forget; forget everything that is important to him. Nicks begs his dad to help him. Mass says to listen to him; he must leave this place; get as far away from her as possible. He drums into him that his future with Bridget is at stake; his very happiness! "This woman; this siren; get out of this office and forget her!” Nick says he understands; go away, be alone and think; thanks. Mass pulls him to him and they hug. Nick walks out but stops at the door and tells Mass, it’s Brooke. Mass closes his eyes as in dread and says he knows; stay away from her!

Thomas walks over to Gaby and puts his arms around her and tells his mom that he’s not going to let her go. Taylor tells them that there is nothing to talk about; she is not going to change her mind. Gaby says she’s acting like there is something wrong with her. Taylor refutes that, she’s just acting like a mother who’s concerned with her son’s well-being. He chirps well she doesn’t have to. She replies that they don’t see Gaby quite the same way. They are interrupted as Thomas gets word he is needed in the cutting room. Gaby says it will be okay; it’ll give her and his mom a chance to talk. Her first words were was Taylor afraid of her; what she’d do to Thomas? Clearly Taylor does not wish to continue this and she gets her purse to walk out. Gaby stops her and offers that she might be good for Thomas. Taylor nods, yes, maybe someday when she’s had some time to experience life. Gaby points out to her if they aren’t together, she will have to leave and she’ll never get that chance. Taylor asks, “to what? Be married to a Forrester?” Gaby sits her backpack down and shows Taylor her books; she had just returned from class.

That’s why she and Thomas had gotten married in the first place. And she reminds her she is not a Forrester; she hasn’t had everything given to her. Taylor inches closer and asks if she just takes it then; no matter who she might be hurting? She points out the obvious. Thomas isn’t getting the same experience she is. He has dropped out of college and why? Because he is too busy slaving away at some fashion contest because he wants her to have what she needs. Because she has convinced him of that. Gaby tells her she can be the woman that someone like Thomas deserves. Taylor picks up on that “someone like Thomas?” Gaby tells her she’s her own woman; she can make her own way. Taylor focuses her eyes on one of the notebooks with Gaby’s name on it and stares at her and says, “then I suggest you give up the Forrester name that you’ve been so quick to take. Because, Gaby, I’m not going to let you take it.”

Brooke is out walking around in the woods off Old Mine Road. She sits on an old bench, remembering moments with Nick when she told Nick it was him, and dammit maybe Bridget didn’t love him, but she did. She cries that she came here for some perspective and now all she can think of is Nick. It’s so wrong; loving her daughter’s husband. She gets up to turn to leave, walking right into Nick’s arms.

Taylor tells Gaby she is taking advantage of her son. Though Gaby says she loves Thomas. Taylor adds that he’s not some vehicle for her romantic fantasies. Gaby tells her she only wants to be a good wife to Thomas. Taylor says she thought a college education was the most important thing to her. What happened to that? Gaby points out again that Thomas just wants them to all get along; for them to accept her as his wife. Taylor says that will never happen. She shakes her head and asks Taylor what is the real problem she has with her? Taylor replies she’s already told her. Gaby doesn’t think she’s told her everything she wants to. Taylor lays it on the line. Okay, since she and Thomas have been together, he’s moved out of his home, dropped out of college and separated himself from his family. And for some reason, he feels this inappropriate amount of responsibility when it comes to Gaby. “And that is something I think you have PLAYED to your advantage. And you have brought deception into his life. So for that reason alone, you will never be good enough for him.” Tears flow from Gaby.

Nick and Brooke stand before each other and she wants to know what is he doing there? He says he had to get out of that city; he was going crazy there. He’d driven up and seen her car parked at the mining parking lot. What in the hell was she doing there? She whispers she had to get out too; to clear her head; to forget about him. Nick professes, “something’s happened to me. Something I can’t control. It’s in my mind; it’s in my head. I can’t stop thinking about you. I think about you all the time. I need you.” She inches closer, breathlessly and says she needs him…..she wants him….she almost succumbs but breaks away that they have to be strong. He says he knows, he tried to let go, but he can’t help what’s inside him. He can’t help it. She repeats they have to forget. He grabs her and asks how can he forget….when he feels this way when he’s next to her? And he knows she feels that way too. Tell him, how do they stop that? Tears are streaming and she looks into his eyes with longing, lips just inches away and whispers they can’t…..they can’t.

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