B&B Tuesday Update 9/27/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/27/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Amanda

New day the day after Nick and Bridget’s wedding:

At Brooke’s mansion, she’s laying on top of the bed cuddled almost in fetal position, tears rolling down cheeks, reminiscing about Nick and knowing she needs to let him go.

At Marone Industries, Nick is sitting at his desk, looking at the wedding photos from the night before. One of he and Bridget and Brooke he sits on his desk. Brooke stands out to him, in the flesh as a real person and smiles as she tells him he is married to her daughter but he can’t stop thinking about her, can he? He grabs the photo and throws it down; speechless and afraid of what just happened. He shakes his head and tries to blow it off. Jackie enters all smiles only to find he seems a little grumpy. He remarks only tired and she smiles that he and Bridget were up late last night. He doesn’t want to discuss his honeymoon wih his mother! To which she replies what honeymoon? She can’t believe his father owns the company and would have given him time off and he didn’t go anywhere. He remarks it would have had to been the hospital. That’s where Bridget spends all her time. She remarks then, no wonder the mood. He denies he’s in a mood, but she says she’s his mother and she knows when something is bothering him. She sits, picks up his calendar and says let’s see what they can figure out. Sarcastically he says he doesn’t need help planning his honeymoon. She closes the desk calendar and looks at him and says he and Bridget have her complete support. She didn’t think he could get over Brooke. No one did. But, now he was married to Bridget, starting a family and his feelings for Brooke were in the past. He scrambles around and picks up a bunch of wedding photos and hands them to her. He says she wanted to help; here, do something with them. She stares at him and asks what is wrong?

At Forrester Creations, Eric is fitting a colorful dress on one of his models. She’s delighted he’s in such a good mood and praising her that he wouldn’t change a thing; it’s just perfect on her. He’s beaming when Bridget knocks and comes in. He asks how his newlywed is this morning and she shrugs and asks how does she look? He goes to kiss her and tells his model that see, he’s not the only one in a good mood. He escorts her out. Bridget says she knows why she’s on top of the world; what’s up with him? He tries to make her believe it’s because she is now legally wed. She’s not buying that – something about him being at work so early, a huge smile on his face, a twinkle in his eye. He laments he’s just inspired. She comes on in and immediately spies some of Dante’s artwork designs and thinks they are sensational. She asks is he in yet. Eric replies no, nor Brooke. She offers that perhaps her mother thinks Dante is just as eye-catching as his designs are!

Brooke is still folded up with pillows on her bed when Dante brings her a tray of food adorned with a gorgeous pink flower. She says she is not hungry for breakfast though he says she has to eat. He sits on the edge of bed but she says she is fine and work will always wait. He knows it has something to do with Bridget and Nick’s wedding and asks how was it. She says nice. He asks how nice? She repeats again it was nice and she was very happy for them, even if he didn’t believe it. But, if he was going to sit there and analyze her, he could leave right now. She got up and said in fact, why didn’t he just pack his bags and get out. He stands before her and says he knows she loves Nick, but she loves her daughter more. She agrees she’s making a sacrifice and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her daughter. He says he respects that. She allows that as long as her little girl is happy, she will be happy too.

Curiously, Bridget asks her dad if it bothers him that her mom and Dante are living under the same roof? He replies no while he pours himself a cup of coffee, “as long as it doesn’t affect their work or their punctuality.” (looks at watch). Bridget says he has to cut Brooke a little bit of slack. She’s had a hard time lately and she’s now having fun and it’s about time. He hands Bridget her cup of coffee and she gushes she can’t believe she is actually married. He jokes it was her fourth try; she ought to be used to it by now. She says she is not surprised; when two people really love each other; she thinks they can get through most anything. She tells her dad she is very, very happy. She doesn’t think it can get any better.

Nick is still trying to convince Jackie that he and Bridget are just fine. In fact, better than fine. He busies himself by pouring them some coffee. And telling her that look around the office; he has a hell of a lot of stuff to do and he doesn’t want to be bothered with pictures, even his wedding pictures. Okay, she understands, the bride is happy, very, very happy, but what about the groom? He shakes her off by saying sure he’d rather be out of L.A. with Bridget on some tropical island all alone away from everything else, but that just couldn’t happen right now. She tells him well he’s very good at that; making the best of it; overcoming his feelings for Brooke and marrying Bridget. He swallows hard, turns around to her and says he did what was right for everyone involved. She tells him she is very, very proud of him. It takes a strong man to put the baby’s needs and the needs of the mother before his own. He states, “I’m no hero, Mother. I don’t deserve a medal for putting my commitment to Bridget first.” She chides that she knows he’s a sailor and sailors do their duty. He replies they do. She says he’s certainly done his. She just wants to acknowledge that – his giving up his future with Brooke and honoring his child. He glances at her and says a good man keeps his promise. He smiles as she says she was wrong; he’s a stronger man than she gave him credit for. She takes the photos, gives him a kiss on the hair and says she will get them back to him as quickly as she can. One last shot; she turns and tells him he doesn’t need photos to remember his wedding day. Some memories stay with you forever! With her gone, he lets out a big sigh.

Eric mentions Jackie which surprises Bridget that they were together after the wedding. He warns her that life doesn’t stop because she married; people do things. He casually mentions they went back to the beach house for dinner, She asks if it was – like a date? He felt more like a celebration; of their two children. With the look on Bridget’s face, he has to continue that she’s a friend, a respected colleague. She has to add and alluring, and quite charming. He nods, yes, he will admit that. She seems a bit jolly when she asks if there is more to this story that she’s not quite getting? He tells her he’d love to fill her in on all of this but the fact of the matter is he’s meeting her in a few minutes. Bridget wonders business or pleasure? He puts his jacket on and reminds her that Jackie owns one of the most highly respected boutiques in all of Southern California. She takes pleasure in telling him she can smell it when a man is smitten. Dante walks in and they greet him. Bridget smiles and flashes her wedding ring; she finally did it. He just grins.

Nick is pacing his office, busying himself with papers. He hears a voice; he covers his eyes. He looks around; he doesn’t know where to look; he covers his mouth. She calls again and he looks toward the door and Brooke appears before him; a vision like a mermaid by the sea, in sea-mist green flowing, billowing gown. He’s drawn to her despite his disbelief and fears. She says she needs him. He backs away; even staggers along the bookcase, nowhere to turn. He tells himself to get a grip on it, boy; think about Bridget; he loves Bridget. The vision holds out both arms and begs him to come back to her. He fights it while telling himself to stop it, stop it.

Eric leaves and Dante tells Bridget it’s nice to see her smiling again. She cajoles and asks why is he late; did he have breakfast with the co-CEO? Brooke was also running late. Did he know anything about that?

Outside his office door, Jackie and Eric kiss and she finally says she thinks they ought to stop; someone might see them. Mysteriously, he asks who? Someone who might think she’s giving him preferential treatment. She says, well, what about last night? He says he’s been walking on air ever since and he’s not the only one. She agrees she doesn’t know the last time she felt this good. He tells her he’s glad to hear that, but he was referring to Bridget; she’s in his office. Jackie seems worried and asks if Bridget is alright? Eric says yeah, he’s never seen a more happier bride. And Nick is happy too? She admits, yes, she just saw him and he kept repeating over and over how completely committed he was to Bridget. Eric thinks that’s great; see he told her it was possible for a man to get over Brooke. Jackie still senses something was not quite right; just a little off. She couldn’t put her finger on it.

Nick paces more; this time he’s calling Bridget from his cell phone and she wonders what’s wrong. He sits and says he just wanted to hear her voice. She thinks that’s sweet; her husband is already missing her. He seems desperate. He says that isn’t the only reason he called. He wants her to know how much this means to him – their being together and having a baby. He’s wanted it for so long and he doesn’t want to waste a minute thinking about anything else. He tells her he’s very excited about this; maybe they should sign up for some birth classes. She says it’s a little early, but she’s glad he is so enthusiastic about it. He reaffirms again how important this is and how she can depend on him. She knows that and she loves him for it. He replies he loves her too.

He hangs up with an anguished look on his face. The vision is still calling to him that she loves him, always will. He hides his eyes; he stumbles again about the room and steadies himself on the desk chair. He looks up at the vision as she tells him he can’t forget her. Arms spread, she pleas, “come to me, Nick. Come to me.” He fights it; teeth gnashing, he tells her to stop it. Leave him alone; leave him alone. He grabs for papers, books and finally throws a vase from the bookshelf.

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