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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/26/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Continuation from Friday’s episode, after Nick and Bridget’s wedding:

At Brooke’s office, Ridge walks in having told her that he and Taylor have been separated for some time now, and he really needs Brooke now more than ever. Surprised, she asks just exactly what does he need her to do?

Hector brings Taylor back to the fire station. He had found out she was dining at the Café Russe and tracked her there, making a joke that firemen were called when people ate snails, so he wanted to be sure one didn’t crawl on her fork. He surely sees the difference in their haute cuisine. She had lamented all the problems in her world and how disconnected she was to all her children and husband, Ridge. Clearly though Hector comes from a whole different world, he provides a sympathetic shoulder for damsels in distress and for some reason he has singled Taylor out as the one he wants to help.

He has something he wants to show her – a memorial. It’s dark in the station as Hector explains the guys are sleeping. He shows her a picture of firefighter Megan Lester who died in a big apartment fire a couple of months ago. Taylor remembers it. He tells her Megan was extremely good at her job and she wouldn’t have been happy doing anything else. The point was it would have been a real tragedy if somebody tried to talk her out of it; denying her the opportunity because she was afraid to take that risk. Succinctly, he tells her there are all kinds of heroes in this world, and you don’t have to pull people out of burning buildings to make a difference in their lives.

At Eric’s beach house, Jackie knocks on the door and he invites her in. He’s lit a gazillion candles, the place is aglow and he’s gotten the champagne ready. He tells her to make herself comfortable. She remarks it looks like he’s already done that, what are they celebrating? The kids getting married? He retorts that is as good an excuse as any. ….an excuse without Massimo. Coyly she asks is that why he didn’t say two words to her at the ceremony? He relays he wasn’t sure what her ex-husband knew about them. She lets him know she’s not cluing him in on her love life. He jokes not much to report, huh? She flirts there certainly could have been, the last time she was here, but….. Eric says he’s glad they waited because it gave them so much to look forward to. They clink glasses. She agrees with him, it’s a good thing. He continues that Mmm, you never know, “when two people like us get together, you never know where it’s going to lead.”

Brooke sighs and asks Ridge exactly what did he come there for? He says a little guidance; a little friendship; being able to talk to someone who understands him. She asks and Taylor doesn’t? He replies he doesn’t want to talk about Taylor. Exasperated, Brooke says he just told her that he and Taylor are broken up; he can’t just leave it like that. But, he tells Logan that she asked him to leave and he did; that’s all there is to it. They have talked since, but it does no good. If anything, it makes things worse. He fills her in on the teen design runway challenge with Thomas. She thinks it’s brilliant, no way he can lose. But, Taylor doesn’t agree. And Ridge says yes, and he doesn’t get that. Brooke can only assume she has all the confidence in Thomas, or very little in him. Ridge explains Taylor is doubting him big time, and more than just his ability to design. Brooks asks if she is questioning his commitment to her? He replies quite frankly she can’t deal with his feelings for Brooke.

Eric and Jackie continue to discuss the wedding and how happy Nick and Bridget will be and make a happy life for their child. Jackie says if only he can forget Brooke, has any man ever done that? Eric answers, “Brooke who?” She replies, “very funny.” He goes on that he couldn’t forget about Brooke when the alternative was Stephanie. And she shouldn’t take that wrong; Stephanie was an incredibly intelligent and sophisticated woman, but she was never able to overcome her insatiable need to control everything and everyone. Brooke was like a breath of fresh air, carefree, sexy and spontaneous…..like Jackie. Jackie purrs for him to be careful; flattery will only get him so far. He says yeah, how about honesty? She say that’s good too. He asks about humility? She says go on. He goes on that he knows now that Brooke was too young for him. He thinks he felt the whole relationship was on borrowed time. She replies well people do make mistakes. Shame really. Two attractive, quite desirable people….just like them…..Eric asks who’s being cheeky now? She chuckles, so unlucky in love. Eric answers that luck can change though. Surely there must be someone out there for them.

Hector tells Taylor she has the ability to help people. She’s got to use it. To help her patients and her family. She offers her very dysfunctional family. Steadily, he offers they can’t put out every fire, but they try; just like she’s trying with Thomas. She sounds down when she says for all the good it does. Hector knows Thomas has his own ideas; ones she does not agree with. She offers yeah like marrying at eighteen to a girl he’s barely been dating. Hector agrees young love is impulsive. Taylor says she’s glad he had better judgment when he was dating his daughter. Hector said he did try to help Caitlin; that is just the kind of boy he is. Like his mother and father. And right now her traits would benefit him more than his father’s. She starts to defend Ridge; he means well. Hector jumps in and says right now she doesn’t want Thomas to grow up the way Ridge did; thinking every problem can be solved with a competition. As it obviously didn’t clear up his confusion about her and Brooke.

Brooke is incredulous that Taylor is upset with him because of Brooke, but he explains she thinks something is going on. Brooks states that she is a very astute woman, and two people who have been in love as long as they have, of course there will always be feelings. But, Ridge offers, nothing they would act on, right? Brooke says no, they can’t deny it. Ridge continues that Taylor knows he never stopped loving Brooke. Though she’s his wife, she’s a psychiatrist too and he thought she’d understand. You can’t just turn off your feelings because it’s not convenient. Brooke offers you can, if you try hard enough. But Ridge says no and she wonders if he’s really tried. He stands before her and asks is that what she wants? She tells him none of this is what she wanted. He left her and she had to move on with her life. He asks with Dante? She knows he’s heard. He asks if she is having a fling with him? She tells him that is none of his business. What she does and who she does it with stopped being his concern the night he renewed his vows with Taylor.

Jackie states can Eric imagine if they could be as successful in their love lives as they are in their business lives? Eric agrees, his employees pretty much do what he expects them to. She remarks unlike Stephanie. He states he is finished beating his head against that particular brick wall. That part of his life is over. If he could ever find somebody of Stephanie’s wit and Brooke’s charm….somebody sophisticated and yet very sexy. Jackie thinks that’s a tall order. Eric says, “I know, where in the hell am I going to find somebody like that?” He leans in and kisses her passionately.

Ridge tells Brooke he will always care what happens to her. She says he should be happy then because she’s fine. His cell phone rings and she wonders if he shouldn’t get it. He glances to see who it is and says no, they can leave a message. He wants to continue this conversation. They share a child, and if Dante is going to be involved in R.J. and Hope’s life, he’d like to know about it. She asks about his children with Taylor? They can’t be thrilled that their parents are separating. Ridge admits no, they aren’t. Brooke adds on first with their mother coming back and then their father leaving. He opines they have had a rough couple of months, but if they can’t even agree on Thomas, what else is he supposed to do? Brooks thinks he should be asking his wife those questions. She offers that she wanted to be a mother to Thomas and the twins, but he had other plans. And now, so did she. And if he wasn’t careful, Taylor might have other options as well.

Hector tells Taylor he just needs to check the duty roster. She’s impressed at all the brave things firemen do; honesty and bravery, two very rare qualities. He tells her it’s simple enough; they just try to help people when they need it. He reveals he never wanted much out of life; just love and protect his kids; make a home for them. Taylor remarks that obviously he’s done that. He reveals more, that it wasn’t enough for Samantha. She wanted a palace, like the one Ridge bought Taylor. He’d tried to tell her with real love and commitment, you could be happy anywhere. And without it, even the nicest place in the world will never feel like home. He touches her, clearly wanting to kiss her.

Ridge realizes he has upset Brooke. She tells him he just can’t come running to her for support every time he and Taylor have an argument. It just makes things worse. He says he knows, he knows and he’s sorry, it was very thoughtless. She softens and says she does understand. He just needed someone to talk to. But, he needed to understand something too. Their relationship now was just about kids and work. And it can’t be any deeper than that; it would be too complicated and painful. He differs in that it doesn’t have to be that way. He’s always going to love her, and there’s nothing wrong with that. (yeah, duh, it is, if it’s a problem that his wife can’t compete with). They can still be important to each other and take care of each other. They can say anything to each other and she knows she can love him and he expects she does, even if it’s only as friends. She laments maybe he is expecting too much. She watches as he walks out.

Still cupping her face with his big strong hands, Hector pulls away and Taylor says no playing with fire in the firehouse. He says he is sorry. She replies it’s okay. She doesn’t mind if he has sympathy for her but just because they are having problems doesn’t mean she and Ridge aren’t still married. Hector apologizes and says he got carried away. Taylor takes blame too and says they both did and maybe she had even given him the wrong idea about Ridge and Brooke. He concludes that she needed someone to talk to. She replies yes but maybe she was blowing it out of proportion. It’s really ridiculous. She knew they had a child together so, of course, she was going to be a part of his life. Hector agrees, but how big a part? Taylor surmises that it’s not about Brooke; it’s about her. How much she trusts her husband – that’s a rhetorical question. And afterall, she was the one out tonight enjoying someone else’s company. Hector advises her he brought her over here tonight to make her feel better. She says maybe she is not supposed to be trying to make it feel better. Look at her marriage; what a wreck. And her family. Maybe she should be trying to fix it, but she didn’t know how; where to begin.

He says maybe she should call Ridge. To which, she replies so they could argue some more? Level-headed, Hector says well she was re-evaluating the situation; maybe Ridge was too. Taylor thinks it over and asks if she can use his phone and he says go ahead. The cell phone rings and Brooke picks it up. It’s Ridge phone and she obviously thinks it’s him and without even listening for him to say anything, she tells him (actually Taylor) that she has his phone and he can pick it up tomorrow. Before she hangs up, she says off-handedly, “Oh, and Ridge, I love you too.” Taylor mouths the word, “Brooke?” and is stunned as she tells Hector that Brooke answered and what she said; this will NEVER end. She starts to leave but Hector stops her and tells her to listen to him. She doesn’t have to put up with this from her husband. As she tears up she says she doesn’t know what is going on. He tells her yeah, but she’s got a feeling, one she’s had for some while. And she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.

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